My Maths Teacher 1

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My Maths Teacher 1When I was s*******n, I had my next interesting sexual encounter. It came from a most unexpected source, my maths teacher. I had long been battling with my maths, I just could not get the concept of trigonometry into my head, and it was adversely affecting my maths mark. It didn’t help that I found my maths teacher mildly attractive. Mrs Lee was in her early forties I reckon, with bleached blonde hair, and curves in all the right places. I used to sit in class and watch her as her body moved beneath her clothes, imagining what she looked like underneath her conservative school attire. I tried to imagine what Mrs Lee with her more voluptuous figure would look like naked. My eyes used to follow her as she moved around the classroom, and I think she may have caught me looking at her once or twice, although I couldn’t be sure. Anyway, my preoccupation with her was affecting my marks and I was failing or just scr****g through in maths. One day after class Mrs Lee asked me stay behind as the bell rang. “I see your marks are not improving, and you might actually fail maths, Dave,” she said to me seriously, “I’ve never had a failure in one of my classes before, and you are not going to be the first. I’m offering you extra lessons in maths, to make sure you pass. It won’t cost your parents anything, I’ll do it for nothing to maintain my perfect record. I’d like to give you these lessons at my home, where there it will be more relaxed and informal, as I’ve had better results in the past that way. Go home, discuss it with your parents, and if it is okay with them we can get started as soon as possible.”I was stunned, I didn’t really want to give up my afternoons, but the alternative was not pleasant. It was the first time any teacher had put herself out for me, and I had not expected it from Mrs Lee. She had always kind of tolerated having a dunce like me in her class. I went home, told my parents what she had said, they agreed to it, and the next day I told Mrs Lee that they had said it was okay. “Great,” she said, as she handed a piece of paper to me, “here’s my address. Be there at 4pm tomorrow, and we can get started.” I checked her address, noting that it was quite close to the school, and told her that I would be there. The next day, I duly arrived at Mrs Lee’s home at the appointed time, rang the door bell, and she answered it, still dressed in the clothes that she had worn to school that day, a white blouse and black skirt. “Come in Dave,” she said smiling, “I thought we could work in the kitchen because I’ve got a nice table we can sit at.” I followed Mrs Lee through her house and into the kitchen. She had everything already set up at the table. “Right, let’s get to work Dave,” she said, sitting down at the table and indicating that I should sit down on the chair next to her. I sat down next to her, and took my books out, and the lesson got started. She moved while she was explaining the concept of trigonometry to me, and her leg brushed against mine. Self-consciously I moved my leg away, not wanting to cause her any awkwardness. The lesson continued, and once more during the lesson, her leg brushed mine and I move away once again. After about 35 minutes of tutoring, Mrs Lee suddenly stood up. “I think we both need a break Dave,” she announced, “young people find it difficult to concentrate for much longer than half an hour. I’m going to make some coffee, would you like some?” I told her I would, and she got up and busied herself with the preparation of the coffee. I complemented her on her home, and she told me that her late-husband had bought it when they first got married. I was surprised, I had always thought that she was divorced, not widowed, and I told her so. “If you don’t mind me asking, how did he die?” I asked.“Oh I don’t mind Dave,” she replied, “it happened over eight years ago now, I’m over it. He died in a car accident, got hit by a drunken driver. My biggest regret is that I was left to raise my three girls alone, it was tough, but his insurance policies helped.” She sat down at the table and we continued our chat as we drank our coffee. A couple of times her leg brushed against mine again as we chatted, by now I was beginning to suspect that it was not accidental, so I did not move my leg away, and allowed her to rub her leg up against mine. Mrs Lee put down her cup and looked at me. “Let’s not pretend why you are here anymore Dave,” she said bluntly, “I’ve noticed how you look at me in class, a blind woman could see what you are thinking as you stare at me. That’s one of the biggest reasons why you are battling with maths, your mind is elsewhere. So why don’t we just get this out into the open, you’ve got a crush on me.”