My dream about Kyra (OC #5)

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My dream about Kyra (OC #5)So last night I had a dream about Kyra. It was really weird but sexy. So it started out with me walking around the mall trying to buy some new shoes. As I was turned around looking at a pair I felt a slim hand tap me on my shoulder. As I turned around I see a very hot, tanned girl that stood at my chest height (maybe 5’4). She said in a very cute and girly voice “Hey cutie”. I was a bit shocked and I blushed extremely hard and responded “H-Hey….”. She told me her name is Kyra and that I was cute so we should hang out sometime and gave me her number. After about another hour of shopping I left and went home. I sat in my bed for about 15 minutes thinking about how hot she was. My cock even got hard just thinking about her. I decided to unzip my pants and start slowly stroking my thick, hard cock and fantasize a bit. After about 5 minutes of this and my mind going crazy, I decided to give her a call. She answered the phone saying “Hello” and I said “HEY!” in a very excited voice. “Its the guy you met at the mall earlier today”. She responded by saying “Oh Hey sexy”. We talked on the phone for about 5 minutes and I was stroking my cock the whole time. I asked her if we could meet up somewhere and surprisingly she gave me her address. I immediately said “I’m on my way!” and walked to her house. I maltepe escort got to her house and she let me in and gave me a huge hug making me hard all over again. As I smelt her scent and held her very slim waist I looked down and saw a very Fat ass. My cock poked her in the stomach through my pants. So she said “oooooh someones excited” and did the most sexy smile I’ve ever seen in my life. She grabbed my cock and complemented me on how thick it was. She wanted to get a better look so she pulled it out my pants and was also shocked at how long I am. She couldn’t help but to drop to her knees and start sucking me off. Her warm, wet, and slippery mouth sliding all the way up and down on my long, hard shaft drove me insane. I couldn’t help it anymore so I grabbed her head and shoved her up and down as hard as I could trying to force myself to cum. She pulled herself away about 15 seconds in and I quickly apologized. She stood up and said there was no reason to apologized and gave me a very gentle kiss upon my lips. Then she stepped back and motioned me towards her room and I followed her. We got to her room and I closed the door behind me and I turned around to see her lying down on her bed and I noticed something in between her legs. She had a raging hard boner. Apparently she wasn’t a she at all, but a HE. It turns escort maltepe out Kyra was a trap and a major sissy. This didn’t turn me off in the slightest bit because he had already sucked me off so good. All I wanted was to finish. He lifted up his dress and spread her very thicc ass cheeks and allowed me to penetrate. As I did this he left out a very sexy and girly moan. This only drove me to push it in even further. When my big cock had entered all the way he looked up at me with his sexy red eyes and said “Please fuck me, Daddy” As I heard this I couldn’t help but to pound that super tight ass as hard as I could. I didn’t care about lasting a short time. I just wanted to fuck him as hard and as fast as I possibly could. I looked down and saw his sissy dick bouncing up and down with even thrust I gave. He pulled me in and held on to me tightly constantly moaning like the sissy his is as I continued to pound him out. I felt his hard cock and soft balls rubbing against my abdominal area. Then I grabbed his legs and body to pick him up and fuck him. I constantly brought his body in using all the strength I had in my arms to get as deep as I could. I could feel his phat ass bouncing off my thighs and it turned me on and I wanted a better view of it. So I threw him on the bed and demanded him to turn around and bend maltepe escort bayan over. He responded ” Yes, Daddy”As he sat there turned around with his gaping asshole facing me I decided to lick that cute little asshole, and he was in pure ecstasy letting out multiple moans. I put my fully hard cock back inside his tight ass and started fucking him again. He told me to pull his hair so I did and he started stroking his cock as I kept fucking him. He came and left a huge puddle of cum on his bed in front of him. My cock couldn’t take it anymore so I forced him forward and pounded him out with all of my strength. I used all of my body weight laying on him while still pounding and he let out multiple screams of pleasure. Constantly calling me “Daddy” and saying “Don’t stop!”. As I continued fucking him he yell out “Fuck my Boy Pussy, Daddy!” and then screamed “I love you so much!”. I was feeling so much emotion so I responded by saying I loved him back and I finally came a huge load into his ass. He was just lying there like a rag doll with his eyes rolled back and a pool of cum flowing out of his asshole. He was completely mind broken. He told me as I lay down next to him that he “would be my little slut forever” and that I “should call him anytime I felt horny”.I spent the night at his house going many more rounds. Ultimately making the both of us fall in love with each other. I woke up the next morning hard as a rock lol with cum in my underwear because of the dream I had. I hope you enjoyed this story and don’t think I’m too gay lol. Have a good day 🙂