My Wife Snehal


My Wife SnehalP. S. This is a small portion of long story. So a short introduction. My wife’s name is Snehal (Pronounced: Snehul). She is 26 and we are married since 3 years. I had always fantasised sharing her with a stranger, Watching her, being taken by someone. I convinced her for almost a year as she was reluctant ( a typical indian wife). At the end she agreed hesitantly. We chose a farmhouse in woods, isolated and away. I chose the stranger. His name was Veer (a professional male escort).there were just three of us in that farmhouse, far away from city. We stayed there for 8 days and this part of story is about that night when Veer taken Snehal for 3 rd time. He was more confident and he managed to dominate Snehal. So here the story begins. FEEL THE WORDS. Please follow my blog for more stories of my wife – and her husband Rohit, sleeping in their bedroom. Rohit was in deep sleep whereas Snehal wasn’t up to sleep till yet. Still she was thinking about what Veer had asked her earlier that evening. Rather he didn’t ask her, he had ‘told’ her. Snehal could recall what he said. He didn’t ask for permission, instead he declared what he wanted and told her that he is coming to get it. Snehal was on her left side, her left hand below her face, watching her husband, who was snoring now. There was mere 2 feet distance Between them. She was wearing brown saree and took blanket on her. She couldn’t sleep from an hour. She was confused as her husband wasn’t aware of the situation, she hadn’t told him, so there was no point of consent from him. Snehal wasn’t in mind to let it happen by keeping Rohit in dark, without hid permission. She didn’t ask him because She didn’t take Veer seriously but now as she was awake alone in bedroom, she realised, Veer won’t loose the chance. Her earlier experiences with him reminded her him being obsessed a****l with her.  Unknowingly, some of the scenes were flashed before her, the intense, hard and painful moments. Snehal shivered, something churned in her stomach.  Lost in thoughts, Snehal was getting to sleep. Her eyes were loosing control over vision and suddenly her mobile laid between on the bed lighted with vibration. It was a text message.  “Coming. are you ready?” Snehal read it. Took the mobile and sat on bed. Read it again. It was Veer. Her heart was pounding. She didn’t want that now. She wanted to sleep. It was almost 11.50 pm. She decided not to reply, but then she typed: “I am sleepy. Good night” and sent.  She again laid watching the ceiling. She thought she had deterred him but soon she heard the door opening. Snehal turned on her left side, facing her husband. She felt his footsteps, approaching closer to their bed. Snehal felt his gaze on her. Her eyes tightly closed.  Snehal felt the blanket raised on her back and then the bed creaking with his weight. Snehal felt him lying behind her. Within a second, Snehal felt him moved in her blanket, closer to her.  Snehal felt his legs joined hers, his thighs backing hers and his chest on her back. Snehal was surprised yet shocked. This wasn’t she expected. She felt his hand on her bare stomach and it pulled her to him tightly. And Snehal felt his semi erected fluffy manhood on her hip just between her cheeks. Snehal was now scared. Her heart was pounding against her chest. Snehal could feel his breathing on back of her neck.  All of his body was touching hers from behind. This was unexpected to Snehal. She was tensed. The sleep was gone away. She felt his lips on her shoulder and at same time his right hand clenched the flesh on her stomach. His lips were kissing her shoulder and then Snehal felt his lips on her ear.  “Be quiet. Don’t worry” Snehal was tensed, she couldn’t decide what to do. She was clearly being hugged in blanket. His right hand was feeling her stomach and waist. She didn’t want to wake up Rohit. She was in awkward position and she didn’t want her husband to see her like this. Moreover, Veer wasn’t letting her think, he was m*****ing her.  Snehal felt his left hand slept under her body, and moved to her groin over saree and he pressed it on her vagina. Though there was saree beneath it, snehal became uncomfortable. Her legs moved a little. She felt blouse bands on her back were being untangled and moved aside. His left hand was pressing hard on her vagina. His right hand was moving along her bra strap and it quickly uncoupled it too. Her milky back was now fully exposed. She felt his hand moving along her back. Snehal felt his lips on her back. His right hand moved along her waist to her stomach and to her boobs. He pressed them with blouse on it. Snehal’s heart was thudding in chest. Veer caught the hem of her blouse on her cleavage and pulled it roughly. A slight sound of