New York, New York

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New York, New YorkLife tends to be full of surprises and is much the better for it, some of these are good and some are not so good. I have been traveling extensively for business for the past f******n years and when I discuss my job with friends they always seem to think that I lead a glamorous lifestyle, little do they realize how hard and boring in can be. When I started traveling I thought I would be meeting exciting people, especially women, how naïve I was. For years nothing major happened, until one night in New York City. I had a two day business trip to New York and I had called some friends of mine, Mike and Susan who live and work together in the city to see if they could meet me for drinks and maybe dinner. Mike unfortunately was busy with work but Susan said she could meet for a couple of drinks, I couldn’t believe my luck, although I like them both, there has always been a spark between Susan and myself. Although I am friends with both I have always had a feeling Susan and I would end up in bed together one day. We met and downed a couple of cocktails chatting and flirting with each other, I was really started to think my luck was in. Unfortunately after about an hour of her delightful company her cell phone rang, it was Mike, he had finished early and wanted to join us. The atmosphere was pleasant when he joined us, however the fun and flirting had ceased. After a couple more drinks we parted and I made my way back to the hotel somewhat depressed about the poor turn of events on such a promising evening. I was staying at nice hotel on the Upper East Side; they had a small lobby bar as you walk in. Not wanting to go straight to my room and order room service I walked up to the bar and ordered another drink. There were only three other people at the bar, two women and a man and as they were in a deep conversation I assumed they were together, I couldn’t have got it any more wrong. After a few minutes the woman sitting nearest me turned and introduced herself as Denise. This was the first chance I had to have a good look at her, she was definitely older than me (I was 39 at the time), but still a very attractive woman, not thin but very well proportioned. Apparently Denise was an ER nurse in town for a conference and had been parted from the crowd, as she was unable to get a room in the same hotel as her colleagues. “Your misfortune is certainly improving my evening”, I blurted out to her. “And why is that?” she asked with a smile. I never have had much luck with women in this kind of situation, however tonight I had already had a few cocktails and was feeling more bold than usual. “Well I would never have had the company of such an attractive and dareI say sexy woman if you would have being staying elsewhere” She laughed, “Why I thank you however I don’t feel that attractive” “Trust me you are the sexiest woman I have met for a long time” We continued to drink and the flirting got heavier, I was starting to wonder how far this was going to go. I decided what ever was going to happened would have to happen soon as I was starting to feel quite buzzed. I paid our bar tab and got off my stool. “Are you going so soon?” “Actually I was planning on relaxing a little more in my room.” Her face showed some disappointment at this. “You’re more than welcome to join me” I was trying to sound cool however if I hadn’t had a few iskenderun escort drinks I would never have got the whole sentence out. To my surprised she agreed that this sounded like a perfect idea. We both left the bar and headed for the elevator. Once the doors had closed I slid my arm around Denise’s waist and gently pulled her towards me, briefly I looked into her dark eyes before kissing her gently, after kissing me back our embrace become far more passionate and we started to explore each other with our tongues. My hands slid to her ass as we pulled each other closer, the friction on my erect cock felt fantastic as she squirmed at the first feel. Unfortunately the doors opened at my floor and we had to part. We walked the short distance to my room hand in hand like young lovers all my nervousness gone after our ride in the elevator. Once inside my room we were straight back in each other’s arms kissing passionately and exploring the parts of each other’s bodies we could reach. I start to pulled her shirt from her jeans, I need to feel her warm skin. Running my hands up her back her skin felt both soft and warm. We parted enough for me to pull her shirt over her head (I was in no mood to deal with the buttons), her skin was pale and beautifully smooth to the touch, her bra was all that now stood between me and her delightful looking breasts, cupping them in my hands I gently massaged them through her bra feeling her hard nipples in the palms of my hands. Denise reached behind and unclasped her bra allowing me to remove it. Her breasts were not small or huge but perfectly sized and he nipples hard and long. Lowering my head I had to take them in my mouth, sucking on in and flicking my tongue over it Denise let out a soft moan. After a giving one nipple all of my attention I moved my head over to the other and sucked this in also, Denise was arching her back and moaning softly enjoying the attention. I startled slowly moving toward the bed without removing my tongue from her nipple, it wasn’t until it touched the back of her legs that we parted her embrace. Once apart her hands went straight to my shirt pulling it up over my head, then I felt one hand grab hold my erect cock through my pants, staring me in the eye with a mock serious look on her face she said “Mmmmm now that you have me all worked up this had better be for me!” “It yours to do what ever you want to” I gasped as she started to stroke me. Reaching forward I popped the button of her jeans and lowered the zip, pulling her jeans off her hips they fell slowly to the floor leaving her standing there in nothing but her panties. The sight was amazing and almost had me cumming before my cock was out. Denise let go of my cock a slipped onto the bed, looking me in the eye the whole time, she lay back on the bed stretching her arms above her head and parting her legs slightly. I took a few seconds to take all her beauty in, feasting on her breasts and nipples then admiring her stomach, I can’t say that it was flat but slight curved, her panties were still on and raised at the front covering her pubic hair. As I discarded my pants, shorts and socks Denise hooked her thumbs into her panties lifted her legs and pulled them over her feet. As I climbed onto the bed next to her my eyes were fixed on the dark pubic hair between her legs, it looked so soft and escort iskenderun inviting. I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh as she slowly parted her legs for me, as I reached her pussy I could feel its heat then the soft hair surrounding her slit. I ran a finger up and down he pussy lips feeling their heat and moisture, my finger easily slipped between them, slowly I moved my finger up from the opening of her pussy until I found the hard nub of my goal. Denise gasped as my finger rubbed her hard clit, as I slowly circled it her breathing became harder and faster, I added a finger, rubbing one either side this seemed to have the desired effect as Denise raised her hips pushing against my fingers, as I flicked my fingers over the top of her clit she tensed up and scream “oh god I’m cumming” looking down between her leg I saw a jet of liquid squirt up and then a second (it took a second to work out what had happened, I had heard about female ejaculations but never actually seen one before). Denise tensed up trapping my hand between her legs, her arms wrapped around me and her fingers dug into my back as she seemed to be experiencing a very intense orgasm. After a few second her grip on my hand and me subsided and she relaxed back onto the bed. “few, I needed that” I leant over her kissing her lightly on the lips, “My pleasure” whispered between kisses. “Oh no the pleasure was all mine” she smiled in reply, pushing me down on the bed “Now let’s have a look at that new toy of mine” with that she slid down the bed so her face was level with my cock. First she gently cupped my balls then rand her hand up my shaft gripping my hard cock she pulled my foreskin back over it helmet revealing my complete pride and joy. “I am going to have fun with this” as if to confirm her statement she lowered her head slid her mouth around the end of my cock as her wet lips surround me I could feel her tongue working its way round and over my cock. Occasionally lowering her head and taking more of me into her mouth then lifting off and licking the underside of my now fully exposed head. In no time at all I was gasping and panting and close to cumming, watching this lady’s mouth sliding down my now glistening cock is a sight that I will not soon forget. Her tongue was constantly on the move, exploring my engorged head, when I would get too close to cumming she removed my cock from her mouth and licked my shaft and balls. “I need to fuck you,” I gasped Looking up at me with my cock on her chin “there is nothing I would like better”. Denise crawled back up the bed; I could not take my eyes off her. As she got to my waste she sat up and swung her leg astride me, grasping my cock in one hand she pushed it between her legs. First I felt her soft hair then as my cock slid along her slit the heat was exquisite, she then lowered herself down onto me. Her pussy was a little tight at first and she let out a sigh as my head penetrated her pussy, then slowly lowering her self down onto me. I watched entranced as my cock disappeared between her lips, once most of my cock had disappeared Denise started riding me hard, pounding her pussy onto my welcoming cock. Once I picked up her rhythm I thrust up as she came down onto me, pushing my cock as far up her as I could, suddenly Denise’s rhythm changed and she slowed abruptly leaning forward onto iskenderun escort bayan my chest I could feel her whole body tense, she grabbed handfuls of my skin as she came to a paralyzing orgasm. I could feel he pussy contracting then pulsing on my cock, her nectar was escaping her pussy and running down my shaft and between my legs. Wrapping my arms about her I rolled her over onto her back keeping my cock in her hot we pussy as we went. Once on her back I started to slowly pump my cock in and out of her. I have never in my life fucked a woman with such as wet pussy the hot wet feeling was so intense I couldn’t hold for long. Denise sensed this and whispered in my ear “Cum in my pussy, fill me up in every way” I increased my speed but not for long I pushed in as far as I could as my cock spurted cum into welcoming cunt, her legs wrapped them selves around my ass, holding me there filling her completely. As we relaxed I pulled myself off and lay down beside her I kissed her gently on the lips telling her how incredible that had been. We lay on the bed for a few minutes; Denise had laid on her side and I was lying behind her with one arm over her slowly playing with and caressing her nipples. As I gently squeezed and pinched her nipples my cock started to stir a little, “mm that feels nice” “So you are enjoying having your nipples pinched” I asked “Yes but I was talking about this” and with that she pushed her ass back on to my growing cock. As it grew it slipped length ways between he cheeks as it grew the more Denise wiggled and pushed back onto it. I pulled back a little and aimed the head between her cheeks, Denise pushed back and this time my cock slipped between them. “What are you doing to me?” She whispered “It’s your toy to play with remember” To my surprise she pushed back a little harder until my cock was on her little bud, now I started to push forward expecting her to pull away but to my surprise she continued to push back. We had plenty of lubrication from our recent love making and the head of my cock started to spread he ass, I couldn’t believe this was happening I pushed harder and felt my head slip into her tight ass the intrusion made her gasp and relax a little, giving her a few moments to get use to it I started to push my cock further in, I was surprised at how easy it was as my cock disappeared up her ass. I slowly pulled out savoring the tight grasping feeling around my shaft and when just my head was left in I pushed back faster this time. Denise was moaning in pleasure along with me as I started to pump in and out of her. I wasn’t going last long not used to the deliciously tight feeling as well as the feeling of her round as slapping up against me. “I am going to cum in your ass” I screamed as I slammed into her one more time. I could feel her muscle clamping down on m cock as it swelled and sent a stream of cum deep into her ass, she groaned as I pushed again and again emptying my balls of all they contained. I have never felt such an intense and unexpected orgasm in all of my life; I rolled back from her and my shrinking cock slipped out of her. Denise rolled to face me and we kissed and caressed each other to sleep.I awoke a few hours later in the middle of the night and she was gone. As I got up to get a drink I started to wonder who had seduced who earlier on, as I was the one that had been left before dawn should I feel used and abused, then reality reached me, I was standing there with severely drained balls, had spent a couple of hours in bed with a fantastic woman and who cares if she seduced me and if this is what being used feels like then I am all for it!