my wife surprises me


my wife surprises meA week ago when I got home I was met by my wife and she was all dolled up. White mini skirt , red hose ( never panty hose ), red sweater and White 6 inch hills. The sweater was low cut enough that I could see the roundness of her tits in a push up bra. Before I could even comment on her looks she said I’m running late I got to go bye…then she was out the door headed toward her car. I ran behind her and as she was getting in I asked where are you going? She said I told you that this Thursday I had an appointment to have my labia pierced. Oh, that’s today I said…yeah it is, she answered ,and I’ve got to go. But you said he wouldn’t do it with out you haveing some one to drive you home, just to be safe. She said that’s why I asked you , you never said you would so I called Tim and he’s taking me. I’ve got to go BYE ! she closed her door and started backing out of the garage. It was almost midnight when I heard her car pull in the garage, I went out to see if she needed any help. Just as she started to get out of the car I saw a truck pull into our driveway. The head lights of the truck lit up the garage so as my fethiye escort wife got out, her already to short of a skirt rode up her thigh and showed off a red garter strap. She stood up with that one garter clasp still in full view. I told her honey your showing your ummm and I pointed ..she looked down and flipped the hem down to cover it up. The door opened on the truck and Tim got out and started walking up to where my wife and I where. I turned to her and asked well did you get it done? From behind me Tim answered for her…she sure did and then some. My eye brows went up , want to tell me about it I asked her. No, she said , come in and I’ll show you.We went into the den and she closed the d****s. She said you guys set down and I’ll do a fashion show for you. I asked Tim if he wanted a beer. He said sure so I grabbed two from the fridge. He and I sat side by side on the couch and my wife stood with her feet together in front of us. We both took a gulp of the brew…she started unbuckling her belt then the zipper down the side of the short white skirt. A couple of wiggles from her beautiful hips and the skirt started sliding escort fethiye down her nylon covered legs. as soon as it passed her thighs it fell quickly to the floor. Tim and I watched it to the floor. She gave it a little kick to the side, as soon as she did I looked right at her crotch , she didn’t have any panties on but her legs where so close together we couldn’t see anything….Then she started taking off the sweater…when it was off just as I thought she was wearing a red push up bra. Her tits where perfectly round. What do you want to see first she asked us. What do you mean …there’s more than just the pussy lips I said. Tim said show us your pussy first, she smiled and started spreading her legs apart. when they where about shoulder width I could see four gold rings between her legs. I got off the couch to have a better look. When I was closer she pulled the lips apart and showed me that she had both the inner and outter lips pierced and they where wearing gold hoops about inch around. Oh baby that’s so sexy , did it hurt I asked?. She said yeah but not as bad as this, just then the bra came flying off and both nipples fethiye escort bayan also had the same style and size hoops. Oh man that is fucking hot I said…I love it. She said well boys you aren’t going to like this..NO SEX for a month. I turned to Tim and smiled …dude I can do a month easy…He said wait a minute, you made me watch that guy handle your pussy then your nipples , you knowing my cock was rock hard and now you show off to us and I’m hard again..and no pussy? I’m sorry , I could get an infection if I do. She said get you cock out and I’ll let you come in my mouth. I started undoing my pants and I got shot down, no not you dickhead..I want Tim’s wad in my tummy. You will have to jack off. She bent over and took his cock in her mouth and I got up and went behind her. I could see her pretty pierced pussy while she went to work on him. It didn’t take me but two minutes to blow and I zipped up and came around to watch her in action. She looked so sexy with her gold rings hanging down and a dick as thick as her wrist between her red lips. Tim is so smooth when he blows a load I can never tell when he does it. My wife just stopped and stood up turned to me and pulled me to her , then she kissed me pushing Tim’s full load in my mouth…she frenched me to make sure I had to swallow it all. The rest of the evening she stayed naked for us to enjoy….