My dad part five

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My dad part fiveChapter FiveMy DadI got up and sat on my settee, I got some tissues and wiped my pussy and ass, and was still thinking about the thing john had done to his balls, I didn’t mind blowing them up and wondered how he was going to get then down, his cock was still puffy when he put him away, I noticed though that his cum tasted like dads, even Dads sperm was thick and had a funny taste, his cock was not like dads though, dads foreskin never came right up over his nob even when cold, there is always a little bit of his cock showing, John’s foreskin came right over the top and hide all his nob, I love Dads cock and still enjoy having him in my pussy two or three times a week, wish I could have him in me all the time. I do not know why I love sex so much, its only men who are supposed to think about sex all the time, I think about my body and how I can please myself from the time I wake until the time I go to sleep, and then most nights dream about men’s cocks and other women in bed with me, many times I have woken in the night and have found myself playing with my pussy or breasts, hundreds of times I have woken very sexy, really wet pussy and have got up to find something I could use to play with in pussy, carrots, parsnips, bananas and even various bottles, even pulling my pussy lips as long as I can make me feel like fucking the cock off some man, I don’t care how big or little they are, just looking at a hard cock makes me feel sexy, when dad comes and stays for a few days, it’s like being in a dream, he has wonderful cock and balls, and it really turns me on knowing I came out of his nob 29 years ago, and straight into mums virginal passage and found her egg for me to develop, nature is a wonderful thing to think two people can make another life, I want a baby of my own one day but not just yet because I really enjoy playing with myself and feeling my Dad fuck my pussy really deeply, I would really miss that if I had to wait nine months for a baby to be born, I know I could have sex but I often wonder what it would be like with a big bulged belly and how far in he could push his cock in then, I know its i****t with my Dad but it’s better than being fucked by a stranger and being dumped after they have had want they wanted. A lot of my friends have been promised different things until their so called boyfriends have got in their knickers and then never been seen since, the only men you can rely on, really are the older ones and believe me there are hundreds of them around here, most of the older men look at you and you know what are thinking, I have only had two men up until now, and both of them where old but really knew how to treat woman, plus they have plenty of experience in pleasing a woman and really know now to make sex last longer. My first sexual relation was when I was thirteen years old, I have already told you about. When I was growing up Dad was always there for me and mum and never touched me, not even after mum passed away, although he said he was really turned on by me walking around in my bra and knickers, I had done this since I was little and so did Mum, I used to think this was natural. I knew men where different down there but I never really understood what they really had in their trousers until I saw Dads naked body in our bathroom, the size of his cock shocked me, it was so very big and his balls were just hanging down which also looked very big to, I think what shocked me was how could a huge hard thing that big fit into our pussy’s, at the time I did not realise my Dad had a hard on because he had been playing with it and I had just came into the bathroom when he was about to cum. Just as I was thinking about this, the phone rang, and my cousin was talking to me she said “Katarina, I need your help can I come around and see you please as soon as possible” I said “yes, but what’s the matter it sounds like your crying” nevşehir escort she said “ can I stay with you for a day or to please, I will explain when I see you OK” I said “of course you can see you in a bit OK” she said “I’ll be there in about ten minutes” she put the phone down, I know she knew I always was naked at home, but I thought I would get my robe on anyway before she came and make a drink, after about twenty minutes there was a knock on my door so I opened it and Anastasia was standing there crying, I got her case in and asked what was wrong, she said her boyfriend had beaten her up, she undone her coat and I could see her top was all ripped nearly all the way down to the hem, her bra was broke in the middle and she had no knickers on, the lower half of her body was scratched and was covered in big red blotches, I said “Anastasia, what the hell as happened to you, you look like someone has tried to **** you” She said “he came home drunk, and just because his lunch was not done he started hitting me and shouting, he said he did not want me there anymore, I went out the kitchen and got his lunch, he just got the plate and threw it at the wall, jumped up and got hold of me shacking me like a rag doll, he ripped my new top off and said he had paid for it and that too he said grabbing my bra and pulling it as