tearing emerged. Snehal thought the blouse must have tore somewhere. Veer pulled it through her arms along with bra. The hustle remoed the blanket from them and Snehal’s upper naked part was exposed to chill air. Veer threw blouse and bra on floor and instantly pulled the blanket up till her face. On looking from her husbands point of view, both Snehal and Veer were covered till face, the blanket covered his ‘action’ but couldn’t cover the instant reactions from Snehal. Everything was normal if someone looked at it. But the blanket on her chest was hustling as if something was in action beneath it. Clearly Veer’s hands didn’t leave the exposed bulky breasts abandoned, he was pressing them hard, squeezing them rough.  His hands right on her breasts and left on her vagina, pressed forcefully and pulled Snehal tightly close to veer.  “Come here” Veer whispered to her.  And Snehal felt his warm chest on her naked back. Snehal realised he wasn’t wearing clothes. That brought lump in her stomach. She felt his left hand moved to the hem of her saree on her stomach and probed in, Snehal suddenly tried to caught it on the way but its fingers were almost on her panty.  Snehal caught his hand tightly. Its fingers were moving on her vagina. Her panty was wet. His right hand moved to her neck and pressed her head towards him and at same time his hand curled up and moved inside her panty. Before she understood a couple of fingers were penetrating her vagina. Diving slowly.  “Hhhaammmmmmffff” Snehal moaned.  Snehal could feel them reaching deeper. Her pelvis meanwhile moved little away from him. Veer pushed the fingers deep and used same hand to pull her hip to him, with using his fingers.  Snehal gasped. So much was going inside the blanket but there was very little signs to outside. The blanket on her vagina just frisked suddenly as he pulled her close. Her hand went to the vagina and she caught his hand from outside but she couldn’t grip her due to saree. Veer had already captured her love hole and none can remove his hand.  Snehal can feel the straightening and curving of his fingers deep inside her. The colours of pleasure started splashing behind her closed eyes. The slight memory of the fingering on window flashed in her mind and a soft almost silent “Nooo….” erupted from her lips. The fingers were playing with her nerve endings. They were dipping, curling, hooking, probing and twitching every now and then. Soon his right hand resting on her cleavage found one of her melons and started squeezing blood out of it.  Snehal had now lost the ability to think. She could now only focus on ‘ the hands’ which were drawing gasps from her.  It went on for a minute. The blanket was isolating them from rest of the bedroom. Even her husband couldn’t know that under the calm occasionally disturbing blanket, some actions, some events were happening with his wife. Actions which were started destructing her, defeating her. Events which were making her helpless and weak.  Veer started pulling her sarree up from her back. Once it fully pulled up to her waist, Veer moved his hand on her lower back, found the hem of her panty and pushed his hand through crack between her ass cheeks. Snehal’s hip jerked forward due to surprising. The jerk was instant. It happened so fast that within a sec Veer’s middle finger was touching her asnus.  “Don’t do that again” Veer groaned in her ear.  Snehal’s chest was heaving, her breath increased as she felt the middle finger pampering her anus.  Snehal sensed his upper leg moved between her legs and the abruptly the middle finger started penetrating in her anus opening. Snehal again tried to jerk her hip forward but as Veer was ready for this action, Snehal felt the two fingers in her vagina instantly responded pushing deeper.  Snehal tried to push him away with her right hand but Veer strongly placed his upper leg on her hip and again pulled her closer. Her legs moved to adjust his fingers.  “It’s okay….I’ve…I’ve got you” Veer whispered. Fingers in both her openings had reached deeper now both were retreating slowly at same time. After pulling halfway they were again pushed deep. Snehal’s fingers clawed in Veers waist.  Snehal knew she was letting it happen without her husbands consent and thats why even under the action of his fingers, She was trying her best to stay quiet and keep all that was happening inside that blanket only. The finger in her anus was being source of pain but at same time the two fingers in her pussy were being source of ecstasy and pleasure. The fingers were pulsing and controlling both openings of her.   His lips were moving along side of her neck and shoulder. The wetness of his saliva over his milky white soft skin was arousing her bursa escort nerves.  