My Wife Caught Me Cross Dressing Pt. 03


The next morning they all woke late, well 10 am, but as it was a Saturday, it didn’t matter. After the usual morning greetings of quick cuddles and kisses and was quickly agreed breakfast was top of the agenda, being in their lingerie didn’t bother anyone except Jane who slipped her discarded panties back on and put her breasts back into her corset. As had become the routine since everything had started, the weekend breakfast cooked by Rhonda which she always brought with her. So Jane and Michelle sat at the breakfast bar, this enabled Rhonda to be part of the conversation. As Rhonda cooked scrambled eggs on toast (always a simple, breakfast on the first morning), Jane started by saying, “I can’t believe I enjoyed last night so much.”

As was Rhonda’s way, she bluntly asked: “So Jane what did you enjoy the most.”

“Apart from everything, I think my favourite part was being under Michelle sucking her cock, seeing your cock sliding in and out of Michelle’s arse inches from my eyes. That was awesome.”

“It didn’t freak you out watching your husband fucked,” Rhonda asked.

“Not at all, I have sucked Paul before, but like Michelle, she unloaded heaps more cum and then seeing you’re cum trickling out made me cum. Oh does that make me a slut.”

“No more than us two slutty bitches” Rhonda replied.

“Good at least I am not alone.”

As Rhonda placed their breakfast in front of them, she said “Eat up sluts, it can only get dirtier from now” This got a laugh from them both.

Jane reminded them that they had some video to edit after breakfast and a shower. That should give them some ideas for later.

Funnily enough, it was nearly two hours before they even thought about the video again, somehow they all ended up in the shower together because Jane decided she wanted to know how Rhonda’s cock had been so clean after being inside Michelle’s arse. So another of Michelle’s secrets came to light when Michelle produced her douche along with Rhonda’s, resulting in Jane trying it out.

They all went downstairs just wrapped in towels; Jane told Michelle to get it all set up while she made a quick phone call in Michelle’s office. Rhonda was a lot better with computers than Michelle so when Jane returned it was all set up, ready and connected to the 56-inch plasma TV when Jane returned, and Michelle asked who the quick phone call was too. Jane blushed “I phoned my doctor and asked if the no penetration applied to my anus.”

“So” was all Michelle asked.

“Well, she said with plenty of lubrication if I wanted anal sex I might find it as satisfying as vaginal sex and could well achieve climax with it.”

Well that’s good news for both of you, but you realise there is something else you have to get now Jane” Rhonda said with her cheeky grin.

“What’s that then,” Jane asked.

“Well you are going to have to buy a strapon so you can fuck Michelle,” Rhonda said as she walked over to her bag where she had left it the night before.

Jane had a puzzled look on her face as she asked “A strapon?”

As Rhonda returned, she produced an 8-inch strapon from behind her back and said: “Luckily I had one in my bag of goodies.”

“Wow, that’s awesome, it looks just like the real thing, although I have only seen ones that big on porn sites,” Jane said blushing again and quickly went on with “Well let’s get on with our porn movie without any other distractions.”

So they started the film rolling, occasionally stopping to cut out the more tedious parts like when they changed positions. The bits they kept were quite good quality, mainly because Michelle’s camcorder was one of the more expensive ones, more like a semi-professional one with a large external mic and light that automatically came on when the light level fell under a certain level. When the camera had been hand held the detail was phenomenal and didn’t get blurry if the action was fast. It took them 3 hours to get a finished video of 43 minutes, and they all were more than satisfied with the result. Michelle summed up the resulting amateur porn movie when she said:” That’s the first porn movie where they look like their enjoying themselves and their not playing to the camera.”

“Well, I forgot we were on film, as soon as the camcorder went on the tripod,” Jane replied.

“Well girls where do we go from here,” Rhoda said to bring them back to earth.

“Well as I see it,” Jane said in a business like a manner “The only difference is there is the Kadıköy Esmer Escort distinct possibility of another anal opening joining the action.”

