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My Raising DesiresdeleteddeleteddeletedI am 25 years old got married. Got a very loving husband and a great family. Even my sex life with my husband is very great and we both tried numerous different things.But I even wanted to go beyond boundaries but always scared to tell my husband about the need for an extra man. It’s always been my desire to have an extra man while making out with my husband, but somewhere I know that my husband will not like this and it may affect my normal life.So one day I downloaded a stranger chatting app and started searching for strangers keeping my identity hidden. Being a scarcity of female there was a load of attention on my profile but the majority of the boys were horny and abusive. There I met this guy named Pratik, who is quite innocent and kinky as well.We started chatting normally for few days, had some roleplays while chatting, it was all going fun. I then asked him how he will like to fuck me in front of my husband. He was quite interested in the fact of fucking me in front of my husband and described thoroughly how he will be doing that. I was quietly aroused by hearing him out and wanna try that. But I couldn’t allow him to get in reality so thought of trying something different.That night when I and my husband were making out, it was all Pratik in my bursa escort mind, and I was actually following his guidelines how he will like to fuck me up.I started with tieing my husband on the chair, wore famous Indian dancers dress of choli and petticoat revealing my navel totally, and an amazing view of my cleavage. And started dancing in front of my husband and started teasing him by stripping my clothes and throwing them in his face and he was unable to move as he was tied up.I then moved towards him and in that position, unzipped his well-built cock, and started blowing him. He was on high note seeing my strip dance for the first time, and with my heavenly lips properly touching right parts of his dick. He came within a minute or two. Pratik, on chatting app, wanted me to swallow cum totally so I did that. On watching me swallowing cum my husband was shocked as I never did that before.I then sat on his laps, made him suck my boobs, he was so aroused that he bit my nipples for around 2-3 times, every inch of pain he was giving me I could imagine how prakit would be happy listening to it. I was rubbing my cunt over his dick by sitting on him and it made me cum over there.Then I opened him up, and he was out of control as he was waiting to explore my body. He picked me up and threw me on the bursa escort bayan bed. I immediately took the doggy position as Pratik wanted me to do that as soon as I get on the bed. My husband was shocked again to see me in such position as I never insisted on anal. But his horniness was on such level that he was not at all cared about why I was doing that, and he started spanking me softly and slowly inserted his rod in me. He holds my boobs firmly and started stroking me hard. I couldn’t control my moaning sounds and started moaning harder. My husband was on seventh heaven listening to my moaning sounds as I never moaned so hard and this made him cum again in my ass.He then lied on the bed as he was quietly tired, and even I needed some rest so decided to take a break and brought some fruits and juice for us to get energy back. We started to talk to each other, he said me, honey, you are different tonight, what’s so special. I was scared a little, tried to cover it by saying, I read somewhere that to have a long-lasting relationship have a sex according to your husband’s will and do kinky things with him, and you know I shaved my pussy specially for you.And with no wonder, he was aroused again and started kissing me and fingering me at the same time. He is very mad at my naked boobs and escort bursa couldn’t control himself sucking them. That night he was literally eating them, they were paining by his teeth bites, so I have to stop him in between but he was a****l that night and started stroking me harder in pussy, and to make him arouse more I said, dear even you seem strange tonight with so much hardness same like my first boyfriend, he was so angry listening to it and said u fucking bitch see how I hard I will stroke u now, and started fucking me hard and made me cum quickly. He then fucked me softly but deep as well as we started kissing each other and had a passionate sex and came inside my pussy. I still had Pratik in my mind as he ordered me to didn’t keep the cum in pussy, so as soon as my husband laying next to me after Cumming I got on his top and collected all his cum in my hands and spread it over his dick and licked it all. He was surprised again and said honey u have become a very naughty bitch, I have to handle u in a different way now.I only remembered Pratik guidelines, and did almost 80% of things that he wanted me to do, like doing cowgirl position, doggy style, making my husband cum on my boobs, and licking all that cum by looking in his eyes.My husband saw a different me that night but he liked this kinky side of mine. Although there was no extra man, and it was only my husband fucking me all night, following Pratik’s guidelines I felt like it was him who was banging me all the time.Hope you guys liked my story.