My First Date: Part Two

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My First Date: Part TwoAfter a while we got pretty tired of just lying in the sun so we took a little dip in the ocean, it was cold, but fun. We went back to our blanket after drying off and lotioned back up again. It wasn’t long before Jimmy wanted to make out some more and since this was my really first date without supervision, I felt like going crazy. We started kissing and feeling each other all over, still dressed. Jimmy had his hand down inside my bottoms and I really wanted him to do more, so I did what he did before, I slipped them off, while I was doing that he smiled and started to take off his trunks, I told him to leave them on, he could use his hands or his mouth, that was all. It didn’t take more than that, I mean it was almost in an instant he was down between my thighs.Jimmy had his hands under my butt and he was kissing and licking all around my pussy. Every once in a while his tongue would find it’s way to my clit or into my pussy. I had never had a boy doing this before and I know I had to be dripping wet from excitement, it was all I could do to keep from climaxing almost right away darıca escort and I know I was making a lot of moaning noises, the more I made the more he worked at it. Once he stopped eating my pussy and looked up at me smiling, he said “did anyone ever tell you your pussy tastes sweet?” I shook my head no and he went back to work. I felt the orgasm coming on and I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t, I clamped my thighs on his head and pulled his face into me with my hands, my whole body was convulsing and I was making a lot of strange noises. When I stopped climaxing, I pulled him up to my face by his face and just started hugging him and kissing him everywhere I could, I could taste myself on his mouth and around it and that got me even more turned on. I put my bottoms back on and pushed Jimmy onto his back, I pulled his trunks off, then I had an idea.I laid on my back and told Jimmy to straddle my face so I could lick and suck his balls, he wasted no time in getting into position. As soon as he was I started to stroke his already hard cock, it was wet too, there was a lot of precum oozing out. From where escort darıca I was I could see his beautiful cock while licking on and sucking his balls. It wasn’t long and he said he was going to cum, I pulled myself up a little so I could get his cock in my mouth, I wanted to feel what it was like to have a man cum in my mouth. That must have been all it took, my tongue started to work on the head of his cock when the first stream of cum hit the inside of my mouth, it felt hot and tasted a little bit salty, I didn’t really like it, but didn’t dislike it either. After he finished cumming, I swallowed it and Jimmy said we better get back if we wanted to get cleaned off and showered before going to the movie.He dropped me off at home and for some reason I felt that he wouldn’t show up, now that he had sex with me. But I took a shower and put on a little sundress, it was mostly just all white with some small lavender flowers on the skirt and kind of a square neck with shoulder straps, it was kind of cute and felt nice. Since it was white I put on white undies so they wouldn’t show through. Dad wasn’t darıca escort bayan home, he was still at work. Just as I was wondering if Jimmy would be back, he drove up. He looked really good, tight jeans and a tight black T-shirt.We went to the movie and in the darkness we started to make out. One thing led to another and I had my hand in his lap, I couldn’t get the zipper down on his pants and he argued with me a couple of times. There weren’t many in the theater and no one around us. Anyway, nothing happened.When we got out to the car I told him I wanted him to pull down his pants and he did. He knew what was about to happen because I didn’t have to do anything to get his cock hard. We started to make out as I stroked his cock, he started to get very aroused and told me he was going to cum soon, he asked me to do it in my mouth so it wouldn’t get on him or the car, kind of a turn off, but what the heck. I put my mouth on his cock and started to fondle his balls when he started to cum. It wasn’t as bad this time, I’m still not crazy about cum, but it doesn’t bother me to swallow it anymore. After that, Jimmy took me home.Surprise, after my first real date with Jimmy, he never came over again or asked me out again. I don’t know if it was because he felt I used him or if it was because he made his conquest. Oh well, shit happens.