My Father in law with benefits !!

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My Father in law with benefits !!by Kiran AliMy story began one Saturday morning and the events that unfolded took me completely by surprise. My name is Kiran, I am 30 years old and I have been married to Kabeer, a wonderful husband for about five years. We live in the Karachi, Pakistan in a nice double story house in a posh locality, just as we like it, nice and quaint and everyone knowing everyone else. Kabeer’s parents live on the ground floor, and keep to themselves, not causing the problems some people seem to meet under these circumstances.As I said the story all started one Saturday morning. I woke at about 7.30 am, Kabeer had already left for work and I woke with an incredible urge to masturbate. Well feelings getting the better of me, I slowly started to rub my nipples, which soon became as hard as bullets and the more I caressed them the harder they became. My breasts are 34b and nice and firm and my pussy is very hairy as that is the way Kabeer likes it, and very soon my hand was snaking down towards it searching for my clit which by now had become very aroused. I quickly found it and started to rub it between my thumb and forefinger and found that I was also extremely wet. I carried on with rubbing my clit and then slipped three fingers into my soaking wet pussy and was very soon heading towards a very powerful orgasm.In the meantime, Arif, who is Kabeer’s father, but I call him Abbu mostly out of respect, was downstairs as usual and every morning he brings me a cup of tea in bed. Now let me explain that Abbu is 61 years of age, balding a little and a slight beer belly after spending most evenings with friends eating out.Well as usual Abbu had made the tea and as usual had brought it to me in bed. This morning however I was so wrapped up in my personal world of masturbation that I did not hear him knock and him thinking I was still asleep he let himself into my room.What happened next all seemed to happen in slow motion. The sight that greeted Abbu must have nearly given the poor man a heart attack. I was lying on my back with all the bed covers pushed off of me, my legs were open wide, one hand was furiously rubbing my clitoris and I had three fingers buried deep inside me. u*********sly, I heard the door open and as I opened my eyes I saw Abbu at the foot of the bed with the tray of tea in his hands. Time stood still.!!!!Coming back to my senses, I dived for the covers and let out a quick scream. Abbu at this point turned on his heel and fled the room. I was so embarrassed; I did not know what to do next, but I quickly regained my senses, had a quick shower, dressed and nervously made my way to the kitchen to where I knew Abbu would be. He was sat at the dining table drinking his tea as I entered and averted his eyes as not to meet mine. To say the next couple of days were a bit awkward would be an understatement, but we managed to get through the weekend and on Monday morning Abbu brought Kabeer and myself tea as usual before we went to work. Gradually, the relationship between Abbu and myself got back to normal until an incident happened a couple of weeks later that was to change my life forever.It was a Wednesday and I had gone into work as normal, but at around 11am our computer system went down and we were told the problem was quite serious and we could leave for the day if we wished. Of course I took on the opportunity to have some free maraş escort time. I work fairly close by and ten minutes later I was letting myself through my front door looking forward to some free time. The house seemed empty, Kabeer was at work of course but I did not know about Abbu, so I assumed he had gone into town to do some shopping or down to the pub with his mates. I made my way upstairs to have a quick shower and change and as I opened my bedroom door the sight I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. There lying on my bed with a pair of panties that I had worn yesterday wrapped round his cock was Abbu, who was in turn pumping that cock quite furiously.Well now the tables had turned and it was Abbu who squealed in horror and as he jumped up all he could keep saying was “I am so sorry Kiran”, and again he fled the room. I was Dumbstruck!!!! Here I was in a situation with my father in law, where we had both caught each other masturbating. But this time it was different, he was lying on MY bed wanking into MY panties, probably thinking about ME!!!I sank down on to my bed, my mind was in turmoil, I had just walked in and found my father in law masturbating into my panties on my bed and it all seemed so unreal. Being a level headed girl though I soon found my senses and decided we needed to hit this thing head on. I went to knock on Abbu’s door and after a couple of seconds he opened it looking very sheepish indeed. All he could say again was I am so sorry Kiran. I decided to try and make as light of situation as best as I could and I simply said its OK Abbu I guess you have your needs as much as I have mine and besides that makes us one each now. Abbu smiled at me and said thanks and I just said OK lets forget it now and with that we went down stairs and shared a pot of tea trying to make as good a conversation as we could.Next day I went back to work as normal, Abbu had brought our tea as normal but again averted my eyes as Kabeer was with me. I had been at work for about an hour and my mind started to drift back to the events of the previous day. The more I thought about it the more I realized that although it all happened very quickly all I had looked at really was Abbu’s cock. I played the scene over and over in my mind and I kept going back to his cock. The reason I think for this was the size of it. Now my husband Kabeer is fairly well endowed about 6 and a half inches and quite thick but the vision I had of Abbu in my mind was 8 inches of solid cock and at least half an inch thicker. To my utter astonishment I found I had become wet between my legs thinking about a 61 year old cock. The more I thought about it the wetter I became and I actually started to rub my thighs together under my desk to try and gain some sort of relief.That night Kabeer did not what had got into me I was so horny, we fucked like we had never fucked before. It started as it normally did with some oral foreplay on both sides, but when he started to fuck me I closed my eyes and started to think of Abbu’s cock and this got me hornier than ever and we had our best fuck for months because I put so much into it. I begged him to fuck me from behind because he can penetrate me so much deeper in that position and because I was so turned on I had three very quick orgasms. Because of our careers Kabeer and I have decided not to start a family yet, so when I felt his orgasm building escort maraş he pulled out of me and I took his cock