Neighbour Fantasies…Part 3

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Neighbour Fantasies…Part 3I managed to work a full day, got to my aunt’s house about 6:00, and found a note saying she would be home late. I grabbed a bite to eat, showered, put on a clean t-shirt and shorts, and went next door to Mrs. Gayle’s house. It was a sultry and still late spring night, and I laboured to get quite a few boxes out to the garage. I kept thinking of the way she looked that morning, and felt my loins swell several times, but continued to work. I walked into the kitchen about 8:30, and was surprised to see her standing at the counter looking through her mail. “Well hi,my hired hand,” she chirped, “God, you look hot.” I inadvertantly said, “Yeah, Mrs. Gayle…so do you.” She turned to me and said, “You’re right…I’ve been hot all day…not a good day for all of these girl clothes.” She wanted to see what I had gotten done, so we walked out to the garage. She said, “Look, Trev…I appreciate your manners, but please call me Gloria. I’m going to go get out of these clothes, make us some lemonade, and we can sit out here in the yard.” I told her I liked that idea, and said I would make a few more trips out to the garage. After a bit, I headed for the upstairs to get some boxes out of the first bedroom. As I passed her room, I saw her standing in her pantyhose, heels, and bra with her back to the door as she put her iskenderun escort top and skirt onto a hanger. I was stuck to the spot as I took in her full breasts, ass, and legs, but decided I’d better get the hell away before she turned around. I picked up a box, and fled down the stairs. When I came back into the kitchen, she was standing at the table fixing a pithcher and glasses on a tray. She was wearing a long black robe,barefoot. “You carry this…I need to get my cigarettes and I’ll join you outside,” she said. I could see she was still wearing the white bra, but wondered if she had a panty on. We sat outside on a blanket, drank lemonade, and talked for almost three hours. I became aware of the odd sensation that I was slurring my words a bit, and feeling somewhat dizzy, but not uncomfortably so. Our conversation turned personal, to discussions of relationships, romance, and tastes. “Do older women appeal to you?”, she asked. I told her yes, and she replied that she had noticed how I looked at her in the pink dress the previous day, and how I rather thoroughly checked out the outfit she wore that morning. “Oh, and by the way, I wish I had a camera to capture the look on your face when you saw my bra on the bed yesterday,” she laughed, “do you like lingerie?” I admitted I probably did more than I should, to which escort iskenderun she replied, “Oh, don’t be silly…it’s perfectly normal for a male to be drawn to it…especially a young guy like you…and that’s why we ladies wear it.” P was feeling a bit uneasy, and it must have showed. She was sitting across from me, and untied the belt of her robe, pulling it open to expose some of her bra, and full white panty. “Here…see? no big deal…just a bra and panty,” she said. “Do you like the way they look?” I said I did, and asked if I could touch them. “Of course you may,” she said, thought you’d never ask.” I lightly cupped her breasts, and instantly felt her nipples harden. “Tell me what else you like, Trev,” she said. I told her about liking panties, hosiery, and slips, and that I loved to watch a lady teasing me with them. “Well, she said in a serious tone, someone must have shown you all of this, and hearing it is making me very excited.” “I have many bras and panties, but not all that many slips,” she said, “Come on, I’ll show you if you’d like.” We went into the house, and up to her room, where she led me to her dresser, and opened the top three drawers. There were several bras and panties in them, and all were white, black, or beige. By now, her robe was fully open, and the sight of her full thighs and slightly iskenderun escort bayan plump tummy made me very hard under my shorts. “What kind of slips do you prefer?” she asked, “I have a couple half style in different lengths, but mostly these full slips.” She opened her closet door,and I saw several slips neatly arranged on hangars. “Why don’t you pick one out, and I’ll wear it for you, and I’ll get heels on as well,” she said. I picked one with a lace top and slinky skirt, she stepped into her yellow heels, and put the slip on. As she did, she said, “Just realized there are some of my daughter’s lingerie from when she was in college in one of the boxes in her old room…I know there are half slips in there…that’s all she wears…we should look tomorrow.” My erection was now impossible to miss, and my head was spinning. “Do you like me in this underwear?”, she asked. “What is your bra size Gloria?”I asked. “I’m a true 40C,” she replied. “What would you like right now more than anything else, Trev?”, she asked. I told her I wanted to masturbate for her. She said, “Go ahead, take it out and let me watch you…what do you want me to do?” I told her to sit on the edge of the bed, with her arms slightly behind her. “Do you intend to cum on me?”, she asked, and seductively crossed her legs. In just a few strokes, I exploded streams of semen which splashed on her breasts and down the front of her slip. She looked down at the puddles in her lap, and said, “Hmmm…I am going to find out who taught you this…snd what’s more, I’m going to enjoy it regularly from now on.”I soon learned she meant her words.