My Craving for the Rough Stuff


“I love you, Stephanie,” Derek said, his blue eyes fixed on mine.

“I love you too, Derek!” I replied, flipping my long blonde hair over my shoulder before wrapping my arms around his neck. Derek’s tall, lanky frame towered over my own. We had been dating for almost a year by then, and I was starting to feel like Derek might not be the right guy for me.

“I have to get to class, but I’ll see you tonight, right?” Derek asked.

“Yeah! I’ll see you tonight,” I agreed and gave him one last kiss before we parted ways. I turned to my best friend Ellie, who was waiting for me to say my goodbyes to Derek.

When we first started dating, I had been sure that Derek was the one for me. I had pictured us getting married and having babies someday, even though that was far down the road. I was serious about him, and many of my friends thought I was going overboard.

“He just likes you because you’re a cheerleader,” Ellie, my best friend, and fellow cheerleader pointed out. Ellie was tall with dark, Mediterranean features and high cheekbones like a model. “He even said that he loves cheerleaders, and that’s why he’s dating you.”

“He was kidding!” I defended him.

“Do you really think a guy like Derek is ready to settle down after college? Come on, Stephanie. He’s just not marriage material. You can do better.” Ellie opened her arms to pull me in for a hug.

“Oh, I love him, Ellie!” I cried as she embraced me. Ellie and I had been friends since our cheer tryouts for Freshman year. We both made the squad, but now almost four years later, our time as college cheerleaders was coming to a close, and it was time to face our uncertain futures. I knew I shouldn’t have majored in history, but I loved history. It was going to be hard to find a job after college, and it didn’t look like Derek had his shit any more together than I did. Were all college students this lost?

Ellie patted my back in an attempt to soothe me before she said, “Has he gotten any better in bed? You know, like what we talked about?”

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed. “Not really! I’ve tried talking to him about it, but it doesn’t seem like he’s into being rough, even though it turns me on! I even sent him some porn videos where the girl gets slapped around a little bit during sex.”

“How did he respond?”

“He told me that he wasn’t into hurting me. Period. Case closed. I don’t think I’m going to get him to do the things I want,” I said sadly.

“Wow. I thought Derek would be into it now that he understands what you actually want.” Ellie gave me a sympathetic look.

“I did too. I thought all guys were secretly into being rough during sex, but now I’m not so sure. Do you think I’m crazy? Or weird? Is there something wrong with me?” I looked into Ellie’s eyes and begged her to tell me the truth. I needed to know if I was asking too much.

“I think you just have the wrong guy. Most guys I’ve had sex with are into rough sex. The last guy I was with slapped me and called me a slut while he was fucking me. It was so hot! I came so good!” Ellie looked off into the distance as if she was reliving the rough sex in her mind.

“Who was it?”

“The guy who was rough with me?”

“Yes! Tell me! You never mentioned this before!” I begged her.

“Well, that’s because it’s kind of a secret.”

“Kind of?”

“Well, he didn’t tell me not to tell anyone, but I thought it would be best if I kept it to myself because it’s someone you know,” Ellie said mysteriously.

“Oh, my God! Who?”

“Okay…” Ellie leaned in dramatically. “You can’t say anything to Derek about this, okay?”

“Okay, tell me!” I was jumping up and down with excitement.

“It’s Devin.”

“Devin Devin? Our Devin?” I asked. Devin was Derek’s best friend in the world. They were both on the football team and did just about everything together, just like Ellie and me. While Derek was tall, white, and blonde, Devin was short and stocky with dark hair and brown skin.

“Yes, that Devin!” Ellie confirmed. I could feel my armpits begin to sweat. I started to feel a bit nauseous, as well. Ellie had fucked Devin.

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed. “I…I…” I was at a loss for words. There was no way that Ellie could have known why I was so upset. I didn’t even know why I was upset. I knew I needed to hold it together for her sake. I could fall apart after she left.

“Ellie, I know you came all the way over here to hang out, but I just realized that I forgot about an appointment I have with my tutor down in Sproul Hall. I’m sorry, I have to go!”

“Wow, really? That sucks. You want me to walk you down there?”

“No, you don’t have to do that, Ellie. I’ll stop by your apartment on my way home if you want.”

“Yeah! I miss our girl time! I have the best movie for us to watch too!” Ellie tried to get me excited about it.

“Awesome! I can’t wait!” I told her, hugging her one last time before walking down the path that would have led me to Sproul Hall. I waited until Ellie was out of Ataşehir Öğrenci Escort sight before picking up my phone and dialing Devin’s number.

