My first time


My first timeI had met this young girl and fell in love with her immediately. Once day we went together on a day trip and on our way back she turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and placed a wet tongue inside my mouth. My cock got hard right away and I wanted to fuck her right there and then. We kept kissing each other and I started fondling her breasts. She was panting… I was panting… At some point she said: “I want you… inside me… really bad!” “I want you too”, I said to her, “but can’t do it here, baby!” We were outside in a public place.I got her home but her parents were already back so… I had to leave. My cock was still hard and I felt like my balls were going to explode. I got home, locked myself in the bathroom and masturbate. Ooohhhh… it felt sooo good to release that pressure!I had just finished with my shower when she called me. She suggested to meet in the city the next day, which of course, I accepted.The next day we met, we kissed again, and then she said that gaziantep escort we could go someplace else, where we would be alone. We went to her brother’s place, who had this nice appartment. It was fucking hot outside and, after we got there I asked her if I can have a glass of water. We were in the kitchen, I was sitting on a chair drinking my water, then she came and saddled me, kissing me passionately. We kissed each other, I slipped a hand under her t-shirt and I started caressing her nice round little titties until she started moaning and panting. I then grabbed her in my arms and carried her to the bedroom, where I put her gently on the bed. I started taking her clothes off, while kissing her beautiful silky lips. She removed my shirt and as she was running her fingers in my hair, I tossed my pants in a corner. She took my dick in her hand and started rubbing it. My dick was hard as an iron stick and I was about to come. I then realized that she was still having her panties on, so I wanted to take them off. At that point she stopped me saying “No… no… I’m sorry… I can’t do it!”Wadda fuck? You turn me on, I was about to explode in a thousand pieces and now you tell me you can’t do it? Why not? Are you a virgin as well? These were my thoughts, all I could say was “Why not?”She said that she got her period that early morning. Oh, fuck, just my luck… now what? She said, she as going to take a shower and try to stop the bleeding. She wanted me really bad and I wanted her even more (after all, she was my first, but she didn’t know that)I went first to shower, then she and we met again in the bedroom.I was caressing her beautiful body, kissed her lips and breast, running my tongues all over her nipples until she was panting hard. Se turned on her back, opened her legs wide and I was able to slip the slippery Dick inside her wet pussy. I started pumping and pumping and I finished really quick but she didn’t notice. I kept pumping her pussy until she came too. At first I was scared, as it was the first female orgasm that I saw. Her body became more rigid, she arched her back, and stopped breathing. Fuck! Did I kill her?, I asked myself. Then her whole body started shivering, trembling, and her breathing was short and fast. She then opened her beautiful eyes and look at me “Thank you”, she said. “It was truly great!” Five minus later my dick was hard again. This time she took it in her mouth and gave me the first blow job in my life. As I felt that I was about to come again, I told her to stop because I didn’t want to come in her mouth. She said it was OK, she wanted to taste me and kept licking my dick. I finished in her mouth and released part of my load on her chest.We went to take a shower, then came back to bed where about 15 minutes later we had another session in the missionary position. This time we took it slowly. I wanted to enjoy every second of it, to feel everything. Having sex with her it was just fucking great!That was my first sexual experience. something that I will never forget.Hope you enjoyed the story.