Ned and his mother, Alice


Ned and his mother, AliceI was in a daze…having just witnessing the love of my life sucking the dick of her teenage son. I drove aimlessly for several hours, re-thinking the scene forever burnt into my brain of her, down on her knees, servicing his big cock like a cheap whore. I was appalled, yet also stimulated, knowing what pleasure her lips could give. My hard dick decided the issue – I would go back to face the situation.Entering via the front door, I found Alice in repose on the sofa, reading. Her waist-length, platinum blonde hair was no longer tied back, but was freshly brushed. She wore a silk robe which opened slightly when she rose to reveal a black teddy underneath. “Hello, love,” she said, “sorry you had to work so late. Can I fix you something to eat?” I nodded, and as she retrieved leftovers from the fridge, I asked, “Where’s Ned?” Without looking at me, apparently concentrating on her task, she chattered, “He’s gone to bed. He was worried about his Latin test tomorrow, so I had to calm him down before he was able to study.” I almost snorted my iced tea through my nose at this, because my Mom would give me warm milk or pat my head or even massage my shoulders, but she never gave me a blow job to calm down. The rich truly are different from you and me. As she moved about the kitchen, I studied Alice’s body. Her short robe displayed her sturdy, muscular legs as it hugged the contours of her big ass, tapering into a tiny waist. Her breasts, while not large, were perfectly shaped and had thimble-sized nipples protruding through the fabric. I could tell by the erect nipples and her flushed istanbul escort demeanor that she was turned on, and so was I, both from her nearness and from my memories of what she’d done just hours before. I walked up behind her as she rinsed the dishes, grinding my now-hard cock into the crack of her beautiful ass, reaching around to squeeze and pinch those big, hard nipples. She moaned softly and reached behind to unzip me and free my cock from my jeans. She unsnapped the crotch of her teddy with her other hand, and raised it with the robe to expose her bare ass. “Fuck my ass, Joe, I’m so hot,” she said, “I’ve been wanting this all evening.” With perfect aim, she lodged the head of my rampant dick in her asshole, and though extremely tight it was at the same time very moist, so I was able to slide it in to the hilt. She shuddered and moaned at the pleasure of full insertion, as we both began to hunch back and forth. At the height of our ecstasy, I gripped her wide hips and held fast. Neither of us moved, but my dick expanded to its full length as it spewed a gusher of sperm, her anus muscles contracting to milk my shaft dry. Breathing hard, we remained in that position as my cock was finally pushed out of her ass. Spinning around, Alice said, “I need to clean you up.” She dropped to her knees to lick and suck my cock before placing it back inside my jeans. She then rose and I couldn’t help but to kiss her beautiful mouth, reeking as it did of the delicious aroma of her asshole. We were tonguing each other like teenagers, avcılar escort and my dick was rising again, when we heard a noise from the other room. Ned was standing in the doorway of the den and said, “Mom, I need to talk to you.” I couldn’t help wonder how much the little prick had seen, but Alice adjusted her robe, saying “Be right back,” before walking him to his room in the far side of the house. Curiousity got the best of me, so I slipped noiselessly out the back door around to Ned’s window. Closing the door, thinking me far away, Ned raised his voice, “How can you fuck him, mother, you don’t even let me do that? See how worried I am?” With that he dropped his pajama bottoms to display his big, hard cock. “You know I can’t have you worried, Neddie, but you know we can never fuck,” Alice replied. “That would be wrong, but I can relieve your worries in other ways.”As she spoke, Alice reached out with her tiny, soft hand and began to stroke her son’s prick. In a very short time, she used her other hand as a cup to catch the cum spurting out of his cock. Red-faced and breathing hard, he fell back on his bed as Alice walked to his bathroom to wash her hands. She walked back to bend over his bed, kissing his cheek chastely, saying, “I’ll wake you in the morning, sweet boy, to relieve your worry about your test. sleep well.”I had to move fast to scurry back into the house. Alice acted perfectly normal, just saying, “The poor boy is worried about his test.” I now knew this “worried” business was just a coded excuse for her to masturbate and suck the cock şirinevler escort of her own son, but she was so delicious I couldn’t bring myself to deprive myself out of morality. Besides, I thought, I’m the one with ‘full access’, I’m not letting that pompous little prick run me off. In hindsight, which always has 20/20 vision, I should have.Spooning, safely in Alice’s bed, she reached behind to squeeze my cock. I was semi-erect, still thinking about her jacking off her own son, and quickly became hard. “MMMmmmm, she cooed, I want some more of this. She turned over and began to suck my dick with that special way she had of licking the head, then slowly taking the whole length of it down her throat. She quickly got on top to ride me with her lightly-haired blonde pussy as I pinched her hard nipples. On her knees at first, she moved to her feet while still riding me, bending forward to kiss and tongue my mouth. Her pussy was so tight it felt like a warm, hairy mouth sucking my dick. She kept this up until I could take no more, then rose to put her on hands and knees, fucking her from behind. With her face and chest pressed against the bed, and big beautiful ass in the air, I used her long blonde hair as ‘reins’ while grinding away in her wet pussy. I put my thumb into her tight asshole as I fucked, and the added stimulation drove her and I both to a glorious orgasm. Catching my breath, I placed a pillow under her stomach to raise her ass, then dropped down to lick, suck and play with both her pussy and her asshole. I continued this for quite some time, until she finally came so hard she actually peed a little. Afterward, cleaning up in the bathroom, Alice said to me “You’re my man now, and I’ll do anything for you.” Both a little sore by now, we soaped, rinsed and dried each others’ private parts before returning to bed for a good, deserved nights’ sleep. I was glad I hadn’t deserted her, but had yet to find out the depth of her depravity.