Veer nudged the knee of his upper leg (right) into the back gorge of her upper legs knee and pushed it up. Her upper leg’s knee was now bent and resting on bed, making a triangle. Meanwhile his lower leg slides between her legs and hooked her lower leg and pulled it back. Her lower leg was now straightened. Snehal’s distracted mind couldn’t understand his move. But know he had gained more access to her openings.  Snehal felt his fingers in pussy curved upwards pushing upper wall and his thumb landed on her clitoris. She felt her clitoris being caught in his thumb and forefinger.  “Haaaahhhhh” a sharp gasp.  A thunder of pain and pleasure spread across her spine. Her legs tried to move and close the access Veer had created. But to her surprise, veer had already locked her legs. Her face grimaced, veer tried to push her on bed, impelled on her back. Snehal was scared, she hadn’t experience such foreplay before. The dominance of his actions was making her tensed. The fingers weren’t being comfortable any more. The one in her anus was curling now and then and the ones in her pussy were rubbing her clitoris and inner walls.  Suddenly she felt the finger in her anus has hooked its tip and he started pulling it out. Snehal tried to stop him, she was on the verge of making noise but she stayed put. Her breathing was abnormal. Veer removed his right hand from her panty and started untugging the saree, he pulled it forcefully. He unclasped the tag of petticoat with both hands and pushed the saree and petticoat down. Once till her knees, he pushed it with his feet.  “Remove it” and Snehal obediently pushed it with her feet.  Now Snehal was only in her panty. Next second she felt both his hands slide through the hem of her panty and a sound of tearing it heard in bedroom. Snehal couldn’t believe that he tore her panty. Veer pulled it out of her legs and threw it on floor. Snehal was now fully naked. Veer pulled blanket over them and Snehal felt his warm naked body hugging her from behind. Hands on her breasts and hot rocksolid rod on her ass. Snehal couldn’t recollect what to do. The ecstasy was making her shiver. Veer adjusted his tool and now it was nudging between her ass cheeks. Snehal could feel the wetness from its tip. It must be dripping already. Like this- felt the bed move again and realized that Veer had pressed his hairy chest against Snehal’s back,Veer’s stiff cock slide between her thighs and Snehal could feel the hotness of his rod between her fleshy thighs. Veer must be very excited; his dick was dripping profusely. Snehal could feel the sticky precum between her thighs. Snehal was both aroused and tensed. What if her husband wakes up? And found her like this. But Veer wasn’t allowing her mind to drift in such thoughts. His left hand was crept under her body and was massaging her right breast while his right hand, over her waist, was massaging and nibbling her left breast.Snehal could feel the blood inside her was heating and causing her entire body become hot. Her eyelids, her nostrils, her neck was very warmer. Even her breath was exhaling hot air. Snehal’s ass was sitting just into Veer’s crotch. His rod was just between her thighs. The tip was hovering just below her love hole. Veer’s cock had already realised enough precum between her thighs. Snehal was feeling nasty as her thighs were feeling stickyness when they moved. Snehal could feel the hot rod in her crotch and its mushroom head hovering just near her love hole. Snehal had already succumbed to the situation, she was now waiting for the inevitable to happen. As she knew, nothing she could do to evade him. Veer’s left hand caught her left hand, held it from back of the palm. Keeping his palm on her back of palm, guided slowly to her vagina and placed it on her mound and pushed her legs up, made them folded in knees. Her hand on her pussy was now caught between her own thighs. Snehal felt him moving and adjusting, he again pulled her closer and from nowhere Snehal felt his cock nudging her vulva and her fingers. Veer just opened her fingers with her hand a little and pushed the cock forward, now snehal could feel his cock. It was just in her fingers. It was dripping a lot. Her fingers were like dipped in glue. Sticky and viscous. Snehsl prepared herself, for the penetration. She was scared a bit, she didn’t know why. Veer pressed her hand on his cock. “Let him in” veer whispered. And Snehal felt her own fingers were being used as barriers to guide the head in without being pushed ahead. She felt the mushroom head bulging in, spreading her vaginal lips. “Haaaaahhhh” Her head arched, leaned back towards Veer. Veer placed his right hand on her arched neck. Snehal felt him scooted a little and felt the head probed in. Her face frowned. Her breathing hypered. Veer pressed his hand on Snehal’s hand, as if to prevent the cock from slipping out and Snehal again felt the push with closed eyes. Veer knew he couldn’t reach deeper in this position still he placed his hand on her waist, clawing her fat, pushed again. Snehal arched and buried her face in pillow. A muffled moan erupted. She felt his head deep, but only for 3-4 seconds and to her surprise, He started slow strokes. He was again fucking her. It was third time he was having Snehal. 