New Neighbors, New Problems


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This takes a bit of reading before the actual incest. Also if you feel uncomfortable with coercion, drugs, prostitution, non consent, or incest, please stop reading.



I met Xan when I was 28 years old. I was fresh into my new job in Emergicare ambulance services and trying desperately to get into the local fire department. In other words, I was killing time. I had just sold my old house, made a tidy sum in profit and moved into a small duplex apartment that was a miraculous find. It was just at the edge of the nice part of town and priced cheaper than it should have been. It wasn’t big, but it was clean, and the utilities were relatively cheap. The reason my new change of life my new living quarters was simple, divorce.

I had married the wrong girl. Nicole, my ex, was a decent enough person. She had most Latina characteristics I liked. Short, beautiful brown skin, beautiful face, and nice legs. She was also thin, and that was the problem. She was thin everywhere. I had been a breast man all my life, and Nicole was an “A” cup. Please don’t get me wrong, if you like that in your girl, then more power to you. But I soon found out that when your sexual partner isn’t turning you on, it can destroy a marriage. I always thought that I could learn to like it, the sex when we did have it was fine, but never great, never imaginative, and she never liked anything besides missionary. In the end, I would always end up fantasizing about other girls with bigger breasts.

I never cheated, but the sex suffered, and after awhile I became less interested, and then so did she. It wasn’t long after our sex life died that our marriage followed. One night, I came home to find her with some random guy in our bed, oddly enough I was kind of happy. I felt released even. It was an “out”. I took it with both hands. To be honest, I don’t blame her, I was even kind of turned on by the idea of her sleeping with someone else, but not enough to stick through it.

I sold our house, gave her half of the money, and took $15,000 in cash to the other side of the country and started my crummy new job. Six months later I was moving into my new place, trying to carry a heavy box up the flight of stairs to my second story apartment.

Click click click.

I could hear the chirping of a camera lens coming from behind me. Someone was taking my picture.

My vision was blocked by the large box in my face but if I turned and shifted my weight right, I could get a look at whoever was watching me.

I’ll admit, as lecherous as it sounds, my eyes caught the size of her rack before anything else. As hot as it was outside, she was sweating through her thin white top enough that it made the fabric a little transparent. She couldn’t have been more than five feet in height and tipping the scales at 110lbs, mostly in her chest. Her dark hair was long and tangled and multicolored, like she didn’t care if it looked good, but she knew it did. Her torn washed jeans were tight and showed off her curvy hips. Her natural brown skin was damp with sweat and her thin tank top tee was sticking to her tits like a second skin.

I would say she had a beautiful face, but her eyes were covered with heavy dark eyeshadow. Her plump lips, painted in black lipstick, twisted into a smirk as she looked up at me. Everything about her said stoner girl who didn’t care. Her camera was cradled in her tiny hands as she eyed suspiciously for a moment.

“Are you moving in?” She asked.

“Trying to,” I grunted.

She gave me a once over with her eyes before deciding I was acceptable.

“Do you…want…help, or something,” her voice trailed into a whisper.

“That’d be great,” I said.

“Oh, ok, I wasn’t expecting you to say yes,” she mumbled.

It took me a moment to understand what she had said. “What?” I asked.

“I was kinda hoping you would just carry it in yourself, and give me credit for asking, but ok.” She slowly walked up the steps, taking her time as if she was hoping I would just suddenly change my mind.

Honestly, I would have told her never mind, except this particular box had all of my heavy books, and I couldn’t open the door to my apartment without an extra hand. I knew myself well enough to know, if I put it down now, here is where it would stay.

“If you could just open the door, I can take it in.” I nodded at the door, waiting for her to slowly take the four steps from the landing to my front door.

She sighed loudly and dramatically. Much slower than necessary, she walked to the door and twisted the handle. Nothing happened. She twisted it again, and again nothing happened.

“Its locked,” she sighed.

“Damn.” I must have turned the switch on the knob by mistake with the last box I took in. “I have the keys in my pocket, can you grab one end of this box for a second so I can get them out of my pocket?” I asked.

Honestly, I just needed her to hold escort bayan it enough so I could move one hand, but the look on her face when she raised her eyes at me was like I asked her to strip naked.

