My First Real Boyfriend

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My First Real BoyfriendAfter my first date, which really kind of hurt that he never called or anything, I kind of gave up the dating idea for a while because we had so much going on. I had enrolled in a community colleg not far from home but dad had been offerred a pretty lucrative job in VA. We had a lot of discussions on how to make this work, mostly because I didn’t want to move, my friends were going to go to the same school. It was finally decided that I would share an apartment with three of my girlfriends and dad would move and take the new job. It would be our first time apart and was hard to think about.I had to work full time to pay my way through school and rent and such. Dad helped out the best he could and it really wasn’t bad. It was a three bedroom apartment, we put bunk beds in two of the rooms and we got some used desks for the third, that way we had a separate area to study and do homework. The only bad thing, one bathroom for four girls.After we all moved in we started to meet a lot of the neighbors, because it was pretty inexpensive (meaning old and rundown) there were a lot of college k**s living in the complex. Most of them were really nice and when word got out it was four girls that moved in, well we started to meet a lot of the boys. One of them interested me in particular because he seemed shy and really nice. His name was Tom and I saw him a lot on my way to and from work and we would have just some casual talk, but I liked him. After a few weeks of this, he asked konya escort if he could come over and visit, of course I said yes, and he did. We hit it off really well, our shyness around each other started to go away while we talked about school, work, and everything in between. We weren’t alone, my room mates were there, but they left us alone. After a few hours Tom asked if he could treat us all to pizza, he worked at a pizza place and could get a discount. We accepted and I went with him, while waiting for the pies, I put in an application, I had a part time job, but I needed something full time, the owner said he didn’t need any waitresses, but if I was willing to work in the kitchen, he could use me, then he smiled and said I’d have to not bother Tom too much, because we would probably be working together a lot, then he winked and smiled at me. The pay was better, the hours were good, and I got a discount.Needless to say, after working together for almost a month, our attraction to each other grew. Finally, one night after he walked me to my apartment, he actually pulled me towards himself and gave me a kiss. He immediately started blushing and saying he was sorry. I grabbed his face and pulled it into mine. I couldn’t get enough of him, I kept kissing him and flicking my tongue around in his mouth and he started to do the same. As we stood there pressed together I’m pretty sure I felt his cock getting hard and press into me. I wanted to grab it, but I just pressed harder into him.The escort konya next night at work started a little awkward, Tom was a little shy about what had happened. That went away as soon as I smiled at him and said, “you know what happened last night? Well, I want more, please.” Then I gave him a little hug. I don’t think he stopped smiling the rest of the night. On the way home, I was riding with him in his car, I asked him to stop someplace dark. Now he really started to smile and he pulled into a tree lined parking lot and into one of the more darkened parking spots. We started to make out and again I couldn’t get enough. We wer kissing and sucking on each other’s tongues and darting them in and out of each other’s mouthes when Tom started to kiss me on the ear and work his way down my neck, I didn’t even try to stop him. He put one of his hands inside my top and started towards the front and worked his hand under my bra so he had a breast in his hand. I just loved the feeling and I know my nipple was hard as he slowly rubbed it while kissing my neck.After about five or ten minutes of this I moved my hand over to his crotch. I could feel his cock was rock hard inside his jeans, I loved the feeling of it in my hands. I started to fumble with his belt and was not having much luck getting it undone or his pants for that matter. Tom stopped kissing me and asked if I was sure I wanted to do this. Without any thought to it I said, “I want to see your cock, I want to make you cum”. As konya escort bayan soon as I said it, I regretted it, but Tom didn’t, he undid his pants and slid them and his underwear down revealing a very nice looking, about seven inch hard cock staring right back at me. The tip was shiny with precum and I flicked it off with a finger and licked it. We started kissing again, with even more passion as I started to stroke his cock. I loved how hard and hot it felt in my hand and I know I was getting wet, this was such a turn on. Every little bit we’d stop kissing so I could look down at his cock, Tom seemed to not mind me looking, in fact he started to groan a little bit as I stroked his cock. He asked if I would suck it, I told him not this time, I wanted to watch. As soon as I said that he said he was going to cum and before he got the word cum out, he was shooting his load. I just loved watching the white cum shoot out, he shot out two or three pretty big spurts and the rest just kind of ran out. I was so horny now, I just loved watching that.Tom cleaned himself up and said we really needed to get home, school starts early. I agreed and he drove me home and walked me to the door. He asked if I wanted a ride in the morning, I smiled and said he better not dump me, there was a lot more of that to come. He blushed and smiled and said he had no intention of dumping me, he liked working with me, then he smiled even bigger.Tom and I dated and worked together my entire time in community college. We had a lot more nights like that one and some that got more intense. I’ll tell you about one of those nights next time. Well, recounting this got me wet and horny, so if you don’t mind, I’m going to upload this and then go masturbate.