“Hey there!” Devin’s deep voice made my pussy instantly juicy. There was something insanely sexy about the way Devin spoke. I had been nursing a secret crush on him for months, but I didn’t dare tell him about it. I couldn’t do that to Derek. Could I?

“Hey. Are you busy right now? I’m all alone and walking toward Sproul Hall,” I informed him.

“I’m totally free. Do you need some help with something?”

“I do, but you can’t tell Derek. I’ll tell you in person. Are you free?”

“Yeah. I’m at my apartment if you want to swing by. I have the best weed right now if you want to smoke out.” My pussy was twitching as I imagined Devin smoking weed with me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

“Sure. I can come by, but please remember, Derek can’t know I’m going there.”

“Fair enough. I’ll see you at my place in ten?” He didn’t seem upset that I had mentioned hiding our meeting from Derek. Did he know why I was coming to his house? Could he tell that I was craving something that Derek couldn’t give me?

“Okay, see you there.”

I changed my direction to head back up the hill to Devin’s apartment. He was lucky enough to get one of the spacious on-campus apartments that were reserved for Seniors. I had tried to get one, but they usually went pretty fast. I texted him as I arrived. He opened the door to the building, wearing a muscle tank top and a pair of loose-fitting jeans.

“Hey,” he said casually as he reached his hand out for mine to help me up.

“Hey!” I said with a little too much excitement. There was something about Devin that made me go crazy. I couldn’t help how I felt about him, but there was a lot of guilt when I thought about Derek. I couldn’t cheat on him with Devin. Could I? I was thinking about it, imagining the way he must have slapped Ellie and wishing that I could get hit like that. Now that I knew about Ellie and Devin hooking up, there was guilt about fucking over my best friend as well. Not to mention the jealousy I was feeling about Ellie and Devin fucking. I knew I had no claim on him, but I also wasn’t expecting him to fuck my best friend. Nothing made me want him more than knowing he was fucking Ellie and that he had slapped her across the face. I wanted to be the one Devin was rough with.

“So, what brings you over here today? Weed? Let me grab my bong. Go ahead and have a seat on the couch.” Devin gestured toward the plush, brown sofa, and I sat down.

“I didn’t come for weed. I actually wanted to talk to you about something, but I mean, I’ll take some weed if you’ve got it.” I sounded nervous, and I tried to smile at Devin to reassure him that I was okay, but my smile felt forced.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” he asked as he returned with a bong in one hand and a jar of weed in the other. He sat down next to me and began to pack a bowl.

“So Ellie and I were talking today…” I began, but I didn’t have the guts to finish that sentence. I looked around Devin’s apartment. I had been there plenty of times, but I was always shocked at how much nicer Devin’s apartment looked when compared to Derek’s. It was well-kept for a guy’s place. I had been to plenty of guys’ apartments where they hadn’t cleaned since the day they moved in. It looked like Devin stayed on top of his chores. The toilet was always clean, and there was a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.

“Oh yeah? What’s up with Ellie?” Devin asked. I noticed how his body tensed up when he said her name.

“She told me she’s been seeing some guy, but she wouldn’t tell me who,” I lied. I wanted to see if he would come clean and tell me about his affair with Ellie or not.

“Well, good for her!” Devin said with feigned excitement. Even his smile was full of tension.

“I wonder who it could be…” I trailed off as Devin handed me the bong and a bright red lighter.

“Oh, thanks,” I grabbed the lighter and proceeded to take a hit.

“It seems to me it’s none of your business who Ellie has sex with unless she wants to tell you who this guy is,” Devin advised me.

“She told me it’s someone I know. It’s driving me crazy. She never keeps secrets from me!”

“Everyone has secrets,” Devin explained. “Not everything is your business.”

“She told me that he was rough during sex and that he slapped her around, even in the face!” I felt my whole body flush and the wetness gathered in my panties.

“Oh, are you worried about her? Like it might be too rough?” Devin asked as I passed the bong to him.

“No, nothing like that. I’m…jealous. I wish that Derek would fuck me like that, but he won’t be rough with me. He doesn’t like it, and I’m afraid he’s the wrong guy for me.” I felt tears spring up in my eyes. I realized how real that fear was.

“I’m sure if you talk to Derek, he will give it to you that way,” Devin said encouragingly.

