My Trip To The Zoo

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My Trip To The ZooNo matter how old you are class field trips are the best, and since I was eighteen, this was likely one of my last field trips before I went off to college. This trip was really exciting for me because, unlike most of my classmates, my career was going to be hands on with a****ls. For college, I was planning on becoming a Herpetologist, someone who studies amphibians and reptiles, but I was mainly going to study snakes. The zoo had recently renovated its reptile house, so I was extremely excited to to the new exhibits they had to showcase. As we toured through the park, I got to see the giraffes, flamingos, monkeys, you name it, but we were saving the best for last. After a quick and much needed pit stop at the bathrooms, we were ready for the reptile house!We all piled into the dim housing structure, gazing through glass panels and leaning over fences to get a better view of all the a****ls. The Komodo Dragons were gorging themselves on meat that the keeper threw into the exhibit, and it seemed like they enjoyed the attention of the crowd. We got to hold iguanas and hand feed them, which was a blast… but I was ready to see some snakes! Along an entire wall of the enclosure was about fifty glass tanks labeled with different a****l names on them. I examined each and peered inside. “FIVE MONTH OLD BOA CONSTRICTOR. RAISED IN CAPTIVITY” Awesome, finally a snake to see! I cupped my face against the tank and… nothing. Probably hiding behind a pile of rocks or something.”TWO YEAR OLD RATTLE SNAKE. CAUGHT IN NEVADA” Sweet! Again, I peered into the glass, hoping for a glimpse of something… AHA! I saw edirne escort a rattle shaking! Then it quickly slithered into the back of the enclosure.”Damn,” I thought. “Am I going to get to see any snakes today?” Just then I looked up and noticed a sign shaped like an arrow that said “ANACONDA EXHIBIT THIS WAY.”I practically ran in the direction of the sign into a vast room that had a giant glass cage right in the middle. I walked slowly around the enclosure, eyes intent for any movement from the inside. I guess I wasn’t paying attention, because I tripped on another sign. I picked it up and it read: “EXHIBIT CLOSED FOR CLEANING. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.” Letting out a deep sigh, I dropped to the ground and put my head in my hands. I felt defeated. I hadn’t got to see a single snake. Just then, a zookeeper walked out from the back area of the reptile house, whistling. He was wearing one of those safari hats, with blonde hair that went a little past his ears. He must have seen me looking glum. “Everything alright, bud?” “Yeah, I guess. I just wanted to see some of the snakes here, but all of the ones in the tanks were hidden, and the anaconda’s cage is being cleaned,” I said, regarding the empty exhibit to my left.He gazed at it for a few seconds and said, “Tell ya\ou what, I’ll take you to Milly’s temporary exhibit in the back, how’s that sound?” he asked.”Really!?” “Well, sure! I can tell an a****l lover when I see one, and Milly loves to be held. By the way, my name is Rick.””Tom,” I said as I reached for his hand and shook it.”Good to meet you, Tom, now come on!” he said as he walked towards the back escort edirne door. –“Here she is. My big baby,” he said as he grabbed Milly and put her on his shoulders.He wasn’t k**ding. Milly was about ten feet long and all muscle, but she looked content sitting on his shoulders, occasionally flicking her tongue at me. “Would you like to hold her?” Ricky asked.”Definitely!””Alright,” he said, dr****g Milly across my shoulders. I could feel every muscle twitch as she made herself comfortable and slowly wrapped herself around my arm. Her tongue flicked my arm and I laughed. “Uh-oh, Tom, you got a problem,” Rick said chuckling.”What?” I asked, looking to see if Milly had peed on me. “Your fly is down, k**do!” he said with a laugh.I looked down and blushed. Guess I forgot to zip up at the bathroom. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you, you have your hands full with Milly.”I was a little weirded out by a stranger zipping me up, but oh well. After Ricky pulled my zipper up, he kept his hand on the front of my pants for a little too long, and naturally I hardened up. “Well, what is this?” Ricky asked. “Smuggling snakes is strictly prohibited young man. Looks like i’m going to have to frisk you.” There I was, sixty pounds of snake on my shoulders and arms, and a sexy zookeeper fishing out my dick. I couldn’t have been any happier. “AHA! I found the smuggled snake, and it’s a beauty, if I do say so myself.” he said, sporting a naughty smile. Locking eyes with me, he tentatively lapped at the head of my dick, instantly bringing me to full hardness. Under the weight of the snake, and this zookeeper giving me a great blowjob, edirne escort bayan I was weak at the knees, and Ricky saw that.”Alright, time for Milly’s nap, and for you and I to have a little more fun.” I stripped out of my pants and boxers while Ricky closed Milly’s pen. “Mmm,” Ricky said when he turned around. “Where were we?”Ricky went back to sucking my dick, and I had my hand on the back of his head, pushing him further to my base. Just before I came, Ricky stopped and stood up.”Alright, baby. Time for you to see a real snake,” he said, pulling down his zipper and pushing me down onto my knees. “He wants out of his cage real badly. Open wide for daddy.”Wow, Ricky had a monster. Eight inches of beautiful dick muscle nestled between two big boulder balls covered in blonde hair. “Suck it babe!” he groaned.His groans became louder as I sucked and his dick became harder. The swelling head in my mouth told me he was about to shoot. Ricky stopped me and shoved me against Milly’s cage. “My viper needs a nice cave to burrow into, and yours looks perfect,” Ricky purred.My body was flat against the glass of Milly’s pen, and my dick rubbed against the glass with every thrust of Ricky’s cock into my ass. Finally, I couldn’t take anymore, and I shot cum all over the glass and my chest.Once more, Ricky turned me around and shoved me to my knees. I sucked fervently on his beautiful safari dick. “Oh, I’m gonna cum!” I sucked even harder. He pumped his hot, sweet load down my throat and it began to overflow down my chin. I swallowed as fast as I could but the juice kept flowing. With one final groan, he stiffened and shot the last of his sperm into my mouth.”Wow man! You are one hot fuck! If you ever want to come back and see ANY of my snakes, don’t hesitate to ask,” he said with a wink.”I’ll hold you to that,” I said, licking the last of his cum off of my lips.