“Well, yes,” I stuttered, surprised by her forthrightness.“So what are we going to do about it?” Mrs Lee asked, “how are we going to cure you of this crush so that you can concentrate on your work?”“I don’t know…” I stammered.“We need to get this awkwardness out of the way,” Mrs Lee said, “don’t think I’m not flattered by having a young man like you lusting after me, I am. Remember, I haven’t had a man in over eight years… I must admit, it kind of turns me on too. We can act on our feelings, and forget who is the teacher and who is the student for a while, but it would have to remain our secret, because I could lose my job if anyone was to find out. Will you keep it a secret Dave?”I nodded, speechless for once. Mrs Lee smiled at me and said, “Great. My first name is Michelle by the way, I’d like you to call me Michelle at my home.”“Okay Michelle,” I replied, not knowing what to expect next.“Are you a virgin Dave,” Michelle asked.“No,” I replied proudly, “I lost my virginity two years ago.”“Really,” Michelle said impressed, “to whom, if I may ask?”“A friend of mine’s mother,” I told her, “and I have been screwing her ever since.”Michelle smiled. “So you won’t be embarrassed if I tell you to stand up, and get rid of your pants and show me your cock?” she said, “Ever since I noticed you staring at me in class, I’ve been wondering if I make your cock hard, and what it looks like when it is hard.”I didn’t need a second invitation, I quickly stood up and dropped my tracksuit pants and underwear to my knees, my cock waving around and growing hard in anticipation. Michelle came and knelt down in front of me, tentatively reaching out and stroking my cock. “Mmm, lovely,” she murmured as she stroked my hardening cock, “such a lovely young hard cock.”“Yes Michelle,” I said, “Suck it, suck my cock. I’ve dreamed about this, now suck it.”I didn’t need to tell Michelle twice. Holding my cock steady at the base, she leaned forward, opening her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on my cock, her tongue teasing my cock as she sucked. She was not as an accomplished cocksucker, but that could merely have been because she was out of practice after so long, but she made up for it in effort. She began to move her mouth up and down my cock, not taking me too deeply into her mouth, but sustaining the suction of her mouth around my cock. She sucked my cock steadily like this for some time. By now I was able to control myself well, despite my raging hormones. Michelle pulled her mouth off my cock, keeping just the tip of my prick in her mouth, sucking on it as she ran her tongue over the slit in my cock.Michelle took her mouth off my cock and looked up at me. “You have a wonderful cock Dave,” she whispered, “but I need it inside of me. I want you to put your cock inside of me, and fuck me.” She stood up, quickly removing her blouse and bra, and dropping her skirt and panties at her feet. I stared at her naked body in front of me. She looked far different from what I had ever imagined. Michelle’s legs were sturdy, but not fat, as they led up to her wide ass and hips. She was carrying a little flab on her tummy, and her tits were big kırıkkale escort and slightly droopy, topped with small brown nipples. Her entire body was tanned, with no sign of any tan lines. “Disappointed?” she asked, twirling around.“Not at all Michelle,” I replied, “I just never imagined what you looked like naked correctly. I love your body. Your tan…”“Oh that,” she laughed, “I sunbathe naked in the back garden. Nobody can see into my garden. I bet you never imagined your dreary old maths teacher sunbathing naked.”Michelle leaned over the kitchen counter, supporting her body on her elbows and spreading her legs. “Don’t even bother to answer that Dave,” she said, “get over here, put your cock inside my pussy, and fuck me. Fuck your horny teacher.” I did as I was told, moving behind her as she spread her legs for me, rubbing my cock over her pussy, noting that her cunt was already sopping wet. My cock slipped easily into her pussy, and I began to thrust away, driving my cock in and out of her pussy. Michelle groaned as my cock moved into her, “Yes, oh yes. Fuck my horny pussy Dave.” I spread her ass cheeks with my hands as I thrust into her, staring at her wrinkled