Nelly – a woman is awakening

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Nelly – a woman is awakening?As I saw her for the first time, I was 24 and my first sex experience with a 38 years old woman of the Netherlands with enormous breasts (BH 100 D) laid 2 years back. The woman I saw, worked at the front desk of a steel-fabric, where I was working as a chemist. Being in her thirties, she was married since four years and proud to have married as a real virgin, as she told me once. Looking very attractive, she was fond of elegant clothing, specially of high-heels between 5 and 6 in high. I visited her each time I was to go in my laboratory, and I suppose, that I wasn’t unwelcome to her. Her name was Nelly.After 4 years I left the steel-work and went to the university. 14 years later I saw Nelly again. Surely she was older now – about 45 or 46, but still attractive. She was now divorced, her husband had betrayed her shortly after my leaving the firm. I asked her for a rendez-vous in a bar, during which we came us nearer. She said: “Since my divorce I had never a man in my bed, I never fucked, and that is now 12 years ago; and sometimes I am so – so – hot – so – so – I am really horny!” Tears ran down her cheeks. I tried to comfort her. She sobbed.“That I don’t understand,” I said, ”you are an attractive woman. There would be men …”She interrupted: “Yes, ’men’, but I will not give me to another man, and another, and another.”She looked away. I took her hand:“Nelly …”She looked at me.“Yes,” she whispered, “if I were younger, I would bid you to be my lover – but I am to old for you.”“Nonsens,” I answered.“O yes, I am. One day you will find a young girl, and either you would have pangs of conscience to abandon me and have pains, or you would abandon me without, or I would have pangs of conscience o hell! … in any case … no let us forget it.”I didn’t contradict, but I spoke to her, and eventually we made an agreement. I should be her lover, till I would find a young girl, who was willing to be be my girl. Then she, Nelly, would give me free.We made a date for one week later, a saturday evening, and we both knew, that it would be a long, long night only fucking, screwing and masturbating. We both didn’t knew, that this was very optimistic.The house, in which she had her apartment, had a staircase going up to a dais, around which the apartments were, so that you could see all the doors of the apartments. As I rang the bell, the door was opened, and I really was shocked. Nelly stood completely naked under the door on 5 inches red high heels, and enormous breasts – BH 95 E as I later saw – stood on her slender body. She kissed me and bade me still under the door: “Please, undress you, I will see you naked.” I entered, and undressed, during which she leaned naked on balustrade of the dais and looked in the depth. A door was opened. Nelly turned.“O good evening, Mrs. S.”, Nelly said. I heard the words: “Disgusting” and “unbelievable”, then the door was shut.Nelly laughed.“Now, the whole house will be informed, that I am a whore, and that I am fucking and fucked. And this evening I will cry loudly, loudly, when I have an orgasm!!”“And you don’t mind?”“No,” she said, “nevermore I will be ashamed”.She entered and shut the door.“Nevermore. More then ten years I was living like a nun, and people told all kinds of stories about me. I should be a lesbian, frigid, ill – possibly syphilis etc. or worse, surly abnorm, deformed, a call-girl, a masseus etc. etc. Now it is clear – I am a whore,” and Nelly laughed again. She embraced me and kissed, grasped my penis, then cried:“Now – fucking!” As Nelly moved through the living-room, to her bedroom I saw how elegantly she moved on her high heels. Her exactly straight legs were perfectly modelled, and her legs were long, long, long till to the heaven. I said to her: “I didn’t know you have so beautiful, long legs, long to the heaven.”She turned, smiled, embraced me and answered pressing her naked melons against my body, and my stiff cock between us. I felt, that she trembled in lust:“My legs shall guide you to heaven, I promise you. Look!”She showed me her blankly shaven pussy, and laid my hand on it. Nelly karaman escort was wet all over and I felt, that her pussylips were swollen three or four fingers thick. She trembled and shivered with horniness and lust.“Till today she was my hell, but from today she shall be your personal heaven. All what you like: licking, biting, screwing, pumping, peeing or ejaculating on or in her, looking in her with a speculum, grasping with your fingers in her, or stuffing in bananas, carrots, cucumbers, candles, dildos, apples, or any other thing, you can stuff all things in her – what ever you like. Stuff all these things in my ass too, you can pee over, on or in me, on my head, hair, in my face, in my mouth, over my breasts, belly, over the whole body, even in my cunt or ass – you can do with me, what you like, and ask from me, what you will, and I promise, I will do it – the most horrible things you ask for. I completely give my body to your use, abuse, misuse, to each perversity you do wish to make, you can even **** me – I shall enjoy it.” She throw herself on the bed, stretched her long legs opened high in the air and struggled. She cried, tears running down her cheeks, loudly: “I am horny, so horny! Come, come, o God, fuck me, fuck me!! deep, deep!”