My sister Was My Dream

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My sister Was My Dream I was 16 I was a starting linebacker for my high school football team, and my sister Katelyn was on the soccer team. One day I got home form my pre game walk through and I went in the kitchen and I herd Katelyn ask our parents if she could have her best friend Hannah sleep over on Friday. My dad said that it would be fine as long as Hannah’s parents knew that they would not be here, so they would be home alone. When I got out of my shower I heard my sister in the phone with Hannah, I heard her get very excited when Hannh said she could sleepover.When I got back to my room I shut the door and got pretty excited myself because Hannah was one of the hottest girls in our school. After my game on Friday night I quickly went into the locker room and got changed so I could drive Katelyn and Hannah home. Once I got in the car I saw my sister sitting in the seat next to me and it was just then that I realized how hot my sister was. She was wearing tight jeans, and a really tight tank top that showed off her firm D cups tits. She had a perfect ass. After I realized how hot my sister was and I snaps out of my few second trance I started the car and said hi to Katelyn and Hannah and then started the drive home, it was elazığ escort mostly a quiet ride because we had lost. Once we got home I waited till my sister and Hannah got out of the car and I watched them walk up stairs into the empty house. Hannah was wearing tight leggings with uggs, and her ass looked amazing, but I couldent keep my eyes off Katelyn’s ass. Katelyn had tight jeans and her wide hips made her ass look amazing, and her tight shirt made her firm tits pop out like I’ve never seen before. I had never realized that my sister was one of he hottest girls I’ve ever seen. My friends are always telling me that they want go fuck my sister, but I never thought about her that way until tonight. After I got out of the shower I walked out of the bathroom and changed into my shirt which had the sleeves cut off which showed off my arms. After I changed I knocked on my sister’s door and when she said come in I asked if the wanted to order a pizza or something. They said they were fine but they asked if I wanted to sit down and hang out with them. I said that I would and I sat down on my sisters bed. Katelyn and Hannah were sitting on the ground, and I had a good loom down my sisters shirt. Hannah started moving closer to me, then she got up on the bed escort elazığ ans she started to move closer to me. Then before I know it her hand is rubbing my bulge in my pants. Then she started to take my shorts off and Katelyn asked her what she was doing. Hannah said ” come on you told me that you’ve dreamed about fucking your brother.” I looked at my sister And she was blushing. I said ” Kate your pretty hot, and I won’t tell mom and Dad”. Then I saw her start walking over and she started to rub my dick. Then they both started to jack me off, and I said “hold on, why don’t you two start making out then I’ll join in. So they started to make out, and they startedd to strip down and they were both in their sexy lingere and then the started to feel each others pussys through their panties, then I joined in and started to make out with my sister and I unhooked her bra and feels her nice firm boobs and lick her quarter sized nipples, then I went on to Hannah and did the same thing the I asked them if they would give me head. They both got down on their knees and they started to kiss with my dick between them, once my sister started to take charge an her beautiful lips were being separated by my dick and her deep blue eyes were looking up at me I couldn’t elazığ escort bayan hold it in anymore, and I exploded all over her face and in her mouth, and I could see that she liked it. Then a few minutes later I got a second wind, and I asked Hannah if she wanted to have sex, she said she wanted to,so I mounted her on my dick in missionary style, and it was soo tight inwas like my dick was being sufficated, while she was moving up and down,my sister had one had rubbing Hannah’s pussy, and with the other had she was rubbing her tit, and to top it all off they were kissing during the entire thing.After I finished and cummed all over their faces and tits, we were all laying down on Katelyn’s bed and we all fell asleep, then the next morning I woke up and they were kissing and then they saw my morning wood and they thought they would make good use of it. So this time my sister Katelyn hoped on my dick and rode me like a horse. It felt amazing to have my twin sister riding my dick. I have never cummed more in my life then I did at that moment, when I pulled out of my sister and cummed in her mouth. After we finished we all hopped in the shower, and I rubbed them down with soap, they looked so hot with soap all over their titts. After we finished I took Hannah home, once we got to her house she whispered into my ear “I always thought my firsttime eould me good, you made it unforgetable,we should do that again some time soon” Then she gave me the sexist kiss I have ever and it left me speechless.