Naughty Niece, Nancy

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Naughty Niece, NancyNaughty Niece NancyBy: Londebaaz Chohan “Well, I have no objection and I have no plans that would be disturbed”, I told my elder brother; “but she is a senior in High School and at an age when she would resent you and I both. I will do whatever you tell me to”.This was my elder brother calling, telling me that he was taking a vacation with his new girlfriend, going to Europe and would appreciate if I could help him out. He wanted me to take care of his daughter for the next 2 weeks. He also told me that I had to be patient because she had some different plans and did not want to change them. He had got the custody of Nancy, when she was only 5 years old. She was born to one of his girlfriends, my brother was living with and then one day; she decided to go away with a new man of her and left Nancy with my brother and never returned or even called to ask about him or her. As a matter of fact, both of us brothers had a bad luck; or maybe I should not call it a bad luck at all. Both of us brothers being only a year apart in age; lost our parents when we were in 7th grade and with nobody to supervise or guide, we were run away engines in our teen years. We fucked so many girls that it amazes me today and quite often it was a 3some. If my brother got a girl, it was our and we both fucked her; if I got a girl, it was ours and we both fucked her. We always teamed up and enjoyed the sex maximum with most of the girls.Then time came when we were living separate and he started dating the girls to perhaps get married and settled but he never got along with them bitches and every few months he was onto a new girl. That was the time when I got a great job offer but I had to move to the Southeast part of the country. It was difficult to say goodbye to my brother, knowing that it shall be a rear meeting from now on but only the phone calls. Coming to the new area, new environment, new friends, new job brought me some new experiences. No, I did not change to be a gay but somehow, pussy hunting was not that easy in this part of the country and I discovered the Porn video arcades, adult book and variety stores, porn theaters, glory holes, bath houses and every other activity where I could get my cock a temporary satisfaction till I found a girl to fuck for pass time. Oh sure, I wanted to be married but in my life, most women I had were the married women who fucked out of wedlock only because they were not getting enough sex at home or they were true cock whores and needed a man inside them all the time. So, to be honest; I had developed a good affinity for the pussy fucking as well as the ass fucking including the male ass, available easy and plenty in many of the outlets, I mentioned above. I was visiting those sex outlets quite often but luckily, I was never caught by any of the guys, I was working with. Life was ok, sex was plenty and satisfying too. On the said day, my brother called me after making sure that she was on the plane and reminded me to get her from the airport. It was mid-day, when we got home from the airport and I showed Nancy her room. As a matter of fact, it was not easy to recognize her and if she would not spot me in the crowd of people standing there to receive their loved ones; I would not be able to pick the pretty blond with silky smooth hair to her shoulders and honest to goodness stunning green eyes. I should have not taken a notice of her bouncy breasts but I did. I think she had not put on a bra because the t shirt was not able to hide the perky nipples and even the slightly mounded areolas on both sides. I asked her but she said that she had eaten on the flight and was not hungry but needed to take a warm shower to wash off the fatigue. I told her that I did not know and had ordered a very special and delicious pizza for both of us and I was going to kitchen to reheat the pizza and start the coffee machine, waiting for her in the kitchen when she showed up there after the shower.She came down, looking even prettier and sexier. She sat down but did not eat much because she was not hungry. After a while she got up and started the search and found the liquor cabinet and took out the bottle of JW black and made 2 glasses on the rocks. I was hungry and loved this pizza but seeing her in a mood to sit and talk over drinks; I only took one slice. We came in the living room. “Listen Nancy”, I said; “Your father uşak escort told me, you had other program and were not thrilled to be with me here. If you know me, I never had k**s and am not at all thrilled about k**s and honestly I was also not ecstatic about you visiting me but now as you are here; I shall be the first to make truce and try to make this visit as much fun as possible. What do you say”? I could see a sudden mix of disgust and disbelief on her face before she giggled and said, “Whatever, you decide uncle. It is not true that I did not want to be here with you but you must appreciate that Dad never asks. I only said, I had other programs but I also realize that while he was gone, it was not easy or wise for me to stay alone in that house”. She had a bit sadness in her voice. “This does not mean; I do not like you, I only prefer to be with my young friends”. She completed her thought while finishing the glass and bringing more ice from the freezer for the next glass.