3 times in 4 days. No one had used her as much as Veer. Snehal hadn’t done this much sex till now. He was fucking her at slow speed. The blanket was moving to and fro. Snehal could feel the pumping cock with her fingers mounted on her vagina, preventing the cock from slipping out. Veer was now gaining momentum. Snehal could feel the mushroom head first with her fingers and then with her inner walls. The thrusts weren’t deep at all but the inclined angle of penetration was proving difficult for Snehal. Till now, Snehal had acknowledged that attaining deeper thrusts wasn’t difficult for Veer at all. He could do it now but instead he was hugging her from behind under the blanket, feeling her waist,  enjoying her belly, thighs, her bulky breasts and using the inclined angle to have her, to use her, to control her. Snehal had understood till now about the enormousness of his mushroom head and how it can show her stars behind her closed eyes. A memory of his deep thrusts recalled and flashed in her mind and Snehal Shivered. Snehal didn’t want his deep plunges now, they were pleasurable but at the sane time they were tiring and painful at times, receiving Veer’s deep thrusts was difficult and it requires both energy and endurance. Snehal had experienced that and thats why even the memories of it was shivering. Last time her belly was having pains due to his prolonged deep thrusts. Snehal felt relived as her husband was there and she thought Veer wouldn’t be rough with her, as he too wouldn’t want to wake him up. Still his shallow inclined thrusts were rubbing her walls and Snehal could feel his mushroom head moving and rubbing just above her G-spot. Her right hand was clenching on bed. The ridges of mushroom head was creating resistance on her vaginal walls. Her hand was still stamped on her pussy by his hand. Snehal’s finger coul feel the touching of his scrootum sac every time it went in. Snehal’s pelvis was jerking forward due to his thrusts. Thank god he was still giving slow casual strokes otherwise her husband could wakeup. Snehal opened her eyes a little. She was moving up and down and due to that her vision too. Veer had still covered themselves till her chin. Nothing was exposed open. Veer slightly increased his momentum and her pelvis was jerking more than before. Snehal frowned and frightened, she placed her right hand on his waist, pushing it a little. Surprisingly Veer slowed down to previous momentum. Snehal sighed. She didn’t want the a****l in Veer to be waken up. His head was stimulating her G-spot seriously, she was feeling more wetness as her pussy was dripping with his cock. She can feel the wetness on her hand. While fucking Snehal continuously, Veer again pressed on her cleavage with his right hand and tried to pull her into him.  “Stay close” Veer whispered in her ear and next second She felt her earlobe being caught in his teeth. Her head arched. Veer’s right hand found her left mound and caught hold it. Snehal with closed eyes could feel the bulky cock movin in and out her pussy and could feel her bulky breast being pressed. Veer freed his right hand pulled her upper leg back. He reached and caught her ankle of upper leg and pulled it backward. Snehal’s hand reached back as if to protest but she couldn’t reach. Snehal forgot to breathe, she was uncertain of his move. Due to lifting her upper leg, Veer got more space to plunge deeper. Snehal felt his legs moving in between her legs. She felt as if a python or anaconda was engulfing her whole body. In the next 4-5 seconds, Snehal got her answer. His strokes started again and they weren’t casual or slow this time. They were little aggressive, determined and trying to move deeper than before. Snehal’s mouth opened in shock. “Noooo……haaah” she wailed. It was mixture of both shock and pain. Her pelvis now jerking seriously. 