My First time…..

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My First time…..Can’t say how old I was but that day was my first time…. I will say that on this day I ran away from home was hongry, broke and just not happy… I went in to one of our local supermarkets and found 20 bucks the fethiye escort on floor and I was a happy fellow then… Well I told my friend about and he said to me… “I know where you can get some pussy for a pack of smokes..” escort fethiye and I was like really, well I went to the store and brought two packs back, heck I had 20 bucks I was good… I went first… Not really knowing fethiye escort bayan what I was doing, you know just stuff that I heard… So I went for it and I am inside her doing my thing I think… after a while she looks up, in my eyes and says, How old are you… I lied and said 21`my friend was callin awaiting his turn… I didn’t bust that nut in her cause it was his turn, so I walked in the bathroom and finshed and was happy I got my first piece… cool huh???