My Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 01


Ok, so a couple of things before I start. This is my first time writing erotica, its something I’ve thought about doing for a while as I’ve always been into detailed roleplaying online, so any feedback or comments you may have would be greatly appreciated. Secondly, this is purely a fantasy, but, if it ever were to become real, this is exactly how I’d like it to happen, right to the very letter!

“Wow, you look amazing”, I sat transfixed on the bed as Charlotte put the finishing touches to her outfit for the night. One which she had sent me out to pick up earlier on in the day as she was having her hair and nails done ready for tonight. You see, tonight was the night when I would become a cuckold.

Months of planning had gone into this one night. Of persuading, of nurturing the idea, of searching for the right guy.

She turned round to face me. Her thigh length Ted Baker dress was classy and sexy, clinging to her curvy size 14 figure and showing off her ample 36DD chest, teamed with some black Falke 40 denier sheer tights and some new 5 inch heels, all bought and paid for by me, she looked amazing.

She smiled at me. “I think he’ll love it too”, she giggled immediately and turned round to check her make up once more.

He, of course, being the guy who was going to make hers, and my own, night. Chris, aged 35 (7 years older than my girlfriend), 6ft 3ins tall, and broad shouldered, he was the stereotypical rugby-type, a type which I knew Charlotte liked. She had known right away who she felt escort bayan the guy should be as soon as we decided to make my dream become a reality, after finally getting fed up of me finishing far too early into our lovemaking. He worked with her in the same office. and gradually, over a number of weeks, she had chatted with him, got to know him, flirted with him, and laid down the ground work, even going on a couple of dates with him, before coming clean to him about me and what she was planning. He didn’t give me a second thought! Perfect.

“Are you all ready?” she asked. By ready I knew what she really meant, she was checking to make sure I was all locked away in my chastity device. That, by the way, was her idea, one which she had found after some research on the internet. I was already straining against it at just the sight of her, she looked better than she had ever done in the 4 years we’d been together. A thought which brought a mixture of jealousy and pleasure, making me smile.

We had arranged to meet in Manchester due to it having lots of bars to choose from, and also offering anonymity for us all. I parked the car in the hotel car park and followed Charlotte as we walked to our meeting point like a little puppy. She definitely had a spring in her step.

We walked into the bar, which was only just starting to get busy, and spotted Chris immediately, sat in a booth, eyes fixed on Charlotte as she walked over to him and kissed him on the lips.

He stood up to let escort istanbul her in so she could sit next to him, then sat down himself, I hung back watching, as they kissed again.

“I’ll have a large rose wine, and Chris will have a pint” she said to me, and I walked to the bar obediently to fetch them. I walked back to see them deep in conversation, Chris’ hand on Charlotte’s thigh, as she leaned in talking into his ear and giggling. I sat down opposite to watch the show, and placed the drinks on the table.

I was completely ignored for the next 30 minutes as they made small talk about work, his and hers families and other things couples talk about. All the while, the flirting got less and less subtle, she was sat with her legs across his lap and body as close as she could get it to him, he was playing with her hair, touching her arm, every so often they would look across at me and giggle after whispering something between themselves. I felt awkward and humiliated, but this was exactly how I wanted to feel.

Drinks finished, it was time to move on to the next one, in which the same thing happened again, then the next one, which Charlotte chose on account of the good music they were playing. All the time I was following them both round like a little dog, watching from behind as they held hands and occasionally stopped to kiss.

As we walked into the new bar, I got ready to go the bar again, but instead stood watching as Charlotte took Chris by the hand and led him straight bayan escort to the dancefloor. I was left holding her bag as she began gyrating and grinding against him to the music. Oh my god I couldn’t believe how hot this was. I was alone in the middle of the bar, transfixed on watching them, oblivious to everything around me and how stupid I must look. His hands were all over her body, she was pushing her body against his and grinding against it. He was kissing her deeply and masterfully as she moved her body against him. She looked, and was, completely his.

This show went on for about half an hour before they stopped and Chris took her by the hand and led her to the door, she followed obediently and beckoned me to the do the same silently as she passed.

Even though we weren’t far from the hotel they hailed a taxi as it went past and jumped in the back, I sat in the front with the driver and made small conversation on the journey as they kissed and touched each other in the back, God knows what he was thinking, and it was here that I felt my most humiliated, especially as we pulled up to the hotel and as they climbed out Charlotte called out to me to “pay the driver, and give him tip, there’s a good boy”. I just thrust some money at him and followed them in as they walked off in front, hand in hand.

I was starting to get butterflies. My palms were clammy, I was getting sweaty as I watched them climb into the lift and point to the stairs, which I took as being my way up. I practically sprinted up them wanting to beat them to our floor, which I did just in time to see her take her hand out from his trousers and look at me giggling “Look he didn’t want to miss anything” she smiled and winked at me.

I followed them to our room, they entered first and I followed…TBC