My New GirlFriend PT4

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My New GirlFriend PT4My Girlfriend gave me another assignment over the weekend to go to a chat room and find a cock to suck. Getting the assignment to begin with was humiliating. I envisioned myself meeting some guy in an alley or in his car and sucking him off for her. Just to search for someone and ask them was a challenge. I had never done it before, didn’t know how to go about it, and didn’t know if I would get any results.It proved to be very difficult. I spent several hours on line in chat rooms looking for guys. It’s not hard to find a guy willing to have you suck his cock, but it is hard to find one close to me that can make it happen within a reasonable time frame. At first it was totally humiliating to be in a chat room sending out requests, but eventually I got over the embarrassment.Every night, I would talk to my Girlfriend and she would ask me to report my progress. She would laugh at my difficulty and tell me that I better make it happen soon. She would make me tell her that I was craving it; that I needed to suck cock; that I needed to eat cum. I was not craving it, but was certainly humiliated by the whole experience. I felt like a low cocksucking cumslut looking for meat. It was totally degrading.She told me that she had told another friend at work, Nikki, all about me thus expanding our circle to yet another friend exponentially increasing my humiliation. I imagine them talking together about me. She told all her friends she was making me look for cock to suck for her. I felt like I was being totally exposed to them without them truly knowing me. Thus they know all the nasty stuff, the degrading stuff. It will be supremely embarrassing the next time I see them and have to look them in the eye. I can imagine their smile or smirk when I talk to them next.Not having much luck on chat rooms, I posted a note on fetlife. I got a very immediate response from 3 guys all willing to get their cock sucked. One said he would take pictures of me with his cock in my mouth and his cum on my face. I was nervous and excited. I imagined myself in a car in a parking lot, or on my knees in an alley, sucking a strange cock for my Girlfriend. Would they be clean, or dirty and smelly? What if someone saw me?I sent back replies, but none of my volunteer suckees came through during the week. My Girlfriend was very disappointed. My Girlfriend and I had a beach vacation planned for the weekend. She told me that she would have to make sure I sucked cock for her on our trip and that I would have to pay for the privilege.We got together over the weekend and had an amazing time on the beach together the first day. The hotel room was perfect and we fell right into each other’s arms. We had amazing sex over and over again throughout the day. I thought she had forgotten all about my duties to her.Then she reminded me that I had failed in my duty to her and that she would show me how it was done.She had me post that we were together right then on the beach. We were looking for a big cock for me to suck and her to fuck. She made me post it on fetlife, and collarme at the same time.In less than 30 minutes we had 3 offers and she started culling through pictures on line to see who she wanted. She was determined that he had a big cock for her to fuck in front of me. The guy with the largest cock appealed to her. He was another submissive that loved strapon and she had the large strapon in our room that she couldn’t wait to try. We quickly made arrangements and set him up to come over the next sinop escort morning at 11:30.As soon as we made arrangements, we got another volunteer. He was a BBC Dom guy. Our first response was to tell him no because we had already made arrangements. We wanted our playmate, but also wanted some time together. Then my Girlfriend saw his pictures.”OMG, look at that cock.” she said. “Write him back, right now. Tell him yes. I want that big dick in me.”I was amazed at her level of excitement and more than a little humiliated. I instantly felt like a cuckold. That wave of lust and longing associated knowing she wanted another man. Knowing another man could please her in some way that I couldn’t totally fulfill.I did as I was told and messaged him. We went back and forth with a few emails, but he realized he had a conflict over the weekend. He was excited though, and we made arrangements for next Tuesday to get together. So now she had lined up two cocks for her to fuck and me to suck.My Girlfriend was giddy with joy. She pulled me to her and I started playing with her wet pussy. She was soaked and started humping my hand immediately. “I can’t wait to see you suck them for me baby. You are going to