My First Time With Amy Ch. 02


A special thanks to wert that always does a bang up job editing!!!!

Amy Part 2

Amy lay back and relaxed as her breathing slowed. I was painfully hard in my shorts. I reached down to adjust myself to a more comfortable position. Amy had been watching my moves and when I grabbed my erection to readjust her eyes became wide open, her brows rising.

“Are you hard, Mr. Walker?” Amy whispered.

“Yes, Amy Very hard.”

Blushing beet red, Amy shyly asked, “I’ve never seen one up close, can I see it?”

As I sat there I had a brief moment of panic as I decided whether I should let this go to the next level. I knew if I exposed myself I would want her to touch it and if that happened I would not be able to control myself. I would try to fuck this sweet shy teenager. I wrestled with my inner conscience until she again spoke.

“Please let me look at it.”

My conscience flew out the window and I reached down and pulled the leg of my shorts up exposing half of my hard cock. The cool air was almost painful as the shaft jerked a little. Amy’s eyes were glued to my now exposed hard on and as if in a trance she reached her right hand out and lightly touched the head near the little hole.

I scooted a little closer giving her better access and she took full advantage as she reached lower and wrapped her dainty little hand around the shaft just below the head. I am not well endowed, but not dinky either. Her hand small barely reached around the circumference but what she managed to grasp was now fully erect and throbbing with each beat of my heart.

“It’s so hard and hot.”

She was lightly stroking my dick and looked up to my face. There I detected the look of lust and I smiled. As she continued stroking my shaft I laid my hand on her inner thigh and stroked lightly. A moan escaped from deep within her throat and I could tell she was getting more into jacking me off.

Her strokes became faster as her hand was now grasping lower and letting it slide up until her hand stopped at the little bell at the end of my cock.

I got up to my knees and now the head was lined up close to her face.

Her eyes widened as she got a close up view. I tilted my hips forward and the head was a mere inch from her closed lips. She tentatively stuck her tongue out and touched it to the tip next to the little hole. A drop of seminal fluid had formed there and she demurely licked it off.

Realizing that the taste was not so bad she licked again and I lurched forward still and I bumped against her mouth.

“Open up Amy, I want you to suck my cock,” I whispered.

“I’ve never done it before,” came her reply. “Will you show me what to do?”

“Just open your mouth and take the head Bostancı Escort in and use your tongue to lick under the head,” I gasped.

She closed her lips around the crown and licked profusely. Her hand was still wrapped loosely around the shaft and unknowingly stroked.

“Now take a little more in your mouth, Amy and suck.”

My cock was as hard as it ever had been as this teenager strained to suck my dick deeper into the hot wet cavern of her mouth. Her breathing strained and her nostrils flared as my unit touched the back of her throat. She gagged a little as her reflex kicked in.

“Go slow Honey; you don’t need to take it any deeper.”

She relaxed a little and sucked harder but not deeper. Her hand was moving faster up and down my hard on and I reached down and wrapped my hand in her hair as I started to slowly fuck her face.

Controlling the tempo now she surrendered her hand to my ball sack and gently rolled the contents gently. I reached down and grabbed her nipple and pulled lightly which elicited a groan from Amy.

What she lacked in experience she made up with enthusiasm as her lips were sucking harder and her groans more often as I was humping her mouth as if it were her pussy.

I was so close to cumming that it was all I could do to keep from grabbing the back of Amy’s head and pushing my cock all the way in her throat and dump my pent up load there. I decided that is I was ever going to fuck this young lady I better stop this heavenly blow job.

Saliva and precum left a string between her mouth and the head of my dick when I pulled out. She whimpered and looked up at me with those innocent yet passionate eyes.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Amy” I said.

“But Mr. Walker I’m a virgin. I’ve never had anybody in me and I’m not sure. It’ll hurt won’t it?”

“No boy has ever put their cock in you?” I was shocked.

I figured in this day and age that she had been on dates and probably had petted with boys and I found it hard to believe she had never enjoyed the passion and intimacy that intercourse could produce.

“No I’ve only had a boy play with my boobs and one boy touch me down there but I got scared and made him stop,” she demurely replied.

“Lay back honey, I’ll be as gentle as possible and I will try not to hurt you.”

She lay back on the couch with her legs tightly closed and looked up at me with a fearful look in her eyes.

I crawled up between her legs and kneeling I put my hands on her knees and gently spread her legs. I looked down between the thighs and gazed at her swollen wet labia. I pulled her left leg higher until it was resting on the back of the couch. I scooted closer and reached with my right Anadolu Yakası Escort hand and lightly petted her outer lips.

