My wife had a younger sister

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My wife had a younger sisterWe had to look after my wife’s younger sister and my wife had just gotten pregnant with twins and she was very sick so I had to look after her and she still still went to tafe to get a job after she had the twins we lived in a caravan and it was summer and it was so hot we had a small air-con but didn’t work well so we woke up and she wanted me to wash her so I had a big plastic tub and she stood there and say I can wash her so I started with her back and she turned around and said its OK I can wash her the first time I missed her fanny and she started to piss in the tub and it turned me on abit and I asked her why dose she watch me and her sister having sex she said cause she wants to know how it feels I told her she needs to wait a few more years then the next day it was even hotter she bent over and I could see her fanny lips so I washed her fanny softly and she said that it felt so good could I do it again and she was smiling and she pushed into my hand and forced her fanny lips on my hand yozgat escort and she said she could see my cock getting bigger in my shorts and she grabbed a cup of water and tipped it over my shorts and she said that I could take them off so I did she tried to rub against my cock with her bum and I was getting horny and she pissed in front of me and I went really hard she looked at my cock and said that I could play with my self and when I cum to cum on her chest and little boob’s it took me three strokes of my cock and blew on her chest and abit on her fanny she started to rub it on her fanny and she was so happy she asked me if I have any porn mags I said yes so I gave her a heap of them and she sat on the chair and spread her legs and started to rub her fanny she I was getting horny watching her she said that I could blow in her again and this time she wanted me to touch her fanny and she was getting wet and I could smell her fanny getting wet so I she was it the tub and I blew all the way to her chin and escort yozgat she was rubbing it all over her chest and she said next time would it be OK to lay down on the bed and cum on her fanny I said OK her sister told me take her to the showers that night so we went to the showers I run the bath for her and she wanted me to stay but I said I need to have a shower and I will be back so she starts washing her self the cry’s out its burning her fanny so I get in there and I helped her but she didn’t stop crying so she said can I kiss it better and she sits on the side of the bath and I give her fanny a bit of a lick and kiss then she grabbed my head and said don’t stop and I pulled away and she said can I stick a finger into her fanny and she grabbed my hand and forced me to finger her she asked me to push my finger hard into her fanny I got my finger 3/4 into her fanny and she was happy I get back to the caravan and we set the beds next to each other in the air conditioning put of the van and she was next yozgat escort bayan to me and her sister got off to sleep no worries I was just about to my self the her sister grabbed my cock and started to stroke it and play with it she almost got me to blow we woke up the next day and she is doggy style on the top bunk I walked up behind her and grabbed her bye the hips and started to lick her fanny and she loved it she said that she would like to try to have sex I said not yet she was was waiting for me to get get back from the Shop at the front of the caravan park and she had her sisters Dido deep in her fanny I said still no sex she wanted me to touch her so I let her lay on mine and her sisters bed and she made it with cum from using the dido so we pack up some stuff and head for the beach and we get there she forgot her bathers so we found a place on the beach with no one else around and she was smiling and sitting there with her legs wide open and she was playing with her self then another family rocks up and there did the same thing so we both stayed around each other and they three girls up to 15 years old we had a mad feed and we headed back to the caravan they gave us there number to catch up again we got to the van and we washed up and she fell asleep