my fantasy


my fantasyA little bit about me to begin with. I am a 47 year old man, living in theUS. I travel pretty frequently and I on occasion get to play with othermen. I am very fond of Craigslist and this is how it all started. I put anad on Craigslist for the man of my dreams.I am really into Hairy, Built guys with average cocks. I love to suck aguy off while I play with the hair on his chest. I like to have his ballsshaved smooth, so I can lick them and I love to have his ass all hairy sothat when I eat it, I can enjoy myself. Basically that was what my ad said.I received the usual BS responses to the ad you know the average trolls andthe average Twinks and the spammers alike, but one response caught my eye.The guy replied that he had a hairy chest like Sam Elliott, those of youthat are my age will remember him from his many movies where he showed thatpelt of a hairy chest and just the thought of it had me drooling. He saidhis cock was average 6.5? and cut. The Ideal man if you ask me; and he saidthat he had just shaved his balls that morning and would be sure to be veryclean for me to eat his ass and suck his dick.We agreed to meet at my hotel in 30 minutes. I quickly hopped in theShower so I was spotlessly clean and fresh and was ready and waiting whenhe arrived.Not only did he look very much like Sam Elliott, chest and all, he had anuncanny resemblance istanbul escort to the actor himself though it was not him. I usheredhim into my room and we chit chatted for a bit, and then got down tobusiness. He quickly undressed and was laying on the bed in very shortorder. Now, for me to describe him as an Adonis would be anunderstatement. This guy was all of 6? 5? and hairy from his chin to histoes. He was tanned and very muscular I was hard the minute he took off hisshirt, when the pants and boxer briefs came off, I was about to shoot aload in my own shorts. WOW.Anyway, he said he loves to lie on his belly and put his ass in the air andlet a Man have his way with him, so who was I to argue. I was happy tolick and tongue and smother myself with his hairy ass in my face. Hesmelled like Dial soap and just clean man scent and I was in heaven. Ipleasured him for probably 15 minutes tonguing his hole and slurping on itand just keeping him in ecstasy. Remember, he told me he was average about6.5 inches cut. I assure you there was nothing average about this guy’sdick. It was all of 8 inches or more and it was as big around as a baby’sarm it was heavenly.I asked him to flip-over at which point, he said sure, but please removeyour shirt and pants too, now, I am NOT an Adonis, I avcılar escort am just an averagekind of guy with an average dick but who am I to tell this man of my dreamsno. So I obliged.When he had turned over and I was undressed, I began to suck his cock,which was just awesome, smooth shaved balls and all that hair on his chestfor me to run my fingers through while I was sucking him was justindescribable. It didn’t take long and he told me that he loved to havehis nipples played with, so I asked how he liked it, between licking andsucking his cock, and he said I really like them pinched and tugged on butnot really rough, so I squeezed, pinched and pulled on them and soon he wasgroaning appreciatively.As I continued to suck his cock and mildly abuse his nipples, I could tellhe was getting close, so I asked if he shoots a big load and he said it hadbeen several days since he unloaded so it should be pretty big. I asked himto straddle me and shoot it all over my hairy chest and face. He said areyou sure, because it will be a big load? I begged him at that point to giveme my prize.He straddled me and I was looking at this God of a man rubbing his hairyass crack on my dick and jacking his huge dick at the same time and Ithought I was going to die but alas, die I did not, instead just as his cumerupted from his cock şirinevler escort in a spray that shot out like a cannon, I came allover his hairy ass. He shot volley after volley of Hot Creamy Cum all overmy hairy chest, neck and face and I did the same to his ass crack.He asked me if he could lick the cum up and feed it to me by kissing me andsince I am not much of a kisser I was a bit taken aback but heck, I hadgone this far, why not, so I let him and it was a fantastic round of makingout like I have never had in my life. I got to enjoy the taste of his hotcum as well as his great probing tongue in my mouth. Then surprising tome, he reached back and took a smear of my own cum out of his ass crack andlicked his fingers, then kissed me again and fed me that too. Again, I wasin heaven.I have never been so excited or well satisfied in my life. When Jack (namechanged) and I were done, we just lied in each other’s arms for severalminutes, me rubbing my face in his hairy chest and he playing with the hairon my chest. We have seen each other several times since then when I am inhis city and we have had so much fun but this was a very special time forus and I will always cherish it.Jack is only 38 and I am 47 but honestly it seems like we are bothteenagers when we are together. Next time we are together he says he wantsme to fuck him in the shower. I am more than happy to do that as long as Ican run my fingers through the hair on his back and chest at the same time.No sir, there is nothing better than a furry, built man to have sex with.Hope you liked this story.any guy interested in me skype : k**_reezy22 i have blackberry messanger tooo im looking for gays and shemales