My Mom squirts Part 2.


My Mom squirts Part 2.Continued on from part 1.After cuming all over my moms back and bedsheets, we decided that we should not do this ever again so we continued on forgeting what happend for a week then my dad came home from work one day and said ” I’ve great news I can get a job promotion but I have to represent the company out in a press meeting in America”. My mother looked over at me and winked and I soon realised what the wink was for. My dad said he was leaving friday and the day was wedensday. I got so worked up about friday and what would happen when my dad left, I nearly came right on the spot just thinking of it. The day passed quickly and before I knew it, it was friday morning. Me and my mother would escort my father to the terminal in the airport halkalı escort and then he would be gone to America for a few weeks or days he never told us. We were driveing home from the airport it was an hour or two away and then my mother said we are going to have alot of fun. That line made my dick just pop up and it was so hard it nearly ripped the trousers. My mother could not stop stareing and we got out of the car to go inside the house, and my mother droped the keys on purpose and just bent down to pick them up but the way she did it got me pure excited pre-cum came out and of course I was not wearing underwear so the pre-cum was visible on the trousers. Within seconds taksim escort of getting into the house my mother ripped of her dress and she was not wearing a bra but just her knickers and fisnet tights and shoes. She then pulled of my trousers in no hurry and just started to kiss my chest and go lower and lower untill BAM she reached my cock and started kissing and smacking it, she did not suck or wank me just kissed and smacked. I said mum let me lick your pussy, of course she said yes of course hunny did deep into my pussy. I could tell she was near her orgasm as her pussy juices dribbled out and she was prepareing for the climax BUT she pulled my head away and started to push me away from her for a few minutes şişli escort she reluctanly let me go near her untill she cooled down.We started fucking each other for about an hour I came a few times but she did’nt, I asked her do you want me to give you an orgasm she said ” No hunny I dont I’ll be fine I’ll just consentrate on you for now”. I felt if I was’nt good enough to give her an orgasm. but so I said mother please make me cum one more time please, she said yes. So she starter sucking my cock which was 8/9 inches as I was only 17 at the time and she stared rubbing my head of the penis and I tingled with pleasure it felt great she must of had expiereince in that area. I said after 10 minutes mum I’m guna cum, she grabed my cock and aimed it at her pussy and said give me a creampie and I shot about 10 shots of cum on her pussy and she licked it with her fingers.That night I said I will giver her an orgasm she will never forget……To Be Continued……If you liked post and say for part 3 and give me some pointers if you want.Thanks and hope you enjoy Part 1/2 and maby part 3 to come soon.