New Years Eve in Tijuana

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New Years Eve in TijuanaThis happened a few years back before the border between the US and Mexico became a war zone. My girlfriend, Jo Anne and I decided that it would be great fun to go to Tijuana for New Years Eve. We arrived in the afternoon and did the usual tourist things like shopping for cheap merchandise. I ended up buying a leather jacket that I still have today. Jo Anne looked in every store in the city for a great purse but failed to find what she wanted. This was unusual because she can usually identify where to purse shop by sniffing the air and heading right to the most expensive store around. Perhaps this is why she could not function properly because there was nothing really expensive in Tijuana. When the sun finally decided to drop below the hills, we found a quaint little restaurant to have dinner. We were lucky to have started early because the city started filling up with people right after we were seated. While sitting in the sidewalk café, I looked over at Jo Anne and remembered why I was so attracted to her. She is not too tall but not short enough to look like a c***d. She is what I would call petite. Her brown hair is cut short but stylish but she could wear it any length and it would look fantastic. Believe it or not, it is always her face that I look at first. In fact it is her sparkling eyes that she controls so well beckoning you to do whatever she asks for that makes me weak in the knees. I could probably resist if it were only the eyes, but when she mixes in the cutest smile I have ever seen, I become putty in her hands. She knows how to work the combination to get whatever she wants. Every man has etched in his brain the perfect body style for a woman. I believe that Jo Anne was present when that process was completed in my mind because if I had to draw what made my heart go bump in the night I might as well just take a photo of Jo Anne because she is everything I have ever dreamed about. Her waist is thin, her ass is taught and her tits are just perfect, the smaller end of the B cup but with nipples that are always are trying to free themselves from whatever she is wearing. Today she was wearing a silk blouse that was almost transparent but was not. She had a short blue skirt, no bra, no nylons and I hadn’t yet seen what color panties she was wearing. She looked hot as always.Well, back to the story. After we finished dinner we found a small bar with tables out on the sidewalk. It was actually kind of romantic in an ironic sort of way. Something I never would have imagined for Tijuana. Since we were in Mexico, it only made sense to drink margaritas. The problem with margaritas is they go down too easy. We finished our second pitcher and ordered another round of doubles before we decided it was time to make our way to the town square for the new year’s eve celebration, I paid the bill, left a generous tip, well for Tijuana, and we headed to the square. The crowd was extremely thick. If we were going to see any of the events, we needed to push our way through a sea of people. I took Jo Anne’s hand and started to force my way through the crowd. We could not make any progress without rubbing bodies against bodies. It was hard to see being in front, but I’m sure that on several occasions, some of the already drunk Mexican boys took advantage by not only rubbing their bodies against Jo Anne but also were groping a feel as we squirmed by. She didn’t say anything, so I didn’t either. The celebration was unlike anything I had ever seen before. The people were genuinely happy and enjoying themselves. The booze flowed freely and we did indulge in a couple of Mexican beers I have never heard of before. The bands ranged from mariachi to rock and if I remember there was one that even sounded like a polka band. It really didn’t matter, everyone was having a great time. I did notice that Jo Anne was an attraction herself. The crowd around us was mostly drunk young boys in their twenties. Several took advantage of the close proximity of bodies to covertly rub their hand across Jo Anne’s ass and a few even brushed her tits by accident of course. Once again she didn’t make a scene so I let it pass.Finally, midnight arrived. Fireworks lit the sky and the noise level was deafening. I grabbed Jo Anne and took the first kiss of the year. Her head fell back, our tongues crossed and I pulled her tightly into my body. Jo Anne is a great kisser, my cock rose a couple notches in response. As our kiss ended, I found out why we were surrounded by all of these young boys. It seems the tradition is after the first kiss, people would turn to the crowd and kiss the others around them. As Jo Anne and I broke our kiss, the boy next to her wasted no time in grabbing her and repeating exactly what I had done. When he was through, Jo Anne was passed among at least six different boys who could not wait to taste her lips. Each time she was passed on, I was pushed a little further away. What was not apparent at first until I started making my back towards her was that when these boys grabbed her they would firmly cup her ass along with the kiss. When I finally made it back to the current boy kissing her, he had one hand on her ass and one hand on her tit. Jo Anne did not try to dissuade him in any way because she was obviously enjoying the attention from these young boys. When I pulled her back to me, she said, “Wow that was so hot”. I didn’t say anything.The crowd broke up but the partying did not stop and neither did we. We walked along the street trying