She cooed softly and closed her eyes. As I scooted closer yet I took my steel hard phallus in my left hand and slipped the head against her dewy vagina. Her hips involuntarily jerked as I came in contact with her hooded clit.

I lined up with the entrance to her love canal and thrust slightly until just the head penetrated her pussy. She gulped a large intake of air as the lips surrounded tightly around the crown. I pushed a little deeper and was immediately surrounded in a hot moist oven. She was wet enough to accept my cock as I was no hung horse but she was tight enough to make penetration slow.

I pushed further until the head encountered the barrier to her inner depths. I looked at Amy and her eyes were squeezed tightly closed and her brow furrowed in deep concentration. I knew that if I wasn’t hurting she that this being her first cock it was most likely uncomfortable.

“Are you ready Amy? I am going to break your hymen with my cock now”

“Mm hmm,” she murmured more to herself than me.

“Relax as much as you can and I will try not to hurt you too much. I know it will a little but let me know and I can slow down.”

“Go ahead Mr. Walker, it doesn’t hurt much now.”

She reached up and grabbed my shoulders as I lay closer to her until my chest was barely touching her breasts.

I withdrew until just the head was buried in her and told her, “Hang on Amy I am going to do this now.”

I reached my left hand down and took her little button rolled it around between my fingers.

She moaned a little and I took that opportunity to bury deep in her cavern and tear her cherry and I did not stop until I was buried pubic bone to pubic bone.

Her finger nails dug into my shoulders and she stifled a sob and I felt an initial guilt as I took her virginity. I stayed still to let her get used to the instrument that was buried balls deep in her.

“Are you alright Amy?”

She nodded her head and whispered, “I’m Ok Mr. Walker it doesn’t hurt so much any more.”

I withdrew about half way and I could feel her wet pussy lips cling to my shaft and collapse back within her as I drove back in. I kept a slow rhythm going in deep and shallow withdrawal so as not to cause Amy any more discomfort. I needn’t have worried because her baby channel was lubricating profusely.

I buried my cock deep within her and stayed there a moment as I was afraid of cumming too quick. Amy’s hips undulated under me and she was now slowly raising her pelvis grinding her now protruding clitoris up against my pubis seeking stimulation.

I Pendik Escort hoped I was stimulating her as she was me but I realized that unless she got direct contact with the pleasure button I was shirking my duties. I ground back against her and was rewarded with a mew much as a contented cat would sound.

I began again to withdraw and sink my hard on back and forth in her and when I was in all the way I ground up against her now soaked clit. She tilted her hips on my latest down stroke and I felt the head of my shaft bump against something deep within.

I picked up speed now that I understood that I was not going to hurt her and she met my in stroke with an upstroke of her own. Our pubic bones mashed together as we met in midair. My butt clenched tight as I drove into her tight juicy vagina over and over seeking the final climax that was rapidly approaching.

“Ohh…Myyyy God, I never felt anything like this Mr., Walker. It feels so good.”

“Yes Amy you’re so tight and wet that I can’t hold out much longer.”

Her eyes locked with mine with a look of terror. “Please don’t cum in me. I am not on the pill and I don’t want to get pregnant.”

God where was my head? I was in such a hurry to fuck this hot little teenager that I forgot about protection! Man was I a dumb ass, especially since I knew my cock had been spitting precum all along.

The end was near. I reached down and grabbed Amy’s thighs and pushed them up against her chest and like a pile driver I banged her hot pussy with all I had. I took her by surprise with this because when our eyes met they were wide open and her little mouth formed an O as she gasped for air being pinned down like she was.

“Oooo…I’m getting that funny feeling again, I think I may cum. Oh yes, yes it’s cumming now!” I was too. I drove deep within her and stopped to feel her inner pussy muscles caress my dick as wave after wave of pleasure finally peaked for her. With her pussy milking my cock I could hold out no longer.

I withdrew from her tight box and grabbed my throbbing cock and blasted a first volley that barely made it past her pubic hair but the next one shot out and landed squarely in her tiny belly button pooling there.

“Oh God, that’s so hot, Mr. Walker. It feels like hot candle wax on me.”

The next fired out and landed further up her stomach and as I jacked my cock harder and faster the final three shots landed askew against her body.

I had to sit back or land on top of her and I fear of crushing her dainty little body I slid back to the floor my down softening cock dribbling the few remaining drops of sperm onto the carpet.

“Are you Ok, Amy?” I asked breathlessly. In a dreamy voice and with a smile on her face she replied, “Yes, Mr. Walker I never felt better, and I’m glad you were my first. I dreamed that it would be you that took my virginity and it was even better than my dream. Thank you.”

Being thanked for taking the virginity of my 18 year old babysitter?? I just smiled.