She really did have a beautiful face, now that I could see it, but there was a faint scent of weed. Her big golden-brown irises starred back at me in offense.

“I’m not caring a big heavy box, what if I pull a muscle of something? It would be all your fault.” She put her camera on the railing and ran her fingers along the top of the box and gave me a smile. “I’ll get the keys and unlock the door.”

Before I could explain that wasn’t necessary, she reached forward and began patting my pants pockets. The keys were obvious, even from the outside, but almost like she didn’t know what they felt like she just kept patting away at my hips.

“The right pocket,” I told her, while I could feel the box slipping from my grasp. I considered just letting it fall but to be honest with myself, I knew if it went down, I was too tired to lift it again.

She reached into my left pocket and I could feel her tiny hand rubbing my bare skin through the jeans. I didn’t wear underwear back then. She fumbled around a little bit trying to unravel the pocket from being bunched up against my skin. Between her fumbling hand digging in my pocket, and my lack of boxers or briefs, I was starting to have a growing problem.

“This is the right pocket,” she spat.

“My right,” I grunted.

She slipped her other hand into my right pocket and felt my keys, and then she felt something else. I could feel her fingers brush against my hardening dick, accidentally teasing it with attention.

“What is this?” She asked. Her face said she was genuinely clueless about what her fingers were beginning to wrap themselves around.

“That’s not my keys.” Despite my initial embarrassment, I began to feel small waves of pleasure pulse through me. A pretty girl was touching me after all.

“Well then why do you keep something this big in your poc—” she stopped herself, understanding dawning on her.

She pulled the hand not investigating my hard on from my other pocket and brought it to my crotch on the outside of my pants. Her beautiful eyes were wide with accusation.

“Is that your…” she trailed off, her fingers giving my dick a squeeze.

My eyes closed and I began feeling weak in the knees, and arms. I dropped my box letting the cardboard crumple outward and spilling its heavy contents onto the floor in front of my door.

I grabbed her thin little wrist and was about to pull her hand free, when she tightened her grip.

There was a moment, not really a clear one, but something passing between us that said she wasn’t really put off. Her eyes bored into mine and I could see her chest rise and fall with deep breaths. Her eyebrows which had been stuck up in her hairline were now coming down to give me a look of curiosity. Her hand roamed down the length of my rod like she was examining its potential. She licked her plump little lips and I could see a flush creep up her skin. Then, her face softened, and she gave me the faintest of smiles.

Normally, when a hot girl with big tits grabs a hold of my cock, I’d be happy to kick back and enjoy. However, besides the pleasure, two horribly scary things were racing through my head and forcing my brain to scream at me to stop this now. The first; how old was this girl? She was clearly a teenager and if she wasn’t eighteen, I could already see myself on the news. The second; this teenager probably didn’t live alone, which means there would probably be a very big angry father type walking around here looking for her.

“Oh shit,” I moaned out as I tried to articulate the question appropriately. “How old are you?”

She gave me a mischievous grin and squeezed my shaft hard. I winced and gasped at the same time.

“You pervy old man,” she whispered. “Is that what you’re thinking about right now?”

“I don’t know you,” I hissed, trying to summon the will power to stop her if she said the wrong number.

“Oh, yeah, I’m Xandria, everyone calls me Xan,” she mumbled like nothing was happening.

“Xan, I just moved in, I really don’t want to get in trouble with your parents,” I pleaded. It was feeling far too good now, and as my eyes strayed to her heavy chest, I knew there was no way of being able to make her stop.

“You won’t. This feels pretty big.” She bit her lower lip. “How big is it?”

I opened my mouth to half heartedly tell her to stop again, but someone interrupted me.

“What the fuck!?” Came a voice from behind us.

I froze on the spot, feeling a cold wave wash over me and kill my erection. This was going to be bad, my first day here and I’m about to get arrested for something I didn’t even get to do.

“Hey mom,” Xandria mumbled out.

My eyes closed, crap.

“Xandria, what are you doing to the neighbor?” The woman asked. Her tone sounded tuzla genç escort frustrated instead of angry.

“I’m helping him, he’s locked out of his apartment and I’m getting his keys,” the girl explained, her tiny hand letting go of my rod and grabbing my keys from my pocket.

“And you need to fish around in his pocket to do that?” The mom asked.