have to swallow for me, like a good little cumslut cocksucker.” She came in seconds and then pulled my mouth to her pussy again. I got down on my knees, licking her as she grabbed my head and fucked my face. “They are going to fuck your face just like this cocksucker.” she said as she came again. She squirted her cum all over my face. It was more than I could swallow and it was running down my chin and onto the floor. I was so happy to be able to please her.The rest of the evening was fantastic. We went out to eat together at a restaurant on the beach. We stared into each other’s eyes and opened our souls to each other. Afterwards we went out for a walk on the beach and the stars had come out. It was a dark night with no moon and you could see the stars clearly.We went back to the hotel and took a blanket down on the beach to look at the stars. One thing led to another and pretty soon we were making love on the beach under the stars. It was a magical night.The next morning, I woke up early and fixed coffee. I brought it to her in bed. As she sipped her coffee, I slipped down between her legs and started licking her gently. I brought her to the first orgasm of the day and wished her a happy birthday. She pulled me up to fuck her and kissed my mouth as I slid into her. Her pussy gripped me like a glove as I drove in deeply and she writhed beneath me. She came at least twice more before I blew my cum deep inside her.As I lifted off her, she looked me in the eyes and told me to lick her and clean up my cum. She guided me down to her dripping pussy looking me in the eye the whole time. I loved the look of lust in her eyes. They were slightly glazed over and her mouth was open. I could see her beautiful teeth as she gasped when I licked her again. I knew to be gentle immediately after fucking her and I slid my tongue gently up her well used cunt. I tasted the salty flavor of my own cum mixed with hers as I saw her head roll back. Within minutes, she was pulling my face into her pussy and humping it as she came yet again. My face was covered with a mix of our juices when she finally settled down. I blew lightly on her pussy to cool it off and laid my head on her thigh as her breathing slowed and she caressed my head.We got up, cleaned up, and went out for breakfast. The guy was escort sinop scheduled to come over right around noon, so we spent the next hour or so walking the beach together. We went back to the room and hung out waiting for him. My Girlfriend tried on her new strapon and I took pictures of her with it on.Almost right at noon, the guy arrived. When I let him in the door, he saw the strapon on the table and gulped. “It sure looks like you guys have been having fun.”My Girlfriend laughed. “Yes, and I can’t wait to fuck your ass with it.”He laughed nervously and asked what she wanted him to do.Why don’t you bitches get undressed and entertain me? She said.We stripped down while she watched us, running her eyes up and down his body. He was well built and muscular with a fairly large cock.”ooh, I’m going to like playing with that thing.” She said, grasping his cock and pulling him to her. She kissed him and he was instantly hard and moaning. I felt a twinge of jealousy as I saw her respond to him. His hand went between her legs and she moaned in pleasure.She guided him into the other room and had him lie down on the bed. She pulled off her clothes and climbed in beside him, rubbing her body on him like she usually did with me. I reached over to touch her and she looked up at me with lust in her eyes.”Suck his cock for me baby.” She commanded softly, and I climbed on the bed with them. He fondled her tits and kissed her while I climbed between his legs.His hard cock was in my face and I could smell the male musk. He had large balls and a clean cut cock with veins running up and down it. I hesitated and she looked down at me. “Put it in your mouth now, cocksucker.” she commanded. I opened my mouth and took him in.He was sucking her tits and fingering her pussy while I sucked him. I heard her moaning with pleasure and felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing me up and down. His cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged. She heard me gagging and moaned in pleasure, writhing against his hand. I could hear the squish of her wet pussy on his hand as I continued to suck.I heard him gasp and felt his cock swell in my mouth. I knew he was going to cum and I started to pull back instinctually.My Girlfriend felt it and I heard her tell him. “It’s ok, cum in his mouth. He likes it that way.”I knew I couldn’t pull back and I pulled him deep into my mouth as he exploded. His cum flooded my mouth and squirted out the sides as I choked and gagged on it. I