My Friend the Swedish Pornstar’s Story


My Friend the Swedish Pornstar’s StoryCaroline A, was a former school friend of mine. Tall and blond, smooth skin and blemish free, always shaving her pussy, and a love of all things sexual.It was of no surprise to some of us, who knew her, that she became mired in Porn.Just after her 16th birthday she called me to say she was going down for an audition for a series to aired on Swedish West coast TV, and of course she was chosen, for a few parts, not that she minded, as one of the cameramen, took her to the side and propositioned her, for a part in an adult movie, if she was adult enough to take the step up.Those kind of challenges are faced by girls all over the World, whenever men encourage girls to be old enough to be women, girls who say they are, now have to prove it.The plot behind the movie was for the teenage daughter of a well known politician, to be involved in d**gs and gangs, in Göteborg, and he uses his powers to have her institutionalised, so he can hide her away while he fights to the leader of his party.The problem arises when she is put into an institution for the insane and everyone in there, is male, old, and perverted, including the attendants, who are free to deal with the patients, as they see fit.Her troubles start in the ambulance, where she fights to get out and they have to restrain her. They stop the ambulance at the roadside, in the outskirts to the city, and the three men, the driver his assistant and the male nurse, overpower her and tie her to the stretcher.The male nurse is scratched in the melee, and is angry with her. They drive off and he starts by gagging her and then bakırköy escort injecting her with a d**g, which puts her into a delirious state of mind, and then abuses her sexually as well as inflicting severe and sadistic punishment on her helpless body.She is wheeled into the back of the sanatorium, still d**gged, sedated, and restrained by tie wraps, and left in a small anti-room, where she is discovered by a couple of janitors.Of course these men think all their Christmases have come together as they enjoy the abundance of warm flesh still wet from the onslaught in the ambulance, and waste no time in relieving themselves on and in her.The rest of the film is about her daily decline into the depths of depravity as she is used daily for all things sexual, from staff to patients, all using her youth and vitality, to relieve what is a daily diet of drudgery, bringing colour into an otherwise grey existence. By the movie’s end she has had all the male actors inside her, 42 in total she told me and a very sore pussy that hurt for months after it.As I said earlier, we all knew she was into sex in a big way, but this seemed extreme, so I asked her why did she do it.When she was introduced the to men producing these porn films, she was at first challenged about her age, but it was made clear to her that this sort of thing can be brushed under the table, as many porn movie’s feature young girls, who are passed-off as legal, thereby giving the movie more authenticity featuring the young girl and more bang for the buck, for the guys watching it, a kind of unwritten rule that is beşiktaş escort quietly understood with a nod and a wink.Once all the legalities were over and done with they wanted to do a screen check so she would do a sex scene in simulation, perform a blow-job, without actually doing it, so she agreed, somewhat enthusiastically, and they set the scene and the cameras.There were two cameramen and a sound recordist, the director, and the guy who brought her from the TV studio.They assured her all this was to be simulated so no actual sexual contact would take place, kind of soft porn effects, which she confessed to have seen, which brought a smile to all their faces, as they nodded to each other in turn.Before shooting started she was given whiskey to drink, as they thought she seemed too excited and would appear so on film, so she gulped down a large amount, which had the effect they wanted.Then she had to undress down to her bra and knickers, of which there was very little off, knowing her and her sexiness.The look on their faces looking at me was a big turn-on, she said, admitting she was in a sexually excited state by the time the cameras started rolling.The TV guy was to be my lover so he was in his underpants, a grey coloured cotton that bulged containing his erection, ‘His was a fucking monster, this biggest cock I could imagine’, she confessed.Another swig from the whiskey bottle and we started kissing and fondling, I was fucking horny as hell and went straight for his manhood, but the director kept telling me to wait until the right moment.There was lots of interruptions, beylikdüzü escort and discussions about cocks , cunts, fucking and drinking more whiskey, and me telling the room full of men, it was making me horny.By that time they had heard what they wanted to hear, so we started again, this time there were no stops and no simulations, it was for real and his underpants came off and I gobbled on his cock and licked his balls, without a care in the world.He came into my mouth and I spat some out to show he came and swallowed he rest, like a consummate whore, followed by the director sticking his dick into my mouth for me to continue sucking.He undid my small brassier and it fell away only to feel my small breasts being supported by eager hands, and I only realised my knickers had been taken off, when one of the cameramen stuck his cock into my open pussy and started fucking me.After around 3 hours, everyone had sexual intercourse with me, including multiple anal and double and triple penetration, that night everything needed for a young girl to know about gang-bangs was tried and tested and filmed for others to enjoy.I showered and sat slumped, still naked in an armchair in the room. I was hung-over and so tired. They had packed everything up and all that was left was for me to sign some documents showing I had received Kr.20,000.00 and swore to my age being what I claimed, they actually produced an ID card showing my age as 19, so which ever way you looked at it, I convinced them I was legal and got paid to perform with 5 men.They of course had all my personal details from my handbag, as I fucked, and they were in constant touch with me. The money was good as was the sex, I mean they only chose the biggest cocks around, so no complaints in the fucking department, so eventually I moved out of Sweden and went to the USA, where I found my niche, doing ass to mouth sex and triple penetration.