I could hear the woman’s bare feet on the wood as she approached from the stairwell. If I thought her daughter smelled of weed, the mother reeked of it.

“He wears super tight pants, its not my fault he dresses like a nerd,” Xandria quipped.

The girls mother stood between us and gave me a sympathetic smile before grabbing the keys from her daughter. Xandria’s mother was about 5’5, weighing maybe 125-130lbs, she was in her early thirties and had a young face. Her chest was clearly one of the many good looks she passed onto Xandria. Her eyes were a little red, probably from smoking pot, but she was pretty. She dressed a little trashy though, her hair was unkempt and wrapped in a bandana, her nipple piercings were clearly visible with a thin undershirt, and her short running shorts were at least two sizes too small. I could see the tattoos on her tanned arms and thighs.

She smiled at me as she turned to open my front door for me. Not that I needed it now that I wasn’t carrying anything.

“Thanks,” I said while I bent down to pick up my books.

“Sure thing.” She flashed me another small smile before turning to her daughter and firing off rapid Spanish.

“He’s a cute one,” said her mother.

“He has a big cock,” said Xan looking at her feet. “At least it felt like it.”

“What the fuck, Alexandria?” She snarled at her daughter. “Do you have to fuck any swinging dick for free, haven’t I taught you anything?”

“I wasn’t fucking him, it wasn’t even a handjob,” Xan spat back. “Why do you always do this?”

“Because you don’t listen, nobody gets a freebie!” She hissed.

“Just your boyfriends,” mumbled Xan.

“That’s only because he was high on cocaine and Viagra, he would have fucked a new hole in my face if I didn’t find something to finish him,” Spat out her mother. “No one wants a girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

“What’s that say about you?” Said Xan walking past her mother and bending down to pick up some of my books.

“You smart mouth little bi—“

“Well, I think I’m gonna go inside and get some rest.” I stood up trying to pretend I didn’t understand the conversation, Spanish was a necessary thing to learn these days. “I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Richard.”

I extended my hand to Xan’s mother as she was curling up a fist I’m sure was meant for her daughter.

With the look she was giving Xandria it took a moment before she remembered I was there. “Melanie, Trevino.” She forced a smile at me and shook my hand. “Xandria, go back downstairs, we have to talk.”

Xan gave her mother a look of teenage impatience and dropped the books in her hands. “Alexandria!” Melanie fumed.

Leaning against me to whisper, I’m sure just loud enough that her mother could hear, Xan said, “I just turned 19, so you know.” Then she grabbed her camera and turned away stomping down the steps in her little boots. I could hear her footsteps until she went into their downstairs apartment.

A full minute passed before either Melanie or I spoke. We just stood there in awkward silence. Me with my books covering what remained of my hard on. Her with her nipples on proud display.

“You seem pretty young to have a teenager,” I tried a compliment.

Her eyes perked up. “Yeah, I was 16 when I got pregnant.”

I did the math in my head and caught her watching me. “Oh, cool.”

“Do you and your wife have kids?” She asked giving me a curious look.

“No kids, no wife, just got divorced and moved out here.” I bobbed my head up and down.

Her eyes gave me a quick once over, and she stood up a little taller and pushed out her chest a little further. “Bad break up?” She asked.

“She cheated on me.” I shrugged.

“What a bitch.” Her smile widened. She had an urban latina accent that was getting a little thicker the more she talked.

I smiled at her. “Thanks, but its ok, we weren’t really compatible anyways.”

“Whaaat?” She laughed. “Not compatible, what’s that mean? She like girls or something?”

I laughed at that. “No not that, she was just…, she just didn’t have…” my eyes glanced at Melanie’s ample chest. “what I was looking for in a woman.”

She gave me a smirk. “Ooh, you mean she didn’t have big tits?”

I tried harder to hide my regrown bulge. “I guess.”

“Hey that’s ok, some guys need that handful to grab a hold of.” She cupped her breasts.

I tried to fight the urge to stare but between my weak will and what I’m sure was obvious flirting, I had almost no resistance, and by the second heart beat I locked my eyes on her chest. “Those are definitely tuzla kendi evi olan escort a handful.”

“Or in my case, two handfuls.” She grinned.

