New House, New Adventures

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New House, New AdventuresNew House, New AdventuresMy name is Dave and I had just moved into a brand new house in a nice suburban area with my wife and her two daughters. I own a few restaurants in the area and had been lucky enough to find a beautiful wife. This was my second time being married and did not have any k**s in my previous marriage and married into having two new beautiful daughters. We had finally just got everything situated and had unpacked all of our belongings and finally had a second to relax. The new house had a beautiful pool in the backyard and we all decided to go take a break and hangout by the pool. My wife Chelsea was a quite the looker for a 38 year old woman. She still loved working out and staying active even after having her 2 daughters. She had long flowing blonde hair, great abs, and loved to show off her 38DD all natural tits. The thing that really stood out on her was her amazing shapely ass. She loved doing palates and it showed. She came out in a very sexy bikini that was barely holding her tits in place and had a bottom that hugged every curve of her amazing ass. I watched her boobs jiggle to her every step as she found a seat next to me on the pool chair. Marrying into a few k**s can definitely be a gamble, but in my case it was an absolute jackpot. Chelsea had two daughters; Mandy who had just turned 20 and Misty who had just finished her senior year in high school and was 18. They both attended palates regularly with their mom and were active in volleyball and dance. Both had long blonde hair to match their mothers but had different features when it came to their bodies. Misty loved to be out in the sun and had very tan skin. She was only 5’1” and weighed 105 lbs which made her easy to be tossed on her dance team. She had a small B cup but her tits were very perky, as would be any fit 18 year old girl. The thing that stood out about Misty was that no matter what she was wearing you could always see her erect young nipples poking through her tops which I couldn’t stop staring at. At times I would feel like a pervert but it’s hard to not look at a beautiful young girl when her nipples pop out like she lives in the arctic.Mandy was more of an athlete and had played volleyball most of her young life. She was 5’5” and had those volleyball strong legs and had a rock hard ass just like her mothers. She always loved to wear shorts that would ride up her crack and loved the attention she got from all of her college guy friends. She also had a nice 36D cup size to almost match her mothers but were much perkier. Both of the girls came out to the pool in their bright colored bikinis and of course you could see Misty’s nipples poking through her top. Regardless of what they were wearing I always found myself checking them out and fantasizing about what they would look like naked. Both of them plopped down on fethiye escort the side of the pool and dangled their feet in the water.I stayed fit myself as I used to play college sports and had somewhat maintained my physique from my glory days. My wife and I were freaks in the sheets to say the least. This marriage was a dream come true. Chelsea and I would fuck on anything at any time and any place. She would moan so loud sometimes from my 9 inch rock hard cock that sometimes we would wonder if the girls would hear us through the walls. After spending a good hour in the sun I could hardly stand the sexual tension forming in my trunks. Staring at 2 young perky bodies and a pair of 38DD tits that wanted out was making me horny. “Babe, I’m gonna head up to the bedroom and relieve some tension if you would like to join me,” I whispered to Chelsea.“I noticed your semi-erect cock shifting around in your shorts. My pussy is getting wet already just thinking about your big dick inside my little mouth,” she whispered back.I gazed down at her small bikini bottom and sure enough a little wet spot from her cleanly shaved pussy had begun to seep through.“Girls, enjoy the pool. Mom and I are heading in to take a nap.”Chelsea loved to tease me and as we were walking up the stairs she pulled aside her bikini bottom to expose her amazing, firm ass cheeks and to expose a small portion of her little soaking pink pussy. My erection jumped up and formed a huge tent in my shorts. She grabbed my rock hard dick through my shorts and led me right into the master bedroom. I could hardly wait to fuck her in our new house. Since she was already as wet as a geyser, no foreplay was needed. She jumped onto the bed and got on all fours exposing her luscious ass to me. She pushed her bottoms to one side, spreading her ass cheeks apart to give me a perfect view of her cute little ass and her now dripping cunt. “Do you want this pretty pussy, baby? It’s so wet and ready for your hard cock!” She said seductively.I dropped my shorts and immediately dove into her pussy. I licked it up and down between her clit and all the way up to her asshole. I felt her squirm every time I would make a full lashing on her clit. “I want to feel your hard cock inside me baby!” She demanded quite loudly.I placed my rock hard dick right in between her legs and slowly moved my hips into her body. As soon as my 9 inch rod penetrated her tight wet pussy she let out a loud moan.“Yes, baby, give it all to me! Mmmmmmm.”I slowly went all the way in inch by inch. Every thrust I made she kept getting louder and louder with her moans and demanding me to fuck her harder. By this time the girls could have been in the house and would most likely be able to hear me fucking the shit out of their slutty mother. I reached down to expose her enormous hanging tits so that I could watch them sway back and escort fethiye forth to every thrust I made into her wet box. Her nipples were so hard and erect just like Misty’s and made me start thinking of the 2 girls even more and what it would be like to fuck them both.Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mandy and Misty peeking through the double doors to our master bedroom, watching me while I slammed my rod deep inside their mom. With the door being cracked I could make out that Mandy had her hand down her small bikini bottom softly rubbing her nicely shaved young pussy. Misty was a little shy not really sure how to act and was standing behind her sister trying not to be seen but couldn’t take her eyes off my cock as it slid in and out of her mom’s swollen pussy.“I had no idea Dave’s cock was so big. Is that how big all boys cocks are?” Misty quietly asked her sister, with her nipples getting harder and becoming more visible through her top as she got more and more aroused.“That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. I wonder what it would feel like to have that giant dick inside you,” Mandy responded back to her sister.I flipped Chelsea around on her back and put her head to the door so she couldn’t see her daughters peeking in at the site of me fucking their mom. At this moment they knew I could see them and they were so horny and amazed at the site of my cock that they didn’t care if they were to get caught now or not. I was getting harder and harder as I watched Mandy and Misty watch me fuck their mother missionary. I felt my cock starting to pulse and get even harder. Chelsea started to moan and scream to have me cum inside her warm pussy. She tightened her cunt around my dick tighter than I’ve ever felt and swayed her hips up and down into my stomach as I inched in and out of her dripping pussy. Mandy opened the door even further to get a better view of my package only to expose that one of her 36D tits had flopped out of her top. She had begun squeezing her nipple and rubbing her clit at the same time rubbing it at the same speed as I was fucking her mother. Misty at this point had followed the lead of her sister and had untied one side of her bikini bottom to expose her little peach fuzzed pussy. She started rubbing her pussy as I could see her fingers get wetter and wetter to her every touch. I began to slow down my thrusting as I wanted this view to last forever. I didn’t want to cum quite yet.“Don’t stop! Keep fucking me harder! Harder!” My horny wife shouted.“Quiet, Chelsea,” I whispered. “The girls are gonna hear you.”As soon as I said that Chelsea turned around and saw her two horny little daughters moaning and rubbing their pussies to the site of her fucking the shit out of me. “Girls! Stop sitting back and enjoying the show. Get in here and help your step-daddy cum all over your mommas tits.”To my shock the girls fethiye escort bayan obeyed their mothers request and slowly moved into the bedroom while the juices from their pussies were running all the way down their legs. Like they were seasoned veterans they both hopped on the bed and didn’t even hesitate to get involved. I landed my rock hard throbbing cock back in my Chelsea’s sloppy box. Each daughter dropped their revealing bikinis to the ground and got on either side of me. Mandy got on all fours right next to her mother with her ass in the air showing me her tight thick ass and dripping pussy. She slowly started rubbing her pussy from between her legs while looking back at my dick going in and out of her mother. Misty laid down on the other side of her mother exposing her largely erect nipples with her legs spread rubbing her pussy violently at the view of my large dick deep inside her mom.I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was in nirvana. Never in my wildest fantasies would I have ever thought this possible. Not even one hint after being with her for the past 5 years that would make me realize that this could actually happen. My dick was ready to blow as I couldn’t take it anymore. I gave a few more hard thrusts into Chelsea’s swollen cunt and as I pulled out she came immediately.“Cum all over my baby’s ass!” She yelled at me. Referring to Mandy’s gaped asshole pointed directly at my 9 inch dick that was ready to release a gallon of hot sticky cum. I quickly leaned over and slapped my massive dick right in between Mandy’s amazing ass. Pointing the head of my dick directly into her asshole to fill up her little pink holes. Chelsea and Misty quickly moved in to get a better look at the money shot, licking and putting their tongues all over Mandy’s cheeks as I squirted gobs after gobs of hot, white, sticky cum down the crevice of her back, in her holes, and dripping down between her volleyball tight thighs. I immediately collapsed and tried to fathom what had just happened. I laid back as I watched Chelsea and Misty clean Mandy’s cute little ass with their tongues, not even leaving one drop of cream on her perfect body.“Okay girls you are dismissed.” Chelsea said to her little sex slaves.I laid back in astonishment as Chelsea crawled toward me and took me into her mouth to clean up what was left of the load I displayed on her daughter’s ass. “That was amazing!” I commented. “Where did that even come from?”“It’s always good to make sure your k**s are prepared for their first encounter. I don’t want my daughters being shy little nuns. How do you think I got this big house and that beautiful pool in the back?”She chuckled as she tongued the tip of my dick a few more times to make sure I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t say a word. I was still in amazement at what had just happened. As the years went on I had many more wild adventures in my new house and my new found partners. I finally got to fuck them both at the same time and came all over their cute little faces and perky tits many times. Needless to say they will not have any issues with money when they get older ;)The End