“Uncle, you should at least appreciate my true feelings”. She said as she took a seat with me on the sofa instead of sitting opposite me, on the chair as she was before and brushed her arm against mine”.I just let out a cough feeling uneasy and quickly decided to change the topic by saying something pleasant. “Oh Nancy, I realize how much you are grown and not a k** anymore. Look at you, you are a lovely woman now”. She burst out a loud chuckle. We spoke for hours about her school, her friends, her hobbies and pass times. She seemed happy go lucky kind of a c***d to me with an attitude.We had almost finished the bottle and now it was dark outside already. Nancy said, she was feeling tired and a bit intoxicated too and did not want to eat much. “I shall save my appetite for tomorrow, uncle”. She said and decided to go to bed. I directed her towards her bedroom while I went in the kitchen to wash couple of plates and glasses along with the knives and forks. There was not much to clean up and as I finished, I had a flashing thought of not having provided a blanket in Nancy’s room to the best of my memory. I rushed to her room. The door was ajar and I did not have to knock or need Nancy’s permission and I was in and there she was in front of my eyes.She had taken off her top, her C-cup boobs were out as she was really not wearing a brassier. Her hair was no more tied behind her neck and fallen on her back. She had replaced her jeans with a very tiny flimsy night shorts as her sleeping cover for her privates. I did not dare to look below her hips. “Oh Jesus, I am sorry”, came out of my lips in a hurry.“It is ok, uncle”. She said in answering me.“Wow, Nancy; you have the most beautiful boobs, I have ever seen, I wish I was not your uncle”. My true feelings came out as Nancy could see my cock grow and push on my pants from inside. She also saw me attempting vaguely to hide my huge erection but it was obvious that we both were thinking the same fun sex play. Nancy took a step or two towards me, saying; “Uncle you seem to have a problem in your pants”. I immediately started to step back but I was stopped by the wall behind me to move much. “Nancy, we cannot do this, your dad will kill me”. I was nervous but she was sure and told me, not to worry about her dad. I do not know if that was the only surety I needed, but my hands quickly wrapped around her neck. Pulled her close and we started a very wet kissing. Her lips were feeling so very good but I had some hesitation to do this to my niece. Nancy told me to relax and sit on the bed. She was determined as against my hesitance. I knew, she wanted me and I surely wanted her. Hand in hand we walked towards the bed. Soon as I sat on the edge of the bed, she climbed in my lap. I was already sweating, I could feel my wet forehead.My breathing almost stopped when she took my hand and placed it on her breasts while grinding her almost naked pussy on my man pole. That was enough to make me a b**st. Very roughly, I turned Nancy around and jammed her in the bed on her back. I could feel her shiver a little and hoped it was the shiver of ecstasy running through her as I ripped off her shorts and threw in pieces onto the floor and started licking her beautiful pussy. She was making some silent moans. Her pussy was dripping wet and warm already.She started moaning and talking loud. “Oouuhh, uncle, it feels so good”. She said, escort uşak as I kept licking and finger fucking her cunt. By now her pussy was pulsing and I could feel her heartbeat through her wet pussy on my finger. “Ounggh, uncle you are so good”. She cooed enjoying the feeling of being finger fucked. Now I stood up and took my pants off revealing my jumbo cock dangling between my legs. Keeping her pinned to the bed on her back; I climbed on top of her, forcing my swollen cock into her mouth and down her throat even when she gagged on it. Every time my penis head slid down her throat while I fucked her face; she gagged and choked but kept sucking me with intent and vigor, making me fuck her face much more fervently. A play continued for good long time until she was silently muttering with my cock in her mouth, to fuck her. She wanted to feel my big cock inside her pussy hole. With my ass cheeks grabbed hard, she made me fuck her mouth much harder, sucking my cock an even licking my balls; looking lustily up in my eyes. I pulled my erection out of her mouth and picked her up. My cock immediately found her pussy and his way into her. She whimpered while I pushed myself hard into her meaty cunt and then a loud cry as I felt tearing something in her. She was in awful pain and I suddenly realized; I should have used some lube but was surprised also, as she was quivering and her body was tossing restless and her head was shaking from side to side. Not really understanding, I decided to pull out of her and no sooner, I pulled about 4—5 inches and looked down; I was fucking out of my senses. My cock was fully glazed with her blood. My mind was not accepting what my eyes were seeing but there was no way, not to believe. I had broken Nancy’s seal. O’ my God, she was virgin and I had deflowered her. I wanted to ask her if she was virgin or this blood was from her periods but I was not finding the courage to. With half of my cock in her and half out of her; I was in a quandary when she spoke; “Uncle, pull it out, wipe it clean and start fucking me. You have taken my virginity and you don’t know, how much pain I am in and need you to start thrusting to end this misery of mine”. What a fucking bitch! I thought. How easily she said all that. How cold of her being so nonchalant for her virginity. She was not wholly to blame. Now, knowing that I had deflowered my virgin niece; I was feeling pride as well as the honor. To the best of my memory, the last virgin pussy I had the pleasure to fuck was in the school days when we, both brothers used to fetch the cock whore girls who had more pride in getting a hard cock in their pussy than the pride of their family. Nancy knew that the answer to her aching pussy was to start fucking her, jamming her pussy with my cock muscle, making her stretch and feel comfortable with my thick cock. She knew the good kind of tear she had and the delight of the temporary pain in her slutty cunt; although, she never before had such a pleasing pain in her life. My mind was made up.I held her and slammed the hardest in her cunt, making her feel the pressure in the farthest reaches of her no more virgin pussy. She cried with a larger wave of pain arising in her but did not forget to beg me to continue fucking her and not to stop now.