I felt the heat rising from my chest to my face. Fuck me, in the span of only a few minutes I had two sexually charged encounters with my new neighbors. “I like your piercings,” I tried lamely.

“Thanks,” she said, looking down at her nipples. “they were a present to myself on my last birthday, the one before that I got my tongue pierced, see?” She opened her mouth and let her tongue slide out to wet her lower lip.

Trashy, slutty, she was my kind of girl.

“Wow, three piercings, plus your ears? That must have been painful,” I said.

“I had my nose pierced too, and I had my…,” she stopped herself and have me a quick smile. “let’s just say, I have another one.”

My mind raced as I took a closer look at this girl. She was hot, youngish, and hitting on me. But, there is something to be said for the advice that you don’t crap where you eat, and I was sure if she wasn’t high right now this wouldn’t be happening. Still, she was hot, and I was horny.

I really wasn’t sure if this would be a safe move. I wanted to take a chance and every indication was pointing toward, “Go for it”. But, in the back of my head was a very loud voice, if this gets messy, you have to live right next door to each other.

I thought for a moment before making an incredibly stupid decision.

“So…” I left the thought unfinished between us.

“So, what?” She asked tilting her head at me.

“So, you let me see your tongue piercing, can I see your nipple piercings?” I regretted the words as soon as I said them. That was so stupid, it wasn’t even remotely cool of me.

She gave a slight scoff and let get mouth hang open at what I asked. “You think I’m just gonna show you my tits just because I flirted with you? You Perv, what’s wrong with you?” Her words were accusatory, but I could swear there was a small smile still there at the corner of her lips.

My brain screamed to abort but my cock told me I was already screwed. I could only think of one play here that might work.

“No, I’m sure you wouldn’t. I’m sorry, to be honest, my ex really messed with my head. And then here you are, being so nice to me without even knowing my problems.” I could see her eyes squinting at me. “And what do I do? I get so distracted by your looks, that I act like you must be some kind of pornstar, and I go and blow my chance. I’m sorry.”

She eyed me for an agonizing moment before finally letting out a chuckle. Her smile stretched over her face from ear to ear. “Dude, I’m fucking with you, I just wanted to see you squirm.”

I grinned and blushed stupidly. “Well I didn’t want to be a creep but, it seemed worth the risk.”

She looked at me with a begrudging smile but gave a small shake of her head. “I got to go take care of Xan, she’s probably trying to smoke my weed. I’ll talk to you later.”

She turned on her bare foot and headed down the stairs. She was halfway gone when I realized something.

“Hey!” I called catching her halfway down the stairs. “You didn’t say no.”

She turned and looked at me saying, “What?”

“When I asked to see your nipple piercings, you didn’t say no.” I shrugged.

She let out a single bark of a laugh and looked at me like I was the most ridiculous person in the world. A small smile spread over her lips. She reached down and hooked her thumb under her shirt. She hesitated, only for a moment, and then she pulled the hem of the shirt up over her nipples giving me an eye full. Her breasts were big. Really big. They had to be at least a double “D”. Her areolas were the size of silver dollars and were a few shades darker than the skin around them. They were decorated with small silver bars with balls on either end. I could see small glints of light reflecting off them.

“They’re fantastic,” I whispered.

“You perv.” She winked at me and walked back down the stairs to her apartment.

That was how I first met Xan, and her mom, Mel.


The next few days passed by without any real event. I would go to work early in the morning, come home late in the night. I didn’t really get to see Mel very much; she was always gone. But Xan, was everywhere. Every night her mother brought home a boyfriend Xan would sit outside on the stairwell landing outside my front door. Her camera in her little hands as she snaps pictures of me or the things that caught her attention. I talked with her a few times, nothing sexual, just getting to know her, and she seemed to brighten up when I did. She had a dry sense of humor like me, and a smart mouth comment for every thing I said. I decided I liked her, and I think I was her only friend.

One night, while I was cooking myself dinner, I looked outside my front door window and noticed her sitting on the landing outside of my apartment.

“Where’s your mom?” I asked.

“Fucking some guy from the club for quick cash,” she answered. Her attention was focused on her camera, giving it an overly thorough examination. “Probably doing a line of blow off his tiny cock.”

I wasn’t sure what was more shocking, that her mom was a prostitute, that her daughter knew about it, or that she did coke.