My two weeks on the Farm, yes it happened.

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My two weeks on the Farm, yes it happened.I needed to tell my story, as it has been ongoing for the last 10 years, and what started as a kind of ****, has become a story of acceptance as a communal family sex slave.I was 17 when I was betrothed to my husband, a farm boy and the youngest of four sons, to a divorced father, who beat on his wife and was hard on his c***dren.When I first met him he was gruffy towards me, but when he had been drinking, he changed, and was more sexually suggestive, in fact his three brothers were not married and there was a general lack of female companionship, since their mother walked out, some 15 years prior.I confess to being flattered as a s*******n years old, my head spun with all this male attention, and in such a household, I must have seemed like a sexual goddess.Of course sexual inexperience and amongst males in their thirties and forties, can and was intimidating.I spent two weeks with them on the farm, cleaning and trying my hand at cooking, and being flattered, not to mention, being confronted with grown men naked and on several occasions, erect and touching themselves.It was awkward and embarrassing, but somehow it became acceptable and we both would laugh it off, and with a promise not to tell their younger brother, kırşehir escort ‘Our secret’, and I concurred.he men were rugged, kind of handsome with rugged bodies, not beautiful, like you see in the girly magazines, but more in a dark perverse way, especially Frank, who was in his late forties, he was powerfully built, quiet with lots of body hair, and to me he was not sexually appealing, but deep and dark, you felt he could posses you, and I ashamedly admit to masturbating one night, and Frank was taking me against my will, and the orgasm I experienced, was like releasing a pent-up desire, after that, I made allowances whenever Frank showed himself, even joking about his size, and feigning horror, but Frank guessed my acceptance of him, and decided what I really wanted was to have it, all the bareback.Late on the following Saturday night we had all been drinking and I was dancing with everyone, non contact stuff, but I sensed a strong need in Frank, he seemed more protective and needy, so it was no surprise when I came back from the kitchen with more wine, Frank had gone outside for a cigarette.I dont know if you can compare it with a Rabbit caught in the headlamps of an oncoming car, but I somehow knew I was going out and Frank would escort kırşehir have me, a general acceptance of the inevitable, and I walked out to meet him.I went into my bedroom and took off my underwear, as I knew, and I laugh as I think back on it, I would need to take them off anyway, so better to be prepared, besides we would need to be quick, as my absence would not be unnoticed and others would come looking for me.I was in my fully buttoned-up dress, with the top three buttons undone, making it easy for me to slip over my head, and be nude in seconds.I walked across to the barn when I saw a puff of cigarette smoke emanate from a hidden figure out-of-sight, and my heart pounded as my urges grew, I was in heat, my periods were due next week and my urges were natures way of prompting me to seek seed.My hand went up to my top button and I undid another two, opening my dress to below my breasts, and as I came into view, Franks eyes dropped down to them, the soft breeze opened my dress and my breasts were exposed, my outline silhouetted in the moonlight, my hardened nipples jutting out from atop my small breasts.Frank just uttered, ‘Fuck me’, to which I replied, ‘Yes Frank, Fuck me, please’, and as I took a few more steps towards him I lifted kırşehir escort bayan my dress up and over my head, completely naked, I dropped to the ground and let Frank burst my hymen, and fill me with his semen, he was the first, now I wanted them all, even the father.That night I changed, I became lustful and desirous of men, I masturbated more and made myself available throughout the house, stopped wearing underwear, and eventually became pregnant, which seemed to drive my sexual needs to a higher plain.The following week came and went, I missed my periods, so I knew frank had successfully inseminated me. I was terrified and feeling pleased about my predicament, one minute your a virgin the next having a baby, and Frank was the father.I confronted him in the field and told him, he stood quietly, his face contorted as his brain went into overdrive, ‘What are you going to do’, he asked me, ‘I will have it’, I replied with a new found confidence, ‘No-one need know its your Frank’, I assured him, finishing with, ‘Tonight I will let Jack have a bit, and he will take the blame’, I smiled at my relaxed answer, so did Frank, he undid his pants and said, ‘I think you need some cock girl’, I smiled and stripped off for another more relaxed fucking.I made contact with my parents and told them I planed to stay on at the farm, it was as easy as that, I was home, the only female around and all these men to satisfy, I was in heaven, and promise to tell you all next what I did to all males, including some a****ls.