My Wife’s Mother: Cathy , Me


This is not a work of fiction, although before it happened I thought my fantasies for my Mother-in-Law would forever remain within that realm.

My name is Luke and I am 40 years old. I have been married to Patricia for 15 years, and I love her dearly to this day, she is 36 years old. Her Mother, Cathy (Catherine), is 23 years older than me and as hot as any 20/25-year-old one could stumble upon anywhere. She takes very good care of herself, she is about 5’6″ with nice curly red hair, weighs about 110 pounds, has a firm ass and a beautiful chest, the most gorgeous green eyes, and a face that could grace any fashion magazine’s cover.

I have secretly desired Catherine, and lusted for her, from the very first moment I met her 17 years ago; when she was 46, I 23 and Patricia 19. Never have I let on to anyone about my desire and lust for Cathy… It was my secret, and mine alone, and I intended to keep it as such. She was just a part of my healthy sexual fantasy-life, one of its many characters who had a role in my sexual musings. Maybe she had a bigger role than most of the others… actually, she did have a bigger role than any of the others, she was the star of my fantasies, but I often had problems admitting it to myself Was this out of shame or guilt? Or was it that I was afraid of falling in love with her? To this day, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Whenever we visited Cathy, I would inevitably end up in one of her bathrooms jerking off to thoughts of her; sensuous, erotic and passionate thoughts of her and me making love wildly.

On occasion, I would be fortunate enough to stumble upon one of her sets of sexy, frilly underwear… recently worn by her, by my Mother-in-Law. This would drive me wild with lust, passion and hunger for her like nothing else could… like nobody else could. Her sweet aroma was intoxicating, and her dried-up juices sexy and arousing. I would taste the crotch, flicking my tongue all allong its length. I would suck on it then chew it slowly, taking in all the sexy tastes and erotic smells her sweet pussy had deposited on the fabric… for me, was what I thought to myself always.

I would finish my panty-sessions with the soiled crotch of Cathy’s panties wrapped around my stiff manhood, thinking of her, only of her, and what it would be like to have her. However, I would never shoot my load into them for fear of leaving evidence which could have life-damaging consequences… but I always waited until the very last moment, and the crotch was, by then, semi-soaked with my pre-cum. This little habit is what finally led Cathy to catch me “en flagrant délit” when I got too brave, or stupid with lust, during one of my visits.

It was a sunny and beautiful Saturday morning, in early June, two years ago where it all started. That morning Patricia and I got up early, had breakfast, and a long and hot sex session… all before ten o’clock, as was often the case for us. That day, Patricia (Patty) was heading out to a cottage with some of her (girl) friends for the long weekend. As for myself, I had nothing plans per se, but the all changed around ten thirty when the phone rang.

“Oh! Hi Mom!… yeah, I’m heading out to the country with the girls and, …, well you know we have those girly weekends every other… OK Thanks! You take care too! Yeah he’s here, just hold on a sec…”

Patty hands me the phone and whispers: “Looks like you’ll be fixing my mom’s plumbing this weekend…”.

I was none too happy, but family duty was calling.

“Hello Ms. Mitchell, how are you this morning?”

“Fine, just fine Luke… please tell me you’re not busy today, because I need your help”.

“Help with what Ms. M? What is it I could help you with? You know you’re my favourite Mother-in-Law…”

“Very funny Luke! I have a serious plumbing problem in the main bathroom. The faucets need to be replaced, and … you know this stuff, right?”

“Sure do!”

“Come over for noon, I’ll fix you lunch and then we, uh… you could get to work. How’s that sound?”

“Well I’m hungry as an ogre, and once I’m fed I’m sure I’ll have the energy to rescue your bathroom…”

We both chuckled, and then hung up. I got dressed, kissed Patty, and then headed to Cathy’s.

After lunch and a trip to the harware store I got to work. Cathy would come and go, sporadically checking up on my progress. After a while she stopped coming in for her progress reports, as she was watching a movie on the tube. newcratos Then I got stupid real quick! The moment I had entered the bathroom I had spotted a pair of her worn undies by the dryer, and I was getting an urge to play… play hard with myself and those panties.