hard as he could, I fell on the floor and he kept hitting me all over, I could feel his hands on my tummy and just inside my knickers, I really thought he was going to **** me, he really grabbed my pussy and dug his nails into my flesh, he ripped my knickers off, breaking them two pieces, he said “who have you had in there today you slut, he went down there and bit my thigh, and said “that’s something to remember me by, stood up and kicked me in the top of my leg and again in my thigh, I think he tried to kick my pussy, he then went in the bedroom, I could hear him throwing things around, he came out threw the case at me and told me to fuck off, he got the vodka bottle and started drinking again , I had a job to stand up but I knew I was not staying there any longer and you were the only one I could think of, I got out the door and I heard a bottle smash off the inside of the door, Olga let me use her phone to phone you and was going to call the police but I stopped her I only wanted to get out of there, I said “sit there and let me see what he has done to you” I opened her coat and sure enough her top was ripped to shreds, her bra was ripped opened in the middle, she had no knickers on at all and she was bleeding from a bit wound at the top of her thigh, I said “just stay there, I am only going to get some water and something to clean that up for you, it looks very sore, the bustard, your safe here and can stay as long as you want OK” she said “thanks, I don’t, know what I would have done without you, how bad is that bit, it’s really killing” I said “it looks worse than it really is, I have some pain killers you can have some of them too” I went in the kitchen and got some warm water and pain killers, cotton wool, I said “Anastasiya can I take your coat off” she said “yes, soon be as naked as you like being, never seen you with anything on in your own home, what’s the special occasions” I said “look” and pulled my robe open revealing my naked body she said “Katarina your body is fantastic” I said “yours is very nice too, this may hurt a bit, you ready” she said “yes” I took her coat off and her breasts fell out of what remained of her bra, on her breast was some really nasty scram marks and two deep finger nail marks just above her left nipple. I said “honey this may hurt a little take those two pain killers” I got a little water and gently wiped the scram and finger nail wounds, I could feel her flinch a little, I moved her bra and took it off her altogether, I gently moved her breast and looked under it see if he had done any damage escort nevşehir which we could not see, there was a few red marks but nothing else, I then went to her right breast a lot of scram marks where on this one, I gently cleaned them for her and picked her breast up to reveal another nasty nail mark, I said “ you should have gave the bustard a good kick in the balls for doing this to you, the coward, I think if it was another man he would have ran a mile”, I cleaned the wound, then looked down at the bite she had on her thigh, I said “ honey you should report him to the police for doing things like that to you, and you should see a doctor about that one looks really nasty, this is going to hurt you, I think, I’ll try and be as gentle as I can”, with that I got a wet piece of cotton wool and started to clean it, I could feel her going tense every time I touched her, and she started to cry, I said “ sorry honey I am trying not to hurt you” she said still sobbing “it’s not you babe, it’s that bastard, I thought he loved me, all he wanted was to get in my knickers”, I said “I don’t think he was trying to get in your knickers though, you haven’t got any like me, the knickers less twins hahaha, you are as naked as I am under this robe now honey, since the last time I saw you naked your breasts have got huge hasn’t they” she said “ yours have too, look how sweet they are, I have always love and wished to have your body, just look at it” I looked down and found my robe was open and she could see every little bit of my body, I thought what’s the point of having this robe on, and took it off, we were both now as naked as the day when we were born, and it felt really great, she said “Katarina, you are always naked and I never see you ware knickers, how do you manage when you have your period”, I said “I have to wear them then, but as soon as I come off, off comes the knickers too, hate anything making my pussy sweat, I see you have shaved your mound now too, you let some hair on before what made you change your mind,” she said “ I like the way you live and like you I think it’s more natural and healthy not to wear clothes in your own home” I said “let’s have a drink, it’s a long time since we had a good night and we both need it, let me put a plaster over that bite mark first” this I did, and I went and locked my front door because the only place that was comfortable was sitting on my bed, we both went into the bed room and sat on my bed, I got the vodka out and coke, we could have a good night because I had four bottles of vodka and two bottles of English whiskey which Dad had got off a friend who had been to England some years before and gave him as a gift, She said “it feels strange sitting here with you naked, I