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He used to leave early. She was working earlier and stopped after getting married. She used to stay home with her c***d. Our conversation got longer and she used to talk personal stuff.One day I wanted to take up on her offer to visit her apartment and knocked on her door after her husband left. She opened the door and welcomed me with a big smile. I gave a handshake and both our hands were warm. I held her hand for a little longer and she did the same. Her c***d was one year old and she was wearing nighty and I could see her boobs when she bent to pick up the c***d. Radhika gave istanbul escort me coffee. We chatted for half hour and I did not get courage to move beyond the handshake and told her I have to go. She told me to come again.This time I got courage and went to her apartment next day around 10 am. She was wearing a nighty again and her c***d was playing. We had a long handshake and she made me coffee. She fed her c***d with bottled milk and soon c***d was asleep. She went and locked the main door. I got excited with that. We chatted for few minutes sitting across the sofas. I moved closer in the pretext of putting the coffee cup on the side table.Our knees were almost touching and I slowy moved my kneed to touch hers and she did not move her leg. I was really get hot and my dick was already erect. blood was running hot in my hands and I got courage to hold her hand to thank for the coffee. She did not remove and Held the hand and slowly started pressing and she was just looking in my face and talking. I was feeling her hand was getting warmer and I felt she was getting aroused. In a quick move, I bent and kissed her on her cheek.She did not say anything. By this time I was getting very hard and held her face and kissed on the lips. She closed her eyes. That was a very hot kiss and her lips were very soft. Now I got more bold, stood up and holding her shoulder I made her stand and gave a long hug. My dick was touching her pussy through her nighty. I started kissing her on the lips and after some avcılar escort time she started responding.Then slowly I opened her top buttons of the nighty and had access to her breasts. I slid my hand through her bra and got hold of her nipples. It was erect. While kissing her lips, I lifter her nighty and unhooked her bra from the back. She resisted while lifting her nighty but I forced. Now I got full access to her breasts and sucked her niples. She got really hot and then I removed my shirt. She tried to stop me saying please dont.But I did not listen. I wanted her to touch my dick. I remove my pants and was standing in underwear. Now I was holding her tight and my dick was touching her thighs and pussy through her nighty. I removed my underwear and lifted her nighty to the waistlevel , and first time, my dick was touching her thighs. Took her hand placed it on my dick. She got a electric shock and removed her hand. She was wearing a black panty.While kissing her breasts, I quickly lowered her panty. She was holding my hands and tried to resist. I forced and was able to lower the panty to her knees and used my feet to remove it the bottom. Her pussy was now exposed. It was bushy and I could see her clitoris protruding. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom . I asked her to remove her nighty, she resisted and after some persuation and seduction she agreed to remove it. We were now standing naked and hugged her again and this time my dick touching her pubic hair.She really got aroused and started scratching my back. şirinevler escort I made her sleep on the bed with her legs lowered to the bed side. I had a clear access to her pussy. I was standing in between her legs. I started to rub on her pussy and it was already oozing with pre cum. I slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy and started doing circles on her G-spot. She was twisting her waist and her eyes were closed and started moaning. 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