Nathalie’s New World


My heart was pounding out of my chest as the gorgeous assistant showed me to the chair.

“OK Nathalie, just relax sweetie, lay back and Sasha will be with you directly, would you like a glass of wine?”

“Yes please.” I whispered in my most feminine voice.

As I sat in the chair I glanced around at the salon, it was very trendy and chic, not up market but very bohemian. There was already a woman sitting in the chair beside me and a very cute redhead was shampooing her hair. As she lay back with her head reclining into the basin her boobs pointed straight up, god they looked sensational.

I relaxed a little as the assistant brought my wine. As I sipped my drink I was lulled by the soulful sounds of Nora Jones wafting through the airwaves.

My pulse was thumping and my heart rate matched it as I waited and waited, another glass of wine, I closed my eyes for a second trying to get control of my skyrocketing anxiety. I was roused from my reverie by the sexiest voice I had ever heard, it was liquid, smooth, sultry, husky like liquid silk. “So Nathalie, what are we having done today?”

As I looked over my shoulder there stood the most incredibly beautiful woman I had ever seen. “Umm, I umm.” The words wouldn’t come out, my tongue felt like it was the size of an elephants. She smiled. “I am Sasha and I am here to help, but if you don’t tell me what you want, I won’t be able to will I.”

Her hands traced gentle lines over my cheeks. “You have fabulous skin, I am so jealous.”

I sniggered. “You… Jealous, I don’t believe that you are beautiful.”

She leaned down and kissed my cheek. “Thank you, that is very sweet, so are you going to tell me?”

Hesitantly I spluttered. “I wanted a makeover, I am not experienced and I was hoping for some help, your ad in the paper says you offer these services.”

She smiled. “So you were trying to trick me huh… You my little dove are not a lady are you?”

I shook my head but then realised she was teasing me. “OK Nathalie let’s start with a proper facial cleanse shall we.”

As she washed and cleansed my face I basked in the warm glow. I smiled inwardly, what would my wife say if she saw me now?

For many years I had been leading this double life. David for most of the time and Nathalie whenever I had the chance to dress up. This was my very first time venturing outside and it had taken me a long time to build the courage. The chance only arrived when my wife announced from out of the blue that she was going to stay with her mother for a few days. This morning we had kissed offhandedly as she walked out the door.

Mia, my wife had no idea that the moment her car disappeared around the corner David was also disappeared and Nathalie emerged from her closeted cocoon. Yes I am a crossdresser and I love my alter ego Nathalie, however as I had become more comfortable in her skin I wanted more, it was an addiction that I was struggling to feed. I knew to grow I needed help with makeup. I had watched many online video clips and tutorials, but I wanted some real guidance, somebody to help me bring Nathalie out, which is how I ended up at Ava’s salon.

Sasha chatted away as she cleansed my face. “So how long have you been dressing?”

“A couple of years now, this is my first time outside.”

She grinned. “Well I am glad you finally emerged, you look lovely, that is a very smart outfit you are wearing.”

Her compliment was reassuring; I had stolen this from Mia’s wardrobe. I had chosen a very tight fitting pleated navy skirt, with a little slit up the side, it had a wide leather belt which helped cinch in my waist.

I had added a pair of very dark pantyhose, to hide the fact that I don’t shave my legs, Mia would be pissed but I wore a pair of her favourite Louboutin’s, glossy black patent leather. My feet are a little bigger than Mia’s and I was always nervous that I would stretch them and she would find out my secret. For a top I had selected a lovely cream coloured cotton blouse, it buttoned up so that it hid the fact that for boobs all I had was Mia’s tiny little push up bra which I had padded with tissue paper. I wore her old style whalebone corset which I loved, it was ivory white, with beautiful lace trim and when it was cinched up tight it gave me a reassuring support, restrictive but body shaping which is why I loved it. When I looked in the mirror before leaving home I adored the look I had been able to achieve, the crowning glory was my blonde wig, a lopsided pageboy bob.

My thoughts were broken by Sasha. “I think we should use a hair removal agent, I see you have shaved but already it has grown, would you mind if I make that pesky hair vanish for a while?”

Oh my god the sound of her voice was intoxicating, I could feel my penis building into an erection. “That would be OK.” I stuttered.

She applied the cream and massaged it in. “So do you have a partner?” Sasha asked.

“Yes I am married.”

“So does she know about Nathalie?”

I almost choked. “Oh god no, nobody knows.”

“Relax little one, relax, this will be our secret.” She waited a second for Kadıköy Grup Escort the cream to work and leaned in really close. “Does Nathalie like men, or women?”

