Naughty Sisters Ch. 01


[Author’s note: All characters in this story are more than 18 years old.]


Daddy is feeling chipper today. Both of his daughters have come for a visit. It’ll be for only a few days, but it’s great to have them home at the same time. He and his wife seldom see them together, what with the younger one, Venus, off to college, and the older Delilah working at the other end of the state.

They are planning a nice family weekend; plenty of good food and a very relaxing time. The only downside, if it could be called that, is that the two sisters will have to share the only remaining bedroom. Daddy converted the spare bedroom to an office right after Venus moved into her dorm room at school.

The room they will share was once Delilah’s. It was the larger of the two and Venus always envied her for it. She envied her big sister in other ways as well. For one thing Delilah was much larger, more like her mother in both stature and voluptuousness. Like her mother, she was bosomy with broad hips and a big rear. She was also outgoing and very social. There were always boys calling for her at the house. Whereas Venus was very petite, quite thin really, and very delicate. She looked much younger than she was too. Which often made her feel even more eclipsed by her sister.

On the other hand, she also looked up to Delilah. She wished she could have a body like Delilah’s; so fleshy and sexy. When Delilah entered a room, both boys AND men took note. There were times when Venus would wonder what it would be like to kiss and fondle Delilah’s breasts. But she didn’t allow herself to think about it long.

Once she walked in on Delilah and one of her boyfriends. Her blouse was open and one of her glorious globes was hanging out, the distended nipple and large areola glistening with his saliva. Venus got an instant pulse to her groin, and the image of her sister’s magnificent boob sometimes recurs when she’s masturbating.

They are all enjoying the “welcome home” feast that Mommy prepared. As the plates are passed around, they are all catching up. Delilah’s new job is working out fine; Venus is doing well in school; Mommy and Daddy recently took a trip to the Grand Canyon; etc.

It’s not long before Mommy asks about her daughters’ love lives. Venus fibs and says there is someone at school she is seeing. Delilah too says she is seeing someone, but neglects to mention that the person in question is female. She doesn’t think her parents, or Venus for that matter, are ready to hear about her recently discovered bi-ness.

It’s not that she’s ashamed of it, not at all. She loves it. She is still attracted to men, but now she has found that women have a lot to offer too.

The meal progresses. Everyone is enjoying themselves, especially Daddy. It’s as if the little secrets he shares yenimahalle escort with each of his daughters don’t even exist. Neither daughter has ever breathed a word to anyone – including each other – about their special relationship with their horny Daddy. And they’re not about to now. In fact, it couldn’t be further from their minds.

Daddy is another story. Sitting across from Delilah, he can’t help but notice how gorgeous she really is. Her full lips, her sparkling eyes, her fabulous breasts that jiggle when she laughs, are causing a stir in his loins. He thought he might be beyond her, but having her home is rekindling his desire.

By the time dessert and coffee comes he is having trouble staying engaged in the conversation. His mind is wandering. When Delilah spoons the whipped cream off her pie to eat it separately, he catches a glimpse of her long tongue extending to it. Then seeing the cream coating her lips causes him to excuse himself. He has to get some air.

A short walk should help. The night air is invigorating. He’s got to get her off his mind. He forces himself to think about Venus. He’s hardly noticed her. That’s the effect Delilah has on people, she fills a room. He resolves to focus on Venus for the rest of their stay. After all, she is his little angel. So understated. So refined. So utterly feminine with her long black hair and perky little breasts. She has his heart, Delilah only his lust.

When he returns, his three ladies have moved to the family room. The conversation has also moved on to more domestic issues. It’s getting late in any case, so he bids everyone goodnight.

“We’ll have to rise early tomorrow if we want to beat the crowds to the marina,” he advises, “it should be a great day for sailing.” Then he retires to his bedroom.

Mommy notes the lateness of the hour too, and follows along behind. Venus and Delilah, both accustomed to later hours, decide to flip on the TV. The usual news shows and pabulum sitcoms dominate. And not one movie is of interest to either of them. Boredom quickly sets in. So after some brief chit-chat they too head up to their room.

It is much as they remember it when they were kids. It has the same frilly curtains, a queen size canopy bed, and a white lacquered bureau, nightstand and vanity. All were once Delilah’s.

They undress for bed. Venus takes to the bathroom first to brush her teeth. When she comes out, Delilah is sitting at the vanity brushing her hair; still in her bra and panties. Venus puts on her nightie, then sitting against the headboard with her knees up, begins to read.

She’s having trouble concentrating though. Her sister’s arms are raised up as she brushes. Her large breasts are heaved up, straining at her bra. Venus feels a twinge. It’s been many ankara escort years since she last saw her sister in this state of undress; she is struck by how much Delilah has filled out beyond even her college years. Her large dark areolas peek above the cups, and her tit flesh is overflowing in all directions; she really should go to a larger cup size if she wants to contain herself.