3-4 thrusts and Veer felt her nails on his waist. Her face turned to him for a moment, she wanted to say something but instead, she gasped air through her lips and buried her grimacing face in pillow. Snehal was scared. She wanted to ask him to slow down but his thrusts bursa escort bayan couldn’t let her do it. Veer was fucking her deliberately. Still he wasn’t deep but friction has increased tremendously. His hand was keeping pressure on her hand, which in turn was pressing her G-spot on her moving mushroom head. Veer again pulled her leg back and moved little in. Veer felt her leg shaken for a moment. Snehal was really in difficult situation. She was sandwiched between her husband and Veer. Veer’s plunges and his hands were making her gasp and moan. Still she had to cautiously hold back her gasps and whimpers as she didn’t want to wake her husband. Her G-spot was seriously being stimulated, she was finding it difficult to hold back more. Every time his head pushed in, Snehal felt it’s tip thudding against her G-spot and its edges were resisting on way out. Veer was continuously fucking Snehal since more than 10 minutes. The building resistance was making her bite her lower lip as if to avoid gasps and whimpering. Veer to wanted to hear her wailing and gasps. Those were signs for him that she was having tough time and his actions are working to push her to limits. Moreover the shock full gasps and painful whimpers would give her the feeling of ‘having’ her. Like earlier sessions, when he enjoyed every gasp followed by a grimacing face for his every surprise move and deep thrust. Veer wanted them. Thinking that Veer tried to give her strong jerk but instead of landing it in her vagina it slipped out pushing her and Veer’s fingers. Snehal suddenly felt empty. Snehal felt relief for a second. “Put it back in” Veer whispered. Snehal couldn’t understand, she was still panting with closed eyes. The fucking, not so deep, but was taking toll on her. Veer lifted her hand from her vagina. Snehal felt it bathed in sticky and viscousness. Her vagina was covered with his and hers precum. Snehal felt it disgusting but again she felt the sticky tip in her hand and Veer’s hand made her push that head again on her mound. Snehal again felt the head bulging in. The head was just in. Encapsulated by her vaginal lips. She felt him moving and adjusting. Her mind was obscured. She felt his right hand pulling up or spreading her ass crack by pulling the upper cheek of her ass. Snehal’s mind gave her alarm and Sssuuttttt!!! Snehal felt a strong jab and she could feel the head to newer depth. Her face emerged, staring the ceiling, grimaced and shocked. Eyes opened wide. Her right hand tried to push his waist and her pelvis jerked away from him. Veer saw her face. He had held his thrust there. “Ssshhhhhhh!!” Veer calmly turned her face and pushed it on pillow. It followed by a muffled groan. Veer felt her lower leg trembled. Without giving her time she felt the head had started moving. Shallow thrusts. Veer now lifted his left hand from her hand on pussy and placed it on her belly. His right hand again resumed squeezing her left boob and he again pulled her more into him with pushing by both hands. “Don’t move away” Veer whispered to her right ear. “I want you” he didn’t stopped her pelvis. The thrusts were getting more and more confident. Veer took her entire earlobe in his mouth and started chewing it.  Snehal was amazed with the flexing of his pelvis in such position. She felt his tongue on her ear. He was licking it. She felt it to the back of her ear and her lips moved along her neck line and again she felt his tongue licking her neck and shoulder. Veer then placed his head on hers through upper shoulder and both his hands again hugged her tightly. Left hand on her right heaving breast and right hand on her stomach and she felt her being hugged tightly not letting move. His shaft was pushing her G-spot. An obscure or uncertain warning of a building orgasm touched her mind. Snehal didn’t want it. At least in her husbands presence. It wasn’t good and valid. Snehal suddenly sensed Veer had broken the ‘legs in legs’ position and straightened his legs and started swinging his pelvis. His crotch was now landing on her ass. Snehal caught his hand on her stomach. Bed was moving a little, Snehal was scared. She wished it must finish without seeing her husband. “Nooo…s…stoppp” Snehal whispered, almost inaudible but Veer heard it as he was resting on her head and he could feel every response of her body to his actions. 