my first day being a slave


my first day being a slaveJournal entry one. 9/12/12I am a slave to my master and A sub to my dom. I will always be a masochist at heart. I will always be with my collar,Unless i am with vanilla people but it will still be on me but not be able to be seen. I went a half day with out my collar and it destroyed me,made me fill empty, missing something, fill lost, confussed and alone. No easy to go throw. I enjoy My collar of my master and my dom makes me feel complete and whole.I can not go one day with out being under my master or dom control. My emotions got the best of me when i didnt have my collar. Like i said made me feel lost and something is missing. As my master told me to go to my bed room and told me to get my collar i did and I put it on. and i was happy and complete.I have grown to enjoy my collar, knowing my place, feeling istanbul escort safe, and if i mess up to tell my master or dom and take my punishment with out a fight. Knowing If I am a bad girl I am going to get spanked hard, and If I fight it I am going to get punished harder. with out a safe word unless something wrong. If i Am a good girl. I will get spanked but not bruitaly hard, with a safe word. I will be able to cum more freely then if i was bad.Can say to make my master or dom pleasure, Like a blow job. It will make him happy. I know that he will retrun the favor If i am good. Master know I do not like tit torcher with clamps, sad part I got alot of pleasure out of getting my tits spanked by a riding crop lightly. avcılar escort I also enjoy light tap acrost and on my clit.My best blow jobs are when my pussy is being vibed, rubed or fingered.I could care less how long I suck. I wish my master or dom would keep my mind busy and just let it go. I have learned if i lay on my back, sit on my knees, or on the edge of any chair i am going to have my master or dom cock in my mouth and exspected to suck it. His cock in my “cunt” is my mouth.I want to suck their cock till they tell me to stop.I have learned a way I like to do in a scene with my head down and my ass up. I can say its harder to get away. Having a vibrator inside you and on your clit is makes me cum hard and fast.i have never used a safe word with my first scene last night but it was light and şirinevler escort not hard core with ZachA, by him self. With secen two I had to use ” fire trucks” witch mean something is not right or wrong. I had a rope that went into my sholder and arm pit. Masterwolfspirit and zachA has finaly broke me last night. The put fear into me as well. I had to use “yellow light” witch means slow down or stop because my asthma was kicking in and i was crying. I had never had to use ” Red light” witch means stop. If I could ever get the chance of 1 scene then a dobble scene i would do it again.Serving my master and dom feels right to me. My collar will stay on me at all times. My collar keeps me in my place. If I do something wrong I will tell my master or dom so i can be punished for it, and take it willing. I will fllow my schedule to the best I can with the k**s schedule and work. I will get on my slave commands down, and work on them to best of my abiltys. I will never kiss my master after sucking his cock or my dom. I will sleep necked for my master to have easy reach for me. I will take a shower every day and keep my body shaved where it needs to be. I will eat 2 to 3 meals a day to keep energy and keep hydrated.