“Are you sure about that Jane” Michelle asked with concern for Jane.

“Especially now I know I might well orgasm from it, so you two had a better toss up for who takes my anal virginity” with a wicked grin.

Rhonda quickly jumped in and added, “That decision should be your’s Jane and better made when we are all playing.”

“I don’t care who gets that honour as long as I get fucked as well” Michelle was quick to add.

Rhonda went to the kitchen to make more coffee enable Jane and Michelle to have a quick private chat. As she returned, loudly announced that she was bringing more coffee and Jane told them both she was popping on some street clothes and nipping down the local Mall. Jane was back in a few minutes, saying that it wouldn’t take long and if Michelle and Rhonda fooled around while Jane was out, they had better not cum. They both assured her they wouldn’t even play while she was out.

Jane returned after 90 minutes and took the shopping straight upstairs and almost immediately returned with one bag, which she proudly emptied on the table. She had brought three large bottles of lube and a solid 8-inch strapon. Michelle raised an eyebrow and saying, “you had a lot more bags than that.”

Jane just said, “Those are for later.”

Rhonda told them that she was going to slip into something gurly, then start dinner as she had a feeling they were going to need all the energy they had later. Jane told her “sexy lingerie, makeup but street clothes on top.”

“Yes Maam'” giving her a casual salute.

Rhonda was gone thirty minutes and went straight to the kitchen. Jane called out that they were going to get changed and how long before dinner, an hour Rhonda called back. When the other two returned, they found the dining room table laid, a glass of wine at each place setting. As soon as Rhonda heard them get seated, she brought in their first course, 24 Oysters kirk Patrick and said: “Just in case anybody needs an aphrodisiac” and received giggles in response.

Their main course was duck breast in orange sauce, new potatoes in butter and mint and asparagus spears. Dessert a lemon soufflé, not a heavy meal but full of energy content. Rhonda removed the dirty crockery put it in the dishwasher because Rhonda had been pre-occupied with dinner, she had not noticed what Jane and Michelle were wearing.

That immediately changed when she returned to the dining room as Jane and Michelle were stood side by side, curtsied and chorused thank you, Mummy. Jane had changed into naughty school girl outfit, very short plaid mini skirt, very tight blouse open three-quarter of the way down revealing a lot of breasts, ankle socks, very heavy makeup with bright red lipstick, 6-inch heel and platform shoes and her hair in two pigtails. Michelle, dressed in a black short leather mini skirt, tight black strapless top, seamed black stockings, 5-inch stilettos, very heavy makeup with matching red lipstick and a short blonde wig.

Rhonda stood dumbstruck for a few seconds before entering their game “If you two girls think you’re going out dressed like that you are sadly mistaken young ladies.”

“No Mummy, we are staying in for your pleasure Mummy” they both chirped “We have placed some clothes on your bed we thought you might like to wear tonight.”

“Well thank you, girls, I shall go and change, here shall I meet you” Rhonda replied.

“We will be in the lounge and can we watch our DVD, Mummy dearest,” Jane asked.

“Of course, won’t very long.”

When Rhonda entered the bedroom she saw a complete outfit including shoes laid out ready for her, none of them had she ever seen before and all brand new, so now she knew some more of what Jane had done in the Mall. So she started getting dressed. First came a very nice black leather corset with attached suspenders that Jane had already laced up near perfect for Rhonda. Then black seamed stockings, lace crotchless boy shorts, zip-up knee-high boots with a 5-inch steel stiletto, and very short black leather shirt. Where the skirt had been was a picture from a magazine and written across the bottom was written ‘Please could you make yourself up like the picture’ so Rhonda sat at Janes dresser and saw everything she needed was laid out ready for her. So as requested Rhonda did her makeup as per the picture and Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort when she finished and saw the effect it was a cross between a Mistress and a high-class hooker and Rhonda loved the new look and carefully placed the picture somewhere safe.

