Nicola Redux Ch. 02


Olwen’s introduction. This is a work of fiction, dreamed up since joining Literotica and being inspired by lots of very hot kinky stories that I’ve already read. I don’t think I’m a vain person, but I have been self-centered enough to include a character based on myself. She is quite different to me, but I enjoyed putting myself in her shoes. I note that many authors here include a disclaimer that says all characters in the story are 18 or over, and that all sex is consensual. This applies to this serial too. If you like it, please vote and leave comments.

*One dictionary definition of ‘Redux’ is ‘to bring back’ or ‘to bring home safely.’

Chapter Two

Myra shook her head in annoyance, caught hold of Nicola by her elbow and literally dragged her into the building society Just before they went in, the policewoman stirred herself and entered the building too.

“This is not going to end well,” Nicola thought to herself as Myra bundled her forward.

They were met by a young woman, dressed in the building society’s blue and white striped shirt and blue skirt. She looked first at the policewoman, and then at Myra and Nicola.

“I’m sorry ladies, we’re about to close,” she said. “I’m afraid you’ll have to come back on Monday if you want service.”

The policewoman looked annoyed and turned to Myra.

“I thought you’d arranged an appointment with Mrs Huws?” she said, and before Myra could answer, a voice came from behind the security screen, quickly followed by the appearance of a middle aged woman.

“Thank you Laura. Don’t bother about locking up. I’ll do it. These ladies have an appointment with me.”

She walked into the main business area of the building, took the keys from the young woman and started to guide her out.

“Thanks for your hard work today, Laura,” she smiled. “I’ll let you out and lock the front door. See you on Monday.”

When she had gone, the woman, who Nicola took to be the manager, smiled at them all.

“She’s such a fucking nosey parker,” she said, nodding her head in the direction of the departed Laura. “I’m sorry you had to see her. I was just on my way out when I heard her trying to throw you out. Anyway, we’re all here now. It’s lovely to see you, and I’m really excited to be doing this again!”

To Nicola’s amazement, the manager kissed both Myra and the policewoman on the lips, and as Myra and the policewoman exchanged a similar kiss, the manager turned to Nicola and extended her hand.

“You must be Nicola. Myra’s told me all about you. Welcome, my dear.”

Once again, Nicola’s head was spinning. It seemed to be a regular occurrence this weekend. She looked at Myra, expecting some sort of explanation. When Myra saw her puzzled look, she burst into laughter.

“I’m sorry, my dear. I should have told you, but the look of horror on your face when you first spotted Lynette loitering outside was priceless!”

She wiped the tears of mirth from her eyes and smiled at Nicola.

“Mrs Nicola Moran,” she announced formally, “may I present Mrs Mona Huws and police commander Lynette Jenkins. Excellent friends of mine and two of our fellow criminal conspirators!”

Nicola smiled uncertainly at the two women, and offered her hand to shake.

Mona shook her hand warmly and said sincerely, “Welcome Nicola. It will be an honour to help you get revenge on your husband. Myra’s told us about him. He sounds a right shit!”

Nicola smiled weakly and looked at Myra with an unspoken “What the hell have you got me into?” expression on her face.

Myra ignored it and was about to speak when Nicola heard the policewoman say, “Well aren’t you lovely, my pretty? Don’t bother with a formal handshake.”

Nicola felt two hands on her shoulders and she was turned around to face Lynette, who leaned in and kissed her full on the mouth. Nicola felt a tongue trying to force her mouth open, but she resisted and pulled back from the warm embrace with a splutter.

“Oh, you’re a reluctant one, are you?” laughed Lynette. “I’m going to enjoy chasing after you!”

Nicola blushed deeply and Myra took her by the arm.

“Pay no attention to her,” she said softly. “She’s always been a predatory bitch with the morals of an alley cat!”

Lynette smiled and said “Meow!”

The four women went into Mona’s office and sat down. From behind her desk, Mona smiled at Nicola and picked up a file.

“This is all yours, Nicola,” she began. “You and your husband took out a mortgage with us before I became manager here. I must say that my predecessor did a piss poor job of setting it up. He allowed your husband to have the mortgage in his name, and for the monthly payments to be taken from your salary! No wonder head office got shot of him!”

“Mind you,” she continued, “if they knew what I got up to with my friends here and elsewhere, they’d probably sack me too!” Nicola looked at her in amazement.