8-9 strokes and Snehal tried to stop him by forcing her hand on his flexing waist bone. To her surprise, Veer slowed down and almost stopped in buried position. Nothing moved for almost a moment and then Snehal felt his shaft retreating slowly and he pulled out. Snehal felt it’s being pulled between sticky thighs of hers. Veer pulled her and turned her on her back. Snehal felt his right leg moved over hers. Veer climbed on her from his torso. His face buried in her neck. His lips were moving on skin of her slope. Reaching up to her chin and then diving down till her cleavage. He wasn’t leaving an inch of her neck. Snehal’s face was moving right and left due to his possessive movements of lips on her neck, while Veer was busy claiming her, Snehal was feeling her savouring kisses on her neck, her collarbone, her cheekbone. The wetness of his saliva was making her horney. Veer’s lips reached her chin and moved to her cheeks and then to her ear. He raised her face just above hers. Her eyes were closed. Snehal was feeling his breathe on her face. She slowly opened her eyes. His face was hovering on her. 3-4 inches apart. Eyes darting in hers. Veer’s right hand crawled on side of her stomach and reached to her left breast. He didn’t broke the gaze. Snehal felt his firm grip on her breast and he squeezed it like a balloon. “S..stopp itt” Snehal whispered and moved her grimacing face to side. Veer now climbed on her. His entire body moved on her. Snehal felt his weight on her and she scared. His warm body was crushing her milky white tender body. She felt his manhood being rubbed on her belly. Veer again buried his face to side of her head. Her breasts were crushed beneath his chest. Snehal became tensed. She felt his legs moved between her legs and his knees pushing her thighs apart. Snehal’s mind told her that he was setting up his position. Her legs were pushed away. His face still buried in her neck. Snehal felt all this so dominating. His weight, his movements, his kisses and nibbles on her neck- all this was building an arousing tension in her chest and her womb. His cock was still on her belly, pressed between their bodies. It was omitting lot of precum due to earlier intercourse and may be due to excitement. Snehal could feel the wetness on her belly. The viscosity was causing stickyness between their skins. Veer moved lower and the rock hard rod, raked along her belly, her mound and dipped between her crotch. Snehal’s hands suddenly moved on his waist.  Her eyes opened. Veer was busy kissing her cleavage, her collarbone. Snehal watched her husband. He was in deep sleep. Unaware of the things happening with her wife. His face was quiet, Snehal loved her husband. He was an ideal husband, he always took care of her. Gave her everything she’d asked. Snehal just wanted to fulfill his fantasy, his wish to see her with stranger. Otherwise Snehal was devoted and had fidelity for him. Snehal let Veer have her and thrn she had been carried away. Veers crouching lips between her mounds, pulled her focus back from her husband, as her left nipple vanished in his mouth. She could feel the warmth of his saliva. Snehal took a sharp breath in. Within a second, She felt her brown nipple and almost half of her breast cup had been sucked in by his mouth. His teeth were again scr****g against her tender skin. Snehal couldn’t understand why she was letting all this happen with her again. Her head arched, her eyes closed. She could only focus on his lips and teeth, doing many things with her. Sometimes pleasurable and sometimes painfull. Veer hadn’t crossed his limit yet. He didn’t want to disturb Rohit. He was sucking her breast with utmost care. He ended sucking with a long pulled smooch on her nipple. Snehal again felt his breathing on her face, she didn’t open her eyes though. She felt his hips being adjusted between her thighs. The hot manhood was there between her thighs. She knew what was coming. Veer felt her both hands on either sides of his waist. Her eye opened. “Not here…..” Snehal whispered on his face. “Please?” Snehal pleaded. Veer nodded slowly and his right hand went down between their bodies and Next second Snehal felt his sticky marble head being rubbed on her vaginal lips, as if to search entrance. Snehal’s eyes flickered with the touch. Her face on the verge of pain and sobbing (as she didn’t want it to happen there in front of her husband) moved slowly in a denial but then suddenly she felt the head being pushed. Her vagina was fucked just some minutes before. It was open and wet. Veer pushed his manhood seriously and  almost half of it went in. But unlike last time it wasn’t a ‘rear entry’, where penetration was limited and shallower. Now Snehal was on her back, vulnerable with fully exposed vagina and Veer was on top, with her manhood penetrating vertically downward. It wasn’t easy for Snehal and Veer didn’t take it into account. The response of Snehal’s body told Veer that he did this in hurry. He should have done it slower. Her head raised up from bed, her legs trembled and her thighs tried to close. Her eyes widened, looking him. Lips opened as if she wanted to scream. But no voice was emerged, just a series of gasps. Her breathing almost stopped. escort bursa Her hands on his back. Veer understood his mistake. Thank god, his cock was already wet due to precum. Her lips were still open. Veer just lowered and gave his