“No. I’ve told him Ataşehir Çıtır Escort what I want, and he won’t do it. He’s not into being rough with women. If I could find this guy Ellie is fucking, maybe he could fuck me too. Maybe he could give me what I need.”

“You have a boyfriend, Stephanie. You shouldn’t be looking for sex from other guys,” Devin tried to make me feel guilty for wanting what I wanted.

“I know… it’s just I want a guy that will slap the shit out of me and call me a slut while he’s fucking me. I want some good, hard sex with lots of roughness and maybe even some degradation. I don’t know. I’m just tired of making love all the time. Sometimes a girl just needs to be manhandled.” Devin was giving me his full attention, his full lips pursed in an expression of strong will.

“Well, if you weren’t my best friend’s girlfriend, I might be able to help you out,” Devin said with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m not trying to get you to fuck me, but I am starting to think that maybe I should break up with Derek if he’s not into the same things as me. I have been craving someone that can actually hurt me a little bit, and Derek won’t even give it a try. It’s got me craving something…”

“What are you craving?” Devin set the bong down, and I could feel his intensity as our eyes met.

“I’m craving a big, fat cock that punishes me. I want to be used completely by a guy that knows how to abuse me a bit. I miss getting fucked hard and fast. I miss fucking, you know?” I searched Devin’s eyes with my own, willing him to give me what I needed.

“Have I ever told you how fucking hot you are?” Devin asked me.

“No. You haven’t.”

“You’re fucking hot, Stephanie. If I fucked you, I would rough you up good. I would slap that pretty face and then jizz all over it.” I could see that Devin’s cock was hard in his athletic shorts.

“I wish you would. I love getting cum all over my face, but Derek never gives me facials.”

“That’s a shame. What a waste of a perfectly good slut.”

“Yeah. I just want someone to use me. Um, can I use your bathroom?” I asked quickly, realizing that my panties were soaked with the wetness from my pussy. I needed to take them off immediately.

“You know where it is?”

“Yeah. I’ll be right back.”

“Wait. Did you pee your pants or something? “I looked down at my light gray leggings. The wetness had seeped through my panties, and now there was a wet spot. I was mortified.

“Um, no. I just got so wet thinking about getting smacked around while I get fucked. I’ve been so horny,” I admitted.

“Maybe I should help you with that,” Devin gave me the naughtiest look. It told me everything I needed to know. He wanted to fuck me, and all I had to do was let it happen.

“Maybe you should.”

“Come here!” Devin grabbed me, pulling me roughly toward him until our lips were less than an inch apart. “I’ve wanted your pussy so much.”

“I’ve wanted your cock!” I fired back at Devin. Our lips met, and I let his tongue dance with mine. I felt like I was melting into the floor, my body held up by Devin’s strong arms.

“Then let’s get you what you want,” Devin suggested. He hoisted me up into his arms and carried me to his bedroom. I giggled with delight as he threw me onto his bed. “Damn, your body looks amazing. You’ve been working out,” he added.

“Thanks. I have!”

“I’m going to give you another workout,” Devin smirked as he pulled my leggings off of me and then my soaked panties. “Damn, you really do get wet and horny, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I do. You bring out the wetness in me.” I laughed, but I saw that Devin wasn’t laughing with me. He was dead serious as he slipped out of his clothes. I took my top and bra off. Devin was facing away from me, toward the hamper where he actually threw his dirty clothes, unlike Derek, who left his clothes in piles all over his floor. I briefly thought of Derek, and a pang of guilt erupted from deep inside of me. I pushed it away, not wanting to give up the moment I was having with Devin.

“You okay?” Devin asked as he turned around. I wasn’t prepared for how big his hard cock was, and I gasped.

“Yeah! I’m okay. Better than okay, actually.”

“I’ve wanted to hook up with you since the day Derek introduced us,” Devin admitted as he climbed onto the bed and straddled me. He leaned down and touched his lips to mine. A current of lust swelled inside of me, and I knew that there was no turning back now. I couldn’t wait to feel Devin inside of me, and I wasn’t going to think about Derek now. I was going to let myself enjoy this.

“Me too!” I admitted to Devin and to myself. I hadn’t realized how much I wanted Devin because I had been so focused on Derek. Now, with Devin’s cock hovering between my legs and aiming for my pussy, I knew. I needed this.

“You ready?” he asked, his cock poised at the entrance to my pussy.

“Yes. Fuck me! Fuck me hard and use my body!” I screamed loudly.

