My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 5 &nda


My Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 5 &ndaMy Descent Into Subliminals – Chapter 5 – Chad’s Humiliation BeginsI awoke around 5:30 am, Cindy and Beth were both snuggled into me, and I pushed them aside and got up and went to the bathroom. After answering natures call, I threw on a robe and checked on Tricia.She was sprawled out naked in the bed with her headphones on, letting my MP3s make her a new woman (now that she was one). I went down to my studio and started creating a new CD using Michael Buble’s Christmas album.I had 16 tracks to work with, and as usual I put ecstasy binaural brainwave experience simulation file into the first track I then put the following messages into the subsequent tracks:Mark is your MasterYou will do anything Mark requestsYou like to watch men fuck each otherYou like it when Mark fucks ChadYou like to humiliate ChadYou can use Chad, but no intercourse!Chad is only good for anal sexYou like to make Chad suck his cum out of your assYou like to see Tricia dominate ChadYou like bondageYou like being Marks slaveYou like your new found sexual freedomYou will obtain more female slaves for Master MarkYour only goal in life is to please Master MarkOn the last track, I put the afterglow binaural brainwave experience simulation file.I burned the CD and returned to my bedroom; both Cindy and Beth awoke as I opened the door. “Sorry girls, but this will help you go back to sleep” I saidI put the CD in the player, got dressed quickly, and then hit play as I left the room.I went to the guest room and removed Tricia’s headphones.“Good morning sleep head!” I exclaimed.“Good morning master”, she said without hesitation.“It is ok to call me master when we are alone, otherwise you will still call me Uncle Mark”. I told her.“Yes master” istanbul escort would you like to fuck your slave this morning?” she asked.I thought you would never ask! I quipped as I removed my clothes.Tricia started to stroke my cock getting it firm; when it was semi-erect she popped it in her mouth and suckled on it like a baby. She stopped for a moment and said, “Master, will you fuck your slave now? I want to have your baby. I want you to shoot your cum into my pussy and make me pregnant!”I replied, “I can’t do that to your Mistress Beth, if you can get her to agree later, your master will happily impregnate you. You will fuck Chad after I impregnate you and make him think it’ his baby though!”“Yes Master, I understand. I will make him think it’s his baby”, she replied.“For now I want you to drink my cum, I want you to savor my sperm. Each time you swallow my load, your desire to father my c***d will increase by 10 fold. You will beg Mistress Beth to allow me to impregnate you!” I planted in her mind.As Tricia started sucking me again, I said “From now on you will only call me Uncle Mark. It turns me on more. You will also only call your mistress’s by their names.”“Now suck faster, lick the head of my cock and use your hands on the shaft! Make me cum Tricia, you want my cum!” I instructed her.Tricia started pumping my cock for all she was worth, licking the pre-cum from the tip of my cock. I felt the pressure building.Now deepthroat my cock and let me pump my cum down your throat!” I told her.“Ok Uncle Mark!” she exclaimed.In one smooth down stroke, she took my cock down her throat to my balls! My balls slapped her face as I started throat fucking her harder and harder. I became a avcılar escort man possessed and went faster and faster.”aaaaahhhhh I’m cumming”, I screamed.I sprayed spurt after spurt of cum down her throat. Tricia gently squeezed my balls with each spurt to maximize the quantity I was filling her stomach with.I pulled my softening cock out of her mouth. Tricia said, “that was incredible Uncle Mark! I am your cum slave! Aunt Beth must let me have your baby!”I caressed her face and said, “she will baby, she will. You’re just going to have to convince her. Now jump in the shower with me and get cleaned up”, I told her.We went to the guest room shower, and let the water flow down upon us.I soaped down the girl thoroughly, paying special attention to her breasts and ass.I played with her nipples as she soaped my cock and balls. She begged me to give her more cum, but I said, “later dear, good things cum in those who wait!”We rinsed off and went back in the bedroom and toweled each other down.“Now get dressed and doll yourself up, I’m going to wake Beth and Cindy and then clear the driveway. When your ready meet the girls in the kitchen and help make breakfast.” I told Tricia.I got dressed and went to my bedroom door. I inserted my ear plugs before entering.Both Cindy and Beth were lying in bed mesmerized. My subliminal CD on auto-repeat had their minds in another place. I switched off the stereo and quickly removed my ear plugs.“Good morning girls”, I said.“Good morning Master”, they replied.“You will only call me Mark, but will always remember I am your Master. Now jump in the shower and then get dressed and doll yourselves up. Then meet Tricia in the kitchen and prepare breakfast”, I instructed them.I then went outside and şirinevler escort started to clear my driveway with my snow blower. We had gotten a good 10 inches overnight. As I was finishing, a black Cadillac Escalade pulled into my driveway.A young man jumped out and said, “Is my woman Tricia here?”.I replied, “That all depends on who you are.”“I’m her fiancé Chad”, he arrogantly stated.“Don’t you mean her boyfriend Chad?. I said.“Not if she won’t get her head straight”, he said.“ Well, I’m her Uncle Mark, I think we need to talk. Come down to my studio and we’ll have a beer and discuss things.” I said.I led Chad through my garage and took him down to my studio. I knew I wouldn’t have much time with him so I gave him a chlorpromazine laced beer.“I usually don’t drink domestic, but it was a long ride” he quipped.He then proceeded to chug the beer down.I asked. ‘So you want to marry my niece?”“Don’t get me wrong, but she can be a bitch sometimes”, Chad said.“I belong to the best fraternity, I’m the captain of the rowing team, and I… I…. have…A huge…. huge… trust fund,”“You look tired after your ride Chad. Here listen to this, it will help you relax” I said.I placed my headphones on him and hit play. His face went blank and his eyes glazed over. This arrogant son of a bitch was about to learn some humility! I had another beer while his mind was programmed.When the last track finished, I removed the headphones.“How did you like that?” I asked.“That was awesome Master!”, Chad replied.Good, from now on you will call me sir or Mark. You will treat Beth and Cindy with the greatest of respect. You will worship Tricia. To everyone else you may be your arrogant self with”, I instructed him.“Yes sir!” Chad shouted.“Now you will go upstairs and tell Tricia you apologize. You will beg her for forgiveness. From now on she is your Mistress and you will offer your anal virginity to her. There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for her. And I do mean anything.“Now let’s go upstairs and see the girls!” I saidBy: Next Chapter: “Chad’s New Attitude”