.I came down on her, she grasped my cock and stuck him in her cunt. I sank in, she groaned deeply and then cried:“O god, now – now I am being screwed, o fuck, fuck,” and she began to move with her pelvis. As I myself began to poke, she answered each puff with a groan, then a cry and then with a roar. Her melons swung back and forth as I could see in the great mirror of her armoire. Her mouth was open, the eyes closed – I saw she was enjoying. I think, she had orgasms one after the other many times, not because I fucked her good, but from her own horniness.After a time, I turned her to fuck her from behind, and she got quiet except a constant groaning. During fucking her I said: “That I wished years ago, as I saw you first time in your office,” and she stammered saying: “I too, and I was married, and each day I saw you, I was near to ask you to fuck me. That was also the reason, that I went in the little cabinet saying to you I wished to show you a new skirt or blouse and I would change in the little room. Surreptitiously I hoped you would come in, and we could make love. But you don’t come, and I was glad that you not came, because of my marriage, and I was sorrow, because of my unsatisfied horniness.” “Now I will satisfy you,” I replied and I screwed her, till she gasped and nearly swooned. As I came down from her, sinking in bed besides her, she grasped my stiff, and sticking him in her mouth she began to suck. In short a time, my balls, cock and thighs were quite wet from her salvia.Under her protest I took my penis out of her mouth and turned. Then I licked her between her legs and she snapped my cock again. So we made a passable 69, and except the noise of licking and sucking there was only Nelly’s groaning and sighed, when she had another orgasm.A little tired we laid after two hours playing with our genitals besides each other.I asked her: “You said, you hadn’t another man since your husband, and I think, your husband was a sex artist?”“No,” she laughed, “he knew only the missionary position!”“Then tell me, why and from where or who do you know to suck, to rub, and all the things you asked me?”She flushed. “I have,” she stammered, “some journals, you know. Hm, here,” she opened a drawer in her little table besides the bed.She showed me 4 or 6 porno-journals: “I bought it in Danmark,”“You don’t need to be ashamed”, I said, “I have some too!”.“But as a woman!?”“It doesn’t matter.”She opened a journal and said: “Here look, he is pumping her, and here, look, she is peeing on him, and here eight men are spurting on a woman. That I would never do, but look, she is completely covered with cum, from her face to her cunt. and has sperm in her mouth as well. And here, he is stuffing his cock in her ass. O please do the same with me, please, please!But her is a picture I don’t understand. He is riding with his long escort karaman very stiff cock on her, and she …… she is fucking him!??”“Yes, she wears a strapon, a sort of dildos lesbians usually use to fuck. Here she os fucking him in his ass.”“And he is rubbing his cock!”“Yes, but not often you will see a man with such a stiff cock, when he has somewhat in his ass.”“Somewhat?”“Yes, a carrot, candle, dildo ““O, as we women can? You too?”“Sometime, if I have a girlfriend, who is ready to do it.”“And you have rubbed?”“Till I came, but normally, my girlfriend does rub and I can enjoy riding.”“And who has you ejaculated?“In the air! – and on the bottom or in the bed, and my cuming was difficult, but also extremely lustful. She snuggled up herself to me and played with my balls and said: “I have masturbated with these pictures many, many times and used all things to penetrate me.”“O,” I said, “usually I make pictures of my girls and me when fucking or dildoing as stimulation when I am horny and there is no woman.”“Would you make pictures from us as well?”“If you give me the permission, I will do it.”She kissed me saying: “Do it, I will see myself fucking, sucking, ass-hole stuffed, and covered with sperm., riding on you, licking and licked.”“Next time,” I said, “we will do it.“I don’t know how many hours we fucked, kissed, licked, masturbated, but as I came, she wished to be sprayed all over with sperm, and my loading was so voluminous, that I squirted in her black her, her eyes, the face, the melons, the navel, her cunt and her thighs. And Nelly cried and cried, and rubbed her body in with my sperm and doing so fell in one orgasm in the other. The second time I came, she swallowed the sperm and also the third time. Then we two were exhausted and fell asleep.Three nights and two days we were naked, that means: alternately Nelly wore stockings and high heels, or garter-belt, stockings and high-heels or only high-heels in various colours, in white, black, red, turquois, red, gold, blue and we only fucked, ate, drank and slept. On the forth day, Nelly went with me in town, wearing only a very light white garment, without underwear, panties or bra, and when you looked at her against the sun, you saw she naked. As I said to her, this, she looked at me and said: “That’s OK, I wish, that other can see, that I am naked.” Returning at home, we throw away our garments and began to fuck again.One day she asked me:“Would you please pee on me?”I smiled: “You mean, I shall now pee on you.”“Please!”She went to the bathroom, throw away the high-heels and descended in the bathtube..She cowered down.“Now, please pee, all over me, the hair, the face …”“Really?”