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My friends fucks my wifeSince high school, I have three best buddies which are all married now, but we are still in touch and every now and then we met up with our wives and sometimes just the four of us. My wife was my high school girlfriend so my best buddies knew her ever since and comfortable with her.It was my b-day when three of my 3 best buddies and I were the only people left in our house with my wife. My wife, started to clean up the mess and the four of us is still drinking up at the living room. After a few minutes, my wife had finished cleaning up the mess. I have noticed one of my friend, Jerry, who has a big crush on my wife since high school, was staring like a mad man at my wife who is wearing a blunging blouse that is almost see-thru that shows great part of her cleavage. Alcohol also plays a great part in making my friend horny. Jerry started making nasty comments on my wife that at first makes me a little irritated but afterwards makes me feel excited. He tells the group that I am so lucky to have a wife with such a huge tits that he wish to suck, that he also fantasized on having my wife suck his cock. Those comments brings out laughter among us and make my other friends, Dick and Bert to have comments too. we also talked about the time when we had a swimming party, my wife wears a very skimpy bikini then, though she is conservative but because she is comfortable with my friends she wears it that time. They said that when my wife walked her tits wiggled like a watermelon ready to explode and that her pubic hair is peeking out of the bikini.They also remember the time when we sleep altogether in one room with my wife as the only girl in the room, when me and my wife were asleep, the three of them removed the blanket and stared at the boobs of my wife. Our conversation continues with fantasizing with my wife when suddenly hatay escort my wife approached us and ask permission to leave us for her to rest. I gave her a sweet goodnight kiss and gave a remark “Take a shower first honey, so after we drink I will do you good”. She smiled naughtily and bit her finger like teasing us. The guys also make a remarks like “wash it thoroughly so when we eat those its clean” and “Don’t lock the door so we can see you in your nighties”. She just smiled and walk directly to the bathroom. Afterwards, I’ve noticed Jerry heading towards the bathroom too, and it takes time but Jerry is still not returning. I followed Jerry and saw him holding his dick and jacking off while watching my wife took shower, the bathroom door was not completely closed so you can clearly saw whoever is taking a bath. When Jerry noticed me he apologized and said he is about to take a pee but was stopped seeing the door of the comfort room is open and my wife is taking a bath, I feel so excited that time seeing my friend jerking off seeing my wife taking a shower. We both get back to the living room together quietly, after a few silent, I didn’t know why but I ask Jerry if she wants to fuck my wife. All of my three buddies were shocked hearing that from me, I was also surprised for asking that, then a long silent surrounds the room.After a few minutes, my wife gets out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapping her nude body, all in the room eye’s popped up, even me seeing my wife that sexy with her fair complexion and milky white skin and sexy legs and thighs. She goes directly to our bedroom and so quickly she returned to the living room wearing only her silky thin white nightwear, that you can almost see through her naked body without any bra and just a red bikini panties on. We are all in shocked seeing her like that considering escort hatay she is shy and very conservative. She breaks the silence by asking us if we still have beers and offers to cook some “pulutan” for us. We all agree and she cooked for us, my three buddies couldn’t help but looking at her from time to time. Her nighties was so thin than she almost looked naked with her nipples erecting like a solid rock drawing too much attention. After cooking she sat besides me on the couch with my three buddies at the other side staring at her body, she ask me to massage her shoulder so I did, she even let the string of her nighties down upto the middle of her arms. I can see my three friends are having a hard ons because they adjusted their dicks to its proper place of erection. My wife also noticed it and naughtily asked them “hey guys are you having a hard on?”, laughter follows and my wife relaxingly sits on my lap without noticing that her night dress was up to her tummy and her red panty was directly seen by my three friends across the room. Jerry was so horny and drunk that time so he boldly ask my wife to sit on his lap, we are all surprised when my wife without hesitation sat on his lap. Jerry starts to caress her shoulder down to her waist and then to her thigh, my wife seems to like it and we heard a soft moan from her. My two friends, Bert and Dick got braver with the moan and started to touch her thighs too as high as almost touching her pubic hair. The room was too hot to handle that time because I feel my wife was so horny and she is whore at that moment, that excites me more watching my friends touching my wife. Jerry, Dick and Bert are now caressing not only her thigh but her butt, her breast and her whole body which made my wife so horny. The guys started kissing my wife on her neck, thigh and even in her lips as I watched hatay escort bayan across the room. They started groping her, squeezing her tits and butt and slowly removing her panty and started licking her pussy and nipples. They also removed their pants and forced her to suck their dicks at the same time. My wife was horny that she sucks their cocks so hard that she almost threw up because of the large cocks she is sucking. My wife was so hot that her pussy was so wet when Jerry started inserting his huge cock inside her pussy, she moans so loud and cried out so loud with “Ohhh Shittt” “Fuck meeee” “Shitttttt” “My Godddd”. I was jerking watching my wife being fucked by my friend. Then Jerry moves faster and faster the he withdrew his cock and spray his cum in my wife’s face, but before they could wipe it, Bert inserted his dick inside my wife’s pussy and fucks her hard while Dick fuckes her mouth. Bert change her position and put her ass on top in a doggie position, he fucks her so hard that my wife screams so loud. Then Bert sprayed his cum on my wife’s butthole. Then it was Dict’s turn to fuck my wife, he ripped off my wife’s thin nighties like r****g her, he slapped her face and slapped her butt so hard that it leaves his hand mark on my wife’s butt. He fucks her doggie style too whille slapping her butt alternately, when he is about to cum, he pulled my wife’s hair and directs her face in his cock, he forced his cock into my wife’s mouth and unload all of his cum inside my wife’s mouth. He pinched my wife’s nose and forced her to swallow all his cum.My wife was exhausted so as me, I have cummed right before Dick cum inside her mouth.She lay down on the couch but the three are still groping her, squeezing her tits and butt, fingering her pussy and touching her body.After that evening, my wife can not look directly to my friends’ wives whenever we have a get together. My friends are begging me to do it again but my wife was not yet ready to do such thing again….but who knows, maybe I will have another story to share..this is a true story and not a fantasy….