Without shutting the door I got up to the dryer and lifted the lacy underwear. I gazed at it and wondered if this was a bit much given the circumstances. Well, lust took over and I started sniffing and smelling Cathy’s hot undies, licking and sucking, chewing and biting the soiled material… my usual routine. And, I lost track of time. I then heard some noise and… Holy fuck! I was caught big-time!

“What the hell are you doing Luke? What kind of goddamn pervert are you anyway? When Patty finds out it’s the end of the road for you two! You are sick! You’ve got a filthy mind… smelling your wife’s mother’s underwear… you gotta have a loose screw, … not very normal!”

“But… I… I’m just… well, Ms Mitch… Mitchell… so sorry…, I couldn’t help…, I…, well… I think I… I…, I think I should leave!”

“No way! You’re not getting away with this so easily Luke!”

“But!, I…”

“Shut up!”

“What? What… what… what? Do you want me to… to finish up… the… the plumbing?”

“No! I want you to show me what kind of creep married my daughter! I want you to tell me in detail what you were doing with my dirty panties! What were your intentions if I hadn’t walked in…”

“But Ms. Mitchell… I can’t… I… I mean, I’m very sorry… but I can’t… you’re right! I’m a pervert… I think I should… I know I should… go! Please don’t tell Patty… please, please, please!”

“Show me now! Immediately! Tell me! I want to know what to tell Patty! Go on, speak now!”

I calmed down a notch and took a deep breath. This shit was registering as pretty damn weird with me, but I was in no position to argue… so I…

“Tell me Luke!”

“OK! I… I… I was, well I saw… I mean I needed… I saw your panties over there, and I found them sexy… and I wanted to find… to know what… well! You know! What they… they felt… how they felt… wanted to know if they were… your… yours Ms. Mitchell”

“Get a grip and speak more slowly. You wanted to know if they were mine so you smelled them? Come on Luke, tell it like it is… the truth!”

“Well I wanted… to, wanted to know how your privates, uh… uh, smelled Ms. Mitchell”

“Now that’s better! Go on, in detail…”

“Well when I saw them I got aroused by thinking, by seeing, that they are so sexy and… and thinking that you had, you know? You had worn them, and I wanted to know how… what you smelled like down… down there. I got carried… carried away because, because I really… lik… I really… well that’s when you walked in”

“Carried away by what? By my aroma? You got turned on by your Mother-in-Law’s pungent genital odours? Is that it? I want to know Luke, I want to know what you were thinking, doing, feeling… all of it”

“Well I got carried away by… by the smell, and the look of… of your… of the marks left by, by your… your vagina. And I really liked it, them, well the smell and the look, and I… I couldn’t stop thinking about… about how, what, how you had soil… you had soiled them and I got very aroused. And I thought of what it would… how it would… would be to, to, to… well, to have… to make… love with… with you” I was now in deeper doo-doo than I had ever been in my life. My wife’s mom was questioning my actions, and I was so embarassed, beyond anything I had ever experienced. Thoughts raced through my mind about how I could survive my Patty’s anger and deception.

“Luke! Don’t stop now, tell it to me like it is… I want and need to know everything thing, every little detail. Tell me how is it that I turn you on, what it is that you thought about when you smelled me… my pussy marks, its dried-up juices, tell me Luke…”

“Well I wanted to… I thought about, about making love with you Ms. Mitchell. And I got really turned on… I’m sorry, Iknow it’s not right… I know that…” I couldn’t believe this, she started laughing out loud, mocking me, and…

“Nuff said Luke! I know where this is going, and I can tell you that although I am very disappointed in you, I am very lightly flattered about the fact that I have such an effect on you. It’s so funny that you think I’m sexy… newcratos giriş you do, right Luke? because I think you are a… I think of you as a very satisfied man. And now, I find out that I can make my satisfied Son-in-Law hot… turned on, lustful… Now you are going to apologize to me. Afterwards, you are going to do me… that’s right Luke! You are going to give it to your wife’s mother… just like you were thinking. That’s your punishment… to do your Mother-in-Law. That’s want you want, and it’s what I want, need, because I actually am pleased of all this, and I won’t tell…”

