My First Business Trip


Sitting at my desk thinking of how I am going to get my boss interested in me without jeopardizing my job. You have to understand that I have been working at this firm for over 5 years and was just assigned to a new position as secretary for this incredible man. The first time I laid eyes on his 5’9″ muscular frame, I could feel my nipples harden against my sweater.

My day was to start as normal, shower, breakfast and a nice ride into work along the river. I was just about to walk out of the house when the phone rang, wondering if I should get it or not. I turned and picked up the receiver and said hello. It was Mr. Bell he then asked if I could make a business trip with him, as he needed my help updating the file on the way. I asked how long we would be gone as I could feel myself slipping away thinking this could my chance to have him as I smile came across my face.

One hour later I was standing at the airport waiting for Mr. Bell to show up holding my suitcase in front of me hiding my black nylons and short skirt. I had already decided that if I was going to get him I had to start early. I was dressed in a short micro skirt that barely covers my ass with black nylons and red pumps to match, my top was silk unbuttoned to show my cleavage.

Five minutes later Mr. Bell arrived and apologized for being late taking my bag and thanking me for coming on such short notice. I just smiled and nodded, as I seen him sneak a fast look at my legs. I knew I had his attention and my nipples hardened at the thought of what might lay ahead over the next 4 days. We arrived at the hotel and went to our rooms, which were side by side with a joining door. I opened the door as Mr. Bell looked at me and asked if dinner at 7 would be fine? I couldn’t believe my luck, I knew I was going to be working, but the thought of actually spending personal time with him just confirmed I would get my wish.

I told him 7 would be fine and proceeded to open the door and escape into my room, my head swirling with thoughts of what the night had in store for me. I ran to the shower trying to calm down and get rid of the ache between my legs. I turned the water on and quickly discarded my clothes on the floor and jumped in the shower. I stood with the water cascading across my body, the warmth seemed to magnify my feelings as I let my hands start to slide across my stomach just letting my finger tips graze my breasts. Although, my breasts are not large they are a very firm 34B. I closed my eyes and let my fingers roll my nipples pinching lightly as my breathing quickened with my touches. Feeling my hard nipples made me just want more as I slide my hand down my stomach toward my shaved pussy. My lips were swollen and my touch sent me into one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. After what seemed like hours I finished rinsing off, I got out of the shower and started to get ready for my dinner with Mr. Bell.

I called his room to find out if I should dress for a business or casual dinner, finding out it would be strictly casual and hung up the phone, I felt the goose bumps on my arms. An hour and a half later there was a knock on the door, as I opened it up, I let Mr. Bell see the real me for the first time. I could see his eyes slide across my body undressing me as he looked up quick hoping I did not notice, asking if I was ready. I just smiled and Uşak Escort offered my arm to see if he would go along with the charade. I took his arm and walked down the hall toward the elevator feeling very sexy in my long dress that was black see through with the exception of the mini skirt portion, this was accented with a black see though top, black bra and 3″ opened toed heels.

Once we arrived to the restaurant, I was more than please to see our reservations was in a horseshoe booth located in a nice corner of the restaurant. Mr. Bell was being the total gentleman as he offered me the first seat, knowing fully that his eyes were looking me over as I climbed in making sure my legs moved slowly to allow him a good look. We ordered wine and a nice meal as we talked and got to know each other. As the night progressed I slowly worked my way closer to him so he would have the chance to steal looks at me from a side view, knowing he was looking when ever he thought I would not be watching. I began to turn the subject toward the old famous all work no play makes for a dull day and offered the idea of going for a drink some place to end the evening. I finally won after what seemed like forever and we called a taxi and told the driver to take us to a nice blues or piano bar, Mathew (Mr. Bells first name) looked at me with a puzzled look wondering if it was the two bottles of wine or just being tired allowed this to happen.

We walked in and toward the bar as Mathew ordered us drinks and started to look around to only find that the place was set up with the piano in the center and sitting around the outer portion of the bar and tables in front of the bench. This place was made for romance as I noted how beautiful the place was. I started to walk toward the rap around bench taking a sit looking at the right side of the piano. The piano player was better than most as I drank in the full sound watching Mathew walking over to join me. I patted the spot beside me closer than I thought was safe, but I had to see if there was any interest at all. Mathew took my lead as he sat down right beside me almost arm to arm. This has been a great evening, first we have one of the best meals I have ever had and now we luck out and find a great place to unwind from our day looking up at him.

Mathew smiled, then, thanked me again for coming on such short notice. Smiling, I patted his arm letting him know it was all in the line of duty. Looking up at the piano player, he started what was one of my all time favorite ballets. I looked at Mathew and asked him if he would mind dancing, as this was my favorite song. Mathew took my hand and escorted me to the small dance floor taking me in his arms. I thought I was going to faint as his warm and strength took hold of me, I leaned into him, more for support than sexual at that moment. I felt his hand slowly rubbing my back as we swayed to the music; I nuzzled my face into his chest and let the feeling engulf me like the warmth from a sunny day. I pulled him closer hoping he would continue to caress me. His hands were so strong and masterful as they worked over my lower back along my neckline and into my hair. I let out a soft moan as I looked up into his eyes, letting him know I liked what he was doing. I did not even notice that this was not even the same song, getting lost in Mathew’s arms for Uşak Escort Bayan what seemed like an eternity. As we parted I could finally see the large bulge that I could feel against my thighs. I looked up into his eyes and offered to invite him in for a drink at the motel. I was not sure if I was able to hide the lust that I was feeling, my thong was soaked and my nipples felt like they would fall off if touched. He accepted my invite and we walked toward the door, I felt his hand take mine as we waited and I turned to him and pulled him into me as I kissed him for the first time, it was electric. My legs weakening with every second, I felt his tongue against mine. Unforgettably, the most erotic kiss I have ever received, we parted as the taxi pulled up. Once in the taxi I felt like a schoolgirl at the drive in. His hands were so strong against my body I knew I was not going to be disappointed.

