My Gift to The Lord…

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My Gift to The Lord…Conversation 1 – C1“Hi my English name is Emelda. Welcome to our Church.”“Hi I’m Kev,” I responded, the wheels turning in my head as I took in the curvy legs barely concealed by her floral print dress. Although in her late thirties or early forties, her taut skin and red pouty lips stirred my dick to attention in my khaki pants.“Are you American?”“Canadian, from Vancouver.”“What brings to you to Tokyo? And how long have you been a Christian?” she asked, with an eagerness and glint in her eyes that gave me the confidence to intentionally scan her entire body, more than casually, without concealing the fact.“Graduated last year and here to teach English. This is my first time back to any church in years. Am lonely so thought I would give it another try.”“Let me show you where the coffee is. Want to have a cup?”“Sure.” I strolled behind her to check out her heart-shaped-ass. My mind flashed to the thought of pulling her off into one of the storage rooms along the corridor so that I could shove my cock in her mouth for a little post-mass delight.C2 “Why doesn’t your husband or son join you at Church?” I asked kaş escort a couple of weeks later, over a latte at a coffee shop not far from the Church. Pleased at easily convincing her to meet ‘off-site’ after the service, I openly stared at her tits which screamed for attention in her v-line sweater.“They don’t believe in God,” she said smiling. “They prefer sitting at home watching TV.”“If I were your husband I would watch over you much more carefully,” I added, pushing the envelope a little. “Your husband is lucky to have such an attractive wife. You could be a movie star.”Given that she smiled and didn’t bat an eye in embarrassment, I smiled back, took another sip of my latte, and visually preened over her white stocking legs for over 30 seconds, making no effort to disguise my line of sight.C3“Show me a picture of your husband.” “Why?”“I’m just curious.”Reaching over my bed into her purse, she fumbled with her wallet and handed me a pic.“He looks like an engineer type – kinda serious – but your son is cute. Now please take off your clothes. As she modestly complied I asked “What’s your husband’s name?”“Kitsumo,” she escort kaş answered, now down to her panties and bra.After 4 weeks of church I was finally down in her pants…and her hairy wet pussy was nice and tight as I slid in slowly but firmly. After a few minutes of alternating speeds, I built up to a full thrust, ramming my cock as deep as it could go while tightly clenching her ass with my hands for added leverage. She moaned like a whore as I whispered “You’re dirty. You’re a dirty cheating wife. I wish Kitsumo could see you now, having sex with a western guy you just met in Church. He would be proud of you, right? I bet he’d be surprised to see his dirty church wife with my cock in you. I wish Kitsumo could see my cock in your wet pussy right now…”Moans of agreement met my taunts.“What’s my name Emelda? I taunted further while slowly pulling my cock 90% of out her pussy, so that I could visually enjoy every jab back deep inside her.“Kevin. What do you mean?”“Are you sure that’s my real name? I asked, clenching her ass tighter, knowing that I was going to spew my load deep in her pussy. “That’s the name I told you but kaş escort bayan are you sure? Do you like to have sex with strange men dirty wife? You don’t even know my real name.”Emelda looked slightly confused but in the heat of the moment began moaning loud enough that my Sunday neighbors might hear, in the apparent appreciation of my taunts, my cock, or both.“I’m gonna shoot my cum load deep inside of you dirty girl!”Her legs wrapped around my back as I gushed my Sabbath praise deep in her.C4Over my year in Tokyo I was lucky enough to bang this horny MILF about 2 dozen times after Church. Twice we skipped mass altogether and she came straight to my place so we could get an extra hour in of fucking.“I’m going to miss you too”, I said to her over the phone two nights before my flight back home.While talking I was editing a couple of the secret sex videos I had made without ever letting her know. She was doing most of the talking and I was stroking my cock, getting off to all the memories as she talked, and I edited.“Of course I’ll email you,” I said. “I promise one day I’m going to send you a secret gift.”After making sure the edited files were not too large, I found the bulletin board of the church. I shot off a large glob of warm cum as I clicked the upload button. Emelda was one hot slut and I wanted others to know about it too.