asshole winking at me as I thrust into her. Michelle’s cunt was not very tight, probably because of her three c***dren, and the muscles slackening as she got older, but she seemed to enjoy my thrusts into her nonetheless. I thrust steadily into her, driving my cock deep into her pussy, my balls crushing against her labia as I forced my cock into her. Her wide ass bounced as I thrust into her, turning me on even more. Michelle was moaning steadily now as I thrust into her loose pussy, enjoying my cock driving into her. “Now isn’t this a lot better than studying some boring old maths,” she said, looking over her shoulder and smiling at me. I nodded in agreement, and continued thrusting my hard cock into her, pummelling her pussy with my cock. Michelle was gasping now as I pounded my cock into her pussy, she was so horny to have a cock inside her once again, and I realised that she was going to cum soon. “Yes, yes,” she moaned, “shove your cock into me harder Dave. Fuck me harder, I’m almost there.” I thrust hard, with long strokes, shoving my cock deep into her pussy, my groin mashing against her ass as I thrust into her. Michelle’s sturdy legs began to quiver as her orgasm started, and she pushed her pussy back onto my cock to meet my strokes. She slipped a hand between her legs, and began to rub the top of her pussy furiously, rubbing her clit as I thrust into her pussy. She cried out as she came, her entire body shaking, pushing back against me, trying to get all of me inside her pussy. Michelle ground her ass back against me, her pussy tightening slightly around my cock as I thrust into her. “AAAAAAH YES!!” she cried, “FUCK ME WITH THAT LOVELY HARD COCK!!” I pummelled my cock into her orgasming pussy, driving it up to the hilt into her. She groaned with satisfaction as she felt my entire cock stuffed inside of her, her body shaking uncontrollably now as her orgasm overwhelmed her. I held my cock crammed inside of her pussy as she came, enjoying the sight of my maths teacher shaking like a leaf from my cock inside of her. Michelle’s groans eventually subsided as her orgasm ended, and she looked over her shoulder at me, a look of satisfaction in her face. “Thanks Dave,” she sighed, “I really needed that. Not having had a man for so long, and being inside a testosterone loaded class every day really takes its toll on you. I really needed a good rogering. I can still feel your hard cock inside of me, you haven’t cum yet. Didn’t you enjoy it?”“Oh no, I did,” I reassured her, “I loved giving you pleasure. But to tell you the truth, your pussy is not as tight as what I am used to, and it didn’t provide enough stimulation for me, even when you came, to make me cum.”“I understand Dave. My pussy is a little loose for you.” Michelle said, “Thanks for being so honest. I knew I should have had Caesareans when I had my girls. Three vaginal deliveries really takes its toll on your muscles. So, what would you like to do? I can suck your cock for you again, and you can cum that way.”“Well, what I would really like,” I hesitated, “is to fuck you in your ass Michelle. The thought of fucking my teacher’s ass really turns me on, and I’m sure your ass is really tight,” I added, thrusting my cock into her pussy again, to give emphasis to what I was saying.Michelle looked a little hesitant now. “You want to fuck my ass Dave?” she said, “I’ve never done that before. I’ve heard about it, and seen pictures of it on the Internet, but never done it. Won’t it hurt? After all, my ass is not designed for a cock, like my pussy.”“It might at first,” I admitted, “but don’t you want to make me feel good too? You can already get into trouble for fucking one of your students, and if you don’t let me, I’ll tell everyone how you seduced me. I’m not sixteen yet either, so it would be statutory **** too.”Michelle quickly thought about what I had said. “Okay Dave, you don’t need to threaten me,” she said, “I want to please you, and if that’s what you want, you can fuck my ass.”I smiled, realising that I had won. I was going to fuck my teacher in her virgin ass. I withdrew my cock from her pussy, moved back slightly, spread Michelle’s ass-cheeks, and proceeded to rub my cock over the tight little rosebud of her ass. Michelle moved away from me slightly as she felt my cock make contact with her asshole. “Please be gentle Dave,” she pleaded, “I’ve never done this before, so don’t hurt me.”“Sssshhh, don’t worry,” I assured her, “I’ll take it easy.” My cock was still covered with her pussy juices from our fucking earlier, and I was rubbing our juices against her asshole and lubricating it up as much as possible before penetrating her. I lined my hard cock up against her asshole, and began to apply pressure against the tight resisting muscle of her asshole. Michelle’s body shivered as she realised that we were now passing a point of no return. I continued applying steady pressure with my cock against her asshole, until suddenly it opened slightly, allowing me to push the head of my cock into her ass. Michelle cried out in surprise as she felt my cock penetrating her ass for the first time. I had been right, her ass was incredibly tight. I held my cock motionless inside of her ass, allowing her to become accustomed to feeling a cock inside of her ass.“Mmm, that doesn’t feel as bad as I thought it would,” Michelle moaned, “in fact, it feels quite nice. I’ve just had a thought though Dave. My ass isn’t naturally lubricated like my pussy, so we should use some lubrication if we are going to do this properly.” Saying this, she reached up as she lay bent over the kitchen counter, and opened a cupboard, taking out a bottle of olive oil and passing it to me. “Extra Virgin Olive Oil,” she joked, “somehow it seems appropriate. Cover your cock with this, it will make it a lot easier for what you want to do.” Michelle was right of course, lubrication would make everything a lot easier, and her ass was more than tight enough for me. I slowly extricated my cock from her tight ass, opened the bottle of oil, and poured some oil over my cock, rubbing it up and down the length of my shaft. Once I was satisfied that my cock was well covered with oil, I poured some oil into the crack of her ass, watching as it ran down the cleft of her buttocks, and over her asshole. Michelle shivered as she felt the cold oil running over her ass. I had an idea then, and covered my fingers with oil. “I’m going to put some oil inside your ass Michelle,” I told her, “to make sure it is well lubricated before I put my cock inside of you.”Michelle nodded. “Yes, do it,” she agreed. I reached down to her ass, spreading her asscheeks once again, and pushed at her puckered little asshole with my index escort kırıkkale finger. I sensed Michelle’s body tensing up as she felt my finger probing at her little brown asshole. “Just relax,” I told her, “I need to do this so that I don’t hurt you later.” I pushed my finger against her asshole, and it slid in easily, it was so well lubricated with the oil. Michelle moaned as she felt my finger penetrating her tight asshole. “Your ass is really tight Michelle,” I told her, “I can feel how it is gripping my finger so tightly. It is going to feel so good to have my cock inside your tight asshole.” I dug around with my finger inside her asshole, causing Michelle to groan as she felt my finger moving in and out of her ass. At one point I pulled my finger almost all the way out of her ass, leaving just the tip of my finger inside of her, and then poured more oil onto my finger, allowing it to run down my finger and into her ass. I then moved my finger around inside of her once again, spreading the oil around inside her ass. Once I was satisfied that I had lubed up her ass well enough, I removed my finger. “There, that ought to do it, that will make it a lot easier now,” I said, pushing a kitchen chair towards her, “Here, put one of your feet on top of this chair. It will open your ass up better for me, and change my angle of penetration, making it easier.”Michelle grabbed the chair, pushing the backrest up against the kitchen cupboards. She put her left leg up onto the chair as I had instructed, and leaned over, resting herself on her elbows on the back of the chair. I stood up behind her, put some more oil on my cock for good measure, and then pushed my cock once again, against her now well-greased little brown asshole. I maintained steady pressure with my cock against the tight muscles of her asshole, and this time my cock slipped in easily, suddenly popping through into her ass. This time however, knowing that her ass was slick with oil, I did not wait, but pushed my cock slowly into her amazingly tight ass. Michelle cried out as she felt my cock moving inside her ass, where no cock had ever been before. I pushed most of my cock into her, enjoying the incredible hot snugness of her ass around my cock. “There how does that feel?” I asked her, “Do you like the feel of my cock inside of your ass?”Michelle was holding her head in one of her hands while she kept her body steady by holding onto