My First Trip to a Female Doctor

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When I was eighteen, back in the 70s, I went to live with my aunt and her three daughters (Sarah aged 22, Rachel, 24, and Rebecca, 25). My aunt was very uptight about anything sexual, very prudish. She was also a nurse and worked at a small clinic. The town was very small and had only one doctor: Dr. Moss, a woman in her mid-50s and definitely not much to look at. I was very shy then and always avoided going to that doctor for anything.

One day, I was playing baseball and I got hit in the groin by the ball and I was in a lot of pain. One of the guys took me home and I started towards my room so I could lie down and try to get over it. Sarah noticed I was hurt and went to get her mom.

My aunt asked what the problem was and when I told her, she insisted that I see the doctor. I protested a little, but I was in such pain that I didn’t put up too much of a fight. When we got there and I was signed in, I told my aunt that I didn’t want her in the room when I was examined. She objected to this, but I insisted that she stay out because it would be too güngören escort embarrassing. She agreed.

Once the preliminary vitals checks were done and I was in the examining room, the nurse told me Doctor Moss would be in shortly. When she came in, she said “Hi” and asked me to describe what happened. I told her I got hit by a baseball and I was in a lot of pain. Dr. Moss said that based on my pain level she didn’t think I had a twisted testicle. She told me to take off everything except my T-shirt and socks and to put on a gown and that she would be back in a moment.

I did as I was instructed and sat down to wait. When the doctor returned, my aunt entered the room right behind her looking very smug. I let out a howl of protest, but both women made it clear that she was staying. The doctor said, “I’d feel better if she was present during the exam,” and that was that.

Doctor Moss told me to stand up and lift the gown. When I did, it was obvious that my left testicle was swollen pretty badly. bağcılar escort She then told me to lie down on the table so she could check it out better. As I laid down on the table with the gown out of the way, she washed her hands and told me not to worry. She told me she wasn’t going to wear gloves since I was allergic to latex and “they’d just be in the way anyway.”

As soon as her bare hands touched my scrotum, I started to get an erection. I was embarrassed to death at this point: not only was my aunt present, but now I was erect, too. To make things worse, my aunt asks the doctor, “do you think he’s underdeveloped for his age?” Dr. Moss stopped for a moment and said, “Yes, somewhat. But, I’d have to measure to know by how much,” and went back to her examining. Gee, thanks for that medical opinion, doc.

I was very inexperienced then and it wasn’t long before I felt the urge to ejaculate begin to build. I kept hoping that it would soon be over, but she was taking her time checking out my merter escort testicles and the urge was getting strong at that point.

When she told me to stand up again, I asked her to stop for a moment and let me calm down. She said, “Don’t be embarrassed. We’ve both seen patients with erections before.”

I told her that “I really need to calm down because…” but my aunt cut me off and told me to be quiet and let the doctor finish.

Dr. Moss sat down in front of me and pulled my upright penis down into position so that she could inspect the head and the meatus, the opening. She held the shaft in one hand and used her thumbs to open the hole. When she did that, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I ejaculated onto the front of her smock and on her right arm. I had three big spurts and there was a lot of semen released.

My aunt was horrified, but Dr. Moss took it all in stride. “It’s my fault,” she told my aunt. “He tried to tell me, but I didn’t listen.” She took off her smock, washed up, and put on a fresh smock. My aunt immediately started to clean up the mess I’d made and apologizing for me to Dr. Moss.

The doctor came back and finished examining me. She told us that she still thought I didn’t have a twisted testicle and that ice and some Tylenol would get me through it.

I got dressed and we left and neither one of us said anything in the car the whole way home.