“You mean you won’t tell Patty? You won’t tell…”

“No way Luke! I’ve been jesting you, I have wanted to have you for a long, long time… and now, here, the time has come… I want to feel you inside me Luke, I…”

“Are you serious Ms. M? You are not teasing me, or trying to get me in more troub…”

“No Luke! I know that you’ve been doing this for a long while… thinking about me and wanking with my soiled undies. I actually set this as a trap, I left them there to see if you would be bold enough to…”

With that I crawled over to her and looked straight at her crotch. I smelled it through her pants as slowly got on my feet. I brushed her breasts, her globes of wonderment, along the way… stopping to nibble on them. Then I started kissing her neck and… and everything broke loose. We started kissing deeply and passionately, tongues swirling, with biting and sucking. She grabbed my crotch, I was so damn hard… harder than I could ever remember being. We pawed and kissed and moaned, clothes dropping to the floor… cries filling the room, grunts echoing everywhere. This was it! My fantasy coming true! Me and my Mother-in-Law… sexy, hot Cathy, me and her having sex… doing the nasty.

“Luke…” she panted. “Luke, do me good and hard… now! I want you to myself, not shared between me and my daughter, but just for me… fuck me Luke! Fuck your dirty Mother-in-Law… do all the nasty things you want, I’m yours baby!”

“Cathy… Oops! Ms. Mitchell, I want to taste you all over, everywhere, every single square inch of your hot body… I want to taste your cum, I want to suck your toes, your ears, your marvelous tits, and tongue your navel, your mouth, your sweet pussy, your…”

“You want my ass hey baby? You want to taste my 61-year-old butt, don’t you? Do it… Do it Luke, taste it now!”

I got her to lean on the dryer with her butt right in front of my face. I slowly spread her cheeks and found the most beautiful puckered pink rosebud ever. Without missing a beat I started kissing her hot sphincter, then I sucked on it, and then I rimmed it good before kissing some more. Then, I got my tongue nice and hard, and I started plunging it deep inside her anal cavity… tongue-fucking my wife’s mother’s asshole, deep. It tasted so good, I thought I was in heaven. I kept at it for a good 20 minutes while she…

“That’s right Luke… Eat my tush, my dirt-box… tongue it good and deep, love it all you can baby… Oh my! It feels so good… so good, your hot tongue up my ass… don’t stop. You like it so much, I know. I know you like it more than Patty’s, she told me you rarely did that to her… I’m hotter, hey baby?”

“Oh God yes Cathy! I love sticking my tongue in there… more than anything I do with Patty… Now I want to eat your pussy… your old Mother-in-Law pussy. I want you to come in my mouth, to flood me with your juices… I want…”

She took my hand and kissed me hard, tasting her pungent anal tartness, and took me to her bed.

“Now eat my cunt until I cum for you my dear Son-in-Law… eat my pussy ’til I gush hot creamm everywhere”. I happily obliged, this was beyond my wildest fantasies about her. She was nasty and loved to talk dirty. She was a sex-crazed senior with energy to spare. I just sucked on her engorged clit while she squealed, I sucked on her lips, kissed them, and then stuck my tongue all the way up her hot twat, never letting go. She started bucking against my face, holding it hard against her crotch. And then, the floodgates tore open…

“Oh baby! My Goooood! I’m cummmmmming for you Luke! Yeah! Taste it, taste me, ooooooooh! Don’t stop making me cum…. Yes, you love my taste hey hun? You like tasting your wife’s mummy? Taste her cum… Ooooooh yeah! God thiiiiis feeeels so fucking… gooooood, great, Ah! Oh! Oh!, Yeah! Taste me, drink me….”

She absolutely flooded my face, mouth, tongue and chin… and I was in heaven. It was, and is, the greatest tasting cunt cream I’ve ever had, ever! I wanted to pound her so fucking hard, to give it to her until she couldn’t breathe or walk, until it hurt her so deep and good… ’til she begged me to stop.