heard my Girlfriend reaching an orgasm as she watched his cum spill out of my mouth all over his balls and into his pubic hair. His cum tasted bitter and it had small chunks of gelatinous material in it. I suspected he hadn’t cum in a while.I pulled back to avoid the taste and he kept squirting all over my face. I pumped his cock with my hand and licked the head until he was twitching from the sensitivity and asked me to stop.I looked up at my Girlfriend and she was smiling sweetly at me. “Good job cocksucker, but you’re not done yet.”I looked at her pleadingly, knowing she wanted me to lick up the cum, but my stomach was revolting at the thought.”Make sure you get it all slut.” she commanded and I knew there was no reprieve.I started licking the cum out of his pubic hair as he laid back in exhaustion. My Girlfriend was watching the whole process, pointing out globs of cum that I missed. I hated licking the cum off his balls where I could smell his sweat mingled with the cum but the worst part was the gelatinous chunks that she sinop escort bayan had me lick up and chew. They were totally disgusting.When she was satisfied with my performance she kissed me on the head. “That’s my good little cocksucker.” “Go wipe your face.” She said, laughing.As I was cleaning up, she started stroking on his cock and kissing him, trying to make him hard again. I could tell she wanted him to fuck her, but he was completely limp. After a few minutes she gave up and reached for me.I slid inside her sweet wet pussy and it felt wonderful to me. She was soaking wet and she pulled me into her hungrily. I fucked her hard until I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock like a vice while she screamed out her orgasm.After she came, we looked up and saw the guy all dressed beside us. We said goodbye to him and he left. Afterwards she laughed with me. “I can’t believe that guy came so quick.””Me either,” I replied. “He came in buckets too. It’s like he hadn’t cum in a really long time. And his cum tasted terrible.” I said making a face.She laughed at me. “You did a great job cocksucker. You’re really getting good at it. I’m going to have to make sure you get lots of practice.” She said smiling.I gulped, knowing that she was turning me into her cocksucking bitch. I couldn’t imagine how many cocks I would have to suck for her in the future.”Go get my strapon.” She commanded. “I want you to cum with my cock up your ass.”I got her strapon and she slid it on. She had me get up on top of her and ride it. This position, was both humiliating for me and pleasurable. It left me free to masturbate while the cock in my ass massaged my prostate. At the same time, it was totally humiliating to ride a cock to orgasm while she watched me.I eased the big dick up my ass and let the pain subside. I felt her cock on my prostate and I started to move. Slowly at first and then building up in tempo as the pleasure washed through me. She lubed her hands and started stroking my cock as I rode her.”You’re a good little faggot slut, aren’t you?” she taunted. “You like that big cock up your ass.”I moaned in pleasure, feeling the cum start building up in my balls. “Cum for me, faggot bitch.” She commanded, and I shot thick ropes of cum all over her tits and belly as I spasmed over and over again.She smiled up at me. “My what a big mess you’ve made. You must have really been hungry for another load. Didn’t you get enough last time?” She teased.I looked down at her chest literally covered with my cum. All the pleasure was gone now that I had cum. The dildo felt huge up my ass and I could see the disgusting mess I had to lick up. I sighed as I pulled up and the cock slid out of my ass with a pop. I swung my leg over her body and knelt next to her. I bent my head down toward the cum and looked up at her one last time, pleading silently with my eyes.”Lick it all up, cum slut. Every single drop.”I started licking and swallowing. Each lick was freshly revolting and I had to work for each swallow. She pointed as I worked, making sure I didn’t miss any of the clumps of cum on her skin. She moaned while she watched me lick it all up. By the time I finished, she was panting and horny again. She looked me in the eye and pushed me down toward her pussy. She didn’t have to tell me what she wanted then.As soon as I started licking on her soaking wet pussy, she grabbed my head and shoved it hard into her pussy and started fucking my face. I worked my finger inter her pussy to finger fuck her at the same time and she quickly climaxed again, squirting her juices all over my face.As I sat back up, she pulled me toward me and kissed me, sharing the cum smeared all over my face. “You are such a good cock sucking bitch.”I love my New Girlfriend