“O please, begin.”I had a stiff cock ready for fucking, not for peeing, and it is then a little bit hard to pee. But then I came. I peed her over the head in her hair, the over the face, then she spread the mouth and caught my pee, then she gave me her melons to be peed, and I splattered over her bosom, her belly. Nelly began to breathe heavily, and as I peed on her cunt, she had an orgasm. She cried loudly: “I will be fucked!”. I ended peeing on her thighs. Then she sat still in the tube, wet and said: “I thank you so much!” She kissed my cock, then washed herself, dried and went to her bedroom. And fucking began.After a week, she turned back to her work, and we made a date, two weeks later.As I rang at the door, her voice answered: “Come in, door is open!”I opened the door, shut it. Only one lamp was on in the background of her bedroom, and then Nelly approached. As she was under the door, she switched on light. She wore only a small black garter-belt with shining black stockings. She stood on black high-heels. Her hair she had highly teased, her face was a little bit bronze with a golden glimmer, her lips were dark red, bordered black by a small line, her eyelashes were like coal and also her brows, and she had used a thick black eyeliner. Her breast glittered with golden little flakes, the nipple were purple-red. In her navel sat a great blue stone and her shaven cunt was golden coloured. She was beautiful. karaman escort bayan We kissed and during kissing, she grasped my cock and began rubbing. Minutes later I was naked, with a long stiff.We went to the kitchen. She opened a bottle of champagne, gave it in two glasses, then said: “Come, sit here on the stool, and I will sit on your knees, your cock between my legs or inside my cunt.”So we did. My stiff cock towered between her thighs, and with her finger she rubbed the little opening of my penis, gave champagne on it and laughed. The she said suddenly:“Stuck him inside me.” Then she sat on him gaily and drank, then said: “Better he would be in my ars, but I never had a cock in my asshole. Will you do it.”“If you wish,” I said, “but you must be prepared for it. And not in a hurry. I like to penetrate a woman in the butt, but I will also enjoy your first ars-fuck”She lifted the glass and cried: “Now then, today will be my second defloration. You will fuck me in my arshole, please.”“On your second defloration!” I said.She went to the bedroom and claimed in her bed. Like an a****l she was on her hands and knees. Her boobs hung from her breast and moved back and forth. “Now come and deflorate my ars,” she said protruding her buttocks. I knelt behind her: “First I stick my finger in,” I said.““Do it,” she answered.I entered my forefinger in her ass-hole and poked a little, then turned the finger. Then I inserted the second forefinger and spread her ass-hole slowly and carefully, till Nelly groaned. “Now, I come with my cock,” I announced.“I await him.”I applied my glans on her ass-hole and began to push. Slowly my glans went in. I saw how the rosette of her arshole was coming up the glans. Nelly groaned.“Is it painful?” I asked and stopped pressing.“Go on,” she moaned, “please, go on! It feels good.”Carefully I pressed again. “Go on!” she mumbled.I pressed. Slowly the rosette enlarged under the pressure of my cock, then began to open. In this moment Nelly made suddenly a back-movement and my cock penetrated deep in her ars till to my very balls.Nelly gave a cry, a mighty groan, then was silent. After a long, long time, as it seems to me, she said breathless: “Good God, what a feeling, how wonderful. I feel stuffed till my mouth. Come on, darling, try to move in me.”I did, carefully and slowly first, but after a short time, I fucked her in the arshole as it were her pussy. Nelly cheered, cried, groaned, moaned, moved herself. I poked alternately in both her holes, the pussy and the ass, from ass to pussy, from pussy to ass, till Nelly gasped: “I don’t know in which hole you are, but it feels soooo good!”Then Nelly turned took my cock in her mouth and licked, and slurped and sucked, then she said: “Again the other holes please.”This play we did nearly an hour, and sometimes I was near to shot my sperm, but each time I stopped fucking to wait, till my sperm calmed down.As I felt my sperm once more coming, I said to Nelly:“Now my balls ached, I must coming.”“O fine,” she cried, “in my ars, please,” and as I was in it, grasping her melons with my hands, I exploded and jerked my loading in her hole. I groaned, while Nelly howling in lust, had a great orgasm, then fell in the bed – motionless.Half an hour later, Nelly, having bathed, slept in my arms her ass and her cunt full of my sperm.—Two years we met regularly, then one day Nelly said:“You are still a young man, and get older day for day. Today I am still attractive for you, but tomorrow? Look for a young girl, a virgin, and make she to a woman, love her true and fuck she as you fucked me, and she will be true to you as well. Believe me: The first lover no woman can forget. It costs a woman quite an effort to break with her deflorator. So to fuck with a second man is very painful, but when she has done it, a third, a forth or an x-th is nearly no problem for her, it is nothing, only a fuck.”I tried to answer, but she said:“I thank you for having given me the last two years, but today is our farwell-fuck. Please.”It was the last fuck with her, and I never heard from Nelly again. As I tried to phone with her about an year later, she had relocated. I wish for her, that she found some happiness with or without another lover(Of all the pictures I have made from Nelly I give here one, typically for her I think)?Nelly, presenting herselfshort before fucking