The question shocked me. “Umm I am married.”

She giggled. “Yes but Nathalie, isn’t, so does she prefer Men or women?”

“Women, definitely women.” She giggled at my rapid response.

As Sasha wiped away the cream and started to moisturise my face I heard some commotion beside me. Another client was being shown into the chair beside me. I had my eyes closed so didn’t see, but the moment I heard the voice I freaked. Sasha turned to her and trilled. “Hello Mia, nice to see you darling, long time no see.” They kissed as Mia returned the greeting. They chatted as Sasha worked. “What are in for today darling?”

“Just a trim and some highlights, oh and a wax.”

Sasha laughed. “A wax huh, bikini or Brazilian?”

Mia laughed. “I think I am going to try a Brazilian.”

“Oh I am glad you finally decided to take my advice, don’t worry your husband will love it.”

“My husband…” Mia muttered. “It’s not for him, in fact I don’t even know how I will explain it.”

“Oh you are a naughty girl.” Sasha cooed. “So you have a lover?”

“Yes we are going away for a couple of days and I wanted to surprise him.”

My heart was racing. She was sitting right next to me and she was admitting to cheating, but what could I do? If I challenged her I opened myself up for a world of humiliation and hurt, it didn’t stop me from wanting to strangle her though.

Sasha focused on me and added some foundation. “Did you hear that Nathalie, this little minx is having an affair?”

She turned back to Mia. “So where are you going?”

“Nowhere really Terrance has booked us a nice room downtown, we are going out to dinner and then I hope a night of riotous lovemaking.”

“So is it an affair? Or does your husband know?”

“No, no, no. David would have a heart attack if he knew, he is very straight laced.”

“So what is Terrance like?”

“He is gorgeous, he is only 28 and he is built like an athlete, not an ounce of fat, oooh god I am getting all tingly thinking about it.”

Sasha laughed. “So is he how shall we say… Well endowed?”

“Like a stallion.” Mia cooed. “He is huge.”

Sasha had moved to my eyes and was adding some eye shadow. Me I was as Mia suggested freaking out. I wanted to confront her here and now, but the humiliation would kill me. I swallowed my anger as Sasha’s exquisite hands worked their magic.

As she highlighted my cheeks and thinned my facial features using powder and highlights Mia started talking to Stephanie the girl who was doing her hair. I caught snippets, and it fuelled my anger to hear her talk about her lover Terrance. How long has this been going on I wondered, has she been cheating for the whole time of our supposedly happy marriage?

Sasha added some lipstick which felt magnificent as she glided the sticky smooth cherry red gloss over my lips.

“You have very sexy lips Nathalie, very kissable.” She finished it off with extended lashes whispering. “There, you are done.” I peered into the mirror and my heart melted. She had created magic, I felt beautiful for the first time in my life, I felt special and pretty.

“You know we have special outfits in the back if you would like to try something more risqué.”

The thought of wearing something sexy made my face blush bright red. “Come on darling, you only live once, and we could take some photos, for a keepsake.”

She didn’t have to try hard to convince me, I was going to be relieved to get away from Mia before I gave in to my dark urges and strangled her. Sasha led me by the hand out into a little room out the back and as she showed me all these wonderful outfits and costumes she snapped. “OK let’s get those dark tights off you and find something more suitable.”

I looked at her dumbfounded unable to move. ‘Oh don’t be a sook, I have seen plenty before and I am sure yours is no different.” When I didn’t move she sighed. “Oh for heavens sake.” And she knelt down in front of me and pulled down my dark pantyhose. The moment they were down around my ankles she mocked. “I see so this is why you are wearing them. I am sorry my love but this won’t do at all, I didn’t go to all that trouble to have it spoilt by hairy legs. Let’s get them waxed nice and smooth aye.”

I wanted to argue, I wanted to say something but she was already wriggling my French cut panties down my legs. My penis which was now an erection sprang out and she giggled. “Oh very nice, I am sure your wife must love that.” And she gave it a little stroke.

‘Not as much as she likes Terrance’s.’ I thought.

‘C’mon let’s get you up on the table.” She slipped off my shoes, panties and hose. I unfastened my belt and skirt stepping out of them uncertainly. “Now I won’t lie sweetie this is going to hurt, but you need to be brave.”

She helped me up on the table and my mind whirled like an out of control Ferris wheel, I had forgotten about Mia, all I could think of was my fantasy Kadıköy Manken Escort becoming reality. I had dreamed about this very thing so many times.

