My son’s friend. Part 4.

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My son’s friend. Part 4.“My son’s friend. Part 3.” is only on my profile page.Every time I was with my wife, sexually, I was only thinking about Steven. His touch and body had awaken lusts and excitement in me that I thought was long lost. All our encounters up to this point had been quick, although amazing. First those late night visits, where we had to be not only quick but also quite. Then, quick encounters as I drove him home from my house after hanging out with my son. Every encounter, every experience, every earth shattering orgasm only made me want to experience more. Steven’s passion for our encounters only seemed to grow in want, desire and urgency also, just like mine. Then the time came. His parents where out for the afternoon and my wife had taken my son shopping. They were all going to be gone for hours. I could only think of one way I wanted to, needed to, spend that time. I picked Steven up and drove to a hotel on the edge of town.I checked in and went to the room as I nervously and anxiously waited for him to sneak up. My pulse was already racing. My lust and desire building.Once inside, the only light filling the room pendik escort was from the edges of the curtain covered window. Finally alone, no need to rush, no need to be quite. We both needed to explore our wants and needs this night, both needing to be fulfilled. We moved to each other, his slim frame silhouetted by the glow from the covered window. We stood for a moment, facing each other, before our hands began to explore one another’s bodies. Lifting my shirt over my head, Steven kissed my chest. Then, he began to softly lick and suck and flick my nipples. I could not believe the feeling! I could not believe the pleasure. I even thought he could make me cum from this if he didn’t stop! Yet another pleasure this young man had introduced me to. As I have said before, a sexual awakening! I held him close, my hands cupping his firm little smooth ass as our hard cocks pressed and rubbed together. Our lips were now pressed together also, passionate and opened mouthed, like lovers. We both had needs, although very different, both would be met this time. Steven moved to the bed, his ass in the air, teasing me, calling for me. I wanted escort pendik nothing more than to give him what he wanted… to be taken, to be dominated, to be fucked. As I held his hip with one hand, I guided my erect cock towards his smooth, almost hairless, little asshole. We were both already breathless with anticipation. I slipped my cock’s head inside him and he moaned out loud, equal parts pain and pleasure. Now with both my hands holding his hips firmly, he reached back, put his hands on mine, and squeezed. I dug my fingers into his waist and pulled his ass back hard onto my cock. I was now deep inside him.Steven arched his back and lowered his head, giving me total access to enter him, hard and deep. His wonderfully, tight ass making me feel like a teenager again. He wanted to be fucked and I was going to give him all that he wanted. Gripping him tightly, slamming him against me, I fucked his young, firm, tight ass as hard as I could, for as long as I could. His whimpers of pain and pleasure, knowing that this was exactly what he wanted spurred me on until I exploded inside him. Breathless and panting, I filled him pendik escort bayan with wave after wave of my hot cum. Breathless also, I could hear him moan out “Yes, yes” between breaths, knowing he had my jizz inside him. I rolled him over onto his back. He felt drained and spent. He layed there panting, motionless. His hard cock and belly covered in his own sticky pre cum. I had already admitted to myself what I wanted, what I craved. I began to suck Steven’s cock, tasting his sweet pre cum and licking his balls. There was also something else I needed, positioning myself above him, I slid my mouth down on his shaft until I felt him on the back of my throat. I wanted his cock to fill me, to feel him down deep and to feel his cum load fill my eager mouth. I wanted to taste him, to swallow him. I wanted that unbelievably satisfying feeling of having his cum inside me. The light headed feeling, the tingling of my every nerve ending, the complete fulfillment that I only found in making his sweet cock cum for me. We showered together afterwards, our bodies still craving each other’s touch, our mouths still wanting each other’s tongues. Before we left that room, Steven and I sucked each other off to yet another incredible orgasm. I drove him near his home and he got out, walking the rest of the way home, both of us knowing we still had the taste of each other’s cum in our mouths.