to decide where to go next when one of the boys pendik escort Jo Anne had kissed earlier started walking along our side. He introduced himself as Miguel. He was very friendly and suggested that we go to his uncle’s bar which was right down the street. He insisted that we would be his guest and his uncle would treat us right. Since we didn’t know anything about Tijuana except that there were places you did not want to go, this sounded as good as anything we might find. He had us follow him up a long stairway. We climbed at least three stories but it was hard to tell because the stairs kept turning in different directions. On the way up he asked Jo Anne if she liked Mexican boys and she replied, maybe. Once we were in the bar, we sat down and ordered drinks. I bought a round for all three of us, shots of tequila of course, and paid the bill. The waiter thinking I was very drunk short changed me for about five bucks. I noticed but decided it was best not to make a scene. Jo Anne sat between Miguel and me and Miguel talked her to her non-stop. I could see that Jo Anne was flattered with his attention. After all, he was quite good looking, about six feet tall a handsome face along with that lean muscular look, and at least fifteen years younger than both me and Jo Anne.After our first round of drinks disappeared, Miguel said he would get his uncle and treat us to another. Before he could get up a man approached and introduced himself as Carlos, Miguel’s uncle. He snapped his fingers and another round of tequila appeared, this time it was Patron. Carlos also handed me five dollars saying the waiter had forgotten to give me my change from the first round. Carlos announced that since we were friends of Miguel that our money was not good in his bar and everything was on him. I lost count after two more rounds of the premium tequila. It certainly went down smoothly. Around this time, the band started playing loud rock music. Miguel asked Jo Anne to dance, She looked at me and I nodded my head yes. As soon as they left for the dance floor, two girls joined Carlos and me at the table. He introduced them as Irene and Lucia. Lucia sat next to me and Irene sat more on than next to Carlos. Lucia leaned in and put one hand on my shoulder and started rubbing my chest with her other hand. I quickly looked for Jo Anne to see if this was going to be a problem. When I finally spotted her on the dance floor, I decided it would not be because Jo Anne and Miguel were dancing a slow dance with Miguel’s hands cupping both cheeks of her ass. We continued talking while Lucia continued to rub my chest and thighs while occasionally brushing my cock. All of this seemed very normal when Carlos stated, “Your wife is very sexual. How do you handle her all by yourself?” I told him she was my girlfriend and he told me I was a very lucky man. I agreed as Lucia leaned in and kissed me. Carlos continued on the subject of Jo Anne. He said the moment he saw her he knew she was a person that required a steady diet of sex. I again agreed and told him it was difficult to keep up with her but I somehow managed. The entire scene was somewhat eerie, here I was sitting with a beautiful Mexican girl, who was rubbing all over my body, talking to a man I had just met about my and Jo Anne’s sex life and occasionally catching a glimpse of a young Mexican boy grabbing Jo Anne’s ass.Somewhere along the line, I lost sight of Jo Anne. It probably was while Lucia was probing my throat with her tongue and rubbing my cock through my pants. I pushed Lucia back enough that I could lean over and ask Carlos where Jo Anne had gone. He replied that more than likely they had headed to his private quarters in order to avoid the noise from the band which had changed to loud hip hop as the night grew longer. He then said that we should do the same because although he owned the place, this was not his favorite music. I agreed for multiple reasons. We walked up one more small stairway and entered a lavish suite. I was both surprised and duly impressed as this place was bordering on opulent. I didn’t spend too much time looking at the furnishings because I spotted Jo Anne sitting on a three quarter round sofa with Miguel standing a little off to the side rubbing her shoulders. Carlos said to sit down and enjoy myself. I obeyed while continuing to watch Miguel and Jo Anne. Lucia sat on my lap and continued where she had left off while Irene did the same to Carlos. AS Lucia brought my cock back to full attention by rubbing her ass against it, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Jo Anne. She seemed to be in a greatly relaxed state with her eyes closed and her head slightly moving back and forth. At this point, no one was talking at all. Miguel had moved on from her shoulders and was now sitting behind her and rubbing her tits through the thin silk blouse she was wearing. Jo Anne made no attempt to stop him as he slowly unbuttoned her blouse. As he freed her breasts, even I was impressed how long and erect her nipples looked. She was definitely as turned on as I have ever seen her.My intense staring was interrupted by Carlos who said that they made a great looking couple. As I glanced over to Carlos to acknowledge him, I saw that Irene was now on her knees pulling probably the largest cock I had ever seen from Carlos’ pants. It had to have been 11-12 inches long and 6 inches in circumference. I was now torn between trying to see how Irene was going to get this monster in her mouth and trying to see how Jo Anne was going to react to Miguel kartal escort stripping her in front of me. I