My Trpo to Sauna pt. 3


My Trpo to Sauna pt. 3″Down,” he said and pushed me face down to the mat. I could feel him moving behind me, lowering myself so he can reach my tight hole with his cockhead, all the while I could hear other people walking behind our closed door and miffled moaning from other stalls.”Relax” Master commanded and so I did. Shifting a little toget closer to him, exposing me like a trained whore. God I was horny! Master smiled (at least I hope) and I could feel his fingeres covered in lube, feeling my ass and hole. One finger after another entering and exiting me, at times two, preparing me for him. I thought to myself, here we go, hoping he would use a condom, but not saying anything as I was horny, not thinking about consequences. Thankfully he somehow produced one as I could istanbul escort feel him slowly entering me.The sesation. He came in slow, inch by inch he entered me, giving me time to relax so I gently pushed against him. His handed rested on my back, gently trailing my body and finaly grabbed on. “You are my bitch,” he said, surprisingly loud, I felt embarresed. It was then he started to fuck me. I mean fuck me. He was selfish, but not agressive, rough but not unpleasant. He fucked me like a cheap whore. I loved it.I let out a moan, he groaned, loudly again, as if on purpose, I wondered. Was he to proclaim that he had me here? Provoke?Master continued, changing avcılar escort rythm, depth and angle from time to time. He wanted this to last I guessed. Hi didn’t.After few moments, my cock pulsing I was almost ready to cum (for the first time handsfree) it was then, Master pulled out, grabbed me by my hair and showed his cock in my mouth. I wasn’t sure how he was able to get the condom off so fast, practice I guess.I wanted to scream, not out of terror but dissapointment, now he will come and it will be over. My shortlived sexual experience. He did it. His semen filled my mouth, I chugged it down my throat, Master held his cock in there a for a short while longer, letting me to play with him, my tounge fumbling around his shaft. Savouring şirinevler escort the taste, wanting it to last a bit longer.If only I know how foolish I was being at that time. This wasn’t over. Not for a long shot.Master pulled out of my mouth. Wiped himself in one of the tissues provided and handed me one.”Now, clean yourself up. I warn you not to touch yourself now. I still have plans for you today.” Master said. “Come out when ready. If you come, I will leave, mind you.”I did as he said. Cleaned myself, disposed of the tissues lying around, briefly checked around the stall, got my towel and left.There were men staying outside the stall. I quickly covered myself with a towel and looked around. Master was nowhere to be seen. I dashed through the standing men, feeling their breath and warmth of their bodies. Went by the dark maze to the common room. It was there where I found Master. Sitting, barely covered with his towel, smiling.”Good boy” he nodded towards my crotch. I was still hard. He motioned me to sit down next to him on one of the benches. He casually held me over my shoulders with his right hand. “The fun continues,” Master whispered.