Sasha got prepared and gave my legs a massage trying to quell my rising anxiety.

Soon the wax was hot enough and she started. Mother of god she wasn’t wrong about how much it hurt. She started down low by my ankles but it still hurt like hell, especially as she worked her way higher. She did not even give me a bullet to bite on, just suck it up she instructed. My fingers were wrapped around the cloth covering the table in tight knots as she ripped off strip after strip.

I think I left the table in fright as I heard Stephie and Mia walk in. Shit she was getting her Brazilian.

I turned my head away hoping she wouldn’t recognise me, but I heard her titter to Stephie. “Good heavens look at those hairy legs.”

Stephie replied. “Shush we specialise in this type of thing, I think she looks sexy.”

Mia huffed. “Well I suppose if you like your men like that. I prefer mine masculine, big and strong.”

“Well some of us prefer otherwise.”

I peeked as Mia slipped out of her clothes and climbed up on the table, it was Stephie who said. “So how are you going to explain this to your husband?”

“I will just tell him I did it as a surprise for him.” She giggled mischievously. “The real surprise will be what’s inside, I think I will make him eat me out while I am full of Terrance’s sperm.”

Sasha giggled. “Sounds like he is in for a treat.”

I winced knowing that it was me she was talking about. Mia and I are about the same size and she has always been a bossy britches but never hurtful, not like this. Yes she likes to wear the trousers as it were and I have never pushed back, that was more to keep the peace than anything else. You know what they say, happy wife happy life.

I had worked hard to give her everything she had asked for, new car, big house and of course all the bright new furniture and I never quibbled when she overspent the credit card with new fashion accessories or jewellery which was almost every month.

But this new found brutal approach scared me, what the hell was I going to do? I had my eyes closed but my thoughts were broken when Sasha’s hand curled around my cock. “So darling are you going to have your own Brazilian like Mia next door?”

Her hand caressed my cock as she talked. “It would look so much nicer in your panties, nice and smooth, no hair. I know I prefer my men hairless.”

I didn’t answer straight away I was lost in the wonderful feeling of her hand stroking my now very erect cock.

“Mia what do you think, should Nathalie get the full wax?” Sasha quizzed.

Mia giggled. “Hmmmm yes I think so, I have never seen a bald one, I would love to see.”

“There you go, even Mia thinks it’s a good idea, let’s get rid of all this hair and make you look more like a real woman, Stephie likes hers bald don’t you babe.”

Stephie chuckled. “Yes I would never go back to being hairy.”

Sasha commanded. “Stephie love come and show Nathalie what she is going to look like.”

Stephie never even hesitated she walked over and lifted the hem oh her shift uniform and pulled down her panties and there lay a cock, it was about the same size as mine and she was bald as a badger, not a hair in sight. When I peered up at Stephie she had a smile, a sexy coquettish teasing smile. “Don’t be shy, have a feel if you want.”

Sasha lifted my hand and placed it on Stephie’s cock as it swung free right in front of my face. The moment my fingers grazed the soft silky smooth skin it twitched in my hand and I could feel it pulsing, hot and smooth. I couldn’t believe I had another man’s cock in my hand, but when I looked at Stephie she was no man, she was gorgeous, a very attractive sexy woman.

“God in heaven.” I heard from Mia as she watched me stroking Stephie.

Sasha lifted my hand off and whispered. “So that’s all decided, you want yours to look just like that?”

With a dry mouth I just nodded.

As Sasha went to work I heard Stephie sigh, more a moan really and when I peeked across Mia was stroking her cock. “You are right Sasha this does feel so nice, and it makes it look so much bigger.”

It looked bigger because it was growing and stiffening in her hand. Stephie stepped back. “You have to stop or this won’t get finished.”

Mia giggled. “Hmm I suppose you are right.”

By that time Sasha was already ripping the hair painfully off my lap and it hurt like hell. It was made slightly more pleasurable as I heard Mia’s cries of pain as she got exactly the same treatment on the table opposite.

After Sasha was finished she caressed and massaged my erection and balls with some moisturising crème, and it stung momentarily, but was quickly replaced with feelings of pleasure.

She whispered. “You know we have come this far, doesn’t it make sense to do your whole body?”

As I thought about it I decided, yes damn it. “Just do it.” I uttered with far more conviction than I felt.

Sasha sat me up and Kadıköy Masöz Escort lifted my blouse over my head, she laughed when she saw my tissue stuffed bra.

Mia was finished and I heard her chatting with Stephie. I got the shock of my life as they both appeared beside the table staring down at me as Sasha started working on my arm pits.

“I hope you don’t mind Nathalie, but Mia asked if she could see what you looked like.”

I saw Mia’s face as she leaned over the table and stared down at me. “Have a feel.” Sasha commented. “You won’t mind will you Nathalie, a gorgeous sexy woman playing with your cock.”

The moment Mia’s hand curled around my throbbing shaft she glared at me and I saw the realisation wash over her. “David… Oh my god, what are you doing?” Her hand still curled around my cock as Sasha and Stephie just stood staring. “Do you to know each other?” Sasha muttered.

“He is my fucking husband, so yes I know him.” Mia yelled.

Sasha smiled. “Oh dear, I guess the cats out of the bag Nathalie my love.”

I blushed bright red and any words were now trapped by my swollen tongue.

“Come on David, out with it, what the hell is going on here, are you some sort of queer fucking sissie or something?”

“At least I am not a cheating slut.” I barked angrily as the anger displaced the shame. “Look at you getting ready to go and fuck some other bloke.”

Her hand tightened around my cock and her angry irate face changed slowly into an evil sneer. “This might actually work out… Do you like to suck cock baby? Is that your fantasy, do you take it up the arse? Is that part of the deal, are you gay?”

My eyes bulged and I tried to say something but she interrupted. “Yes this might be a good thing, I think I can convince Terry to let you suck his cock, you can be my little fluffer, get him big and hard for me.”

Sasha and Stephie just watched in wonder.

Mia stroked my cock a few more times before dropping me and saying to Sasha. “Make her sexy, she is going to have to look sensational.” She turned on her heel and walked out with her head in the air.

“Well that was a shock Sasha chuckled. “Are you OK sweetie?”

I nodded. “Yes I will be OK.”

She kissed me. “I might leave you in Stephie’s capable hands, I have other clients arriving soon.” She disappeared out leaving Stephie and I alone. She pushed me back onto the table and whispered. “We may as well finish.”

As she finished the job we chatted. “So how long have you been trans?” I asked.

“Ever since I was a teenager, I always knew I was different and, it took a while to come to grips with who I am.”

“So are you gay?”

She laughed. “I am sexual, I like men woman but mostly I like gurls, just like you.” Her hand reached out and she stroked my cock. “Yes I like gurls, and you are very sexy, and very pretty.” Her mouth dropped taking turns licking each of my nipples which were as hard as I could ever remember. A little moan escaped as she sucked them, leaving love bites over my chest.

“So what about you Nathalie, are you gay? Do you like men?”

Hesitantly I mumbled. “I have only ever been with Mia, she was my one and only.”

“So what do you dream about? You like to play dress up, is it for a woman or a man?”


“What about me? Do you like me, stroking your gorgeous delightful cock…? Does that excite you? I think it does because it is very hard.”

She wasn’t wrong my cock had never been this hard, god it felt amazing. “Do you want to feel mine again? She asked.

Lost in passion my balls pulsing wildly I nodded. “Yes.”

She lifted the hem of her uniform again and pushed down her panties, her cock stared me in the eye and it was hard, very hard standing tall and proud. She let go my cock and grabbed her own and rubbed it all over my face, slowly and deliberately making sure she rubbed every inch of my skin. “does that feel nice baby? Do you like that?”

I couldn’t speak, I was lost. “Good girl.” she whispered. Now I want you to give it a little kiss, open those sexy lips and kiss it, show me some appreciation.”

I pursed my lips and kissed the glistening end, her cock was about the same size as mine but it looked huge as it was right there in front of me. “Oh that feels so good, ooooohhhh yes so very, very goooooood. Now open up and let it in, you want to suck it don’t you? Hmmmm you want to suck it, to feel it in your mouth.”

I opened up and the knob slid in, just a little at first as she pulled it out and rubbed it over my face and lips, then slid it back in slowly.

It was like slow motion this gorgeous sexy woman was fucking my mouth, it seemed weird, but right. I had dreamed many times about what it would feel like to have a man’s cock in my mouth and here it was happening.

“Oh darling you are a natural, that feels so good, you are going to be a fabulous cock sucker, a sexy little sissie, are you going to swallow?”

I couldn’t speak as her cock had filled my mouth to the brim and as it slid in and out all I could do was grunt. She had ripped my wig off and her hand gripped my hair tightly as she fucked my face harder and faster she plunged in faster, deeper. “Oh fuck yes, suck it you little minx suck it.” My face was covered in saliva as I tried to get all of her in my mouth, my own cock twitched furiously with pleasure as I focused on giving her pleasure.