tongue between her lips and sealed her lips. Her head rested on bed as Veer impelled his lips on her. Her eyes still wide, Veer slowly pushed remaining shaft in and it reached down almost within a single push. Veer felt a vocal vibration through kiss. Snehal must had screamed. But As veer had sealed his lips on hers, it came out as a muffled moan. Veer felt her nails digging on his back, sharply. Her eyes were finally closed. Veer held the plunge for few seconds and then Snehal felt the familiar soft slow thrusts were started. The momentum was very short. The cock was almost there, in her vagina but it was just being fucked with very slight to and fro movements. The precum wasn’t been very helpful for Snehal to ‘receive’ him. The pistoning movement was grimacing her face. Snehal’s mind was busy concentrating on two major annexation on her body, her vagina and her lips. Veer’s magical thrusts were still pulling her focus on the thrusts. She could feel his shaft traveling deep down. Soon she could feel the displacement was increasing. With every increasing momentum, veer could feel her nails were being pressed in his skin. The room was very quiet, except some smooching sounds leaking from their sealed lips. Rohit was in heavy sleep, beside him, on king size bed, Veer and Snehal covered till their shoulder, no one would say that there were two persons in that blanket. Untill someone notices the rhythmic raising and falling of blanket on their pelvis and Veers tilting- diagonally left then diagonally right, pressing, pulling – head on Snehal’s still face, resting on bed. Sometimes the pelvis of those bodies in blanket would move to left or right and that would expose her bare shoulders and cleavage. But just for little, Veer without breaking the kiss and without stopping his fucking, would cover her shoulders again up to her neck. Sometimes the blanket on his hip flexes rapidly, and that would result in her knees raising a little. Everything was trapped in that blanket. Whatever he was doing with her, was hidden from world. The blanket had isolated them from world. Only Snehal could understand and feel all that Veer was doing with her. Snehal was having tough time adjusting his cock girth. She hadn’t received enough foreplay like earlier times. His thrusts were no more gradual. His hips were flexing with medium pace. He hadn’t left her lips yet. It wasn’t easy as Snehal couldn’t breathe easily. The smooch was hindering the natural inhale-exhale of Snehal. Still Veer wasn’t that cruel, he was changing his angle. Angle of kiss. Sometimes straight, either side of noseand sometimes he was crossing his head on lateral side. Snehal’s hands nailing on his back were now not there. Her right hand was fisting his hair on back as if to stop his moving head while kissing and other hand was on his right ass cheek. Fisting on his ass. With that she could feel his thrusts and at the same time could ‘feel’ that thrust, deep in her vagina. The kiss was destroying Snehal. She was frightened. She felt it like she was being trapped. Her lips still sealed tightly, paining due to continued kiss. She could feel his tongue. He was sucking her saliva. Snehal pushed his shoulder, moved her face to side and broke the kiss. Veer stopped fucking her. His cock still buried in her. Veer turned her face to him. She was breathing heavily. Veer moved his thumb along her reddened lips. “Please…not here…” Snehal whispered between breathes. Veer pulled her on side. Without pulling the cock. His legs were still between her legs. Her right leg bellow his thighs and her left leg, Veer pulled her left leg on his waist. Helplessness gathered in her eyes. Veer moved little down and pulled her in hug. Snehal felt His right hand on her left ass cheek and she felt his pelvis moving and pushing her pelvis too. “Haaaaaahhh…” Veer heard a gasp. His hand on her ass was pressing it to prevent her waist from moving away. He was giving plunges. Slow but deep and determined plunge. Snehal could feel each plunge was finding new depth. More deeper than before and as a result after 4-5 thrusts. It was paining and her legs were trembling.“Mmmmffff…hhh” her face alarmed. Veer was watching her face. Her lips opened wailing, She tried to say something but failed. Snehal tried to push his waist bone. Her face was wailing. Veer knew she would cry if he went on like that for more. Veer slowed down. Still moving but not deeper. Veer almost stopped in buried state. Her breasts hanging to side. Veer collected them with both hands. They protruded, like balloon, the nipples stood tout. Snehal felt her left nipple dippled in his warm mouth. Again on her right breast. He was licking and sucking her nipples in turns. He was very careful for not biting them. He was just m*****ing them and licking them good. Snehal was enjoying this.  