in my mouth and within seconds he was cumming in my mouth and I drooled and slurped every little drop out of him that night,He actually commented afterwards that he had not seen me so horny since our wedding night.The next few days were pretty much the same, at work I found myself thinking about Abbu’s cock and at night I was hungry for cock and needed Kabeer to fuck me, I also started to masturbate a lot more and even found myself needing to go to the ladies room at work to give myself some self relief. I tried to understand the situation and my only conclusion which I think I had been denying to admit to myself was….. I needed to see Abbu’s cock again.As mentioned earlier in the story, my husband Kabeer goes to work very early on a Saturday morning, so if this chain of events was to go any further it was going to happen then. I thought the situation over in my mind again and again and decided I would take a huge risk and try and get to see Abbu’s cock again.Saturday morning came and as usual Kabeer left for work at about 6.30am. I awoke about thirty minutes later and my first thought that day was about the events that might lay ahead. I looked at the clock and worked out that it would be about thirty minutes before Abbu brought me my early morning tea. I slipped into the bathroom to freshen myself up a little and could not resist slipping three fingers into my pussy and had my first of what I hoped would be several orgasms that morning. My plan was set and it would either make or break me but I was so obsessed with seeing Abbu’s cock again I just had to go through with it. About fifteen minutes later I heard Abbu knocking on the door and saying out loud that tea had arrived. Because of what had happened recently, Abbu waited for me to answer before he let himself into the room. I took a deep breath and told him to come in. The scene that greeted Abbu was exactly the same as it was before, I was laid on the bed with my legs wide open, one hand was busily rubbing my clit and three fingers were buried deep in my sopping wet hole, but this time I had my eyes open and was doing it for Abbu’s benefit looking him straight in the eye. He stood watching me for a couple of minutes and I brought myself to an intensive orgasm crying out his name as I came. When I had finished he laid down the tray and came to the side of the bed and I could tell his cock was bulging in his trousers. He looked and down at me and said My god Kiran you area so gorgeous. I reached out toward him and he leant down and kissed me as passionately as I have ever been kissed or so it seemed at the time. As he kissed me I put my hand on his crotch and could now feel his hard cock inside his trousers. I had to have it. I unzipped him and soon his cock sprang free. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It was actually bigger than I had imagined being about eight and a half inches long at the girth was about three quarters of an inch thicker than Kabeer’s. I looked up at Abbu and he just smiled and nodded. I lowered my mouth on to his wonderful cock and started to give him the best blow job of his life. The more I sucked him the harder he seemed to get and he just kept getting bigger and bigger in my mouth. He was groaning a little and unless I was mistaken this was maraş escort bayan probably the first time he’d had sex for a very long time. I pulled him onto the bed and he laid back and continued to enjoy the oral sensations I was giving him. After sucking Abbu for a couple of minutes I decided to surprise him. I reached my hand under my pillow and pulled out the panties I had worn the day before. I lovingly wrapped the panties round his cock and started to wank him off. ” I think this is what you like” I said to him. ” Oh fuck yes he groaned” and threw his head back in sheer delight. I wanked him into my panties and could feel his cock boiling up. All of a sudden he sat up and grabbed me and pinned me down on the bed. ” I want to eat you Kiran” he gasped, ” Be my guest ” was my reply as I laid back and opened my legs as wide as they would go.Kabeer was always a bit clumsy when it came to eating my pussy, but I can now honestly say it was not a trait he got from his father. Abbu was an expert. He started by lapping on the inside of my thighs and quickly snaked his tongue to my now willing and waiting pussy and licked the labia before gently nibbling on my clitty sending me into orgasmic bliss. I was in heaven.After bringing me to two earth shattering orgasms I knew I needed that cock inside me.” Fuck me Abbu” I gasped, ” Stick your big cock in my cunt” I hissed, I could not believe I was using words like this, I had never done it with Kabeer. Abbu did not need a second invitation, he took hold of his cock, which was still magnificently hard and placed the head at the opening of my cunt. I arched up to meet him and with one movement he slipped the full eight and a half inches inside me. It took my breath away. Never in my life had I had anything so far inside me, I came almost immediately and we hadn’t even started fucking yet. Abbu let my orgasm subside and slowly started to raise and lower his hips in a fucking motion. The pleasure I was feeling was immense, and I started to scream at him. ” FUCK ME” I screamed ” Fuck me like I have never been fucked before, fill me with your big cock PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP” Abbu was an expert lover, he was taking me to heights of pleasure I never knew existed and of course being an older man his staying prowess was much greater. For Twenty minutes he fucked me, and I lost count of the number of times he made me cum, I hadn’t had many men in my short life but Abbu was far and away the best. Eventually Abbu’s breathing started to get a little faster and I knew he was heading for orgasm. I was in turmoil, I was having unprotected sex with my father in law and was at my most fertile time of the month and he was about to cum. I could not believe what happened next. Abbu was getting faster and faster and I heard myself saying ” OH GOD YES, FUCK ME ABBU, FUCK ME, come inside me, fill my cunt with your hot cum, give me your baby Abbu, I need your baby inside me.”This sent Abbu over the edge and spurt after spurt of hot thick cum shot into my unprotected fertile womb. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and eventually woke about an hour later.That night I announced to Kabeer that I’d had a change of heart and in fact that I did want to start a family. He was overjoyed and we went to bed that night with every intention of extending our family. What he did not know though, was that in the afternoon I had been to the chemist and had brought a cap and was totally protected from his semen.A month later it was confirmed that I was pregnant. Kabeer was again overjoyed.Only myself, and Abbu know the real truth and Saturday mornings have never been the same since.