the counter. “I feel so full of your cock Dave,” she moaned, “I’m still getting used to the feeling, but it is not unpleasant, feeling so stuffed full of your cock. Don’t worry about me, you aren’t hurting me, I want this to be good for you. I want you to fuck my ass like you want to.”I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her ass, with long strokes, letting her feel the entire length of my cock moving in and out of her tight ass. Michelle began to moan as she felt my cock moving around inside of her. “Mmmm yes Dave, that feels even better,” she moaned, “I’m such a slut for letting you fuck me like this, like a whore. Fuck your slutty teacher’s ass.” I pushed her back down, lowering her upper body to change the angle of her hips, giving myself better penetration of her ass. Michelle obligingly moved as I pushed her, allowing my cock to move easier inside of her. I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her ass, savouring the tightness of her snug ass around my cock. I appraised the situation while I was fucking her ass. Here I was, fucking my math’s teacher’s ass, in the kitchen of her home. A woman I had been lusting over for years, stealing glances at her in the classroom, wondering what she looked like naked. Thus far, she had sucked my cock for me, clearly enjoying it. I had fucked her pussy until she came, and now I was thrusting away with my cock inside her ass. Life truly was good!I was brought back to reality, out of my daydreams, by Michelle’s loud grunting and moaning each time I thrust my cock into her. “Ah yes, that feels good,” she moaned, “I love feeling your cock inside my dirty ass Dave. Fuck me hard inside my slutty ass.” I realised then, that she was really getting off on having my cock fucking her ass. I shoved my cock hard into her ass, causing her to moan with satisfaction as she felt me respond to her cries. “Yes!!” she cried, “Like that, fuck me hard Dave.” I pushed her upper body even lower now, so that she had to hold onto the seat of the chair with her hands to steady herself, and proceeded to fuck my cock mercilessly into her ass. I pushed forward with my cock, driving my cock deep into her ass, until my groin was pushing against her upturned buttocks. Michelle groaned with appreciation as she felt my entire cock being stuffed into her narrow anal channel. “Aaah yes Dave!” she cried, “give it all to me. I want it all, I want to feel your cock deep inside my ass.” I smiled with satisfaction, only a short while ago she was hesitant about letting me fuck her ass, and now she couldn’t get enough. She wanted more and more of my cock inside her ass. I was not going to deprive her of what she wanted, and thrust forward hard with my hips, driving my cock up into her ass, giving her what she was begging for. “There you whore,” I moaned, “take it all. Feel my cock fucking your ass.” I thrust slowly but steadily into her, my cock moving in and out of her ass, her ass gripping it tightly.Michelle moaned with pleasure each time my cock moved into her, and then sighed with frustration as I withdrew it. “Yes Dave,” she cried out, “Use me like a whore Dave. I’m your whore, a whore for your cock. Fuck me, fuck my ass!” I pounded my cock into her, worried that her tight ass would make me cum to soon, I wanted this to last. I wanted to fuck her ass so that she would not be able to walk properly for a few days afterwards, so that with every step she remembered our fucking. I slowed down my thrusts into her, and with every thrust into her tight ass, I held my cock inside her for a moment, grinding my hips against her ass, forcing as much of my cock as I could into her. Michelle was moaning constantly now as I fucked my cock slowly into her ass.“I have an idea Dave,” she moaned, “let me sit on your cock, that way I can use my weight to push your cock into me. I want to feel all of your cock stuffed inside my ass. I withdrew my cock from her ass, and helped her up off the chair, before sitting down on it. Michelle turned around and began to lower her ass down onto my lap. “Hold your cock still Dave,” she sighed, “and line it up with my ass. I’m going to sit on your cock.” I held my cock still and watched as Michelle lowered her ass down onto my cock, aiming my cock at her little brown asshole as it descended down onto my cock. Michelle hesitated slightly as she felt my cock pushing against her asshole, and then lowered her ass down onto it, forcing my cock into her ass. “Ah, this is even better,” she moaned, as my cock slid easily into her ass. Michelle pushed down, using her body weight to drive my cock up into her ass. I could see my cock moving relentlessly into her tight ass. Michelle then proceeded to lift and lower her ass down onto my cock, but in this position I was not able to move at all. “Don’t worry about anything,” Michelle moaned, “let me do all the work Dave. I’m going to fuck you with my ass, just like you wanted. Relax and let me take care of it, let me fuck you.” Michelle resumed her movements, slowly lifting and lowering her ass down onto my cock, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her ass.Michelle suddenly pushed down with her entire weight, forcing my cock deeper into her ass than it had been before, stuffed to the hilt inside her ass. “AAAH YES!!” she cried, “that feels good Dave. Your cock is so deep inside of me, it feels like it is going to come out through my mouth soon. I love feeling your cock inside my ass, I had no idea that it would feel as good as kırıkkale escort bayan this. She sat still like this on top of me, and I could feel her using her ass muscles to tighten around my cock. “Do you like that?” she moaned, “Can you feel my ass tightening around your cock?”“That feels good,” I agreed, “but I like to feel my cock moving around inside of you, that really feels good for me. Michelle began to lift her and lower her ass down onto my cock, driving my cock in and out of her ass. “Yes, like that Michelle,” I groaned, “Fuck your ass down onto my cock like that.” Michelle began to bounce up and down on my cock faster, her big tits bouncing around in front of her as her body moved up and down. I could feel and see my cock moving in and out of her ass as she bounced around on my cock.“Hold my tits as I fuck you with my ass!” Michelle cried, “Hold them tight and squeeze them.” I put my hands around her body, grabbing hold of her large bouncing tits, squeezing them tightly, crushing them against her chest, as she fucked her ass down onto my cock. Michelle continued bouncing her ass up and down onto my cock, her ass squeezing my cock tighter and tighter as she moved. She was puffing and panting with the physical exertion of what she was doing. “Aaah, ah, ah, ah, ah,” she cried out, “YES!!! Fill my ass with your cock Dave.” It was then that I realised that she was cumming again, cumming for the first time from her first anal fuck. She pushed her ass down hard against my cock, forcing my cock as deep as she could into her ass. “AAAAAAAAAAH FUCK!!” she cried, her ass clenching and unclenching around my cock as she came. I squeezed her tits harder, mashing her large tits against her chest, digging my fingers into the soft flesh of her tits. I tried to thrust upwards against her, pushing my cock even deeper into her ass. Michelle’s entire body began to shake uncontrollably as she came, she was howling with pleasure as we both forced my cock deep into her ass. I waited as I felt her orgasm continue. It seemed to continue for ever as she pushed her ass down against my cock, moaning with each little thrust I gave with my cock into her clamping ass. Eventually Michelle’s orgasm ended, and her body stopped shaking, and she flopped down onto my still hard cock. “Wow, that was amazing Dave,” she whimpered, “I’ve never cum like that before, and to think I was unsure about fucking like this. It was incredible. You’re incredible too, I can still feel your cock, as hard as ever inside of me. What is it going to take to make you cum?”Before I could answer her, Michelle had stood up, lifting herself off my cock, turned around and sat down on me, facing me. She reached back, taking hold of my cock and guided it back into her asshole. “Let’s put this back where it belongs,” she sighed, as my cock slipped easily back into her ass. Michelle lowered her ass back down onto my cock, moaning with satisfaction as she felt my cock once again stretching her ass. She leaned forward, taking my head in her hands, showering my face with kisses. “Thank you, thank you,” she moaned as she kissed my face, “Thank you for fucking me so well. Thank you for showing me how to fuck like this. Thank you for teaching your boring old maths teacher how to fuck properly Dave.” I wordlessly pushed her face away, and pushed my face towards her large tits that were d****d in front of me. “Yes, suck my tits,” she moaned, offering them to me, “suck my big tits. I know you like them, you’ve been watching them for long enough.” I took first one tit and then the other into my mouth, sucking hard at her fleshy tits, biting down