When Delilah stands up to come over to the bed, Venus quickly looks back at her book. Delilah is not fooled. She had previously detected Venus peeking at her cleavage at dinner. She liked it then and she likes it now. She turns around to look at herself in the mirror, pulls her panties up by the elastic to stretch the fabric more tightly over her bountiful ass cheeks, and to ride it up into her protruding labia. Venus catches her breath. She’s not seen her sister so brazen before.

Delilah walks toward the bed, her excess tit flesh jiggling above the bra, her eyes fixed on Venus.

“My little sister has acquired an eye for other pleasures, I see,” she teases. “Do you like what you see?”

Venus weakly chokes, “Yes, but…”

“But what, sweetheart?” affecting her best little-girl voice, “Don’t you know that your big sister will always take care of you?”

Venus hesitates, her heart is pounding. “I…I…”

Delilah reaches behind her back to unclasp her bra. The masses shift down abruptly. She peels the cups away, then slowly bobbles the fleshy globes close to Venus’s face.

“Would you like to touch these?” she purrs, “Would you like to lick them?”

“Oh, yes,” Venus quivers.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Delilah cups her little sister’s face up for a nice hot kiss on the mouth. Their tongues twist. Their passion for one another comes pouring out!

Venus feels a bolt to her crotch. Her hands are trembling as she fondles Delilah’s spectacular bosom. The nipples protrude now; they just beg for her tongue.

“Take them my darling, they are all for you,” Delilah coos.

Venus places her soft lips to one tip, her tongue tentatively traces around it, then she moves to the other one. Her tiny mouth soon opens fully to suckle at their magnificence. She pays homage, she worships now. Delilah is no longer just her sister, she is her earth mother, giver of pleasure.

Delilah is equally aroused. Equally shaken. She has longed for Venus to touch her like this for some time.

She whispers, “Yes, that’s wonderful. God, I love you to do that.”

She reaches under Venus’s nightie to place her hand to her bare pussy. She is dripping. Delilah thinks, “Oh this is sooo hot. My little sister is sucking my tits while I have a handful of her virgin pussy.”

Yes, Delilah knows Venus is still a virgin. She knows she has no boyfriend and never has. And she knows her little sister is bi; she knew it before Venus did; she knew it before she knew herself to be bi.

She works a finger over Venus’s clit while she whispers in her ear, “Let yourself go. Let big sister take care of it for you.”

Venus is rising fast. She is even hotter than when Daddy does it to her. She releases Delilah’s nipple to turn her mouth up for more of Delilah’s tongue. They meet in mid-air, lash and dart, then entwine and consume one another. She is panting. She could easily cum.

Delilah whispers, “It’s okay, sweetheart, I want you to cum.”

Venus squeaks. Her little mouth returns to lock onto Delilah’s huge mammary. She quakes, she is sucking Delilah harder. Her orgasm enters her at both ends; through her mouth and through her pulsating pussy.

It is exquisite.

Before it subsides completely, she reaches for the soft mound between Delilah’s legs. She wants to reciprocate. Delilah’s panties are stretched tightly along her crotch. She spreads her legs, looking into Venus’s eyes, then gently pushes her head lower.

Venus eagerly takes the cue. She moves her mouth along Delilah’s inner thigh, licking gently as she goes.

“Is this the way big sister likes it?” she asks.

“Yes sweetheart, that’s lovely.”

For Delilah, having her little sister there, her smallness, her sweet delicate lips playing along her thigh, is heaven.

Venus puts her mouth on the damp crotch of Delilah’s panties and devours her warm snatch through the fabric. She hooks a finger inside the edge of the crotch to hike it to one side, then plunges her mouth fully onto Delilah’s luscious cunt. Tongues her lasciviously then looks up.

“Is this what big sister wants?” she whispers.

“Yes, my darling, please.”

Delilah draws a quick breath as Venus tweaks her finger-sized clit with the tip of her tongue. She flicks at it, trills it, buries her face between Delilah’s juicy labia while she nibbles and sucks it. She wants to possess it; she wants the very nub of her big sister’s sex in her tiny mouth.

Now it is Delilah who is panting, Delilah who is writhing. She heaves up. Venus presses her lips and tongue to her womanhood, clutching her fleshy ass cheeks for leverage. Delilah’s hips are grinding against her. Her huge breasts are sloshing about.

“Yes. That’s it. I’m cumming,” she gasps. “Oh, Oh.”

She squirms and jerks with the force of it. Shuddering in her little sister’s mouth.

As she comes down from her high, she draws Venus up to her for a kiss. She strokes Venus’s long hair. They hold one another. Their lips caress and nibble their contents.

In her little-girl voice, Venus asks, “Was that good for you, big sister? Did I do it right?”

“Oh yes, sweetheart, you did it perfectly.”

They kiss fully on the mouth. It’s a kiss of thanks, and it’s a kiss of a new beginning.

A long borne burden has been lifted. They share a new secret, a very special secret between two sisters.