“You mean the house belongs to Kevin?” she asked in a dismayed tone. “If that’s true then how am I ever going to get my share of it? illegal bahis I have contributed to the payments after all.”

“You’ve done more than that,” replied Mona. “It’s only you who has been making the mortgage repayments. Don’t worry though. We have a plan.”

She turned to Lynette and asked her if everything was in place.

“I don’t know yet” replied Lynette, “but give me five minutes, and I’ll let you know.”

She took out a mobile phone and dialled a number, which was answered almost immediately.

“Have you done it?” she said, beginning the conversation without bothering to identify herself. She listened for the answer, and then said, “Where are you now?”

Another answer presumably followed, because she continued, “You’ve got three minutes to get your arse here. Don’t keep me waiting or I’ll make you extremely sorry.”

She ended the phone call and looked at her companions with a smile.

“Phase one is complete,” she said in a very self-satisfied voice. “My asset will be here in three minutes as you heard, and then we can begin phase two!”

Mona handed over a bunch of keys and told Lynette which one opened the front door.

“Don’t forget to lock it again when you’ve let him in,” she warned Lynette, and received a look of scorn in return. She got up, and went out.

Mona sighed and looked helplessly at Myra.

“We really do have to get her a girlfriend,” she said in a low voice. “She’s going through staff and guests at the club, and people are beginning to talk. I love her to bits, but she really isn’t in a good place at the moment.”

“I agree,” replied Myra thoughtfully. “When Robyn left her it was a blow to her pride. When she married that bloody stuck-up public schoolboy, it really hit her hard. I’m sure having Nicola’s project to think about will help.”

They heard Lynette coming back and so they stopped their conversation, although when she came back into the room, the pained silence led Lynnette to ask sarcastically if they’d finished talking about her.

A small weedy looking man stood in the doorway. Lynette snapped her fingers as she sat down and said harshly, “Get in here! You’re not going to be able to do your tasks from there, are you?”

He sidled in nervously, and Lynette moved a chair closer to the desk with her foot.

“Sit down, shut up and do as you are told!” she snapped. The man did as he was told.

Mona looked at him sternly. “Do you have what we require?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied eagerly, reaching into a deep pocket on the inside of his rather grubby overcoat. He brought out a large envelope which looked to be full of documents.

He put the envelope on the table and extracted some of the contents.

“Bank statements,” he began, “going back to the very beginning when Mrs Moran and her husband opened a joint account. They were all in the safe in the wardrobe of the master bedroom!”

Nicola looked at him in amazement, but was prevented from saying anything by a sharp tap on the ankle from Myra’s foot.

The man continued to pull things out of the envelope.

“I’ve got his passport, his driving licence and some car and house insurance policies,” he continued. “There also seems to be another bank account in the name of Kevin Moran, which contains approximately thirty grand. It doesn’t seem to have had any payments in for about eighteen months, and the last transfer was made from Mr and Mrs Moran’s joint account.”

He sat back and looked at Lynette shyly. She patted him on the knee.

“You’ve done well,” she said warmly. “If you do the next bit right, I’ll give you the reward I promised you.”

“Thank you Mistress,” he breathed dreamily. “I’ll start now, shall I?”

Lynette looked at Mona who had gathered up all the bank account statements and put them to one side. Mona nodded. “They’re all ready here in this file,” she said, opening a blue folder and taking out a thick sheaf of documents.

“May I trouble you for a blank sheet of paper first?” the man asked politely, and Mona handed over a couple of sheets.

He set them down on the desk, put on a pair of spectacles with lenses so thick that they resembled the bottom of a jam jar and took out a fountain pen. He looked at Kevin’s driving licence for a long time then he began to write on the blank sheet of paper.

His first couple of efforts didn’t seem to please him, and he crossed them out angrily, but he kept the fourth one and referred to it as he began his fifth effort. He seemed satisfied with this, and presented it, together with the driving licence to Lynette, who studied both carefully.

“Fuck me, that’s good,” she said softly. “That’ll stand up in court, I reckon. If we ever get that far that is,” she added, seeing Nicola twitch nervously at the mention of the word court.

Lynette handed the sheet to Mona, who also nodded her approval.

“Can he get on with all these, then?” she asked, and Lynnette nodded her consent.

As he signed various documents in Kevin’s name, Mona explained illegal bahis siteleri each one to Nicola, who became more and more amazed as each moment passed.

