My Friend Peter Bolonio

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My Friend Peter BolonioI was on my way back home from high school one afternoon in 2003 when I met this boy Peter in my school who was 2 years older and taller than me than I was at the time I was 14 years old new to the gay world and innocent. He was Italian Aussie and I was an south east indian boy. He and I talked about life and about things I was at the time new to because I was more straight than gay. He brought me to my place, he had a mansion like house 5 bedrooms with a huge backyard living with step dad, mother, 2 younger brothers but at the time we were all alone at the time. He showed me his parents bedroom, he shut the door and then he approached me and told me “Dany, its okay! Don’t be alarmed I’m not going to hurt you but give an experience that will change your life forever. And who knows you might like it or love it! I can assure you are going to have a fun time with me, okay” I said “umm! Okay!” So he approached me and school bag off, took my shoes off and unzipped my school grey pants and undressed me while I was still wearing my school shirt. He got onto his knees and start sucking my black cock, soft and slowly. I was in heaven, would I get this kind of pleasure from a girl never rather did it with a guy the same feeling but doing it with the same sex. As my cock got harder and harder, he then turn me around exposing my virgin ass and started licking my ass hole and fingering it. It was a good feeling, No it was soo good I loved what he was doing then slowly he bent me over while I was still wearing my school shirt I wore at playing sport with my socks on my fours on his patents bed he licked more and said to me while my eyes were shut “Dany, you’ve got a nice ass! I love licking your ass it taste so good!”. Then he took his shorts off and still wearing his school shirt he stick balıkesir escort his 6 inch white hairy cock in my ass and slowly ducked me. At first I was hungry and nor made any mess on his bed it pained at first but he was gentle and went slow then after I liked what he was doing he then ducked me harder. I said “Yeh! More! Mire baby! Fuck me harder!” So he did fucked me until he moved on thde bed an lay on the pillow with me on top of him riding on his hard white cock. Loved it, he grabbed my ass, spanked hard and fucked me.Clapping Sounds made by me as he was rimming my ass while I was riding his white cock then he got me facing his wall in his parents room in their bed ducking me doggystyle. I loved it and after that he cum into my ass at the time I didn’t know about stds and condoms I guess at the time it was safe because us k**s from school rather Di it bareback because we all never dare to have sex with no stranger adult or older guy just the k**s who go to our school.He stuck his finger in my ass when he came took it out, put into his mouth and put it back again saying it was “yummy, and warm” and bent over and kissed me from behind we were in love since we kissed. We were more than friends, sex buddies but in a relationship I was to him his girlfriend and him being my boyfriend even the school was a Unisex high school for girls and boys in Sydney Australia. Back to the bedroom he then stick his finger again deeper in and out repeatedly and stuck it in my mouth I trusted him and licked it and sucked it I wanted to taste that yummy cum in my mouth again so he fucked me more doggystyle about 2 hours man it was good loved it then he came in my mouth when I was on my knees sucking his cock that was in my ass he drained his cum in me and I drank it all so he did the same sucked me off balıkesir escort bayan and drained me. He could trust me because he and I were doing it together no one else. From that onwards he and I had frequent sex at his place and in local parks at school after and during. I was addicted to this gay sex neither ever be intetested in a girl nor tell anyone or my parents that I loved having gay sex. Why should girls have all the glory and pleasure by being pounded why can’t boys to. I kissed, tounged him and kept having sex along the way we didn’t have a comfortable life because because k**s in our year told about me and peter had sex in his parents bedroom so everyone new even my younger brother it was a setup to make me feel disgusted and hate myself but I didn’t care nor dud he even though he wanted to fuck me because I was a hot guy in the school and had a nice ass. I didn’t care but at one point we got busted by his step dad in his bedroom when the lights were down. He turned it on and his dad was shocked didn’t say nothing but waited for me to exit the house since then peter was forced to find a paid job and place to accomodate and do his business with guys there and not at his parents place. I was lucky at the time I thought he would contact my parents and told them what he and I was doing. My parents are religious and strict my father would of killed me after he had wipped me of my stupidity. But I was saved! Since then Peter and I never talked but I still believed he had the best sex of his life with me than anyone else so dud I. After that I wanted to record this event me and Peter shared together which was to me gold for everyone to know to those of you who knows me or don’t know. At one point I wanted him to fuck my ass because I was so desperate and addicted to this gay escort balıkesir sex. I knocked on his door at one evening before his dad caught us out in the act he answered and i asked him for a doggy so he did but he was at a guest party dinner with cousins and friends he ducked me outside near his garage outside and fucked me in the ads loved it but we couldn’t finish it because of his parents calling him back and he said to me “Dany, I can’t do this now we’ll continue it tomorrow!” But I was loving it since then we never dud it again until one night I met him when I was attending TAFE and coming back I met him.again and he fucked me hard with a condom doggystyle at the park in the late evening in 2008 it felt real good. I can’t express it more but if you been there before you know the feeling and want more of it but they say the best fucker is the worse person to be in a relationship with because they are too picky or think you ought to suffer what they went through for them to forgive you and accept you back into their life and start fresh. I wish! If he and I would be back together we for sure tie the knot and be happily married same sex couples. But who knows when will I meet another Peter Bolonio. Probably never! You know one older, matured, experience guy I had met at the saunas told me “its not how big his cock maybe its how skillful, confident, experienced, long lasting he can last having sex is all it matters but at least 5 or 6 inches be his cock size and his body shape not to fat or chubby or skinny but average must have a meaty and thick cock!” This my story! The lost love of my life Peter Bolonio. No matter if your gay, trans, bi or straight the person who had first given you the best sex or orgasm keep him or her close even their contact details once again youll experience it again in a better circumstance. And if they have anyone in their life keeping you away from this person get rid of them and win back that great feeling again. Sex is better than no sex, relieves stress, tension, pressure and life. This is my story. Love story between Me and Peter.