She could feel his lips and warm tongue on one nipple and the other being m*****ed a while and vice versa. Her mind was occupied by his mouth and the somewhat forgotten about the tool in her vagina. But suddenly the tool gave a soft slow thrust and made Snehal to take notice of it. Her head arched a little. After a while, another same thrust. It was just going in and coming back without halting. During each such thrust, Snehal’s forehead was frowning. After playing with her breasts for a while. He pulled out her manhood slowly and pushed Snehal on her back. Snehal felt relieved and relaxed. Veer saw her chest still heaving up and down. Veer was on his side watching Snehal. Slowly her eyes opened. Veer covered her cleavage with blanket. Snehal again closed her eyes. Under the blanket, she felt Veer has caught her right hand and soon she felt his hot manhood in her hand. Snehal didn’t grip it at first but kept her hand on it. She sensed him moving and Snehal opened her eyes. He was leaning on him. Watching her. Their eyes met and Veer felt her fingers gripped around his shaft. His eyes were darting in her. His cock was still rock hard and wet. Snehal moved her thumb along his length up to the mushroom head and her thumb bathed in viscous precum. It was slippery and sticky. It smeared as she moved her thumb down on his shaft. Their hot breathe was mingling together.  “I…I wanna fuck you….fuck you bad…really bad” Veer whispered.  Her beautiful big eyes watching him. Her pupils enlarged. She watched him for a second and Her eyes closed, Veer felt her fingers on his rod shuffled again in perplexed mind. The thumb again moved to top to the pool of precum.  Her neck flexed as she swallowed a lump and opened her eyes again. She was clearly tensed and perplexed. Veer’s lips moved little closer to her. Watching in her deep eyes. Veer whispered in soft yet determined tone.  “I’m taking you to my room”. Snehal scared. Part of her mind wanted to have that sweet pain but part of her mind was scared of being locked with him. Part of her mind wanted to have sex but part of her mind was confused about surrendering herself to him for rest of the night. The domination of his voice laid burden on her thought process and Snehal closed her big eyes, her hand abandoned his manhood and rested on her stomach. Snehal with closed eyes, though tensed, could feel him raised himself, out of blanket and stood beside. Later Snehal felt couple of hands on under her back andone below her knees, crept under her and lifted her along with the blanket coverd on her. She could feel herself on his song hands. She left her head hanging back. Snehal knew, like earlier time, She has to surrender herself. She could control anything because from last experiences, she had learnt that Veer was the man who keeps everything in his control, not even the moves but even her breathing too. Snehal had learnt that Veer is the person wo just loves sex and gets whatever he wants from his partner. Snehal knew, with the approval to let him take her to his bedroom, she had succumbed to his deeds and accepted everything that was coming to her. In the back of her mind, she knew she had chosen to face the tornado. She had chosen to give someone full permission to shatter herself into pieces of sweet pain and pleasure. She can feel his footsteps. Her mind was droopy with over ecstasy and anxiety. She couldn’t focus on where she was being taken. Veer was climbing down stairs. Snehal’s body was covered in blanket. Her neck was strained due to hanging head. They reached ground floor. Only a yellow bulb was on. The passage to her bedroom was lit with yellow light. Veer looked at her. He caught a hanging corner of blanket in fingers of his feet and pulled it down and Snehal felt the blanket was pulled away and she was stark nude in his hands. Her hands moved on her stomach in nervousness. Veer could see her milky white body bathed in yellow light. Veer stood there holding her body and admiring her. Her neck was so beautiful, Veer leaned in and kissed her on her vocal cords. Veer could feel the veins in her neck. Her face moved to side. She again felt his steps and then a sound of opening door. That made her heart beating fastly. She had reached the point of no return. She couldn’t back out now. She had done sex with Veer. But that was the point which was making her scare. Veer could turn into a****l anytime and Snehal had experienced the a****l in him. Her heart was beating against her chest as she knew once she went in, she wasn’t going to come out until morning. May be she wouldn’t be able to walk back to her bedroom.  TO BE CONTINUED IN NEXT PART. 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