“These are some I prepared earlier, after chatting with Myra,” began Mona. “They’re bank statements going back to the time when you and Kevin married and opened a joint account. The difference between these and the originals is that when you left Kevin, the account reverts to your name only.”

“But I didn’t leave Kevin,” protested Nicola. Then she looked defiantly at all three women and said. “The bastard kicked me out.”

Myra murmured something that sounded like, “Good. You’re facing up to the facts at last.”

Mona continued her description of the documents being signed.

“This one transfers the house into your name. You are the sole owner. This is the settlement you and Kevin reached when he agreed to sign the house over to you. You paid him thirty thousand pounds for his share of the house.”

“What?” said Nicola in alarm. “I don’t have thirty thousand pounds to my name, and even if I did, I wouldn’t give him a penny!”

Mona smiled and made a ‘don’t worry about it’ gesture with her hand.

She continued to hand documents over, and to receive the signed ones back.

“This one shows how you have been paying your Council Tax, your household insurance and your mortgage from your own personal account,” she said with a smile, “and this one,” she flourished a single sheet of paper, “proves that you have completely paid off your mortgage, and that you are now the sole owner of a fully paid off property in The Close.”

“But how the hell have you managed to do all this?” Nicola asked in amazement. “And how are you going to get Kevin to accept all of these changes. It’ll never work because he’ll never stand for it.”

Myra, Mona and Lynette looked at one another and shook their heads in amusement.

“Don’t worry, my pretty,” said Lynette with a smile. “My grubby little friend here won’t say a word, because he knows that if he does, information about a fraud involving a great deal of money and some very expensive properties in the south of France will be revealed to the authorities.”

“Also,” added Mona, “you will be supported by professional ladies such as Myra, Lynette and myself, as well as some of our other friends, whose judgement will never be questioned.”

“And finally,” said Myra with a smile, “you seem to have the gods on your side. It was a happy coincidence that you found that despicable cartoon yesterday. Another happy coincidence is that your shit of a husband’s secretary, Malvina, is known to us. And they say that good things happen in threes. Well your third bit of good news is that your shit of a husband visited our club last night. He had an appointment to see Malvina. It seems he likes to be spanked!”

Nicola’s eyes widened in amazement. “What?” she said weakly.

“All will be revealed in due course,” Myra continued. “All you need to know now is that your shit of a husband is at present in a dungeon in the club that we all go to. Malvina, who works there part time as a dominatrix has been persuaded to see the errors of her ways.”

“In return for us not revealing that she is in this country under false pretences, she agreed to give your shit of a husband a good dose of Rohypnol last night. He’s been out of the house since yesterday morning when he left to go for work, and by this morning, he won’t remember a thing. Malvina is going to tell him that he was magnificent last night, and that his efforts tired him out so much that she left him to sleep it off”

“Last night, when I left you, I contacted Lynette, who contacted her submissive here. Your house was broken into by his team of rogues, and they’ve liberated all these documents that you see before you. When we’ve finished here, he’ll replace them with the forgeries. Now is there anything I’ve left out?”

“Begging your pardon, Mistress,” said the forger respectfully, “you omitted to tell the lady that my team are still there now. They are giving the house a deep clean, getting rid of all traces of the former owner, including any DNA and fingerprints. After all, they can’t be expected to have remained when he hasn’t lived there for over a year, can they?”

“All I need to do when you ladies have finished is to replace all the locks in the house. That can be done in a couple of hours. How can I get the new set of keys to you, Mistress?”

This last question was addressed to Nicola, and she was startled to hear herself addressed as Mistress. She looked around at Myra for help.

Myra thought for a moment and replied, “If your Mistress permits it, bring them to the club tonight. I intend taking Mistress Nicola there to introduce her to the rest of our group. Is that acceptable, Mistress?” She looked at Lynette, who nodded her consent.

“Perfectly acceptable,” she said. “He’s done an excellent job, and he deserves his reward. Report to the club at ten o’clock for a good caning, and the pegging that I promised canlı bahis siteleri you. If you’re a good boy and take both without too much complaint, I’ll let you spend some time in the glory hole too.”

“Thank you Mistress” he said happily. “With your permission, may I go now? I want to get the locks for Mistress Nicola’s house, and get on with fitting them.”