“As you wish!” he snarled a bit before Ataşehir Elit Escort he sunk his cock deep inside of my hole. His hand reached up and found my neck, where he gave it a hard squeeze. I couldn’t breathe, but the way he looked down at me sadistically made my pussy spurt with new wetness. I was already close to cumming, and as my air supply ran out, my orgasm began to take over. I shook from deep within, the tremors stretching out into my limbs and up to my brain. I gasped for breath, my hands reaching up to grab his wrist. I attempted to pull his hand from my neck, but he held it there, squeezing it tightly until my gasps for air became eerily faint. I felt like I was about to pass out, but then he let go, and the air filled my lungs.

That was when I came. It wasn’t just any old orgasm. This was the orgasm that changed my entire life. It made me realize that Derek was never going to be enough for me and that I needed more. I needed to be choked out like this.

“You okay?” Devin asked.

“Yes. Choke me again!” I begged.

“Damn! Someone is a bit kinkier than I thought. You like it rough then?” he asked, and I nodded. “That’s what I thought,” he snarled. “I’m going to fucking give it to you the way you like it then!”

I braced myself, not sure what he was going to do next. His fingers found my nipples, and he twisted them brutally as I screamed beneath him. The pain turned into pleasure, and the pleasure twisted itself up inside of me, filling my body with an ambivalence that turned to powerful orgasms and shook me to my core. Devin panted like a dog as he thrust his cock in and out of me with brutality I had never experienced. His hand moved back to my neck and squeezed.

I made a few gurgling sounds as my body reacted, cumming harder on his cock than I had ever cum in my young life. This was my first taste of what I had been craving and missing in my relationship with Derek. A part of me was scared that Devin would push too far and hurt me too much, but I wanted to know what it was like to be manhandled, and he was willing to do it to me. He pulled his hand from my neck, and magically, I came again. I screamed so loudly that I was sure the whole apartment complex could hear me.

“You like being my little slut? Huh?” he asked me.

“Yes!” I screamed as his cock continued to fuck me. I couldn’t help but think that Derek would have already cum by then. Devin, on the other hand, was just getting started. He was battering and bruising my insides with the viciousness of his dick as if he could go on forever.

“Say you’re my little slut!” he commanded me.

“I’m your little slut!”

“How big of a slut are you for me?”

“I’m the biggest slut for you! I’ll do anything you want!” I screamed.



“Good, you little cunt!” His hand whipped back, and before I realized what was happening, I felt the sting of his hand slapping my face. My head whipped to the side as I realized that he had just clocked me across the face. His cock was still incessantly pounding my pussy.

“That hurt!” I complained.

“You asked for this, you little slut!” Devin slapped me again with his right hand, then followed that with a slap from his left hand. I was in shock, and I was worried that I had gotten into something I wasn’t prepared for.

“I want you to keep these legs open for me, and every time Derek leaves you horny, I want you to text me and tell me you’re coming over. Do you understand?”

“You want me to keep fucking you!” I tried to show him that I understood, but I felt like my brain was scrambled or something. I couldn’t think straight, and the more he slapped me around, the more confusing everything became.

“Yes. This is my pussy now, do you understand? This is my fucking pussy!” He grabbed handfuls of my blonde hair and pulled.


“This is what you’re good for. You’re going to let me cum inside you, aren’t you, you dumb cunt?” I didn’t answer fast enough, and so he slapped me. “I said, you’re going to let me cum inside of you. Right? Answer me!”

“Yes! I’m your slut! You can fuck me whenever you want.”

“That’s a good girl. Now flip over. I want you on your hands and knees,” Devin commanded, and I scrambled to quickly get into the position he wanted. I was exhausted from all of the orgasms he had given me, but he wasn’t done with me yet.

“Like this?” I asked.

He slapped the shit out of me. “Yes, like that.”

Devin tried to insert his cock into my pussy from behind, but it wouldn’t go in smoothly. My pussy was already getting swollen from the way he had been fucking me. He forced his cock in, and there was a mixture of pleasure and pain that filled my senses. He started off slowly but quickly found a pace that was too much for me. I came hard, and as soon as that orgasm ended, the next began. I couldn’t control the sounds that my body was making or hide the fact that my pussy exploded with pleasure every time Devin slapped me.

I knew that he was using me for my pussy and taking what he wanted from me. I liked how vicious he was with me, and I wished Derek could take some lessons from Devin. If Derek was just a little more like Devin, then maybe it could have worked. Now, I was confident that I could not go back to fucking a guy like Derek after fucking Devin.