As she walked into the lounge, Jane and Michelle were standing together holding hands, and Jane greeted Rhonda with “Mummy you look fabulous.”

“What’s with the Mummy business,” Rhonda asked.

Michelle answered that “Well we both thought how naughty and dirty could we go, and we listed all the socially taboo sexual activities and put incest as number one, hence us calling you mummy and us as your daughter and T-gurl, son.”

“So when did you work this out, girls,” Rhonda asked.

Jane answered this one “Last night I woke Michelle up and we came downstairs and worked out a list of taboo sexual activities we were both happy to explore. We also told a little white lie about the anal sex thing, that phone call was a sham, we both went and saw my doctor Friday morning, so we already knew the answer.”

“What deceitful girls you have both been. Can I see the list” Rhonda asked.

Michelle handed the list to Rhonda all written in Michelle’s lovely handwriting. When she finished the list and said: “I think you left out the only three things I won’t do Scat, Blood and severe pain.”

“That exactly what Michelle said.”

“I think Michelle has come a long way with your help, Jane.”

“Thank you, Mummy, come and sit with us, drink some more wine and then we can work through our list. If I make three column’s each of us can score them as we cross them off and then we will know what each of us likes” Jane told them.

“You need a few more columns, giving, receiving or versatile,” Rhonda told them.

“You are brilliant Rhonda, why didn’t you suggest that Sis,” Jane said slapping Michelle’s leg.

“Well what are we up to first girls,” Rhonda asked.

“We are all going to get rather drunk, so any inhibitions disappear,” Jane said as Michelle went into the kitchen returning with three tumblers. Bacardi and coke no ice as Mummy likes.

Jane raised her glass and said, “here’s to no boundaries, no inhibition and no rules.”

They all clinked glasses and took a large slurp of their drinks. “Well, I think this might be a fucking long night.”

“Definitely” Michelle and Jane replied.

They had all finished their drinks, so Michelle took them to the kitchen to refill saying go on upstairs, and I’ll bring them up. Jane led the way, and her short skirt left nothing to the imagination and gave Rhonda a clear view of her crotchless panties. Jane sat on the bed and indicated that Rhonda should sit next to her, as she did Michelle came in and handed them around then sat next to Jane, and said: “What Jane is going to say is with my full agreement and will only improve our marriage, not harm it in any way.”

Jane took over” Paul and my marriage had had its rocky moments, in fact when told I could no longer have vaginal sex, I offered Paul a no-fault divorce, and our home would be his. He turned me down flat and had continued turning that option down every time I asked. Then I found Pauls little secret and his relationship with you Rhonda, I stopped thinking of him as Paul, I was thinking and calling him Michelle. After that first time, I watched you and Micelle having fun together, rather than feeling disgusted I was immensely turned on by it. Then watching Paul being fucked by you, from a very close and intimate position I wanted Michelle to have that pleasure as often as she wanted, I also wanted the same for myself, hence our secret nighttime conversation.”

Michelle took over “If Jane was happy for me to be Michelle, to watch and see me being fucked in my arse by a T-gurl, who was I to say or decide who could do the same to Jane.”

Rhonda pondered over this for several minutes before replying “If you have both made this decision without any pressure, either way, I am pleased for you both and will help in any way possible.”

“Great” they both replied, then after a nudge from Jane, Michelle continued “Well we want you to first break several Taboos at once. First, you are going to restrain me, but in a position, I can see everything. Then you are going to do whatever Jane askes. We will both refer to you as Mummy, and you will either use our names or call us a daughter. Then after you have cum inside Janes arse, you Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort and Jane are going to come over to me, and I am going to suck your cock clean. You will then release me, and Jane will fuck me with the strapon, while Rhonda sucks my cock. The ultimate cuckold husband and incest taboos at once”

Jane quickly added, “Of course it will all be recorded with the camcorder.”