decided on Jo Anne but was surprised to see her now fully aware and staring back at me. It didn’t take long to see why. Lucia had somehow freed my own rock hard six inches from my pants and was sliding the head into her mouth. I guess that this was the OK signal to Jo Anne because she dropped to her knees and began to unbutton Miguel’s jeans. Miguel wasted no time in lifting up slightly to allow her to pull his pants to his ankles along with his boxers. Miguel continued to take the rest of his clothes off as Jo Anne wrapped her hand around a very long and thin cock. It was 8-9 inches long but looked as skinny as a hot dog. One would never guess that Carlos and Miguel were related when comparing their cocks. Jo Anne positioned herself where she could work her magic on Miguel’s cock and watch Lucia continue to suck on me. Lucia was obviously more experienced at this as she easily took my entire shaft down her throat. Jo Anne being competitive in nature decided she would do the same with Miguel. Unfortunately for Miguel, well maybe, his cock was just too long for her to take it all the way in. Jo Anne decided to use other techniques to pleasure Miguel as well asLucia was pleasuring me. She positioned her mouth above his cock and let a small stream of saliva drip down from her mouth. It seemed like this happened in slow motion but the stream finally broke from her mouth and dripped around his cock. She then used her tongue to spread the spit evenly from one end to the other on his hard pole. I wasn’t sure where she was going with this as she had never done it to me. It didn’t take long to find out. Jo Anne positioned one had at the base of his cock and the other hand at the tip and proceeded to slide them toward each other jacking him off in two directions at once. She looked directly into my eyes, smiled and then twisted under him to start gently sucking his balls into her mouth as she continued to slide her hands in two directions at once along his cock. It quickly became obvious if here was a competition that Jo Anne was the clear winner because both Irene and Lucia stopped sucking our cocks to look up and learn from Jo Anne’s technique. Carlos leaned over and said, “I told you she is a very sexual woman”. While Miguel was getting this very special blowjob, he had slid Jo Anne’s skirt up until it was bunched around her waist. I watched as he rubbed his hand slowly down her belly until it was directly over the outside of her as I finally found out, red panties. Miguel also knew what he was doing. He used soft slow strokes to slowly build her pleasure. He took his time getting her hot. This was way too much for me and without warning I shot one of the biggest loads I ever had down Lucia’s throat. This didn’t go unnoticed by Jo Anne who moved her mouth from Miguel’s balls up to the tip of his cock and hesitated just a bit to smile at me lick her lips and then begin sucking his cock as deep as she could. Jo Anne had now started to respond to Miguel’s hand between her legs. She had spread them apart and was pushing back on each stroke in order to intensify the pressure. She also was no longer looking at me. She was moving into her pre orgasm state that I know so well. To her, nothing else in the world mattered at this time except her desire to get off.Carlos again spoke to me telling me that Jo Anne and Miguel needed some help in getting her panties off and since I was done that I should go over and help them. Without answering, I got up walked over and helped Jo Anne lay back on the couch. Miguel moved away for a moment, Jo Anne slightly raised her hips and I reached over and pulled Jo Anne’s panties and skirt down her legs. As I bared her smooth pussy for all in the room to see, it was as wet as I have ever seen. Not only were the panties I held in my hand soaked, but there were juices dripping down from her pussy to her ass. I couldn’t help myself as I lowered my mouth to her cunt and enjoyed licking the excess juice. Jo Anne arched her back and came for the first time tonight. I didn’t get a chance for a second shot at licking her cunt because when I came up for air, Carlos’s cock was positioned right outside her pussy only a few inches from my face. He placed the middle of his long thin cock between the folds of Jo Anne’s pussy and started rubbing it back and forth. It was like he was fucking her but had not put it inside. I stayed close and watched the long cock rub her clit back and forth. Jo Anne’s pussy lips were wrapped about half way around the outside of his cock and would move with the strokes. It did not take long for Jo Anne to come again and again. After her third orgasm, she went into her nasty mode. She started her dirty talk. She leaned up to Miguel’s ear and started telling him in a voice everyone could hear, “Put that big cock in my pussy and fuck me hard!” Miguel just smiled at her and continued to do what he was doing. She asked again and again but he didn’t oblige. Finally she turned to me and said, “If you ever wanted to get laid again, you better put Miguel’s cock in my pussy”. I had never seen her act so nasty but knew if I was to ever get laid again, I better do as I was told. I reached over and grabbed Miguel’s cock and lined it up with the entrance to her cunt. Jo Anne pulled her knees back to her chest and I gently started pushing his cock into her wet hole. Once the head was in Miguel took over and continued to push. Jo Anne is maltepe escort a small girl so I’m sure that when he had it buried all the way in that it was well into her cervix. As he bottomed out Jo Anne had another orgasm and started