My Life as Lauren Ch. 02


As usual I left Bev’s place in a right state. Panties and really short skirt leaving nothing to the imagination my shirt open with my tits open for all to see but at least this time I didn’t have cum trickling out of my ass. I had trouble walking to that car as always thanks to Tyrone but when we got there Kate gave me a pair of panties from her bag which I think were the ones she was wearing earlier as they were slightly warm and were wet and sticky. I spoke to her whilst I fixed my appearance just as Bev had taught me. She confirmed everything that Bev had said. But she also told me she had a surprise for me.

Once we got home she told me to get change and we’ll discuss the details. As soon as I stepped into my room I realised her ‘surprise’ she had completely changed my room. Despite living as a woman full time I still acted like I was in the closet. My room was gender neutral and all my female clothes were in bottom draws and at the back of wardrobe. Or at least it was. Kate had removed all my male clothes moved all my male clothes moved my girl clothes to the top draws and front of my wardrobe. She replaced aftershave and body spray with perfume and lipstick. Took down all my posters Kartal Fetiş Escort and instead put up posters if naked girls on car bonnets and some that looked as though they were straight from a porn seen. They were posters that belonged in a fifteen year old boy’s room except in my posters all the girls had giant rock solid dicks.

I looked around again in under amazement saw that my top shelf was full of manikin heads with wigs on them some mine, some looked new. I saw a completely feminine dresser with makeup and hair accessories. She even put in a full sixed mirror. I looked in the bottom drawers to find tampons dildos vibrators, lube and lots of condoms. Normally I would be furious if Kate moved around my room but when I walked back into the living room Kate I went over to Kate and gave her an enormous kiss and thanked her. “We thought that if you were living as a girl you should live like a girl,” she said smiling

“I take it the posters and the drawers were your idea?” I asked kissing her again. She closed her eyes and moaned. My kissing is good but not that good. I stepped back and notices the hum in the air and when I looked down I saw the puddle Kartal Gecelik Escort that Kate was creating. We both sat on the sofa at first we would but a towel down but the sofa was ruined anyway so it didn’t matter.

Kate looked at me but I could tell she was distracted. She explained to me all the hormones and my routine. “The hormones will give you a more feminine body and your boobs will grow and I’ve made a schedule for when you should take them there’s posters in the bathroom and on your new dresser of your routine. Also there will be an alert on your phone when it’s…” She moaned loudly and her head rolled back, she put her hand between her legs and moaned louder. I knew it was times like these that she wanted to be alone.

I took the pills from the coffee table and went in to my new room. I studied the schedule on my dresser and realised it was time to take some. I popped the pills and sat on my bed staring at my new room listening to the faint sounds of Kate moaning. Curiosity got the better me and I looked in my wardrobe to find a couple new pairs of shoes I tried them on and by dick became rock hard. I headed back to my bed but stopped in front Kartal Genç Escort of my drawers. I went in the bottom drawer and pulled out the lube and vibrator. I sat on my bed and pulled out my tampon. I lubed up the vibrator stuck my legs in the air and put it in. at first it was just like a big dildo but when I turned it on is when it became magically and install I understood Why Kate was addicted.

Life was normal for the next few months but it was the fact it was normal that was incredibly surreal I was living as a woman but more so than when before I was confident I wasn’t hiding, I was taking my hormones and could feel my body changing, becoming my real body. I was living a regular life as a woman with a job and bills to pay and friends.

I was able to go shopping on my own and by things like tampons on my own and meet guys on my own. I remember one day in the shop Bev asked to see my tits to see how far they had grown but to be honest I think she just missed them. I started unbuttoning my blouse and she asked me what I had pad my bra with, when I removed my bra she almost cried and gave me the biggest hug. She grabbed my big nice natural tits and asked “So you’re all natural?” I just Smiled and nodded she leant forward and kissed me and said “You’re like a caterpillar emerging into a beautiful butterfly.” We both laughed about it at the time because of how cheesy it was but it got me thinking and she was right I was turning into who I was meant to be.