my early years

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my early yearsok, so let me tell you about my penis.bit of an attention grabber, eh? i thought that maybe i should tell you all a bit about my sexual anatomy befor we start. my dick is a bit diffrent than most, in that it has scars. yes, you heard me, i have two scars from two seperate accidents, one sexual, and one not so much. the first came when i was just a k**. im not going to bore you with details on that one, but ill just say that my cat fell into the tub while i was bathing, and a claw got the shaft of my penis. i wanted pussy on my dick, but not that kind of pussy. anyway, the next came when i was 14. me and my girlfriend at the time, gabriell, had been fighting for a while. one night, she got fed up with me and played a little trick. we got in bed together, as our parents let me stay at her house, and she intitiated a littl love making. right in the middle, she goes down on me. well, as she stroking me, about to start sucking, she takes her nails and cuts the head of my dick a little. well, that story is over, so back to my description. i have a relaively large penis, but in comparison to the rest of me, it looks average. i have a 9 inch thats about as thick as half my fist, about the size of a beer can in width. it has been the source of much pleasure and pain for many women. pain? yeah. some girls cant handle one that thick, as we all know, but im usually very popular when it comes to sex after the first early years in sex go something like this: my first time was with a black girl. yeah, since i live in the south, thats not looked well uon by some people, namely, my niece. still, we have been together ever since. our first time was delayed, shall we say. her pussy, although a bit bigger than most, was actually quite tight. she couldnt handle it, and nothing really happened till we where 18, and that wasnt the only problem. sometimes she would have flashbacks of being ****d by the guy befor me or she wouldnt be able to find a condomn and so on. well, she may buca escort have been my first with sex, but my sexual ecapades werent begun by her.i was 12 years old when it happened. her name was shanoah, and despite her reputation as a slut, i dated her. she was quite a sweat young lady, but she was also very sexual. she wasnt really a slut, but more of a misunderstood young women who just needed love, so i gave her what comfort that i could. well, kisses bacame more passionate and one thing led to another. soon, she was sucking my dick. she was so damn good too, such passion, such a suction, i bet she could inhale half or arkansas if she wanted to. all of this, and yet i never came with her. one night, she broke up with me. well, i moved on.thee next, well, the next was young, sweet gabby. sweet till she tried to claw my dick off. we never quit, um, had sex, but she was so damn good. first girl i ever gave head to. and may i just say that that sweet virgin pussy was like milk and honey. damn, she was great, but she was insane and cut herself on a regular basis. she was pschytsophrenic and bipolar at the same time. it was hell when we werent blowing eachother or in church together. eventually we called it, was dear old sydney. she had a pair on her. 36 DD and so nice. i can still remember them so fondly, their smell, their taste, the little birth mark right above her nipple…….. god, i miss her. and her pussy was just divine, i mean it was gorgeuose. if there cold ever be a perfect pussy, it was hers. her ass was perfect, her lips where like silk, her body was oh so fine, and her legs where so smooth and silky. well, that little burnett southern bell was also damn good at sucking it. she was so caring, and never gagged. i deep throated her, and for the first time, she didnt gag. my favorit memory was when we where together in the back of a movie theater. the owners where freinds and let me and her stay alone for a while (btw, you know who you are. thank you!!!!!!!). escort buca i knew she3 was horny. i could tell. her pussy was dripping and her nipples could be seen a mile away. we didnt wase a minute. she locked the doors and jumped in my arms. soon, we where both naked and in a 69. i swear i could hear her suck it. she moaned and yelped and basicly turned to a pile of orgasming teen in around 20 minutes. i, on the other hand, had yet to get off. while she was on the floor, still deep in ecstacy, i put my dick in her mouth, and i was actually suprised when she started sucking. 40 minutes later, i was drilling her mouth and about to cum. this was what made the moment diffrent. she found the one spot on me that could give me more pleasure than the rest of my penis: the base of the shaft. i was suprised she knew that that was a very sensitive area, i mean, we where really young and knew very little about sexual anatomy. but, she rubbed a certain spot on the bass of my shaft and i shot a load all over her face, cheast, and in her mouth that could have drowned her if she didnt swallow. and she did. she ate it all like it was some kind of gourmet treat. in the end, though, she broke my heart the day after valentines day. i was crushed, but i moved on.i then came to amanda, my first time. well, i can honestly say that i was a bit nervouse to ask her out. people stared at us for what i thought was no reason. turns out, it becuase she was really black, and the small minded racists of my town didnt exactly take kindly to an interacial relationship. well, we learned to ignore the bullshit and fell in love. we still are, im proud to say. she was a vision in my eyes, but in others, she was average for a young black girl. she was medium height and build, and had an ass on her that could make any man loose control. she lived over on the northside of town, where i was at home, despite it being the so called “bad part of town”. honestly, i got along with the people around there better than the stuck buca escort bayan up dicks that lived over on the south side. in the end, i was in a bind. amanda couldnt handle my dick. it hurt her. she has a disorder that makes it where stimulation of the nerves in the vagina can cause her to faint, as she couldnt get as much oxygen to her brain. i always thought that an orgasm would kill her, as she had never had one befor. and i cared about her, so i stayed away from sex till i knew it was ok for her to have an orgasm. well, i wasnt the one to give her her first. yeah, that trophy went to the fucking(no pun intended) washing machine. ever since then, i hate washers and driers. but, anyway, one night, i was at her house. her parents where gone, and all that was there was her sister, who was paralyzed and mentally handy capped, also not being able to leave her room, and her sisters nurse. well, we locked her room door and she told me to close my eyes, and in a few minutes, she told me to open them. i was instantly horny. she was totally naked accept for two stars over her nipples, a thong, and some silk stockings. i was looking at the stripper of every 15 year old boys dreams. she likes it rough, so as to explain what i did next. i through her on the bed and put my dick in her face and told her to start sucking. she obeyed. did i mention she is highly submissive? and loves a bit of hardcore? well, we had the night of our lives that night. it went from sucking to a tit job (i love her tits.), then a handjob, then another blowjob, then i primed her a little with my fingers and fucked like my life depended on it. her hips grinded into mine and we fucked harder and harder into a mutual orgasm. she fainted, needless to say. im ashamed to say this, but while she was out….. i kinda, um…. i kinda fucked her again. she woke up mid fuck and started laughing and just went back to grinding. well after that, we have had many a night of good times.that was my early sex life in a nutshell. i had many more encounters in my later teen years that amanda knew nothing about. we wherent together at the time, but we are together now. still, i had a good sex life and still do. thats my story. msg me if you want.