I pulled up, kneeled in front of her pussy, spread her legs wide, and rested her knees up beside her shoulders. I looked at her, my being raging with lust and desire. She darted her sensuous green eyes into mine, a look of longing and anticipation, licking her sexy mouth and moaning in delight. I couldn’t wait anymore, I wouldn’t, I was not to be denied my prize… my filthy hot Mother-in-Law. I just took a deep breath and lunged forward… penetrating her to the hilt on the first thrust. She screamed and wailed all manners of obsceneties as I pounded deep, hard and furiously fast into her wetness… her stunningly hot, wet, and tight pussy.

We were at fever-pitch from the get-go. She shook her head wildly, breathing in small staccato bursts, squealing like she was pleading for her life… holding on. Telling me the nastiest things I ever heard, I knew it wouldn’t be long… for either of us.

“That’s right my Son-in-Law… fuck me hard, deep… fuck me better than you fuck my daughter, your wife! Give it to Patty’s mom… don’t stop giving it to me! I know you happier fucking me than my Patty, right Luke? Tell me! Tell me how hot I fucking make you, how much more you like fucking me than my girl…”

“Oh fuck Cathy! Fucki… fucking you is the best… the best goddamn sex I have ever had! I want to fuck you more than I want to fuck Patty… your daughter. I want to give you more than I give her… I love your pussy, it’s so hot, it’s… You’re gonna make me cum Cathy! My Mother-in-Law is going to make me balst a load for her…”

“That’s my babycakes… gimme your hot spunk! Flood me, I want it inside my hole… up to my womb! You’re gonna cum more for me than you do for Patty? Alot more? Yeah! I know! You want to give the biggest wad you’ve ever shot… give it to me Luke… I want you to cum more for me than you ever did for my daughter, more tahn for any other woman! Fill me with that white, hot, sticky cum that you usually give to my Patty… don’t keep any for her, I want it all…”

With that said there was no way I could hold back… I was just about to burst, at any moment…

“Tell me Luke, say it!”

“Oh my fucking God! Mother-in-Law, I’m going to cum so much and so hard for you… I going to fill you with more jizz than I ever have Patty’s pussy with! I want you to have it all… I want you to swim in it, in my cum, the cum I’ll shoot just for you Cathy… Ohhhh! Yes! Yeah… here it… Aaaaaaaaah! Grrrrrrrrr! Take this you filthy slut… Take what was once your daughter’s…. I’m cuummmmmmmmming so hard, so fucking deep, so muuuuuuch! Just for you Cathy! Just for you… not for my wife, but for her hot fuckable mommy!”

Jet after jet after piping hot jet erupted out of me… out of my raging hard-on. It just spewed inside Cathy’s pussy… plastering her pussy walls, going deep inside her cunt hole, all the way up to her tummy. Blast after blast… more cum than I have ever shot in a whole day with this one orgasm. I was gripping her so tight, I wanted this to last forever. I just kept on cumming, inundating her cunt with my spunk… all the way inside my wife’s mother. I nearly fainted when I finally stopped jizzing, I was panting, my heart was pounding, and I was returning from the very hottest fuck of my 40 years.

“Oh my, Luke! That’s the be3st ever… I’m overflowing with your cum… you really like giving it to me rather than to my daughter… I know it baby! I think this just the beginning, you’re spending the weekend with me…”

I couldn’t believe it, me and Cathy as fuck bunnies… at last. She then added:

“I want you to fuck me and fill me at least 3 times a week from now on honey! I want to leave as little jizz, in those nuts, as possible for my Patty. I want it, and I will have it, not her but her mom is going to have her hubby’s jizz inside of her. Everytime I go to your palce Luke, I want you to have previously filled me so I can walk around my daughter knowing that I have her lover’s cum in me… and she has the leftovers! Will you do that for me?”

“Yes Cathy! Yes It’s my greatest wish… my life’s mission… to cum more for you than for my wife, than for your daughter Patty”

“Good boy… what a good Son-in-Law! Your cum is mine”

We rested a few minutes, and then started where we had left off… I’m the luckiest bastard on earth!