Once in the room I did not waste anytime dropping to my knees and pulling his pants towards the ground watching his hard cock strain against his boxers. I let my hands slide along the back of his legs under his boxers to feel his tight ass as I leaned into him so he could feel my hot breath on his cock through his boxers. I heard a moan come from his lips as he wrapped his hands in my hair coaching me further, taking the hint I pulled his boxers off and ran my tongue along the shaft to the base and then out his balls in my mouth and slowly savored the sweaty flavor. He took my hand and guided it toward his cock and I let my fingers wrap around it like nothing I have felt before. My thumb played with his mushroom head rubbing in the pre-cum I was so hungry for. I let his balls fall from my mouth and continued to lick his hard shaft up and down until I put my lips to the head and let my tongue get its first taste of his sweet cum. Not being able to control myself I engulfed his 8″ in one movement as I heard him moan loud as I held his cock in my mouth looking up into his eyes. I started to move my mouth along his cock with quick but soft motion as I could feel his balls tighten in my hands. Now I know that most guys cum large and fast the first time, but I had no idea the blast I was about to receive. Mathew pulled my head hard making me swallow his shaft well into my throat as he shot his load into me. I choked and some dribbled out of my mouth as I swallowed as fast as I was able.

With his hands still holding me by the hair he slowly raised me to my feet and kissed me deeper and harder than I thought was possible, he pulled away and asked me to undress. I took the chance to slowly remove each piece of clothing teasing him more and more with each piece. I had to make sure that he would know without a doubt, that this night was going to be better than any night he has ever experienced. I removed my top, leaving my bra, teasing him with each move. I then cupped my breasts and squeezed them together before unhooking and showing him how large and hard my nipples would be. I undid my skirt and slowly slide it down and across my legs with my back to him. I bent over and unclasped my shoes and looked at him through my legs, looking at how he was devouring my body and how hard his cock was becoming. I swayed my hips and stepped backwards hooking my thumbs into my thong and sliding it off my hips. I made sure I was close enough Escort Uşak so when I bent over to step out of them, my ass would be inches from his face. I knew he had had enough teasing and he cupped my ass in his hands and I felt his tongue slide along the crack of my ass. Shaking and trying to hold myself up, I continued into a long hard orgasm. Mathew continued to lick my ass, his hands worked toward my sopping wet pussy to find out I was shaved smooth as he moaned into my ass. My clit was swollen harder that I can ever remember and hard to miss as I felt his fingers slide along my pussy and rub my clit, I moaned loud as I felt his tongue slide into my virgin ass. It was so erotic I pushed my ass back harder into his face hoping it would not stop. After what seemed like an eternity, I pulled away so I would not fall and moved toward the bed. Mathew followed me watching as I lay on my back spreading my legs for him to take me in anyway he wanted.

He surprised me when he picked up my foot and rubbed it slowly just before his mouth took in my toes one at a time sucking on each one like it was going to be his last meal. The feeling was something I never wanted to stop as I shook into another orgasm. After attending to each of my toes Mathew continued to work his tongue up my legs towards my pussy, needing to feel his tongue on my wet pussy was more than I could take as I used my toes to lightly play with his balls and cock. All of a sudden I tightened holding his cock between my toes as his tongue entered my pussy, I exploded over his face in what I thought would surely drown him. He continued eating my pussy paying special attention to my clit and using his finger to invade my virgin ass. I wanted him to never stop as the feelings continued to wash over me. I knew I needed his cock in me, but was unsure if I would not pass out from the shear pleasure I have already endured. Just then his mouth moved away from my pussy toward my stomach moving slowly higher and higher, I had goose bumps from head to toe. I let out a moan telling him I needed him in me running my fingernails across his back. I felt the head of his cock touch my pussy and I was sure I was going to black out, he pushed into me slowly but not stopping until he was buried deep in me. I was in heaven as his cock worked in and out of me and his mouth attended to my nipples. I wrapped my feet around his body planting my feet on the cheeks of his ass pushing him deeper with each thrust. Breaking into an orgasm I screamed out load telling him to fill me with his hot cock clamping harder into his ass with my feet. I could see in his eyes he would not last much longer and I rolled him off me and got on my hands and knees.

I wanted him to enter me from behind and cum deep in my pussy, just then he had an idea all his own and pushed his cock into my tight virgin ass. I let out a cry as he stopped to let me get use to his size. He slowly started to move in and out of me as my ass squeezed around his cock, loving the feeling. I thought this was going to be the end when I felt his hands slide under me pushing his weight into me cupping my breasts. I felt his tongue running along my spine and his cock swelled in my ass as I pushed against him hard feeling his cum shoot into my ass for the first time. I started another orgasm and my body went weak as I fell forward feeling his cock still in my ass.

He breathed heavily into my ear telling me that I was his special Princess giving me a kiss on the cheek. I smiled and closed my eyes to savor the evening, only to wake the next morning alone.

* * * * *

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