onto her tit as I sucked the nipple into my mouth. Michelle moaned with pleasure as I sucked her tits, and began to move her ass up and down once again on my cock. Her ass wasn’t as tight around my cock anymore, and my cock wasn’t as deep inside of her as it was earlier, but I allowed her to continue fucking her ass down onto my cock. Michelle was moaning loudly now, and her moans grew louder the harder I sucked on her big tits. Her ass must have been getting pretty worn out by now I figured, because my cock was getting rather sore from all the punishment.I reluctantly pushed Michelle up and off my cock. “Get off,” I told her, “Kneel down on the floor. I want you to suck my cock again Michelle. I want to watch you suck my cock before I cum.”Michelle prised herself off my cock, looking at me confused. “But,” she started, “your cock’s been inside my ass, it’s not clean…”“Quiet,” I ordered her, “just do what you’re told.” Michelle did not object again, but obediently got down on her knees and waited, her eyes shut and her mouth open. I moved in front of her and began to rub my cock over her face, pushing it against the lips of her open mouth. Her tongue snaked out, licking my cock, the little pink tip swirling around the head of my cock. I pushed my cock into her mouth, and Michelle accepted it willingly, her mouth clamping tightly around my cock and sucking hard on it. I looked down at my slutty teacher, sucking eagerly on my cock that had recently vacated her ass. I held her head in my hands, driving her head down onto my cock, forcing my cock deep into her throat. Michelle gagged as my cock pressed into her throat, pulling her mouth off my cock. “I can’t do that Dave, I’m sorry,” she apologised, “I can’t take your cock so deep into my mouth. Please cum soon,” she begged, “I want to make you cum, but my ass is too sore for anymore, and my jaw is getting sore too. I haven’t had a big cock like yours inside my mouth for so long, I’m not used to it anymore.”I began to jack myself off in front of her face, banging my cock against her face as I did so. “Mmm yes,” Michelle moaned, “cum for me Dave. Cum inside my mouth, or over my face and tits. I don’t care. I’d like to watch you cum though, to see your cum shooting out of your cock and onto my body.” I jacked myself off until I could feel that I was about to cum, I knew that it wouldn’t take long, not after all the fucking we had done this afternoon.“Here it comes,” I warned Michelle as I felt my cum boiling up from my balls, “I’m cumming now!”Michelle sat dead still, her eyes closed. “Cum on my face and tits Dave,” she pleaded, “cover me with your cum. Cum over your slutty teacher, give me a good cum bath. Cover me with your lovely teen cum.” As she said that, the first spurt of my cum exploded out of my cock, landing on her chin. More spurts followed and I sprayed my cum over her tits. Michelle moaned with pleasure as she felt my hot cum landing on her face and tits, reaching up and spooning the cum on her chin into her mouth with her fingers, and then rubbing my cum into her large tits. “Oh yes Dave,” she moaned, her eyes open now and looking up at me, “cum over my tits like that. Cover my tits with your lovely cum.” I continued cumming, aiming my cock at her tits, which Michelle was now cupping in her hands offering them up to my cum. She watched, delighted as the last few drops of my cum shot out of my cock and landed on her tits. Michelle lifted herself up on her knees. “Rub your cock against my tits,” she begged, “spread your cum over my tits with your cock Dave.” I did what she asked, rubbing my cock over her tits, spreading the copious amounts of cum on her chest around with my cock. Michelle moaned with satisfaction as I rubbed my cock over her tits, pushing it against her delicious little brown nipples that I had sucked earlier. “Mmmm,” Michelle moaned with pleasure as I rubbed my cock over her large tits, “Thank you Dave, I really enjoyed our fucking today. I cannot believe how much I loved feeling your big hard cock inside my ass. I loved sucking your cock for you too, although I know I’m a bit out of practice, but I guess I can work on that if you don’t mind. I loved watching you cum, seeing your cum shooting out of your young cock, and landing on my tits, I just love it all. You taught me some things I didn’t know, I guess I can only reciprocate by improving your maths mark.”Needless to say, after that steamy afternoon, my maths mark improved considerably, and I got to improve Michelle’s knowledge a lot more too.