would have thought you would have been married by now” I said “ married who too, the only men around here are old, and not one of them can be trusted” Anastasiya, said “you are right to think that, I was only thinking the other day, when we were growing up and how you did care about boys too much, now I was always after them, I remember one boy, was really mad on me, one day he said lets go for a walk in the park, so we did, at the top end of the park we were talking and laughing, he was just behind me, and said look at this, when I turned around he had his thing out, it was big and looked hard, I said des what is that,” he said “ here feel it if you like” I reached out and touched him, I remember it was warm, he moved his hand and just left it hanging there, for some reason I took hold of it and squeezed it, it was hard and I wondered if I had hurt him, I pushed back on his skin and could see he was wet around the top of it, I looked down under it and saw these two balls just hanging there, something told me to move my hand up and down on it, I did this a few times and noticed his breathing had changed and the next thing I felt his nevşehir escort bayan thing pumping hard and this thick white stuff came out of the top of his thing, it was all over my hand and the front of his trousers, I had nothing to wipe it on so I licked it off my hand, it tasted nice but also tasted thick too, I remember him saying he liked it, then he asked if I would show him what I had , I remember looking around to see if anyone was watching and pulled my knickers down, they slipped out of my hands and was down by my feet so I bent down and picked them up and put them in my pocket, he looked shocked, I think he was expecting to see another cock, all he said was” you have not got one” but still felt under my skirt and touched me there, I remember thinking Mmmm very nice, his hand was on my pussy and his fingers were sliding in and out between my thighs, by this time I knew what he had in his trousers was used for and I said the next time he does it he can put his thing in mine, I was just coming up to thirteen then, the next day we went into the woods and we both got each other’s things out, I lead down on the floor and he got on top and put his thing inside my body he only moved a few times and I felt this warm juice going inside me and his thing thumbing and pumping this juice out of his body into mine, it really felt good too, that was my first time, what about yours Katarina, “well” I said, thinking of what to say because I could not tell her I lost my virginity to my Dad about the same time as she did, so I just changed the names around a little, she was by this time getting a little drunk and starting to smile a little bit more then she had when she first came, several times she put her hand on my bare thighs not far from my pussy and I was starting to wonder what next, She said “Ekaterina, if it was not for you I don’t know where I could have gone tonight,” taking another drink out of her glass she said “if anybody could see us know,they,d think we were lesbian’s, both of us as naked as the day we were born and drunk , she started to laugh and feel backwards across my bed, tipping her drink over her breasts and neck, I said “Ana, your drunk, it’s no good trying to wash your body in vodka, I hope you realise we have got to sleep in here yet” she laughed and said “you can lick me dry if you like, I love your body Ekaterina, I have always been jealous of it, I would give anything to have a figure like you” I said “ don’t be silly, your body is fantastic, just look at it, greats legs and thighs, lovely shaven mound and pussy, fantastic tummy, the only woman who has a reservoir for a belly button” I could not resist bending over her and licking her belly button dry, she reached down and pushed my head towards her pussy and with the other hand tipped the rest of her drink over her mound so the vodka would run down between her legs, she opened her legs more now and I could see the vodka gleaming over her fat pussy lips and clit, which also looked swollen, careful not to hurt her bite on her thigh I started to lick her mound and top of her clit, I was very surprised of her taste, she tasted sweet with a hint of pee, her clit felt like velvet, really very soft, now I know what men must taste when they lick woman, even her lips felt like velvet and where really smooth to the touch. I slid off the bed and opened her legs as wide as I could, just looking at her juice pussy made me feel really turned on, she had bigger fanny lips then me longer and her cunt looked more open too, I was licking down to her wet pussy in-between her lips her open pussy was so inviting, I had to put something in it,, I felt around under the bed but there was nothing , so I inserted two fingers inside her warm and very wet pussy and was finger fucking her plus licking her good thigh, I looked up because she did not seem to be doing any, and was surprised to see she was asleep, her huge breasts were lying either side of her body, I stood up my pussy was really wet at this point, I picked her legs up and managed to turn her so she was on the bed the right way, I went around the other side of my bed and managed to lay down next to her,