yelling, ”Fuck me fuck me”. Miguel had no problem following orders and starting pounding her as hard as I have ever seen a pussy pounded. He would pull his entire cock out until only about a half inch was still inside her and then jam the entire length back in until he bottomed out. His cock pistoned in and out of her as fast as he could possibly go. Jo Anne was having one continuous orgasm. All of this was happening about three inches from my face. Miguel fucked her for seemed like an hour but in reality was only about ten minutes. He finally clinched his ass and shot a hugh load of cum into her pussy. As he pulled his cock out of her cunt, the cum formed a long rope from his cock down to her hole. It finally broke away from his cock and fell dripping from her pussy down to her ass. As I watched this scene, my cock shot another load landing on the floor. I had never come before without having my cock touched.Jo Anne looked over at me and with glazed eyes asked me to fuck her. Since I had just come, I wasn’t sure that I could. In any event it didn’t matter because as Miguel climbed off of Jo Anne, Carlos climbed on. He wasted no time and pushed the big head of his cock up against her hole but it didn’t seem to fit. Jo Anne looked down between her legs and said she was sure it would never fit. Carlos answered not to her but rather to me and said, “Yes it is going to fit and when I am through fucking her she will crave it forever”. Getting the head in was the hardest part. Carlos asked me to help spread her pussy apart so that he wouldn’t hurt her. I didn’t want her hurt so I took four fingers of each hand and placed them on her pussy lips on either side of his cock and started to pull her lips apart to open up her hole. As I opened her up for Carlos, I could see a pool of Miguel’s come pooled right inside her pussy. I decided I was glad that he had come inside her because the come would make a good lube to help Carlos get inside. Carlos pushed both gently and steadily as I held her hole open until the large circumcised head made a popping sound as it made its way inside of her. I let go of her lips and they stretched around his cock. Carlos worked slow but deliberate as he eased inch after inch inside of Jo Anne. As he filled her, she went into a trance, rolled her eyes back, and held her mouth open. Carlos took his time as he worked inch after inch inside of her. Somehow he finally worked the entire length inside her and had the base jammed firmly against her cunt. His large balls seemed to lay across and cover her entire ass. Although he was not even moving, Jo Anne had the most intense orgasm of her life. I just watched in amazement.For the next hour Carlos fucked my girl like she has never been fucked before. His giant cock stretched her hole well beyond where it had ever been before. Jo Anne would come, catch her breath, shout, “Fuck me you bastard”, and then then come again. I thought that he was going to split her in two. Carlos finally pulled out of her and laid on his back. Jo Anne started to whimper but quickly postponed herself over his cock and lowered herself onto it. I was amazed that she took the entire length all at once. Her hole must have been gaping now. From this position Jo Anne was able to control the pace. She would bounce up and down until she came and then fall forward on his chest. She would recover and do it again. After about five of these performances, I finally looked around the room to see what everyone else was doing. Both Lucia and Irene had left at some point. Miguel was standing behind us stroking his now hard again cock. He had a bottle of lube in his hand that he had generously applied to his cock. He waited until Jo Anne fell forward after one of her orgasms and he quickly climbed on the sofa and started rubbing the lube onto Jo Anne’s ass. She didn’t move. Miguel worked two of his fingers inside her ass and spread the lube deep inside. We all knew what was next as Miguel pushed his cock into her anus. Miguel pumped in and out of Jo Anne’s ass as Carlos just held her still with his cock buried all the way inside. Jo Anne just moaned. I just gawked. Slowly Carlos, Miguel and Jo Anne started working into a rhythm. Jo Anne would lift up and leave just the head of Carlos’s cock in her cunt as she pushed back on Miguel’s cock until it was all the way in, then she would pull forward and lower herself onto Carlos as Miguel slipped out to his tip. The timing was delicate but it looked as if the three of them had practiced this for years. They slowly picked up the pace until the cocks piercing in and out of her were a blur to me. All at once Carlos grabbed her and pulled her down on his cock. Miguel pushed forward until both cocks were buried as deep inside her as they could fit. The two men started squirting their come inside her at the same time. Jo Anne just moaned’ “ Oh my God”. Carlos’s come was pumping directly into her cervix as Miguel’s filled her bowels. All three remained completely still for over a minute after they finished. Jo Anne turned her head towards me and said, “I love you”. I leaned over and kissed her more passionately than ever before. We slowly all disentangled and stood up to get dressed. Not much was spoken until we were ready to leave. Carlos looked at me and said, “I told you she was a sexual woman”. I said, “Even more than I ever knew”. As we walked to the door to leave, Carlos said, “You are both welcome to come back at any time”. In the cab ride back to the boarder, Jo Anne told me, “I do want to come back and will”. It sounded like a new year’s resolution to me.Comments: