Where do I begin. Many years ago I had stayed with my Nana. Inadvertently, I happened to catch her coming out of the bathroom with just a towel around her waist. Her mammary glands were hanging low on her chest, nearly touching the top of her belly. This protruded out like a sack of meatballs – with large bumps all over. As I got a quick glimpse of these glorious boobs, Nana noticed me and turned away from me.

As I grew up and eventually turned 19, my mother thought it would be a good time for me to visit Nana, as she had been going downhill lately and it might be the last time I would get to see her. I had been to visit her over the years but I did want to see her once again, just in case. I had never had another experience like I’d had as a younger lad.

Mom intended to come with me and stay a few days but she had a call from work and had to stay behind to organise some new accounts.. She arranged to follow me in a few days.

I arrived at Nan’s on a Wednesday evening about 7pm. Unfortunately, Nana had already gone to bed, so that I just knocked on her door to say Hello and Goodnight to her. When she heard my knock, she bade me to come in. I opened the door slightly and she was sitting up in bed with a book in her hand. I crossed the room and sat on the side of her bed and gave her a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Good evening Nan, lovely to see you again.”

“Greg honey, I’m so glad you have arrived safely. How long are you going to stay, sweetie?”

“I should be here a couple of weeks I think, Mom is going to join us at the end of my stay and I will be going home with her.”

“That sounds good honey, I will catch up you in the morning OK. “

I leant over and placed another kiss upon her cheek and said, “Goodnight again Nan, Love you.”

A little about my Nan. Although she didn’t have very long to live she was only 54 years old. She was suffering with a form of Terminal Cancer. I was not quite sure of its name but did know that she didn’t have too long to go. In her prime, she was a beauty. A full figured lady, with breasts about 36D. She stood about 5’5″ and had an hourglass figure. From the rear she showed a voluptuous pair of buns. She had dark chestnut hair and gleaming green eyes that were forever smiling. I never saw her with a frown on her face. A very happy person all rounds.

My Mom was built along similar size to Nan, except that her hair was jet black and she had deep brown eyes. Her breasts were about the same at 36D and she had the same hourglass figure with a blossoming behind.

Back to the story. When I awake in the morning, I drifted downstairs expecting my Nan to still be in bed. She wasn’t though. She was standing in the kitchen with just a robe over her nightclothes.

I went up behind her and kissed her good morning. eryaman escort

“Good morning back to you too my sweet, glad to see you up this early. I thought you might sleep in as you had a long drive yesterday.”

“No Nan, I feel very fresh this morning,,” I replied.

I sat at the kitchen table and watched as she prepared breakfast for both of us.

:Is there anything I can do to help, Nan.”

“No darling, I am quite organised. I have been so looking forward to this visit. After all you are my favourite grandson.”

“Oh Nan, your only grandson, you mean,” I said laughingly.

“Still my favourite thou,” she replied.

She then dished up bacon, eggs, hash browns and sausages. She had already set the table so we both sat and ate breakfast, conversing ion general issues. She asked about Mom and I told her again that Mom would join us as soon as possible and then drive back with me.

“So how are you getting on at University, and what subjects are you taking this year,” she asked.

“Well, as you know I am doing a Law Degree and this year I am concentrating on Commercial Law. There are a couple of other subjects but that is my priority.”

“Sounds like you are doing well then.”

“Yes Nan, I am enjoying it. Sometimes I wish I had taken a Medical degree instead. I may have been able to help you more. I would have known a lot more about your particular condition. I would love to be able to help you, Nan.”

My darling boy, just coming to visit is enough. You know that I love you. You will always be in my heart. Now and when I have passed.”

“Don’t lets look too far into the future Nan, I am here now and I just want us to be happy together, alright.”

“Righto, my darling. You’ve said it. Just be happy together.”

That day was just a quiet day, we sat out in the garden and just talked and rested. Nan had her shower but still only donned her robe . I noticed that she did not wear a bra, just a pair of panties.

This started to turn me on a little. I took every chance I had to glance at her body as she got up and down from her lounge chair. I shouldn’t feel like this, I told myself. I was her grandson.

A little about me. My name is Greg and I stand about 5′ 11″ with a pretty solid physique. I had jet-black hair like my Mon and green eyes like my Nan. I kept fairly fit with gyms workouts at the University and was pretty well versed in the anatomy of ladies. I had had a few relationships but wasn’t interested as yet in settling down with any one lady. I had a long way to go with my studies. I also had a ‘crush’ on an older lady.

That night, Nan decided that she was going to sit up and watch TV with me. I inquired what type of movie she wanted to watch and she told me “just a nice, romantic etimesgut escort one, baby.”

I put in the DVD of Last Tango in Paris, which I found in her DVD cupboard. We both sat back on the Lounge and had a glass of wine in front of us. The last of the bottle we had at dinner. She laid her head on my shoulder and I placed my arm around her shoulders. This was such a comfortable position and we both relaxed and watched the movie. There were some very erotic scenes included and as each one showed on the screen, Nan cuddled closer to my side. Each time she did this, her shoulders moved and my hand seemed to settle on the right boob, I attempted to remove it, but Nan told me not to. I began to rub the skin across the side of the breast. It felt so good. But I shouldn’t be doing this, this was my Nan.

After a short while Nan let her hand drop to my thigh, softly rubbing along the top of my leg and ‘accidentally\ toughing the tip of my now hard erection. I turned to her and kissed her, this time not on the cheek, but full on the mouth. She reciprocated with a tongue slipping past my lips and started a duelling motion with my tongue. I took it to another level and put both my arms around her and held her tightly.

“What is it Nan, what do you need, I asked. I was ready to give her anything at that moment.

“I want you my darling, I need a man before I pass out of this life and I know it has to be only you.”

“But that is incest Nan, do you really want to do this, I queried,” knowing all the while that this would be the greatest thing I could ever do for her and myself.

“Yes Greg, I have been waiting for over a year now since your last visit, and have been working on ways that I could get you into my bed. So don’t be shy and help your Nan.”

I took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom.

“I told you that I would do anything to help you Nan, and I meant it. If this is it, so be it. I will give you the best time ever, at least since Grandad passed away.

I sat her on the bed and stripped off my clothes in front of her. I then slowly peeled off her robe. Only her panties were left and they looked so sexy, just big bloomers, which she always wore. I had seen these on the line each time I had visited and would go to my room or the bathroom just to wank over the sight of them. In fact, a couple of times I had grabbed a pair out of the laundry basket and held them on my cock while I wanked off.

I placed my hand over her large mammaries and then my mouth. I laved and licked the breast and travelled with my tongue to the nipples, I switched from nipple to nipple on both sides. After about 10 minutes of that I made my way down to my knees and spread her legs apart. I gazed at her wet crotch and licked my lips. I lowered my mouth etlik escort to the groin area and worked it up and around her juicy hole. She writhed under my ministrations and started to lose her juice. I lapped and ticked her furry mound and then aimed for her pink clit, sitting in the centre of that wonderful pussy.

She sighed “Oh my darling, that is so good, I haven’t felt like this for such a long time., keep going…… keep going….. I want you so much.”

I stayed stuck in that position for about another 5 minutes and then she grasped my hair and pulled me up to lie over her . My hard erection was in contact with her mons and she wriggled her body with the good feel of it. I was feeling so close to ejaculating, but I knew I had to hold back so that I could satisfy her, before myself.

“Darling, please fuck your Nan, she wants you so much.”

“Gladly Nan, I was just waiting for you to ask. |”

With that, I slid my hard cock slowly into that hot, pulsing Garden of Eden, that volcanic just needing to erupt very soon.

I pushed in and our and kept it us as long as possible but both Nan and I were so ready to cum. On a last lunge my cock met her cervix and exploded. The both of us Cumming together.

We lay there silently. Both breathless and glorying in the intensity of the cum. Neither of us could speak but I leant over and gently kissed her on the lips.

After 10 minutes, we turned to each other. “Thank you darling, Nan said. That was one of the most powerful organisms I have ever had, and I have had some previously I can tell you.”

“Nan, I am so glad that I could help you, and will be glad to oblige for the rest of my stay, if that is what you want?”

“Oh yes, I at least want you to sleep with me, if you want to, I may not be able to keep up with that weapon you’ve got there, but there are other ways I can handle it for you.”

So from that night on Nan and I slept together. On the nights when she didn’t feel up to actual sex, she would take my cock in hand and begin to massage me and then into her mouth where she would suck the life out of me, literally.

This went on until Mom called to say that she was arriving. I drove into the Airport and picked her up and took her back to Nan’s.

“I hope Greg has been looking after you Mom, ” she greeted Nan.

“He has been taking very good care of me, she replied, I just wish he could stay longer. He has promised to come down in his next holiday though.

Little did my Mom know just how well I had been taking care of Nan. I had promised her that I would visit again as soon as possible.

Unfortunately. Nan passed away about 3 weeks before my holiday was due. She left a letter for me. In it she told me that she had enjoyed our time together and that I should try and seduce my Mom. (She was the older woman I had a ‘crush’ on). She knew that I felt like that towards Mom. I had told her during the time we were together.

That will be a new story OK. Hope I can stimulate your senses once again with my writing.