My Summer Vacation…

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My Summer Vacation…I have always loved sucking cock. I got to high school and that is all I wanted to do….and I did. Guys I went to school with….a couple teachers….men I would meet at stores or work with….they all knew that if they whipped it out that my instinctive reaction was to get it in my mouth as fast as possible. This has been the case ever since I was 15 years old. Guys in parking lots that saw me in the store….riding through car washes….outside….My Husband took us to Destin, FL. over the summer and the condos we stayed at had a hot tub / sauna / showers area that remains locked….the key you can get for a deposit and no one under 18 is allowed in. So, it is a locked and secure area where you can relax and enjoy the area….I fucked and sucked my husband into the showers 5-6 times so he could cool down while I stayed in the sauna….my husband loves that fact that I crave cock all the time….so while he was in the shower he knew that I was going to hope another guy would come into the area. About 1 hour bolu escort bayan after we were fucking and sucking like bunnies…two Army guys showed up and were relaxing in the hot tub….both married and just there to relax. My husband and I were in the sauna/shower area which is down a small hallway….My husband was in the shower and one of the guys peeked into the sauna to find me naked and fingering myself….he just about closed the door when he could tell from the look I was giving him that he could stay if he wanted. I said to him, “Why don’t you come in for a while?” and smiled and said his name was Steve….He said to me, “Is that your husband there in the shower?”. I told him yes and that he was hoping that I would find some other cocks to worship while he was in there….So I touched his leg and asked if I could suck his cock….before I finished my sentence he had his cock out and in hand….This guy had a beautiful 8-9 inch thick cut cock….I was in heaven. After worshiping it for a couple minutes he escort bolu asked if I wanted his buddy to come in as well? I just sounded off UH HUH because I was working on his cock and could not stop….He quietly barked Thomas! and in a few seconds there were two young hard cocks one in hand and one in mouth….bobbing from one to the other….My husband slowly entered to find me crazed in a feeding frenzy. My husband got behind me and started rubbing and slapping his cock all over my ass….He knew that if he was going to fuck me that I would loose control and turn into a slutty little nasty mouth porn star….looking up at these two guys like I was mad and telling them to shoot their cum all over my fucking face….oh yeah slap your cocks on my face….before I knew it my husband was shooting a sweet hot load up my back and all over my tan little ass at the same time both these guys I am sucking start jerking their sweet hot cum out of their cocks all over my face and eager mouth trying to slurp it all up….These guys bolu escort must have been saving up because I know I swallowed at least 3 mouth fulls and still my face was completely covered and so were my tits from what had dripped down off of my face onto them….I am still craving more….smeering that cum all over my tits and looking for another cock to suck…..going after all three of these cocks again to make sure I lick up and clean everyone with my mouth. I left the guys completely drained and sweating like they just ran a marathon somewhere near the equator…lol. I got into the shower and there was an older man in there who saw me covered with cum….He was naked and had a nice hard on from listening to us in the sauna….I just got on my knees right there without saying a word and started sucking his cock….He was so excited he shot him load about 45 seconds into it….I was not expecting him to shoot so quickly and he blasted right in my mouth….He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my throat while shooting more and more….I have no gag reflex so he was able to release all him cum without me spilling a drop….I showered and got all cleaned up and found myself wanting more….And to my surprise….more guys were in the sauna and hot tub….