“Fuck me uncle, I want you to fuck me with all of your might and all of your meat”, was her demand.I responded by dropping her on the bed, without taking my cock out of her and started to bash her young, tight and recently inaugurated cunt.“O’ yes, yes uncle; it feels wonderful. Harder and faster please”. Nancy was really loving being fucked. Her voice was trembling and I could tell, her orgasm was upon her.“Ou, Fuck! I am cumming”. She was already raising her hips and offering me to fuck her pussy deeper and rougher. Soon my cock was felt as if it was surrounded by shower heads and her pussy juices were bathing him all around while I used my full 8 inches’ to thrust in her. Soon I could not hold myself anymore and exploded in her slick pussy. Feeling my cock stiffen and grow yet thicker and longer inside her cunt, she started to repeat her demand of keep fucking her harder, faster and deeper. Both of us were moaning as our sex juices mixed in her pussy hole around my cock, adding to the mix with each expulsion. Now as we both lay there in elation and euphoria; my mind was contemplating uşak escort bayan the next scene. As a matter of fact, fucking a virgin pussy was rare but it was not at all a new for me but I had never ever fucked a virgin ass and was planning to see if I could somehow accomplish that now. Feeling us both coming down from the orgasmic high; Nancy appreciated and thanked me for fucking her and confessed that my big cock felt truly great and amazing in her no more virgin pussy. Feeling the moment right, I also thanked her and told her that it was an honor for me to fuck her and break her pussy seal but I was not done with her as yet; I said. Now without any delay or dithering; I flipped Nancy on her hands and knees and announced that I was going to take her ass and immediately took to fingering her ass hole. I am sure, Nancy could feel my thumb inside her ass rubbing her ass and pussy both with the other hand and making her ready to take my big cock in her ass. I shifted a bit, raised her mid body to bring her ass hole aligned with my cock and pushed in. Nancy whimpered but I kept pushing in and pulling back routine, dipping little further in her ass with every inward push, finally forcing my dick all the way to my balls in Nancy’s ass hole. She could not scream because vigilantly, I had covered her mouth with my hands. Soon, using both hands, I gripped her hips and pulled herself onto my skewer. I am sure, by now, it had started feeling good inside her ass with little pain and mostly pleasure. Then I used, one of my hand to grab her hair to pull her ass onto my cock with much better compliance. The pleasure spreading in both of our bodies was unreal and it was obvious with her louder and repeated demand of fucking harder in her ass.I continued pumping, plowing her ass hole and pulling her hair. My hands were reaching down to squeeze, twist, tear her nipples, tits and her large engorged clitoris. With continuous drilling her ass, the bed was shaking and our moans were getting much louder. In an attempt to raise her hips higher once again, to my cock’s alignment; somehow I fell back on my back and now Nancy was wedged on my cock, on top of me and facing my toes. This new position injected a special gusto in our fucking effort. Now I was asking her to fuck m cock with her ass and do it harder and faster too. I was constantly asking her to squeeze her ass and make me feel the friction of skin to skin fucking. Nancy was a true mother fucking whore and a cock slut. She was jumping on my cock making it appear and disappear in her ass but somehow, I was not getting enough senses sent into my body through my cock. She was tight but my cock was in need of active fucking rather than passive fucking. After another 2 – 3 minutes, I told her, “Baby girl, you are tight but I need to fuck you to feel your snugness on my wand to reach my orgasm”. She immediately understood and came off my bull and got in the missionary position; citing that she would like to see the expressions on my face and the contorting that will occur when I fucked her ass with my hard fat cock in and out of her and moaning loud.After another about 20—30 minutes of solid ass fucking, squeezing her tits, snatching her clitoris, finally, I started to feel the cascading of my orgasm as my cock grew further and balls got knotted, pulled up closer to her much dilated ass opening. In 10 seconds or less, her pussy started to flex and relax pushing out the sticky nectar onto my hand and her all shaved pubis area. She forced her ass out for me to take it all making me plunge balls deep and start filling her with my balls brew faster and with a pressure of a fire hose behind it. Now she had reversed the process and instead of pushing her ass out, she was making it tight for my sexy muscle to slam and jam in her. Soon we both lost energy, although the will of my cock to continue fucking was still obvious with its stiffness and the will of her ass as well as the cunt was also much visible. I just summoned all the energy, I could gather and rammed all the way deep in her. The thump sounded so sweet that it could not be explained in words at all. With a lip lock we got lost in kissing and then dozed off for a while.When we woke up, Nancy thanked me and said that she wished, she could keep going on and I assured her of my same like intentions but we were needing an urgent shower to wash off the sweat and the sex juices off our bodies and we rushed to the bathroom. In the bathroom we kissed and fucked once again and decided that she should visit me more often. The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Nov. 8/2019.