Again Rhonda thought for several minutes before giving her reply “OK I can live with that, but you both must sign a declaration that it is all with your mutual consent and also both appear on the video reading and agreeing with it. Also, I get a copy of that DVD.”

Michelle smiled and said, “Told you Rhonda would want a contract and a copy of the DVD.”

“OK smart bitch, go get the contract and camcorder, so we can get the legalities out of the way and have some fun,” Jane told her.

It didn’t take long for everything to be ready and the camcorder in position, Michelle restrained in a chair beside the bed, and Jane called “Action” turned the camcorder back on, holding Rhonda’s hand, led them both to the bed, in full view of the camera. Sitting on the bed, said, “Mummy both your daughters want to show you how much we both love you.”

Jane started by sliding her hands up Rhonda’s legs, working her mini skirt upwards, then working Rhonda’s cock clear of her panties, began to work on Rhonda’s cock with her tongue and lips. When Rhonda glanced across at Michelle, she saw a tent pole in Michelle’s skirt. Reassured Michelle was quite happy with what was happening, relaxing somewhat Rhonda looked down, seeing Jane looking up at her, happily sucking her cock. Jane stopped sucking and with a big smile said “Fuck my virgin arse pussy Mummy dearest.

Rhonda helped Jane up, pushed her backward onto the bed, grabbed the lube from the bedside table, Jane immediately took it from her and started loving coating Rhonda’s rampant cock with lube. With Michelle directly behind her, she lifted Janes legs high and wide rested them on her shoulders, then rubbed the head of her cock over her gaping arse pussy before gently and slowly slid inside. Jane gasped when Rhonda entered jane’s virgin arse. Rhonda told her to relax and as she did slid all the way inside. Slowly at first she gradually got faster, until she was pummelling Janes virgin arse. Jane just said, “Yes Mummy fuck me hard, I love it.”

Happy to oblige Rhonda pounded away until she filled Jane’s hole with spurt after spurt of cum. Finally emptied, she immediately turned and presented her cock for Michelle to clean. As Michelle cleaned, Jane’s head appeared between Rhonda’s legs and started sucking Michelle’s hard cock. In only a few moments before Jane was standing next to Rhonda, kissing her and sharing Michelle’s cum with Rhonda. She kissed Rhonda for a good ten minutes, when she broke away she grabbed Michelle by the throat and threw her onto the bed, “your turn sis.” Jane fitted the strapon at least she put lots of lube on it before rolling Michelle onto her belly, feet on the floor, pulled the cheeks apart, lined the strapon up to Michelle’s rosebud and shoved it all the way in and started pummelling Michelle’s arse.

As soon as Rhonda realised Jane’s intentions, she had grabbed the camcorder and as Jane plunged in Rhonda managed to get a clear view of Michelle’s face as the strapon lunged in, first a look of pain then followed by absolute pleasure. Rhonda then moved behind Jane and by laying on her back between their legs, was able to film the strapon plunging in and out of Michelle’s arse. Everything was fine until Michelle cum pumping spurt after spurt over Rhonda and more importantly the camera lens. Rhonda saw a very blurred shot of Jane pulling out of Michelle and Jane saying “You had a better clean that all off Mummy and the camera Sis.”

Michelle immediately commenced licking the cum of Rhonda and the camera saying “Sorry Mummy your little girl can’t even cum nicely.”

Jane was laughing before joining Michelle licking away all the cum. When they finished, Jane kissed Michelle passionately but swapping cum as when they finished they were smiling as they cleaned their lips. Then Michelle asked, “Did you enjoy that Mummy as I did very much.”

Jane pipped in with “You did you little slut sis. I think you unloaded a gallon of cum over Mummy.”

“When do you girls want to edit the movie,” Rhonda asked.

“Now please Mummy” they both chorused.

It took them several hours to edit the film into 42 minutes of almost continuous sexual activity, and of course, they had to watch the final version again. Of course, they were all aroused again so when they finally headed up to bed it was going to be a few more hours before they went to sleep, but that is a story for another day.