My friends sister

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My friends sisterMy name is Steven, and my family have known the Holden family for years now. Their family has two brothers around the same age me. They also have a sister called Sarah who is a few years older than me. I have always fancied her since I was little. She has been the most used in my memory wank bank.Me and her brother are best friends so I am usually over at his house. It is always a better time when his sister is there as well. Every time I see her I try and remember what see is wearing so that I can imagine me fucking her later. She is quite small standing at about 5’6. she has long blonde hair, and I would say she is the perfect weight not kaş escort to not fat but not thin. She has an amazing ass that would drive anyone insane. But the best thing about he are her tits. They are at least double D’s, but they are perfectly round. Every time I see them in a low cut top, I get an instant boner.As I started to get older I started to get more and more attracted to her. I had just turned 16, she was 18. She was going out with this fat overweight guy. I just you used to dream that it was me instead of that fat piece of shit who was banging her. I was at her house with her brother just watching TV and playing Fifa, so I needed the toilet and escort kaş went upstairs. then I decided to have a quick look into Sarah’s room. I had a hard on so I thought I might as well have a look at her underwear. I grabbed the first thong I saw and went into the toilet to blow my load. Ever since then I have been taking pictures of he underwear and wanking my brains out to them. But nothing is better than the thrill of doing it in her room.I often got the chance to blow my load in her room. They had a dog, and when everyone was out they used to leave me the key to give the dog some food and let it out back if they was all out. So this one Saturday they left kaş escort bayan me the key. Everyone was going to be gone from 3-7. So I made sure that I went over quite early, so i could get as many wanks in as possible. I went over around half 3. I got in gave the dog some food and ran upstairs to her room. Grabbed loads of her knickers and got naked on her bed. this had only been my third time getting naked on her bed. I was so focused on what I was doing I didn’t realise that the front door had been opened. They could hear what i was doing from downstairs i was so load. I eventually knew someone was home as i heard a creak from the stairs as they made their way up. i froze instantly, then I saw a shadow though the door..To Be Continued…This was my first attempt at writing a story, so don’t be too harsh pleaseand you can see pics of her underwear in my pics