“Hang on one minute,” said Mona as he got up from his chair. “There is one last document for both you and Mistress Nicola to sign.”

She handed a piece of paper over to him, and he signed it without even looking at what he was putting Kevin’s name to. He passed it over to Nicola with a polite bow.

Nicola looked at it, and then looked at Mona in amazement.

“Nothing to do with me, dear,” she smiled. “That has been in your file ever since Myra decided that you were going to be invited into our little group. It must have been there for nine months at least. Our very good friend Beryl drew it up. You can see her signature on the bottom, look.”

Nicola scanned down, and there indeed was the signature of someone called Beryl Evans.

“You’ll have to wait to meet Beryl, I’m afraid,” Myra told her. “She’s on holiday at present. In the south of France at one of those rather dubious properties Lynette mentioned earlier. She’s taken her sissy cuckold husband with her so that he can wait on Beryl and her girlfriend Theresa whilst they enjoy themselves.”

“But this document says …” Nicola couldn’t get the words out. Mona smiled kindly at her.

“Yes my dear. That is the document confirming your divorce from Kevin on the grounds of incompatible and irreconcilable differences. You divorced after nine months of separation. It’s dated appropriately, so don’t worry about anything. It’ll stand up in court. Beryl will see to that. It was her firm of solicitors that did your divorce!”

“But what do those terms mean?” Nicola asked in genuine confusion. “What are ‘incompatible and irreconcilable differences’?”

“It means you don’t get on with him and you don’t want to try to get on with him,” said Lynnette with a giggle, and Nicola looked at her and grinned.

“That’s the first thing you’ve said that I agree with,” she said, and all four women burst into laughter.

In the car, on the way back home, Myra asked Nicola if she was alright.

“Yes thank you,” she replied, “although I am still somewhat confused. I know now that all you ladies want the best for me. I just don’t see how we can get away with this when Kevin realises what has happened.”

“We’ll get away with it because we’ve got the balls to do so,” answered Myra with a smile. “You’ve done really well this morning. It’s not everyone who can witness such a lot of illegal activity and not bat an eyelid!”

Nicola blushed. “It was really rather exciting,” she admitted. “I never realised how much I wanted to get back at Kevin for what he to me. He and I are definitely finished!”

“I know,” said Myra with a sly grin. “I’ve seen your divorce paper!”

“That means I’m a free woman,” said Nicola, hugging herself and letting that fact sink in.

“Well I know someone who will be very glad of that,” remarked Myra. “Lynette is someone who I am glad to call a friend. I think she wants to be more than just a friend of yours.”

Nicola went hot all over and hid her face in her hands to avoid showing Myra how red her face had suddenly become.

Myra said nothing for a few minutes and then she spoke up. “You didn’t object too much when Lynette kissed you this morning. Was that your first lesbian kiss?”

Nicola swallowed hard and looked at her friend. Myra had gone out on a limb for her. She hadn’t hesitated to help her when she’d learned of Nicola’s distress yesterday afternoon. It was time for total honesty.

“I did have a crush on my biology teacher when I was in school,” she admitted, “but I never kissed her, of course. When I was in University, I did kiss a girl for a dare. She wasn’t expecting it, and she went berserk because I did it in the student’s union bar and it was packed out. I never did it again.”

She paused and then continued, “That Lynette. She’s very pretty isn’t she?”

“Yes,” replied Myra. “She’s all of that. We’ve had sex, and she is red hot in bed. When she cums, she’s like one of those fire hoses that have gone out of control. She sprays everywhere!”

“Well as I said, I’ve never been with a woman,” admitted Nicola. “In fact, I’ve only ever had sex with Kevin. And as much as I dislike him now, when we were together, he never really managed to give me a proper orgasm. He always finished too quickly!”

“That’s men for you, sweetie,” said Myra, giving her a consoling pat on the knee. “Trust me, women go on all night, and Lynette has the most wonderful technique when it comes to oral sex!”

Nicola gave a nervous giggle. “Listen to us,” she said. “Yesterday afternoon in this car I was calling you Miss Bowen, and wondering how the hell I was going to avoid letting you see the place where I live. Less than twenty four hours later, I’ve seen you smoke a pipe, witnessed you sitting on your sissy housekeeper’s face, taken part in a criminal fraud and been kissed by a lesbian policewoman! And now we are discussing oral sex! I’m a real fallen woman!”